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I’m going out of town tomorrow morning so no time for a recap. Besides I thought part I of the reunion was much ado about nothing. Maybe part II will be better. I’ll have to wait for the repeat next week. No I don’t have a DVR or whatever is needed to record crap these days. 🙂 Since Bravo taped 7 hours of reunion chatter, I would love to know if the best parts are being shown on TV. The talking over each other isn’t that interesting to me. Nothing gets said. Everyone interrupts what point is trying to be made. Blah.


Here are all the housewives’ reunion blogs and previews of part II of the reunion.. I’ve only glossed over Bethenny blog. It’s funny and scathing toward Kelly and Ramona. Do people really expect Kelly to say “general studies at Columbia”? 1.)Most people don’t know general studies of Columbia even exists. So they would likely give her a WTF expression. 2.) I would get tired of saying it. At first I would say. “I went to Columbia. Uh, not the real one but the general studies part.” ???!! Just say “Columbia”. The only people who care are Columbia snobs and the media/bloggers (::clears throat::) trying to hit Kelly with anything. She transferred from another university to Columbia (of general something) so she could model. BFD. Sorry, I’ve been meaning to get that out. I shall carry on…

Bethenny Frankel: Real Housewives Reunion Like “Vietnam”

“Everything came out,” Frankel tells Us, “and it was off the rails. Really, absolutely crazy.” These days, Frankel tells Us that she has a sense of humor about her past bickering sessions with Bensimon.

“We’re going to do a Pay-Per-View event at Madison Square Garden, a mud wrestling event,” she jokes. “Then we can at least profit off of this. It can’t get any crazier, though.”

Bensimon also seems to be over the feud. “Honestly, I don’t hate her,” she tells Us. “I actually really respect her. It’s not easy trying to start a business and be single in New York.”

“We can be cordial,” adds Bensimon. “I’m not going to go out of my way to, like, be a bitch.”

‘Real Housewife’ Bethenny Frankel Would Love to Try ‘Dancing With the Stars’

So then you’d say that over the past two years you’ve been portrayed fairly? “Oh 100 percent … I’m totally aggressive, I’m manic, I’m you know very hard-working. I’m tough. Everything that I am on the show is everything that I am and everything that everyone is on the show is everything that they are and if they don’t admit it then they’re not being truthful.”

I hope she gets on DWTS. I hate the show (I tried to ‘get it’…) but I would watch just to see her. I am such a Stan.

kelly BensimonReal Housewives‘ Kelly Bensimon Wants People to See ‘the Real Kelly’

“It was a really, really fun process,” she told PEOPLE during a recent phone interview. “For next season, I want people to see the real Kelly.” So far, “another season of New York is not locked for anybody yet,” she explains, but “I would love to be a part of the brand.”

Bensimon says joining the already-established cast in the show’s second season was like diving into a “shark tank,” and blames her nerves for causing her to act like someone she’s not. “I was so guarded, I came across as not being me,” she said. “Everyone I know was like, ‘That’s not you! That’s the not the fun Kelly who’s always on Kelly time!’ I didn’t know these women. I was treading in murky waters and I didn’t know how to navigate.”

At this point can she not be guarded? I still wonder if she has the uh, ‘let everything hang out’ personality to be on the show. I do want her to appear next season but not as timid Kelly.

bfrankelA Night Out With Bethenny Frankel

In a baby T and skin-tight Paige jeans, Ms. Frankel, the only single woman on the Bravo reality series “Real Housewives of New York,” was at Tortilla Flats in the West Village for the weekly Hula-Hoop competition with her date, Jason Hoppy.

“My friends call him ‘Tenjune’ — that’s his name,” Ms. Frankel said, referring to the nightclub in the meatpacking district where the couple met. Mr. Hoppy, who says he works in real estate, saw Ms. Frankel getting attention from photographers, he said, and walked up and said something unprintable. She liked that.

Ms. Frankel’s first big brush with fame was in 2005 on “The Apprentice: Martha Stewart,” where she finished second, losing to a contestant who seemed sunnier and less brash. “There was a lot of drama and scandal surrounding the finale,” Ms. Frankel said “But had I won and taken a job for Martha, I probably would never have soared on my own.”

allyjillJill Zarin Is ‘the Jewish Momma Version’ of Atticus Finch, Says Daughter Ally

Do you have a lot of fans, other than us? And if so, are they crazy?
I do have lots of fans. I am on Twitter — — and i get a lot of feedback there. I have had one “crazy” fan on Facebook, but besides that all the feedback and the fans have been supportive. I have a blog*,, so they comment there. I have a lot of support from the arthritis community and young girls and their parents. I am starting to sell my photography, so they go there to purchase it. One of my dreams is to own a gallery with my photographs in it!

