My Dilemma

I want these shoes so bad:

kiss me

With shipping costs, these shoes will cost about $23. I have a 20% promo code that must be used by tomorrow in order to get that price. Those shoes are so special because they have an athletic sole. Comfy. I don’t know what to do. I haven’t worked OT in three weeks. But I did sell some of my PTO (too much) and I should be getting that money in a month or so. I dunno. I just paid off one of my low balance credit cards. I have been spending $$$ on food due to the lack of a refrigerator. (It still isn’t fixed! – URGH!) I had to pay for half of the hotel due to the hurricane.

I’m getting the shoes. I’m getting the shoes! I’M GETTING THE SHOES!!!

I don’t feel secure about that decision. I’m supposed to be trying to get back into yoga. More money. Yoga is the least of my problems but I did feel better right after doing yoga. I’m thinking about doing a drop in class somewhere. I dunno.

Serious stuff: A great post on depression/suicide/mental illness

Nausea update: Those pregnant women can give good advice on nausea. I have to give them that. I haven’t tried all the advice. Someone mentioned using a soft toothbrush in the morning. That works for me. Yay. I should probably go to a doctor about it. I think my nausea is due to anxiety. After all, I’ve been dealing with both for almost the same number of years. But it could be something worse. ::dramatic music::

Refrigerator update: The man is coming back on Monday. Sigh. I won’t believe it is working until I see it.
I cannot wait to buy food for the freezer! What a concept.

Work update: Some things are better left unsaid. I’m sure I will blog about it someday. 6 more work days until I get two full days off. I haven’t had a full day since June.

School update: Stress fest. I feel bad for anyone who dares to take this course in the summer. Don’t do it. We don’t have a “real” book for this class…which is making it harder for people I can tell. Anyhow, she is putting stuff on the net for us to print out. Well guess who printer keeps jamming? I can unjam one of those big office printers but I can’t figure out my own. Oh well.

Today I have to clean off my desk so I can have somewhere to study. That’ll take about 30 minutes. heh. I guess I should go.

I’m still not sure on the shoes…

shape-ups week 3

wordpress decided to erase my entry so here is the rough draft. ugh. 100 words less than what I’d intended:

Skechers Women’s Shape Ups-Metabolize Fitness Walking Shoe Week 3
Before I give a review, the following must be noted:
*I have a bad case of scoliosis (curvature of the spine). I should probably have worn a back brace when I was 10. I haven’t been to a doctor so I don’t know if it can be corrected at this point in my life.
*I have flat feet and/or just a very low arch (finally confirmed).
*I have debilitating foot pain when I walk more than 2 miles.
*I haven’t worn them every day for 3 weeks. I have probably worn them for about 7 days but that includes walking around in New York which adds 1,000 days.

I wore them today to walk around Walmart after not wearing them for 5 days. And it was sort of like starting over. I almost lost my balance more than once but I quickly adjusted. Unfortunately my ankle started hurting almost immediately. That may have been because I haven’t worn them in a week and I was walking like I would walk with normal shoes. That is a “no-no” in Shape-Up land.

The shoes are very comfortable. Many say they don’t take them off when they get home. I don’t wear shoes unless I’m going somewhere but I could wear these around the house. I don’t because not wearing shoes at home is a habit.

Normally I could run up 3 flights of stairs easily. Not with Shape-ups. It is a work out. I have to walk slowly up the stairs and sometimes stop to catch my breath. I’m also used to walking very fast. It is hard to walk fast with these shoes. So I just gave up and now I walk at a normal pace.

Since I have other physical problems, I’m really not the person to look to for a recommendation (unless you have the same issues). But I did notice that my posture is much better while wearing the Shape-Ups. Also, it does work out your legs, butt etc. You will feel it and know.

With my issues, I’m starting to think I should wear these shoes more often. I got on a machine that measures arches and it confirmed that my arch is low and something about not being able to put weight on the arch. I guess that leads to the pain but I also think scoliosis plays a big part too. I’m not wearing tennis shoes every day. I love to dress up at least twice a week. I would get the dressier Shape-Ups so I could wear them every day. Then I would get used to them. However, that is another $100. And I’m not spending that much on shoes. Not right now.

I would recommend these to people who walk for exercise. You will love them. Try them on for 5 minutes in the store and you will fall in love with how soft they feel. Definitely follow the directions and wear them for 20 minutes a day for a while. It takes time to get used to them. I didn’t do that because I needed them for vacation. At least give it 3 weeks of regular walking before you return them.

I’m definitely glad I brought mine. I just wish they were more comfortable while being still. (I didn’t follow the directions so…) On the second day, I was fidgeting so much at work. And all I was doing was sitting at my desk! I still have a hard time sitting/standing still while wearing them. Standing on that concrete floor in H&M was hell on my feet. But Skechers’ foot pros say these shoes are made for that. Huh? Is it my feet or the shoes? I think it is my feet/back because I don’t see this complaint much. At this point I would not wear these shoes if I had to stand ANYWHERE for longer than 30 minutes. I have to keep moving.

almost 30

Nurse on phone: Have you had a pap smear or mammogram?

Me: NO

Nurse: Have you had a mammogram?

Me: NO

Nurse: (baffled) Have you had a pap smear?

Me: NO

I’m only turning 30 on Sunday. Am I really supposed to have already had a mammogram? Seriously? I know the doctors or someone said recently to wait until 40 unless you have a history. That caused a storm. So I guess it is 30? wah. When I first heard about them I knew I wouldn’t do it until 40 and um, that plan is still intact. This is another reason NOT to go to a doctor. Will she force me to take a mammogram? ::sigh:: I know I can’t be forced. Anyway, I don’t even have a doctor. I’m picking one tonight. Because the nurse is going to call me back in 30 days and I want to at least have that done.

