Forever is a slow dream

I erased my last short entry on the death/murder of my coworker. I erased it due to privacy reasons. This has been an emotional week. It’s so weird to know she’s not here anymore.  Tragic, shocking and sad. I can’t say anymore.


Quick Nutrisystem update: My weight is at 134…sometimes. The lowest I’ve seen on the scale is 134.4. I received my 2nd box of NS food today. It is like Xmas even though I’m paying a lot for it. This time I got food I like which means lots of muffins (for breakfast), meatballs, lasagna, pizza, chocolate cake, etc. How healthy does that sound? lol. After this, I will keep delaying my order or just cancel. 😦 I will miss it but I’m ready to eat on my own.

I’m getting ready for my sale on Sunday! I would be more nervous if I were going on my own. My mom is coming with me just on this one day. I hope it doesn’t rain. That would suck. Then I will have to go by myself next weekend. I get anxious around the other sellers. The buyers/lookers don’t usually bother me. But I won’t worry about that now.

The only bad thing about my mom coming is that I’m forced to leave a lot of stuff at home. I’m having a hard time deciding what to take and what to leave. The coats are nicely priced. Why can’t I take them? Just because it is 80 degrees? Don’t people know it will be cold in December? I’m going to give people a little credit here. I’m taking them if they can fit in the car.

Here are some new things I brought recently:

what a doll!
what a doll!

I love this doll. This doll is my inner deeply hidden, diva self….or I want her meaning I find her very attractive. 😉 I’m not selling her cheaply. If someone wants to pay $25 for her, the person can have her. The price is firm. I wanted to charge $30. I love this doll so much. I’m fine with not parting with her.

I got the Oscar De La Renta dress!! Ahhhhh! I’m going to take it to a consignment shop when I’m off next month…if I can find one willing to take the dress. It isn’t the best looking dress but it is Oscar De La Renta. I never thought I would own one of his dresses.

I also brought this lovely gown:

red gown
red gown

How gorgeous is that? It looks better when you can see the whole thing. I wish I had somewhere to wear that! Selling it for $25 but I’m willing to go down to maybe $15. I just want to get rid of it because it is too big and bulky.

The main things I’m selling on Sunday are:

  • men’s clothes
  • coats
  • gowns/dresses
  • dolls
  • purses
  • shoes
  • beanie babies (for $1 a piece)
  • Nutrisystem food
  • luggage

I hope I can fit all that into my car. I’m going to try my best to stuff it in there…somehow. #SideHustle I hope people show up! I’m only going to be there until 12:30 due to my mom’s obligations so I will miss a ton of people. This is just a test run. If a lot of people don’t show up, then I will go somewhere else next time. The only reason I chose this place is because 1.) no business license is required and 2.) they allow tables to be rented.

This Week I…

Music of the week: Kina Grannis, Mariah Carey, Lissie, Meghan Trainor, Kelly Clarkson, Alabama Shakes, D’Angelo, Keyshia Cole

Watched: NBA playoffs, PLL, James Holmes trial

Re: James Holmes trial – The psych stuff was so interesting!

Books of the week:  Everyday I fight by Stuart Scott on page 82

I Am That Girl by the Alexis Jones (7% through)


plans of the week
plans of the week

Nutrisystem and stuff.

Let me start with something random. O told me I live “such an adventurous life”.  Most people wouldn’t think that. Hello? If my life was so awesome, my blog would be full of my adventures and um, yeah. LOL. Adventure is in the eye of the beholder. And warning: this is a long entry.

I went to Duke University. Yes, I did…on Friday afternoon for about 45 minutes. I finally visited Duke! 🙂 Big campus. I only had one hour before my car would be ticketed or towed so I just walked around and hoped I wouldn’t get too lost. I went into one building. I wish I would’ve had time to visit the museum and the gardens. I was geeking out when I saw the Welcome to North Carolina sign and any sign related to Duke which is really sad because I don’t live that far.

The stuff I picked up from the estate sell was totally worth the 3 hour drive to Cary, NC. 6 hours in a car in one day. I’m glad that’s over. I’m going to do my sale in early June and guess what? My mom is coming with! She can do the fake social stuff better than me so that is sort of a win. The only downside is that we will be selling our stuff together so it will be difficult to keep up with who buys what if they buy more than one thing. I’m going to try to track it as best as I can. #SideHustle

I have so many purses to sell (new & used). I thought jewelry was going to be my number 1 thing but it’s not. I’m glad about that because I feel like jewelry is harder to sell. I think my biggest money makers will be purses and luggage. I can’t wait to sell. I have so much STUFF and I live in a small space. P.S. I got some Anne Klein shoes mixed in with other random shoes. OMG. So comfy. I’m thinking about keeping them. I know. I know. Bad girl. They are worth at least $50 but…I shouldn’t have tried them on.