Who is your favorite Housewife, other than your mom?
The housewives are all amazing. But I have spent the most time with Bethenny, and we bond all the time. My mom and her are best friends and we have been on a few vacations together. She is so unique, fun, has a huge heart, and is definitely an overachiever.

*as her mother often says, “Be nice” if you tweet her or visit her blog.

Real housewives of NYC finale

I’m half watching the repeat now…I haven’t read any of the blogs yet.


Wow, Alex sure did get attacked at the meeting. I know everyone was tense because the charity was 5 days away and Ramona was in the room but geez. Say what you will, but if I had to go to a meeting by any of these women, I would rather it be led by LuAnn. When it comes to most things she is respectful. She won’t call you out in a group. Sure, she’ll talk behind your back but I prefer that over what Alex went through.

I’ve always wanted to know the behind the scenes of how a step and repeat works. Thanks Bravo for showing it! I bet this happens for every event. Charity or not.

Ally is so beautiful.

The Bethenny vs Jill drama: I can understand both sides. Bethenny didn’t know exactly what happened (probably until watching the show) and vice versa. I would have reacted like B. I’m very emotional and I would have lit into Jill or anyone who would listen at the charity event. Here is your bff “on the show” Jill talking to RAMONA of all people about you behind your back. Not cool. But what Bethenny didn’t know was that Jill would have talked to Cristina if Chris wasn’t running around getting things in order. Ramona was there.

Bethenny showed restraint and acted like a grown up by letting it go for the moment. The alcohol was free. She didn’t know how big the signage was going to be. And how unprofessional was it for them (Ramona and Jill) to take some of it down? Ack. I’m assuming it wasn’t a big deal to the company because it was for charity but imagine if it was a for a regular event. Someone would owe someone a lot of money. Also, I was surprised Bethenny used Alex’s graphic for the event. Judging by what Alex has been saying in her blogs, I thought B never used that image. Hmmm.

Then there’s Jill side: “How could Bethenny not tell me about this branding opportunity?” Beth has said that Jill has helped her with career stuff a lot. So I’m guessing this is why Jill was so hurt. She couldn’t believe Bethenny of all people would do that to her. And she wondered why Bethenny didn’t say a thing at the meeting. I think it was because Bethenny a.) didn’t know and b.) she didn’t equate any signage to the step and repeat drama. I’m not taking up for Bethenny but I really see this as a simple misunderstanding. If Bethenny knew what was going on, I 100% believe she would have mentioned something to Jill in passing before or right after the meeting. It just goes against everything we’ve seen of her. Yes, I know there is editing.

Jill was beyond stressed and who wouldn’t be? This was her event. I’m 100% with Jill on telling Bethenny “this is not the right time”. She was already on edge. She was nervous about giving her speech etc. Her name was on the line and she wanted to raise money for Creaky Joints. OTOH, Ramona telling Bethenny “this isn’t the time”. When is the right time when you are pissed? You’re supposed to wait until you simmer down? (ideally) What fun is that?! She needed to get it out! Someone would have heard me out before I STFU.

I’m glad the charity event went well. I was so worried about the auction in the beginning. Luckily that worked out. I can’t believe how much chatter goes on at these events. It would drive me up the wall. (Only Bethenny can talk). I would want to do what LuAnn did at the cancer event early in the season.

Simon must love red. He can rock those red leather pants so rock it Simon. The Simon and Ramona dancing scenes were classic. Everyone dance with your enemies and make the world a better place!

Very sad that the show is over. 😦 I hope everyone will return or at least no new housewives. I love this group. However we have 2 hours of a finale to look forward to I think??? So I will be back with my blather.

real finale drama
real finale drama

Jill blogs about the charity event
LuAnn blogs about tacky vs classy when it comes to charity
Bethenny blogs about the drama
Ramona blogs about everything
Kelly blogs about whatever she wants

Jill talks to OK Mag

When the show is over then for instance, on the blogs Mario has been hitting me and I feel like he has been attacking me outside the ring. When you say am I upset, I mean of course I was upset when I watch the episode over when Mario said what are you gonna do take your toys out, and I’m like yes I’m going to take my toys out, but I don’t have anything against him. It’s like all is fair in love and war and we had a fight and we’ve sort of gotten past it and it was six months ago, and who cares and life is good.

Jill what’s-her-name

The end is coming. What will we as a nation do then?

