I’m not crazy or anything

Since I’m not going back to the park until March, I thought I would share some pics from our (my dog and me) recent visits to the park:


I usually only post pics to Insta. I keep forgetting to post them here. And here is one video of my dog running on the soccer field, which is probably illegal. 😉

So much is going on. I don’t know where to start. Blah. I’m mostly working on my online biz. I’m 100% committed to that for having a part-time income. I probably need to focus on one thing at a time. I have so many ideas. I’m definitely what people call a visionary. I hate details, but I can see the big picture.

Anyway, sigh. I think I’ll post some “private” entries soon. I feel all over the place. I don’t know what to say right now. Oh, my dad is coming back to living with us. He should be here soon. He was overseas. He doesn’t understand boundaries. NO, I’m not taking you anywhere during the week after I’ve worked and then I still have to work on my online biz for at least 3 hours a day.

This week I…

Music of the week: Ellie Goulding, James Arthur, Miranda Lambert, Andra Day, Ashley McBryde, Beyonce, Bryn Cartelli, Caitlyn Smith

TV of the week:  Survivor, RHoP

Podcasts of the week: Don’t Talk to Strangers, So You Wanna Be a Witch, Crimelines, Why is This Happening, Mental Illness Happy Hour

Books of the week: I finished reading Her One Mistake by Heidi Parks. The ending wasn’t great. I predicted what would happen too early. But it’s still okay if you like thrillers or Big Little Lies.

Now reading –

Weekend Plans: I really am enjoying having four days off! My next days off are at the end of December. I have 3 days off then. I’m nervous about my dad coming back. Then I have to have my dog upstairs at all times. :/ I don’t mind him, of course. But I feel bad my dog has to be stuck with me. That’s not fair to anyone.

I might be back mid-week with “private” entries. I have to clean up those entries before I post. I use names too much.

Thanks for reading! Have a good weekend and week. 🙂

Losing sleep

(Guinea pig update at the bottom of this post).

I told my family I wasn’t getting married until I was 85…now it looks like that isn’t going to happen. By the way, I told them that when I was about 7 or 8 years old.  They thought it was hilarious. I always knew. I think 85 meant never.

Today I did two one hour classes at the gym back to back because I’m nuts a badass. I did weightlifting first and then I did Body Step. Overall it went okay. Body Step is  tough for people who are uncoordinated. This was only my second attempt.  The class is supposed to burn 600 calories. I probably burned about 350 because I couldn’t keep up. I don’t know why I’m bothering with exercising. Before the classes I got on the scale and it was not a pretty sight. I’m up to 136!!!!!! FUCK. I can’t win. I gave up last week. And I’m giving up again. If I hit 140, I’m plucking out my eyeballs. :/   I only eat twice a day. (is that the problem? heh). Whatevs. Just don’t let me hit 140. This isn’t a vanity thing. I don’t shave my legs*. I don’t wear makeup. It has nothing to do with looks. I’m not trying to impress ANYBODY. I’m just in mourning over my old weight. 😦 I can’t except what is.

*Yes I get lots of stares when I wear capris. I’m too “shy” to wear shorts. If I get looks for capris, imagine the stares I would get if I wore short shorts.  You should see the looks. They look at my legs and then it is like they are trying to see whether I’m really a female because they always look at my hair next. I think some people think I’m transgendered because no female would ever go out without shaving her legs. THE HORROR! I don’t shave because it is too time consuming and it just grows back so what’s the point? And if men don’t shave, why should I have to? I don’t have to so I don’t. I hate the stares though. Grrr!


I have better pics of the pigs and a video so I have to post them!

guinea pig

My guinea pigs are doing great. I think. I can’t wait to be able to give them free time. I let my last guinea pig go free in a whole room but that won’t happen where I live now. I’m planning on buying a gate and they can go free within that. They don’t whistle (aka wheeking). But they do popcorn (aka jump) like crazy. Ezra is outgoing and a ham for the camera. He also likes to show he is the dominate pig. Toby is easygoing and maybe a little shy.

guinea pig
the Tobster

I swear I won’t mention them in every post. 😉

The day has come

Bummer. I did try to make it to the LGBT event. I even saw all the rainbows! But no freaking parking and I got there early! Good luck to those who plan to show up later on. They will have a long walk. Project Life inspired me to go. How? Well I knew I could go and get memorabilia. They had this new limited edition bumper sticker that I really wanted. I wanted to put it in my photo album not on my car. Since I couldn’t make it there, I did go to one place I’d never visited before so all wasn’t lost. Would I have gone if it weren’t for PL? Probably not. Project Life is my new Abilify! 😉

I took some pics of a historic place in my city. I’ve been living here for years but never ventured out here before.


