Oaxaca day 1 in pics

I have always been bad at doing detailed posts especially for adventures like this one. So I have decided to just upload some pics that I would otherwise never post. Yes I’m on the computer on my vacation. I just spent 3 hours walking and my feet need a break. I’m back at my room at the hostel.

Like I tweeted, there was a plane malfunction so I ended up spending one night in Mexico City. I’m not happy about that because I had to pay $100 American dollars on a hotel room. However, the room was great. It would have cost anywhere from $170 – $250 in the US. (I spend a lot of time on hotels.com).



Pic from either my 1st or 2nd plane ride. I love clouds.

view from my Mexico City hotel room
not mexican food

That was room service from The Holiday Inn. They didn’t have a diverse menu.

famous Santo Domingo church

I haven’t been in yet. I will go inside.

random typical Oaxaca street
oaxacan art
half of my breakfast from this morning

Real Oaxacan food. The bread was so sweet and delicious. And the coffee – OMG 🙂 It is nothing like I’ve ever had before. I have been drinking coffee daily (including a pumpkin spice latte from the Charlotte airport). But Oaxaca meal without coffee? NEVER. The food was good not great (well minus the bread and coffee). I’m still full. I probably don’t need to eat much of a dinner.

No one needs this many turquoise necklaces. I paid the equivalent of $58 (American) for those 5 necklaces. Was I duped? She tried to get me to buy much more. This is her livelihood. I was just helping her out. lol. blah, blah. WTF was I thinking? Don’t get me wrong, I loooove these necklaces but I can’t just spend like this. argh!

I noticed that I was taking all of these pictures and I probably won’t use half of them for Project life or my travel journal. So I thought why not post them here.
I’m going walking again in an hour or so. I already wish I could stay longer. 😦