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allen_iverson-arI love Allen Iverson in a slightly unhealthy, fanatical way. 🙂 I hope his back isn’t seriously hurt. Career ending hurt. He is going to be back somewhere next year, right? I have to admit that I checked out of the NBA for the past month. I was following March Madness. Then I heard Iverson say the word “retire”. Then a few days later he is out for the season. As a fan I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Back problems are serious. Just look at Tracy McGrady.

Of course the media isn’t going to consider that maybe his back is killing him. Coming off the bench and then sitting back down probably doesn’t help. On the other hand, like I have for years I agree withe some of the negative press. For example, read Jason Whitlock’s column No question, Iverson was never the Answer. Is it too harsh? YES…but a lot of it is true.

Winning has never really mattered to Allen Iverson.

Don’t tell AI that. Or his supporters. I think Iverson believes he is giving it his all. His intentions are good. The problem is that he always wants to be the answer. And life doesn’t quite work that way.

And then he quit, citing back problems, a reduced role and lack of interest. Officially the Pistons deactivated Iverson for the remainder of the season due to injuries. The truth is, Iverson took his ball and went home, uncomfortable with the thought of easing back into the rotation with limited participation in practice and games.

Or maybe AI was telling the truth when he said the Pistons rushed him back.

Iverson has always been a soloist.

I agree…and that is why so many people love him or love to hate him.

I just want AI to get healthy…and to never say the R word again.


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my alma mater celebrating
my alma mater celebrating
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