It’s not the birth control.

This isn’t much of a post. I just wanted to check-in. It’s not the birth control that is making me so tired.

I talked to an herbalist, but she can’t do much without bloodwork. I haven’t seen my doctor in 2 to 3 years. Every time I get bloodwork, it’s always, “You’re fine, but your iron is a little low“. It’s low, but not low enough to cause concern. Just take a vitamin. Blah.

Anyway, I have a telehealth appointment on Monday (June 22). I will probably get bloodwork done on Wednesday.

I’m guessing it’s a thyroid thing due to my symptoms. But I don’t know.

I’m supposed to be working on my client’s marketing email, but I wanted to say: It’s not the birth control. Per the doctors, less than 10% of people feel fatigued for more than 3 months due to birth control.

Thanks for reading. Be back soon! 🙂

Eh, I made a 93 on the multiple choice/t…

Eh, I made a 93 on the multiple choice/true and false. Now she has to grade my short answer. This isn’t looking good. I will probably make a “B” on the final. 😦 I’m soo tired. I have a reason for today. My cat woke me up at 3AM and wouldn’t let me sleep for an hour. But yesterday I was yawning all day and I had no real excuse. I hope my test results come in soon. I don’t want there to be a major problem.Maybe it is just depression? Well I’m ‘late’ for work. I didn’t expect the final to last that long. One more to go.

I studied my prisms

I made a 96 on my mid-term! 🙂 😉 I have another one next week. All that stress for nothing.

I don’t have much time. Speed entry. I am livid that I missed that 8+ hours of that Wimbledon match. I live for Wimbledon. It is my favorite tennis event. FAVORITE. I grew up watching it during the summer. I would watch all day. Then I started working. And sometimes I would take a day off to watch the first day…but now I’m into travel so I can’t take a day off in the summer to watch any TV event.

I can’t believe I missed it. I’m glad it is over because I hated hearing about it while it was happening. I got to listen to the World Cup at work but I can’t listen to tennis. That would have been just as good as watching. Oh well.


I definitely have to go to the doctor for several reasons. I really don’t know how this would go. Um, I haven’t had a check up in 10 years, do you have all day???? I have so many issues. I picked a doctor – randomly. I can’t see her until July 1. In mid July I’m going to see John Mayer in concert so I may wait until after that if I can….

One thing is that I’m sooooooooooo tired. I have been eating beef (which has iron, right?) recently which is rare and that has been no help. I have low blood or I’m anemic like my cat. Where do you think my cat got if from? Me. 😦

House guest drama,. What a shock. No communication on either side. So I don’t know what da fuck…

He wasn’t supposed to be here this long. This may be way I’m more tired than ususal…..or not. I have no idea. I just know I’m out of it.

Want to say more but I have no time. Adios.


The insulation of my house (or should I say semi-insulation) was almost double what I originally thought. Well the insulator didn’t give me an estimate on materials. We ended up going to Lowes THREE times to get what was needed. ::sigh:: Trust me, if my house is warmer this winter I will be more than pleased about this but I have my doubts. No one cared for this house or maybe they simply couldn’t afford it. I can empathize with that.

I should be an apartment dweller but I tried that for years and it was a nightmare. I’m considering buying a condo if it has more than one level, is under 5 years old, has concrete walls, a garage and low maintenance fees. 😉 I don’t want a pool, gym, or heavy duty security. I don’t want anything extra…I only want them to cut the grass. That’s it. ::double sigh:;

Today was a long day. I went to the library and then instead of doing Avon I ended up waiting in a parking lot while someone else was doing errands. In other words, I got nothing done. Nada. I watched other people take advantage of the tax free appliance weekend. I did look @ refrigerators and seriously considered getting one but I’m going to wait. Hopefully I will have (a new) one by this summer. It probably won’t be tax free. lol.

After spending the $ on insulation, I’m not sure about going taking a class in January. I really wanted to but I may just wait until summer again. ::triple sigh::

I have to find out what is making me tired. I hope it isn’t chronic fatigued since there isn’t a cure for that. I know I have low iron levels so it could be anemia. All I know is that my mom has more energy than me, needs less sleep etc. I’ve tried working on this the ‘natural’ way. Eating more fish etc. but the only fish I really like is talapia and compared to the food I eat, that fish is VERY expensive. I don’t spend that much on food. I’ve considered going back on vitamin B but I remembered why I stopped: it upsets my stomach.

I apologize for the last sentence.