When did I come undone?

First things first – my dog. Well, I guess he is okay. They didn’t do a test on Friday so I don’t really know. They really think it is just his temperament. He is high strung. He can’t help it. He is a Taurus Sun (like me) and Taurus Moon. Okay, since I don’t know exactly when he was born, I’m not 100% sure on the moon part.

Anyway, the good news is that he has no blood in his urine. The vet thinks it’s just stress. Some people/animals are just naturally anxious. He is so much like his mom. 🙂 I bought him one more expensive bag of food. This will be his last bag. It’s $50 for a medium bag!! He’s going back to his old food as soon as this runs out.

I’m still concerned. I guess only time will tell. For now, I’m choosing to believe he is okay.

My dog is stressed. I’m stressed out about work and money. I did apply for a temp job. I’m pretty sure it was filled by the time they got my resume. However, the lame ass resume I sent her isn’t that impressive. I barely updated it. It pays double what I make now*. That is the only reason I applied. Well, and she contacted me first plus I kind of want to learn something new. The job I applied for was in marketing. LOL. I’ve hated marketing since I took marketing 101 my second year at university. The job would have lasted through mid-May.

*Double what I make now sounds like so much, but I don’t make a lot now.

I think I’m going to seriously start looking for jobs in April unless my current situation drastically changes. Wouldn’t it be nice if my side hustle took off? Expecting it to take off before April is probably asking a lot.

Astrology school update: As of right now, I’m one and done at this school. I don’t like that discussion is 40% of the grade in ALL classes. This shy, introverted person calls bullshit. So, the plan is to finish this class in mid-March and not go back. I’m taking a break until June. That break will be all about my side hustle. Then I plan to either take self-study classes at Astrology University (not a real school) or take a beginner to advanced course from the AFA. I can’t decide. Astrology Uni is awesome. I have bought audio courses from them and webinars. SO GOOD. But the course from the AFA covers everything, but it is all written or online. No videos. How old school. :/

I’ll make a decision after I finish this class. I feel like I’m no longer behind. I’m doing okay, but to be honest, I’m rushing through my assignments. I want to turn in good work, but I care more about learning than doing all this homework.

Politics: Not much to say compared to last week. I hope Fairfax resigns. I 100% believe the first accuser. I haven’t heard anything from the second accuser. I just know one exists. As far as the governor goes…sigh. I don’t like that his nickname was coonman. I can’t get over that. Plus no one will campaign with him for 2020. He’s dead. Herring apologized for wearing blackface. Whatever. Let him be governor. But I don’t think Northam is going to resign. He has to give a speech/talk on race right? What is he going to do? Say nothing and hope all this goes away? I’m sooo over this.

Not much to say about the 2020 folks. A few are announcing their presidential runs this weekend. No one I like. HA! However, I do have one video I want to share for people who don’t know what Marianne Williamson stands for. Oh yeah, Marianne was on CNN! I caught it on YouTube. I was so happy. I took a screenshot and posted it on Instagram. 🙂 I hope she can raise the millions she needs. I have to cancel a bunch of stuff before I can give. If she is still around in April, I’ll donate at least $10 to her campaign.

Here’s the video I wish every democrat and independent would watch:

This week I…

Music of the week (my top 8 most listened to): Maggie Rogers, Rozzi, Christina Aguilera, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Rachel Platten, Lake Street Drive, Lissie

TV of the week:  Celebrity Big Brother, Nashville

Podcasts of the week: True Crime Garage, Pod Save America, So You Wanna Be a Witch, Why is This Happening?

Books of the week: Now reading – 

Plans for the Weekend: No overtime again. I’m going to the bank on Saturday to deposit a $25 refund check from Verizon before it expires. I could’ve really used that money before now, but since I’ve moved the bank is out of my way so I never got around to it. I’m working on astrology class and my side biz. That’s about it. I put a lot of time into something on my website and the response was lukewarm. I know that happens A LOT to everyone. But I only posted about it on Instagram. Hopefully, when I pin it to Pinterest and link it on Facebook, people will appreciate it. If not, I will continue on. That’s life.

Thanks for reading! It is now 11:48 PM on Friday night. I did my homework and blogged. I want to get to bed by midnight, so I’ve gotta go. I’m not proofreading tonight. If there are any errors, I’ll fix them tomorrow. Have a great weekend! 🙂

walked a mile in my shoes

Sometimes I wish Virginia wasn’t in the news for silly political stuff. Of course it is all over MSNBC and Fox (I assume CNN also). Then  Jon Stewart did a whole segment on it. He went to college in VA. I really believe that is the only reason he sometimes goes on these VA rants. Not that the Commonwealth doesn’t deserve the negativity. Hey, at least the governor signed the green energy bill. That is the only good thing I can say for now.

I turn the TV now…I think it has something to do with me not watching local news so when I see it nationally, I scream (sometimes out loud) “PLEASE STOP!” Sorry someone is doing a “VA is for Haters” piece on MSNBC. *groan*. I already turned the channel. Yes I laugh @ the “VA is for Lovers” thing all the time because it is dumb and it gives anti-gay people an opportunity to put stupid bumper stickers on their cars. But I do love the logo.

dumb and stupid. how scholarly of me.


I walked a mile today. Outside. Today is “walk day” or  something so I did that. It was almost 90 degrees but I didn’t really feel it until the end. I was planning on doing it since last week but I was so glad it was today. I sooo needed to get out of the office right at that moment. Sigh. Perfect timing.

CX invited me to a dance class. (not really only dance but I can’t say the name due to search engines). I had to say no because I still don’t have clearance from a doctor to take any classes. Who knew that anxiety and sleeping problems would cause me to have to get a doctor’s note. And I don’t have a doctor so….To flip the convo, I told her I was taking yoga soon. But I still need a doctor’s note so…My counselor thinks it is absurd that a person with anxiety NEEDS a dr’s note. If anyone needs yoga, it would be a person with anxiety.

I hope she doesn’t mention it soon because I’m not going to volunteer that I need a dr’s permission. It is rare for a young and seemingly healthy person to need a dr’s clearance. I’m a bad liar. I don’t even try to lie, I suck so bad at it. That is probably one reason I don’t have friends. *Unwilling to lie* lol.

I need to figure out this yoga crap soon. I was thinking about just getting a DVD. I could tell CX that. That isn’t a lie….


It is currently 89 degrees in my house. I lived through one summer here w/no AC at all but now I’m having fits. 🙂 I get up to start things and just get delirious. I can’t do anything. *whine* Seriously I do have AC. Got a window unit. It only works with a remote!!! ROFL. Who makes anything like that? I think they should be required by law to put that on the box because I would NEVER EVER buy anything that needed a remote.

I blame my cat. I had the remote in the window sill throughout the winter. Occasionally my cat would play on or near the sill…..But shouldn’t it have fallen straight down?? I’ve looked everywhere. My cat does take things and runaway but she can’t carry a remote!

Anyway, I ordered a new one today and I can’t get it soon enough. I have my doubts about getting it because the man didn’t spell my name or city right. And I only gave him the street address once so here’s hoping that I actually get it soon.


89 degrees, deliriously yours