I love putting prices on things. What is with that? It is so fun. I’m a dork. It energizes me. I will be pricing stuff for a couple of hours today. (It takes me a while to figure out the exact right price). I’m going to use that to take my mind off food because…….

Today is my first day on Nutrisystem!

Background: I’m doing the My Way plan. I want to lose 15lbs overall. Weigh in on start day (today) is: 142.0 (!). What happened to 139? I weigh myself in the mornings to try to get a true weight but who knows? I think 142 is accurate, FWIW.

I don’t think NS should recommend everyone do the Fast 5 as in “lose 5 pounds fast”. Everyone doesn’t need to lose 5 pounds in one week to stay motivated. People who do heavy lifting or walk around a lot should not do the Fast 5. A NS counselor will tell you that…if you call. (Most people don’t according to the message boards). But they don’t ask when you sign up. They just give you the Fast 5 and most people just do it until they feel lightheaded or whatever. I’m slightly worried about how I will do on vacation. I will be out in the hot sun. I’ll be walking more than usual. As of right now, I plan on doing the Fast 5 even though I know I don’t have to. I would probably be fine if I were just working this week but I’m going to be in the woods, at a state park for most of the week.

So the food I’m showing today, on day 1, isn’t really NS. It is ONLY THE FIRST WEEK. NS calls it “weight loss boot camp”. I may repeat that if I post again on this during the week. I don’t want people thinking NS is a starvation program. A person gets to have a normal -or what should be normal- amount of food after the first week. Well here’s another thing: you can always have as many vegetables as you want. So I don’t think I will starve. I LOVE broccoli, cucumbers and tomatoes so those will be my go to. I like string beans. And that’s about it.

That is my disclaimer.

For breakfast at 8AM, I had only a NS blueberry muffin and coffee. I could have added veggies but I didn’t want veggies that early. :/ I meant to take a pic of the muffin but I forgot. It was really good. I used to have blueberry muffins for breakfast at least once a week when I worked in the office. This muffin is 1-2 sizes smaller. It would be a much better breakfast with a boiled egg (next week, baby!).

At 11AM, I had my NS energizing shake. (shakes are only for the 1st week).  My freezer won’t freeze liquid so I couldn’t add the ice to the shake which I hear is a big part of getting the shake to taste better. It’s funny…I do have an ice maker but the thought of hooking it up….I moved some food in my freezer around. I think I will have ice for the evening shake. Anyway, the shake was pretty good or I was hungry. ha. It tasted like a very lite chocolate milkshake. Tasty. I’m shocked some people don’t like this shake.

mid morning shake
mid morning shake

12PM – feeling a little lightheaded and nauseous. The energizing shake probably has caffeine and my stomach doesn’t like caffeine without food. I took my OTC nausea medication. I was definitely a little hungry at this time. Not starving. I just could have ate something but decided not to. I drank water instead. Not feeling so great. :/ I don’t think the heat is helping. I probably shouldn’t have gone for that walk earlier. I definitely could not have mowed the lawn today. Wait, how do people mow the lawn during fast 5? It’s impossible. Now I’m really worried about my trip. It is going to be so hot and I want to walk around. That is the whole point! I may have to do regular NS and say “screw fast five”.

1PM –  I had to eat something to try to get rid of the nausea. I was planning on eating lunch at 2PM.  Lunch was NS Three Cheese Chicken (chicken, rotini- style pasta and broccoli in a cheesy sauce) and a small tomato. I liked the NS entree. I get to pick what food I want next month. I may get 2 or 3 of these. It wasn’t very filling but I haven’t tried the other lunches so I don’t know. Maybe all the lunches aren’t filling. I don’t know what to do now. I have to walk my dog but it is so hot and I don’t want to faint.


2PM – So far I’ve only had 16oz of water. That may be part of the problem. Walked my dog. Did not faint. I don’t feel as nauseous. Lightheaded? Maybe.  Nap time.

4PM – feeling pretty good. Well, I did just wake up from a nap. I didn’t nap for two whole hours. I wish! I kind of want to have dinner now.

4:30PM  (dinner) – I had NS thick crust pizza. The crust was a little too tough. I might have microwaved it too long.  I also had a medium salad on the side with just greens and cucumbers. I am allowed to add 2 tbsp. of any kind of salad dressing so I added that amount of caesar dressing. Most people put veggies on the pizza but I just ate it plain. I’m scared to do anything involving standing because I might feel like crap again. So far I’ve had 765 calories (thanks to the NS website) which is not enough for my body but I’m still not “starving”.

pizza for dinner
pizza for dinner
salad with dinnner
salad with dinnner

At 8PM, I had the NS cravings crusher shake (with ice) and NS milk chocolate flavored pretzels YES I HAD A SNACK DURING THE FIRST WEEK. I’m done with the “fast 5”. I think it’s BS. Btw, the pretzels were awesome.

That was today. I had approximately 1,250 calories today. I don’t do calories but I think that constitutes a diet.  I don’t think springs/summers where I live are made for “fast 5”. Can anyone survive on fast 5? Hunger isn’t the issue for me, I just felt weak sometimes.

