nothin but time

Recently when it was 50 degrees, I decided to go out on my patio for the first time. It was so nice but then I saw IT. My next door neighbor has bedroom windows right above my patio!!! Her bedroom is directly above my dining room AKA office. I knew I could hear her moving around but I thought it was nuts to even think someone was really over my head considering I live in a townhouse. I feel like they got over on me…big time. The main reason I wanted to live in a townhouse is because I thought it would be quieter than a regular apartment and I would have no one below or above me. SIGH. Despite that, I love that my patio faces the woods. It was so nice and quiet.


I may be watching my final NFL game this Sunday. I can’t continue to know players are committing suicide and getting ALS while playing a game I watch for pure enjoyment. It is fitting that my last game will be Ray Lewis’ last game. Ever since he has been playing, I have been a fan of the game. But how can I not care how the Baltimore Ravens are doing? I will know. I listen to sports radio (not as much as I used to). I will know but I won’t watch.

Giving up college football will be harder. Much harder. I can’t say I’m giving that up…yet. All summer long, I can’t wait for college football to start. I know I can do it but do I want to? Eventually I know I will give it up all together but the thought of not watching Virginia Tech play football is surreal.

I could just dedicate my life to watching basketball. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Too bad it doesn’t start until October though.


I went to my second water aerobics class. I really do love the water. I’m not sold on learning to swim yet. I’ve seen the lessons and anyone can watch you! Parents watch their kids. There are classes going on. Random swimmers are swimming around. ARGH. I have a fear of putting my face under water. I don’t want a lot of people to see that. Anyway, water aerobics is fun. The only thing I didn’t like was having to hold someone’s hand for one exercise (for resistance). Awkward. Trust me I am almost thinking about not going back to her class because of that. But I will be daring and go at least once more.

I stayed in 4 feet of water this time. I think the water shoes really helped. I was less worried about slipping and drowning. I have these shoes. So far so good but I’m not an expert.

The Y is giving me until February 9th to get my 2011 taxes in. I’m thankful for the extension. I just will be shocked if I get my taxes back by then. I will continue to enjoy the Y while I can. Right now my gym schedule is looking like this:

Sunday: Gentle yoga/orย Vinyasa Yoga

Tuesday: Water aerobics (not really called that. It is a moderate impact class)

Thursday: the treadmill

I’m not thrilled about Thursdays but I can’t find any classes. A class is like an appointment. I can do that but just going to the gym to get on the treadmill…boring! After 10 minutes I get so bored. I don’t know how I will motivate myself to go. I have to find a class. There is a pilates class but my body does not like pilates. At all.

Now that I’ve gone back to yoga classes, I yearn to do it at home all the time. The video below is my favorite routine:

I like yoga classes but there is a little self consciousness there. It is hard for me to get in the flow. On the other hand, I need to attend classes to practice at home. So classes it is. I’m still searching for the perfect class. I haven’t triedย Vinyasa yoga at this gym yet. I’m worried it will be too hard but I might try this Sunday. Gentle yoga I can do.

I could do water aerobics everyday. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I only have 2 bathing suits. LOL. And I only like one of them. Nah, the real reason is that I’m not that brave to try different water aerobics classes.

These four walls

I can’t believe I really moved! I might post better “after” pics later or I might just save them for Project Life. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here is my messy office:

already messy
already messy

Poinsettias are my favorite. The only thing festive about this place:

My half bath:

love this spot ;)
love this spot ๐Ÿ˜‰

view of the place from the doorway on day 1

moving day
moving day

Living Room:

full bath:

full bath

My bedroom (I rarely use this space):


I am trying to get a yoga spot set up soon. I am sooooo tense living here (more on that later). My body aches. I just need to find my yoga mat or buy another. I feel blessed that I think I have a time when I can do yoga without feeling the usual stress of apartment living. I’m trying a program called “yoga to the rescue” Amen! It is for neck and back pain. Check & check. I also have bad shoulder pain.

Work is so stressful right now. Monday and Tuesday were the most stressful days I think I ever had. Today is a little better (hence a blog post!)

More later.

I think you already know my name

Well I said I would be extremely lucky to get this townhouse. I GOT IT! Time will tell about the lucky part. lol. Who knows what this will bring? I know some things will change. I will have to be miss frugal again. The last time I lived in an apartment, I didn’t have cable the whole time. I didn’t get bored but I hated not having background noise. However, I have to have cable now since I work at home. I need it for the internet so that will not be cut. Who cares about that? I’m freaking moving in 1 month!!

