Don’t laugh at Andy!

A bizarre thing happened today. Two people were talking about Anderson Cooper being beaten (“hit at least 10 times”) in Egypt and LAUGHING! I mean like it was the most hilarious thing in the world. Not chuckling. I don’t bring this up to say anything about their character, I was just so shocked. What if he died? Okay, he didn’t. And he if he was really hurt, he used a lot of makeup to hide it. Everyone uses makeup on TV so I wouldn’t be surprised if he hid some of his bruises. But why were they laughing? Do they know how many reporters were over there? Do they know that the reporters had no idea (???) that it would get violent. (I find that hard to believe but whatev).

(This isn’t the video Cooper’s camera man shot with his Flip cam but I’m not going to search for it. It is probably on CNN’s website).

I wrote one of the people off as a FOX news watcher. Okay, fine but what was the other persons excuse? He/she doesn’t watch Fox news. If I had to guess I would say they think all politicians are the same. You know the people who voted for Nader because Gore and Bush were exactly the same? Yes all politicians lie but I’m not that cynical. I do believe a lot of preachers are full of shit (no offense) so I get that type of cynicism. LOL. Where did that come from?

I’m asking a lot of questions. No answers! Back to Anderson Cooper.

It was hard to hide my shock. Do they hate him? Or it is because he is a journalist? Did he get what he deserved? I DON’T GET IT. I had CNN on ALL night because I was so concerned about him and the whole situation with the museum. I still don’t know why the museum was a target. But that ish was insane and it had to be scary. Did you see the people on camels with machetes? (Maybe they were just knives…)

I used to be an Anderson admirer but now I forget to even turn to CNN…so I rarely see him. He is doing a tour soon and I remember thinking, “Not going. No way” when I found out he was coming here. I was just thinking about the money issue and what is he going to be talking about anyway. Does he have a new book? Now I know he will talk about Egypt. That is all he may talk about unless he does have a book or something…

I might go. I live near the venue. If the tickets are less than $25, I’ll consider.

I had a horrible day today. I haven’t watched any news since watching CNN last night. But I say the people have spoken: The president must go.

I guess that isn’t how it works. Back to my suicidal wishes/nervous breakdown.