I’m not ready for it

UGH. Old man winter sucks. I’m officially depressed. I don’t like to use the word depression lightly. I usually don’t use it unless I’m suicidal. And I’m NOT suicidal. Thank the Universe. But it still sucks. I just can’t adjust to this weather. I’ve always known I’ve had seasonal affective disorder. Well, not always. I’ve known about it for the past 10 years.

I’m so glad I’m back on Abilify. I’m never going off it during the winter again. NEVER. So I will probably start weaning off Abilify in mid-February since the withdrawal symptoms don’t show up for at least 3 weeks. I’m assuming March will be warm or at least 50-ish degrees.

When I get back from LA, I’m going to call the new psychiatrist and set up an appointment. Random, but I have a lot of phone calls to make when I get back. Anyway, so I might see what he or she says about weaning off the Abilify.

I miss last winter. 😦 It was so mild and nice. My next entry was supposed to be my top albums of 2017, but I wanted to document this sadness. In other sad winter news, my water was off all day. I didn’t think it was that cold.

I have most everything packed that can be packed for this weekend. I keep checking Chicago’s weather and I think it is going to be okay on Friday. No snow. It was pretty dumb to choose to fly through Chicago during the winter, but I wasn’t thinking. Why is that even an option during the winter? How many flights do they cancel? I keep seeing advisories from airports about O’Hare. It’s hard NOT to freak out.

It isn’t going to be that warm in Los Angeles while I’m there. The high will be 67. The low will be in the 40s. That matters because I will be out late at night and out early in the morning.  I wouldn’t mind that if I didn’t have to pack for it. At this point, I’m just wearing something lightweight and putting a cardigan on. I don’t want to pack a heavy sweater. I’m trying to keep my carry on as light as possible because United Airlines will make me check my suitcase if it is too heavy. That happened to me with Vegas. I bought so much stuff in Vegas, my bag got too heavy.

I’m not planning on buying anything to bring back from LA. I hope I don’t see anything and get tempted. Well, I know I’m going to be tempted while I’m at Olvera Street. From pics and videos, it reminds me so much of Oaxaco City, Mexico. That’s why I want to go. Oh, I also bought a lot of stuff from Mexico. Fun times.

Back to my sadness: I’m trying to put things in perspective and not be so sad over winter. But dammit, I can’t help it. It’s like telling someone to snap out of depression. It also doesn’t help that I felt so sick this morning. I could not stop sneezing. I think I’m fine now. I was very productive during overtime this morning. If only every day at work could be like this morning.

My dog is also sick. Great, right? My slight sickness, my dog being sick (probably from his food), and this winter weather is making me glad I have an escape this weekend. I wish I could stay an extra day. But I don’t want to even think of changing flights and all that. I don’t even know if I can. Plus, it isn’t financially responsible to spend another night at the hotel. So it isn’t happening.

My next entry will be my top 17 albums of 2017 because nothing bad will happen before I leave for my trip. That’s the optimism! 😉

Update: I just got Fire and Fury from the library. You know what I’ll be reading on the plane when I’m not reading A Course in Miracles! YAY!

Land of opportunity

Today is supposed to be a “no school work” day. I was going to see Michael Eric Dyson speak after work. But here is a shocker: I have no water! And the roads are also icy. Driving an hour to and from on slick roads does not appeal to me. But I probably would have taken the chance if I had water.

Dyson speaks about 50-75 times a year so I shouldn’t have a hard time seeing him. Actually he is going to speak at my Alma Mater in February but I live almost 4 hours away from there so there is no way I can go to work and then travel there. (I haven’t been back to that school since I graduated. Not because I don’t like it, it is just so far away and universities are the only attraction in the area).

The only good thing about missing his speech is that I get to go to a webinar about taking the boards. I’m geekily excited about this. It takes place monthly and today is the day. YAY. 🙂 This will be my first one.

The biggest problem for me right now is not knowing what to do about the water. The maintenance guy obviously did not insulate everything…right? Why don’t I have water? Did a pipe freeze? I will not call the landlord again. This time I will call a plumber and take on the cost myself. That could possibly deplete my savings. I don’t even want to think about it.

I haven’t had water since yesterday morning. Also I’m currently wearing 3 layers of clothes and I’m still cold. It is so cold in here, my feet get numb. I haven’t even mentioned that the heat stayed on for more than 24 hours straight. How much will my electricity bill be? Argh!!!

I hate winter for so many reasons and now I have a financial reason to hate it. That tops everything.

Two hours until the webinar. 🙂