I went by there today. I forgot to ask one question: How much is rent? How could I forget that? She said I’m going to have a washer and dryer. Hmmm, the website says those are for lease only so I’m worried that my rent might be on the high side of the maximum.

The place is gorgeous on the inside. The outside is kinda dreary. All of the units were renovated in 2012. I got lucky once again…They only have TEN one bedroom units (out of 200 units). As you probably can guess these are very rarely up for lease. But one of the tenents wife is pregnant and they are moving to a two bedroom unit next month. Yay, for pregnancy! Good timing on my part. Luck or bad news? Sorry I’m not an optimist. (obvs)

Here is the floor plan. I’m super excited about the 1.5 baths. Why do I need 1.5 baths? I don’t. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Here are more pics. Everything looks exactly like these pictures.

full bath

This is supposed to be a dining room. It will be my work at home office. I love how it is actually separate from the living room.

dining room

My favorite place is definitely the kitchen (even though I don’t cook much). Love the appliances.

The living room. I’m still trying to figure where I will put what.

The bedroom. I didn’t get a chance to look at how much closet space I will have. I know it has more space than my house so it is definitely enough.

The patio. I’m sorry but I hate it. No privacy whatsoever.


So there it is. Of course I will post pics once I move in. I think I’m going for the bare look. Even though I have enough room, I’m not taking furniture I don’t like so I basically have nothing but that is fine.ย  I wanted to blog about something completely different but the whole apartment thing happened…:)

I do have tons of fear, mostly about noise. Apartments have not been my friend in the past but this is a townhouse so I’m hoping for the best. (LUCK!)

you can’t go home again

I’m typing this after I wrote what is below the line. I was approved for the short sale! YAY. But after talking to my realtor she’s like, “I don’t know if we will be able to sell this before December 1”. Well the bank gives me until December 1 to sell. She said there are such things as extensions so I guess I could ask for that. They only took $4,000 off the sale price. I don’t know anyone who only got that little taken off. Of course it may have been because I didn’t pay a lot for the house to begin with.

So I may not have my townhouse/apartment for a while. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Good news: I made an A on my final. More importantly, I’M FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!1!!!1!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


When I say I wish I were normal, what do I mean? The simple things. For example, I would like to be able to live in an apartment. How did I get into this house mess in the first place? Because I was freaking out over the apartment noise. I got tired of sleeping in my car etc. But guess what? If this short sale goes through, I’m trying it again! (smart). But this time I’m moving to a townhouse. At least I won’t have people below or above me. I have only found ONE acceptable place in my current city*. I even looked at other cities and couldn’t find anything but that is fine because I like my current hometown.

*Actually this place is in the suburbs. I would love to find a townhouse in the city. I’ve always wanted to live downtown.

There are at least two downsides to this townhouse complex. One being that there isn’t a washer/dryer in the unit. However, they do have the hookups. The cheapest washer and dryer combo I’ve seen is $1,000. Well I don’t do that much laundry for it to be a huge concern. I can just use their laundry room plus I can go to my mom’s once a month to use hers.ย  I won’t be buying one unless I love it there (PLEASE!) and decide to live there for years. The other downside you will see in the pics. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here are pics of the only place I find acceptable near the city. It is a 1 bedroom and has 1.5 baths.


Yes they give you an EMPTY laundry room. I will probably use it as a junk room. It looks like a closet in the pics.

full bathroom

This may seem like an ordinary bathroom but to me it is more. I LOVE where they have the vanity sink….away from the toilet. Yes!! ๐Ÿ™‚


I could use more closet space but otherwise just a regular bedroom.

dining room

I have never had a dining room table in my life. I always use the dining room area as an office. I don’t know where my home office will be. I may be getting my first tiny dining room table.


I really like this kitchen. Stainless steel appliances!!! No white stuff. Please tell me all the apartments come with this.

living room

Typical living room. That is bigger than the living room in my house. In fact this whole apartment is bigger than my house.

the “patio”

Here is what I HATE. Where do I begin? I’m big on having a patio/balcony. That is a deal breaker to me. I have to have something but this??? WTF? First, you can see the neighbors on both sides of you through the fence. Who would want that??? Who built this “fence”? I have never seen anything like it. Then who knows what you will be facing. There is a space for people to walk their dogs. There is a lot of just grass which is a good thing but do you want to see random people when you are on your “patio”?ย  There is also a pool and a lake but I doubt any townhouses face those but who knows. I was so disappointed when I saw this picture.

But I want the 1.5 bathrooms and the kitchen. Plus this is the only acceptable place I can afford. (I use the word “afford” loosely). So I guess I will have to deal with this horrible patio. No privacy whatsoever. Who leaves stuff out there? I was just planning on leaving plants out there. But I don’t know…I’ve had something stolen from a more private patio before.