Another good but drama free episode. Well Kelly’s Halloween party was bizarre. Who were those people? Did she know anyone there? What was the point? She did look good in her costume. I have no idea what she was trying to be though. Enough of Kelly. She’s apart from these group of ladies. She obviously feels uncomfortable. I guess she joined the show on to further her career…and she had no clue what she was getting into.

Jill’s Reece Weatherspoon outfit was the best and most creative. Of course Bethenny would be on skates. Stalkers Fans of Bethenny know that Bethenny is a pro on skates by reading her no longer updated blog on her official site. 🙂

Jill and Bobby Zarin
Jill and Bobby Zarin
From the previews, I thought Jill’s radio interview was going to be brutal. I’m glad it didn’t turn out that way. She seems genuine. One thing that got me laughing was her explaining how New Yorkers are not elevator friendly. They press “close close” when they get into the elevator. I do that! Not when someone is coming but my Type A personality is always rushing somewhere even when there is no rush. I would fit in perfectly in NYC.

It was nice seeing Victoria grow into her own person in such a short time. She discovered thrift stores! I would send my kids to boarding school for that reason alone. The Ramona and Avery interaction: Why did she invite Avery in the room to watch her tape her “audition”? Why not just record something and then have Avery critique it afterwards? That may have been asking her to leave the room. It was kinda nice to see Ramona nervous. ::evil laughter::

My favorite scene of the night was when Bethenny was about to strangle Jill Zarin! LOL. It was when Jill was talking to the ‘food preparer’ for her Creaky Joints charity event. Bethenny probably wanted to stick a knife in her eyeball or whatever she wanted to do to her last season. I admire her restraint. I hate when people go after professional people as if they don’t know what they are doing. It is embarrassing! I’m surprised Bethenny didn’t get up and leave out of frustration.

BFFs Bethenny and Jill
BFFs Bethenny and Jill

Some pics of Jill’s renovation are on Bravo site. She probably has some (somewhere) on her official site as well.
Jill reveals some interesting thoughts on the housewives to NY Daily News:

Ugh, [Kelly’s] horrible, said Zarin. “I’m always Team Bethenny [Frankel]. Hands down. Beyond. I think I had three fights with [Bethenny] last night and two hangups, but were like sisters and we always make up. Team Bethenny all the way.

Kelly’s take on her Halloween party
Bethenny on “Me and My Roller Bitch”
Whatever Mario!

I had a Kelly moment

This blog will be more about my life than The Real Housewives of NYC. That show is the only appointment TV show for me. It is also the only show I can sit through the commercials and not do anything. And then I watch each episode at least 3 more times. Last night show was drama free and I loved it. There is something about the NYC series that I adore. Is it the women or the city? I don’t know. They don’t need drama to have a decent show.

Anyhow, back to me for a moment. We had a meeting at work. I didn’t come in on KellyTime. I was 5 minutes early. I didn’t say a thing (besides “Good morning”). Someone pulled a Bethenny on me. I didn’t get called Madonna which I would consider a compliment. I’m not going into what happen because I would have to explain everything. Basically I was listening and concentrating on the leader instead of “Bethenny”. Beth then sarcastically said, “Well why are we here?” That probably doesn’t make sense without the back story. I’m not going to ask Beth for a meeting. She would just laugh at me.

Back to the show –

buy her book
buy her book
I’ve heard bizarre things about people in Connecticut. Last night’s show did not help my perception. Bethenny was offering WHOLE cookies and muffins. Yet these strange beings didn’t want them! ??? She didn’t have tiny samples. At first I thought her mistake was saying “vegan”. But as I continued to watch, I realized that it wasn’t Bethenny it was the people!

I can only gush about this show. I loved how they showed what everyone was working on. My favorite moment (besides the vagina comment) was when Bethenny revealed that her hobby turned into a career. She did go to culinary school so I thought it was a plan. However, I’ve been reading her background and she did seem to sort of fall into it. That inspires me.

I like flowers but I don’t want anyone to treat my vagina as a vase. I don’t know. I may change my mind. Bethenny may be onto something. The Ramona/Bethenny thing was probably more a dig at Jill. If I were Romana, I would listen to her. She built a brand from scratch. It took years! Listen Ramona. And in what world is Bethenny the underdog?

Not a lot of Silex last night. I thought it was cute how the kids celebrated Alex’s birthday. I thought it was odd that the driver didn’t respond to Simon (well it wasn’t shown). I thought they were in a limo! Then I realized it was a regular sized car. And I’m thinking “poor driver”.

Not to take up for Kelly but I think Max started the pillow fight. Max Max. If I were Brad, I would have reacted the same way. He’s amazing and cute. 🙂 Of course I wouldn’t have a chance, I’m below the earth and Kelly is in NYC.