I cannot overstate how absurd I think “fast 5” is. However, I will not knock the whole NS program over one silly idea. It “only” lasts a week…if you can take it.  I think fast 5 is relatively new and they may come up with something different in the future. I guess I won’t be a NS spokesperson. 🙂 I will continue with the NS regular program. I’m optimistic about the program.

I’m going to eventually do an entry on what happens after NS. I’ve already learned a ton and I have only been eating the food for one day but I’ve been a member for over 10 days and I have devoured a  lot of info from the website and message boards. I’m envious of the people that get to stay on NS forever or even 6 months. That’s not me. Too expensive. I already have ideas on what I will eat once NS is over for me. Hint: Small portions, lots of veggies, and eat something every 3-4 hours. Also, drink water. I didn’t do that great with water today. I know. I know.

I know this seems like a long ramble but I hope it helps someone who is curious about NS.

Well, I probably won’t post anymore until I get back from my birthday/cabin vacay with my buddy (my dog). I’ll be back next week.


Talkers gonna talk

OKAY. NO FUCKING JOKE. I have always hated using the word “haters” (especially after T. Swift made the word so common) but OMG. I have HATERS after me. And there’s nothing I can do about it. I did nothing wrong. I just got lucky and they can’t stand it. They don’t think I deserve it. And what they say goes right? Who says they are the king of anything? Who says they are right? What a bunch of egos. They are trying to get rid of me. This sucks. It really does. 😦

I wouldn’t try to mess with someone’s livelihood so I really don’t understand it.


aw, what a cutie!
aw, what a cutie!

Anyways….I’m excited because I just got stuff from my first “successful” estate sale. I have enough stuff to sell right now. But of course I am still looking for things. So far I have:

  • purses (brand new and used)
  • jewelry (brand new and used)
  • dolls
  • stuffed animals
  • office supplies
  • books
  • shoes
  • curtains (new in package)
  • decorations
  • baskets

I just want variety and I think I kind of have it but I could do better.

I brought 3 porcelain dolls for about $3 (total). Here’s the other:


I did buy one thing for myself at the estate sell. I could not resist. This was a bidding war! But I won. I got a cabinet to put my crafting stuff in. It retails for $79 on Amazon PLUS you have to assemble it. I brought it already assembled for $32.

craft cart
craft cart

Then on May 8th, I’m going to North Carolina for another estate sale. I’m working half the day then heading to Cary, NC. Never heard of it but it is kinda near Duke University so I’m hoping I get to stop by. I may have to board my dog for the night. :/ It will be worth it if I can get the stuff I really want (THE LUGGAGE) but otherwise…I can’t believe I’m going to North Carolina for a sale. I’ve never been. Well, I been through there on my way to Vegas. And I got to see the Duke University merch at the gift shop. Can you tell that I’m a Duke fan?

Honestly after driving 35 minutes to get to the estate sell today, I’m kind of dreading driving 2 1/2 hours to Cary, NC. I know I need to get over it. But today just reminded me that I don’t love driving. I used to drive back and forth from college town (3 1/2 hour drive) with no problems. Now I’m just over it.

I definitely have enough stuff to sell. I don’t think I need much else. I will definitely NOT be driving 2 1/2 hours for anything else.

Well I’m going to find somewhere to put my cart and then put all my crafting supplies in it. I swear I’m going to bed early tonight. Today has been a long day. Up since 5AM. #hustle

can’t eat what you can’t catch

Change is in the air. New laptop. New planner. New side/weekend hustle. Sigh. But then there is a lot of old stuff too. blah.

I invested over $1oo into my side hustle this week. It is for real now. I’m going to obtain my business license before mid-May and sell in June. It is exciting and nerve racking. I brought some brand new items to sell (coming this weekend!) and I will have stuff from estate sales. I want a variety of things. I prefer to sell purses and jewelry because that makes it fun for me but supply and demand, baby!

Dude,  I got a Dell
Dude, I got a Dell

The laptop is um, interesting. I hate Windows 8.1. Hate it. I’m going to see what I can do with it this weekend. I just got so frustrated with the operating system, I gave up after 5 minutes. I’m done… until I have more time. So far all I’ve installed is Spotify (of course!). I will be moving all my files over the weekend.

very Chanel looking
very Chanel looking

My new planner! I love it. I totally (totes!) moved into it as soon as I could. The only thing I don’t like is the size of the rings. I like extra note pages because I am always jotting stuff down. I’m keeping up with all my estate sales stuff on random note pages. Well I don’t have enough room for a ton of pages in this planner. Bummer. I love a big, thick planner. TMI?

Now that I’ve been researching Asheville, North Carolina, I’m so stoked to go. I wish I would have done more research earlier so I could have gone THIS year. Oh well. I really hope I can go next year. The cabins are to die for.

Gotta go.