I do like the grounds. I used to walk daily around my other apartment complex. I loved starting my day off that way.

the complex

There is also a pretty big lake. I’m going to visit this place soon to really walk around to make sure this is really the place. Well if it is meant to be, I hope it works out. I will explain why the dreamhouse isn’t happening later. An apartment is the only real option at this point.

Sober with no place to go

Yes my cat is gone. I’d rather not blog about it. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I used to wonder why anyone would pay to share a wall with someone. Renting I understand but BUYING? I still think it’s a little nuts. And now that one issue has been resolved, I’m thinking more about my options. There aren’t many options. The options are:

1. Buy a townhouse.
2. Buy a single family home.
3. Rent an apartment

Renting is too expensive. I can’t afford to rent most places I would like. A mortgage would be cheaper. So really one and two are my options. I have HUGE privacy/noise issues so number 1 is nuts but…SIGH.

I hate being indifferent about all my choices because uh, I need to do one of the above. I did visit one of my townhouses on my wishlist. It happened to be an end unit! And it looks like someone lives there. The neighborhood was nice but I’m still having “sharing a wall” issues. I’m not visiting anymore townhouses. It is pretty pointless. Yes townhouses are attached to one another. OMG. heh. Oh and my #1 choice is off the market. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I am concerned with any HOA fees. I know nothing about that. One person said hers was $51 a month which is doable. Then I heard that some people pay $200 a month. That is too much. I want maintenance covered which may be expecting too much. I don’t care about the pool, gym, clubhouse etc. Why should I pay for those things if I’m not using them? Something else to consider.

I’m not sure I want to do the ‘single family house’ thing after this last experience. The first 2 years were great if I separate the neighborhood from the experience. Decisions.

Now I have to focus on cleaning my house. Throwing away stuff etc. I will probably donate my books but everything else will be trashed. (not the furniture…) I can’t believe I have to mow my lawn again. Thanks to the rain.

This situation is…weird. On the one hand, I’m so glad to be out of my house but living with my mom is…weird. (lol) If she didn’t have two stories, I would not have moved in. Of course I am upstairs by myself. I just wish she had more than one bathroom. I’m still trying to figure out my schedule.
In good news, I received my credit report. My score is 799 which is excellent. I just need it to be this way when I get ready to buy my house. I think it’s wrong to judge people for having bad credit. All it takes is one month (or less) of not working to have a bad credit score if the person is living from paycheck to paycheck. I consider myself very lucky and blessed to have the score I have.

Since I had the talk with my boss, I have a new duty at work. I’m just glad it is simple. haha. I thought she would try to make me talk or something. It is nothing a normal person would have ANY issue with.The only issue I have is having to get up every morning to do the second part of it. That is out of my comfort zone*. I like to stay hidden. I’m also a little concerned about how this will affect my productivity. I wish this could be done in the afternoon when I am so bored and about to tear my eyeballs out.

*Which is a good thing but bad things can come out of it.

Fix a heart

I have decided to move. I’m buying a townhouse! Yes there are many hindrances. I don’t have an answer for everything now. I’m an indecisive person until I make a decision. This is right for me. My current living situation is affecting me mentally and physically in negative ways. The thing I’m saddest about is having to give up my cat (one of the drawbacks). ๐Ÿ˜ฆ It has nothing to do with whether the townhouse allows cats or not. My cat is part of what is making me sick. That was one of the main reasons why I wanted to live here as long as I could. We had a rough start but she is my best friend. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I will hate not knowing what will happen to her…..

This is supposed to be a picture post. “My dream townhouse” post. I don’t know how much townhouse I can afford but I’m think all of these are in my budget. I’ll post them by price – from highest to lowest. Oh, I decided to go with a townhouse because of less maintenance. I don’t know anything about fees. I will learn soon. And I’m not moving tomorrow. My goal is within a year and a half. I would love to move in 12 months.

Picture time
Townhome #1 highest price 2 bedrooms/2 baths

love the exterior!!


This is where my office would be – in the loft. I love this place!
Townhome#2 – middle price 3 bedrooms/1 bath

nice doors - living room


Townhouse#3 – least expensive 2 bedrooms/2 baths



I’m a landscape geek. I love that. Since this one doesn’t have a lot of pics I’ll add that it has a loft area (office space!).
I would take any of ’em. ๐Ÿ™‚ Of course I would prefer an end unit if possible. That would sway my decision to a certain community. These are the 3 I like best in this area. I hope when it is time for me to buy I can find something like the options above.