Oh when Kelly said she loved to run in New York, I thought she meant in Central Park – not in the street. The thought of Kelly jogging in central park is probably hilarious to someone.

I love Bethenny!! Visit her official site to get more insight. I’ve only seen the episode once. At least two more viewings to go. Who am I fooling? I will probably watch it 10 times. I’m addicted.

Kelly on dating in NYC
Ramona explains what she means by calling Beth an underdog
Bethenny gives dating and business tips
LuAnn blogs about her new book
Alex on her birthday surprise

joining the Silex fan club

…not that I was ever annoyed by them. Last week Simon wondered who the surprised “tennis pro” would be in his blog. ha. I love seeing Alex by herself. She comes across as a loyal friend. Ramona, they do have depth. It it interesting that we learned that Ramona’s issue is still over the photos. A year ago she walked off the set of Bravo over the nude pics and this season we learn that Ramona and Mario are upset because no one told them the pics would appear in InTouch mag (or some similar tabloid magazine).

I don’t care about the pics. They probably did it for money. It would take away some of my xoxo if Silex is lying about not leaking the pictures on purpose. I haven’t caught them in what I would call a lie yet. They just seem like honest, “take me as I am” people.

Onto the show:

This wasn’t a drama fest. I like Jill’s apartment. On my TV, it looked sea green but Bethenny says it’s blue so I believe her. The hallway seemed a bit claustrophobic. I like the O of the POP table but I would have to set the two P’s aside. I think the overall living space looked modern chic. On the other hand the kitchen….I don’t know. I would like to see the kitchen when’s it done. Hopefully she’ll post the pics on her website.

Jill had already revealed that Kelly had given things for the charity event. (She also wasn’t offended by the “that’s cute” comment. She gets that is how Kelly talks. Cute & amazing are Kelly’s favorite words). However, I didn’t know she gave that much. I love how Kelly said that she was on time because she liked Ramona. People will take that comment and run. But I’m willing to bet everything that Kelly has been late to VIP meetings.

Simon was a trooper for playing tennis with the flu. Who would do that? Anyway, I’ve watch a lot of tennis. If one team is dominating, the match is over quickly. So either Bethenny and LuAnn were exaggerating how long the match was or Ramona and Mario weren’t playing that well. I’m leaning towards the later.

Oh and LuAnn, not everyone knows who you are. Those young girls had no clue. And like most of America, they don’t give a damn about the title “Countess”. Her spending quality time with the kids is what’s important.

In conclusion, I love Bethenny.

Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel

Check out Bethenny’s official site.

Links to journals I haven’t read yet:
Kelly’s blog about charity
Mario blogs for the 1st time
Simon’s blog reveasl shocking info on how he is not a tennis player
Betthenny blogs about how the housewives clashed @ the Bravo Awards

Jill’s blog isn’t up yet

Is Kelly hiring?

The Real Housewives of New York
The Real Housewives of New York

I laughed so much last night. It was silly and slightly entertaining. But I would take these NYC women over the OC women any day. All they did was party! Does anyone find it interesting to watch people get drunk? I don’t. At least with RHONYC, I get to hear about charities I’ve never heard of, see great fashion designs and Bethenny.

Onto last night ep (episode 7 – I think) and I haven’t read any blogs yet from the ladies or Simon.

1. I know Kelly doesn’t have the best social skills but please tell me that she would not have invited Bethenny to a bar if it wasn’t being filmed. What about email or the phone? How crazy…and Bethenny went!

2. Kelly obviosuly doesn’t know Bethenny at all. And the fact that she’s not interested in her background at all ‘rubs me the wrong way’ as the ladies like to say. Bethenny can’t be bullied. She doesn’t give 2 shits about what you (Kelly) thinks of her.

3. I don’t even know what to say about their convo. It was so silly on Kelly’s part. She failed. Like I mentioned earlier Kelly doesn’t communicate in a normal way. I could be her translator. Kelly, are you hiring? 🙂 I understood what she was saying when she said, “I don’t have time for my own charities.” She didn’t mean she had charities. She meant she didn’t have time for ANY charities. I’m a bit inarticulate like Kelly so I don’t know if that makes any more sense then what she said!

Kelly Bensimmon
Kelly Bensimmon
4. Oh, and when Kelly said, “I’m up here and you are down here,” she was talking about manners. She thinks Bethenny is extremely rude for calling her Madonna and being curt. She (in her mind) would never do that to someone in front of people. Of course everyone is going to interpret that as “I’m better than you because I was a supermodel and hang with celebrities.” I’m not taking Kelly’s side in any of this but it annoys me when people just assume the worst because they don’t like someone. (Major pet peeve – objectivity anyone?)

