pink champagne

Good news! I got my pics. Project Life entry coming up next.



Oh well. The beach trip was fun. The best part was the pool!!!!! I was so in love with the hotel’s pool. I wanna go back. It was heated to 87 degrees…unlike the Y. They lie about their water temperature.  I wish there was a pool where I live. I would be there as soon as it opened. I love being in the water. LOVE IT…but I still don’t have a strong desire to learn how to swim. I’ll stick to “water aerobics”.

great pool
great pool

That was the first time I was ever in a pool by myself. 🙂 🙂 So peaceful. I mostly jogged back and forth in 4 1/2 feet of water. I can’t run well without the water. It is a long story. It has to do with my feet issues and probably my scoliosis. To be able to get a run in everyday would be great but I need to find a Y where that would be possible. I guess I could get up at 5AM ….I would just feel so awkward because there’s a lifeguard there. I would have to get over that first.

I did make one friend at the beach:

Random beach pic:


nothin but time

Recently when it was 50 degrees, I decided to go out on my patio for the first time. It was so nice but then I saw IT. My next door neighbor has bedroom windows right above my patio!!! Her bedroom is directly above my dining room AKA office. I knew I could hear her moving around but I thought it was nuts to even think someone was really over my head considering I live in a townhouse. I feel like they got over on me…big time. The main reason I wanted to live in a townhouse is because I thought it would be quieter than a regular apartment and I would have no one below or above me. SIGH. Despite that, I love that my patio faces the woods. It was so nice and quiet.


I may be watching my final NFL game this Sunday. I can’t continue to know players are committing suicide and getting ALS while playing a game I watch for pure enjoyment. It is fitting that my last game will be Ray Lewis’ last game. Ever since he has been playing, I have been a fan of the game. But how can I not care how the Baltimore Ravens are doing? I will know. I listen to sports radio (not as much as I used to). I will know but I won’t watch.

Giving up college football will be harder. Much harder. I can’t say I’m giving that up…yet. All summer long, I can’t wait for college football to start. I know I can do it but do I want to? Eventually I know I will give it up all together but the thought of not watching Virginia Tech play football is surreal.

I could just dedicate my life to watching basketball. 😉 Too bad it doesn’t start until October though.


I went to my second water aerobics class. I really do love the water. I’m not sold on learning to swim yet. I’ve seen the lessons and anyone can watch you! Parents watch their kids. There are classes going on. Random swimmers are swimming around. ARGH. I have a fear of putting my face under water. I don’t want a lot of people to see that. Anyway, water aerobics is fun. The only thing I didn’t like was having to hold someone’s hand for one exercise (for resistance). Awkward. Trust me I am almost thinking about not going back to her class because of that. But I will be daring and go at least once more.

I stayed in 4 feet of water this time. I think the water shoes really helped. I was less worried about slipping and drowning. I have these shoes. So far so good but I’m not an expert.

The Y is giving me until February 9th to get my 2011 taxes in. I’m thankful for the extension. I just will be shocked if I get my taxes back by then. I will continue to enjoy the Y while I can. Right now my gym schedule is looking like this:

Sunday: Gentle yoga/or Vinyasa Yoga

Tuesday: Water aerobics (not really called that. It is a moderate impact class)

Thursday: the treadmill

I’m not thrilled about Thursdays but I can’t find any classes. A class is like an appointment. I can do that but just going to the gym to get on the treadmill…boring! After 10 minutes I get so bored. I don’t know how I will motivate myself to go. I have to find a class. There is a pilates class but my body does not like pilates. At all.

Now that I’ve gone back to yoga classes, I yearn to do it at home all the time. The video below is my favorite routine:

I like yoga classes but there is a little self consciousness there. It is hard for me to get in the flow. On the other hand, I need to attend classes to practice at home. So classes it is. I’m still searching for the perfect class. I haven’t tried Vinyasa yoga at this gym yet. I’m worried it will be too hard but I might try this Sunday. Gentle yoga I can do.

I could do water aerobics everyday. 🙂 But I only have 2 bathing suits. LOL. And I only like one of them. Nah, the real reason is that I’m not that brave to try different water aerobics classes.

Water is wide

I went to my first ever water aerobics class. OMG. I’m so glad I did not watch youtube videos beforehand. I would have been terrified. I probably wouldn’t have tried until I learned how to swim. Normally I would try to find out everything possible before doing something new. I didn’t do it for water aerobics and that is a good thing. I can’t swim…AT ALL. I have never been in the water like that! Some of the time it was quite scary.

But it was enjoyable when I could figure out what the instructor was doing and I wasn’t afraid of drowning. Not being able to see the instructor’s legs is a major downside. I loved when she got out of the water (rare) and showed us what to do. I get why she would want to stay in the water but as a newbie, it sucks.

She kept trying to get me in 4ft of water but I pretty much stayed in 3ft. People don’t understand. Try NEVER being in water and hang out for an hour in 4feet of water. Scary. She also got on me about keeping my back straight. Well I have scoliosis and bad posture so…??? I get that in yoga too.

I wish I could take her class again. She was very nice. She only teaches day classes so with work that is kind of hard. I will try a evening class with another instructor. I hope she is nice and gentle too. 🙂

It isn’t that hard for me to try things I really want to do ONCE (with the meds – heh). The problem is going back the second time. I hate being a regular. I don’t like being familiar. But I will try again.

If things go as planned I would like to go to the Y three times a week. Once for water aerobics and twice a week for yoga. (Sunday, Wednesday, & Thursday). That is a lot for a homebody like me. I don’t go out just to go out. I only like to go out to travel. I love to travel but I won’t get into that here.

I’m kind of panicking. If I don’t find/receive my 1040A (tax form from last year) by Feb. 1, I will have to cancel. I can’t afford the high rate.