Those who have been there, now know where I was today.

I would have stayed longer but there was a guy with a dog creeping me out. I didn’t think he would harm me. I think he thought I was following him. So he just stopped at one point. Then when I was walking near him to go back down the trail, he started walking right beside me! WEIRD. I’m all about personal space and I would never invade someone’s space on purpose. It is almost rude, imo. (I know different countries/cultures have different personal space ideas but I was in America today). This happens to me a lot. I think people think my shy manner is me flirting when that is sooooooooooooooo not the case. His dog was super cute but um, really?


Look at what I made in jewelry class:

handmade necklace

Okay, I had help with the very last part of the necklace. I am getting down some of the basics I’d forgotten but I’m missing a lot. The teacher tells us to do things then she leaves and I’m thinking “huh”? I’ve had two classes and I’m not sure I’m  getting what I wanted out of it. I am proud of “designing” the above necklace. I did do that by myself. But there was one thing I’ve always had problems with that I couldn’t do without help.

I also made 3 pairs of earrings last week. They turned out okay. I need more practice but I’m too busy to practice making jewelry right now.


I wanna stay but the signs says GO

20 days until I go to Oaxaca, Mexico???

Like I tweeted the government received my passport application. I should receive it in time. Here is a video that explains why I want to visit Oaxaca……..

I figured out how I’m going to exchange money. I’m doing it at the airport in Mexico City. I’ll be there for about 3 hours so I should have enough time to exchange. Thanks to the internet for all this useful info. I’m worried about the whole checked luggage thing. If I were traveling domestically, my bag would probably be at my final destination but since I have 3 flights…ugh! I’m guessing I will have to get my bag somewhere along the way and check it again. yipee. First time flyers is a great resource for um, first time flyers. Too bad it doesn’t quelch my fears about checked luggage. :/

I checked out a book on Mexico from the library today. I first checked it out when I was planning to go to Mexico a few years ago. Now they have an updated version. I will probably take this book with me. I have been adding stuff to my wishlist. Once I get my passport, I will start ordering anything I NEED (versus want). Amazon has some things I can’t find anywhere else so they will be my travel store.

Love on the Rocks

Since I’ve posted my last entry, I’ve thought of hundreds of reasons why I shouldn’t ever consider adopting. I know this blog is full of my rants (because that is when I’m most motivated to post) but I like my life this way. Or should I say I prefer my life this way. (?)


Meet the newest member of my family: SKY


Sky is a male betta fish. That is the container he came home in.

This is his new home. It is a 2.5 gallon aquarium. It came with nothing. No rocks. Nothing but a filter. So I had to buy rocks, plants and ‘toys’.

Sky’s new home

The blue plant is fake obviously. The other plant is a real aqua plant (floating on top). I’m going to buy more aquatic plants the next time I go to the pet store. I think most bettas would want more hiding places.

Sky in his new home:

Happy Sky?

I also have video of Sky!! 😉

He definitely needs more of something. I need to get him a cave to hide in. The plants are more for me 🙂 but Bettas love to hide and swim through plants also. I really wanted to put my aquatic frogs in there too but I chickened out. They are doing fine where they are now so why even risk it? Bettas get along fine with african dwarf frogs.

I grew up with fish (and snails, a guinea pig & ants). I can’t believe how much I’ve forgotten. I feel like I’m starting over again. I hope I can keep Sky and M & M alive. I don’t have room for any more fish. I want to get silver dollar fish once I move into a house. I’ve been reading about them and they seem perfect for me plus I love the way they look.

I want two of those in a 5 or 10 gallon aquarium. Yes, I’m a fish geek. I don’t like cleaning out their tanks though. (does anyone???). I currently have 1 fish, 2 frogs, and 1 fifteen year old dog. I’m done…for now. I’m geekily happy about going to the pet store after yoga on Thursday. I’m going to buy all my water buddies brine shrimp (a treat). And I’m going to buy another aquatic plant.

I will be a nervous wreck when I have to clean the aquarium. It brings back childhood memories of when my fish would die after a water change. 😦 😦