5. Kelly gave great and somewhat obvious advice to Ramona about Simon. Too bad she couldn’t follow her own advice when it comes to dealing with Beth. In future episodes I don’t expect them to have any major run-ins. Kelly had her say and in her delusion she thinks she won. And Bethenny doesn’t care so what more is there to say?

The whole tennis match fiasco is beyond pathetic. Hard to watch. And are we ever going to see the Creaky Joints charity event?? I can’t believe I’ve typed 400+ words on this show.

In conclusion, I love Bethenny. xoxo

Chef and writer Bethenny Frankel
Chef and writer Bethenny Frankel

Kelly’s blog on Bethenny and taking the “high road”
Bethenny blog on Kelly’s “self-anointed fabulosity.”

Guess what I’m going to spend 20 minutes doing instead of being productive?

give kelly a 1 week pass

edited – Blogging about RHoNYC here now.
I’m a Bethenny Frankel supporter. In my eyes she can do no wrong and she didn’t on last night’s episode. However, I want to take up for Kelly. I know next week when she tells Bethenny “We are not friends”, I will change my mind. (As if Beth didn’t already know that! I’m not going to keep typing out B.F’s full name.) I’ve been browsing message board -I don’t recommend this- because I can’t get enough of the show. I guess every show needs a villain and this year it is Kelly and Countess LuAnn.

I won’t take up for the Countess (Well I’ll say she looked great last night). Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. We finally get to see more of her. She is a writer for Page Six and other entertainment publications. She has to go to these parties. She has to he a celeb hanger on. She’s already friends with these people. I don’t know her financial situation but if she’s a single mom that may make her much more driven. She is probably getting child support from her ex so she isn’t broke or anything.


I don’t get the whole “not putting your name on a charity” thing but then again I’m not a celeb. I think she just wanted to be told to SHOW UP. That is all she’ll commit to. And she’ll leave early. 🙂

Anyhow, I see as Kelly as a career driven women. She does tend to flirt with every guy (even Beth’s ex which is inexcusable) but does she even realize she’s doing it? I wish I was focused, driven and talented as her. Next week I will probably see her just as Bethenny does but until then…

Kelly’s blog – B is for Bully, Not Baked Goods (I don’t endorse that title)
Beth’s blog – Bang It Out (I agree w/ Beth on Kelly trying too hard for the TV audience but she is new to reality tv. And she is also aware that 90% of America doesn’t know what she does).ed

Bethenny, my love

My mind is messed up right now. I need to figure stuff out rather than blog about it. so I’m going to blog about pop culture.
1st edition: The Real Housewives of NYC

They are my favorite group. The OC season that recently ended was so boring. I feel embarrassed for most of them. Maybe it has something to do with them living the OC lifestyle. I simply don’t get it. Not that I can relate to the income of the NYC ladies but they don’t flash their money around…as much.

My favorite character is Bethenny Frankel. She had a difficult childhood, she’s funny, real, and has the best hair. 🙂 I also like Jill. Yes I am biased when it comes to those two. So far I also like Kelly but we’ve only seen her on one show.

Onto the premiere: Simon and Alex, you can’t hit someone and not expect them to hit back. Jill shouldn’t have mentioned the drunk thing to Cindy Adams but I know I would’ve fired back too. She ranted too much. She knows she went too far. I understand Alex’s anger. As Bethenny said several times, “She’s pissed!” She rubbed me the wrong way when she told Jill she was jealous. Telling people how they feel – no. If Simon is over it then c’est la vie. What’s the problem?

Am I the only one who thinks Simon comes across as uh, different because he’s from Australia? Perhaps it is just a culture thing. When Ramona & her husband were talking about him being bisexual (?), my jaw dropped. Is there more to this “simon is gay” thing then we are seeing? Liking fashion and shopping are lame reasons to think someone is gay or bi. There has to be more…right? Or Ramona is putting them simply because she doesn’t like them. (aha!)

Bethenny was perfect. We need to see more of her. I wish she had her own show.

Overall, I loved the premiere. I’ve only seen it once. I’m not a details person or a good writer. I just thought it would be fun to post about this show.
The Oscars are tonight. I’m not excited. I hate sweeps and knowing who will win. This year is so obvious. Why even bother watching? I hope Sean Penn, Anne Hathaway and Kate Winslet win. “Milk” was good but not best movie material. I was surprised that it even got nominated. Everyone knows that Slumdog Millionaire, and Heath Ledger will win. blah.