Do I have to have a pap smear? Is that checking for cervical cancer? (I’ll google it) later. OMG. No gynecologist. When I was younger (in my teens) I think I planned to see a gyn in my 30s. hmm, maybe not.

Now do you see why I will never PHYSICALLY have a kid??? Never. My breasts are too small and I don’t care if people says it doesn’t hurt. I don’t want it done to me. Should I value my life more? Maybe. But I am going to school this summer and doing “stuff”……I just don’t want to know if I have cancer. I’d rather die. It’s like the people who smoke and say they would rather die happy. Except there isn’t a happy but youknowwhatimean.


I’m putting myself on a strict diet and budget cleanse. I don’t know if it is smart to do while traveling but I got some  Skechers shape-ups! Not for exercise. It is the only way I think I’ll be able to walk in NYC. We will be walking EVERYWHERE. No buses or subways. If I were there for a week, I would figure out the subway system. :/ I’m anxious about this. I used to get pain in my feet all the time when I was younger. It probably started at 12 or so. Then two years ago, I went to DC…horrible pain. I almost could not make it.  I probably had walked 3 miles when the pain started and then it continuously gets worse. I know I can walk a mile, probably two but after that my ankle joints (or whatever I have) goes nuts.

So I spent $100 on shape-ups. Guess who won’t be spending money in Manhattan? I ordered them and just got them after work. I’m leaving Sunday at 7AM. That is probably not enough time to wear in shape ups. Some people are lucky and they can wear them with no problems. I already feel my legs hurting. So my plan is to wear them Thursday – Saturday. That probably isn’t enough time but what else can I do? Plus I have a sedentary job, so it isn’t like I will be walking a lot at work but I do always take the stairs and I will walk during my lunch break etc.

I decided to risk it because people with flat feet and ankle pain gave it rave reviews. And I brought a half size up like most recommended. They fit and are comfortable but I haven’t really walked in them yet.

I’m only going on a diet/cleanse because I ate way too much today. I came home and watched “Slumdog Millionaire” and actually binged! Bad girl. I ate pizza…of all things. My digestive system doesn’t like pizza. So no more snacks or bad food. And plenty of walking. For some reason when I feel like I’m getting sick (a cold), I tend to eat a lot. As if that works on holding back the cold. It doesn’t! Cold-eeze works but I don’t have any.

I have to search for a doctor. The only requirements are close to home, female & taking new patients. I hope that is easy enough. I didn’t say I was going…………….

no time for tears

To look @ pics of my new shoes, skip to the end. 😉

I don’t have any new info on the dad situation (see entry below). I facebooked him (ha) last night about my living situation so he could know what he was getting into. He has probably answered but I’d rather not know the answer until tonight. I have a lot to do.

I have to sell this upcoming Saturday!!!!!!!! I had no idea that this was the last Saturday in April. I thought I had 13 days to get ready. Uh, no. If I want to sell before Mother’s Day and all of my new inventory is geared towards that…then I have to sell this weekend. Oh dear. I have half of my stuff priced. But I still have tons to do. Do I smell a to do list?

  • put earrings on posts, price them @ same time
  • prepare at least 10 Avon booklets w/business cards, samples (good lunch time project)
  • price shoes, put them in tie up bags
  • pack selling display in one box
  • find gently used stuff around the house (if those items don’t sell I will prob throw them away)
  • uh, price everything else
  • go to mom’s house on Friday after work to pick up the final items
  • prepare $1.00 and $2.00 baskets (have to come up with decent signage?)

The only fun thing for me is the earring project so I’m going to do that right after I post. 🙂 I do wish I had more time to prepare…especially with findings things around the house but I already have done a lot because I enjoy playing with selling jewelry. This isn’t work. It’s fun.


I was supposed to post about my random shoe shopping spree. First my philosophy on shoes: I wear my tennis shoes and dress shoes for 2 years straight. I then get mad that they don’t last and I’m forced to buy a new pair. And I refuse to buy Reebok or Nike shoes (unless used) due to what I saw growing up. I don’t blame the shoe company. It is the culture we live in. Where I lived, you had to have the newest Nike or Reebok shoes or you were tease. Not bullied (big difference). The guys had it the worse but us girls got it too. I saw poor people with no jobs do anything to get the new Nike. People with no jobs. They would rather go without a utility then send their kids to school without the best shoes. Needless to say this has stayed with me (ya think?) and I am just disgusted by the pressure so I don’t go there. Yes I have “weird causes” due to the weird things I experienced.

Also I stay away from white shoes and high heels. White tennis shoes just aren’t attractive to me (um, until yesterday) and I can’t/don’t know how to walk in heels.

That is TMI. I went to an outlet store. *self-proclaimed thrift queen* Anywayz, look at my new shoes:

I don’t have anything against Skechers. lol. I have a black pair just like these. I’ve worn them for a year and I have to admit that I’m getting tired of wearing them everyday. So when I saw these, I was so giddy! Now I can switch. I love Skechers. They are really the only brand I’m familiar with these days.

Ha, I couldn’t resist the bling! Lol. I’m the less blingeset person on earth. That bling is the Guess logo. I didn’t know Guess made tennis shoes. I knew they made purses and clothing. Even though they are white, I think they are kinda cute. 🙂  Anyway, I got them for $9 and I desperately needed a new pair of tennis because I’ve had my skechers’ tennis for two years. I have to retire them for mowing the lawn.

Two pics for these fab Report shoes. Check out that link they have some cute flats/wedges. I might have a favorite dress shoe brand. I can’t do heels but wedges aren’t like heels. I can wear them when I’m not doing a lot of walking…to work, for example. I will probably wear them tomorrow. I will take my flats with me just in case.

3 pairs for just under $50. I have never brought 3 pairs of shoes at one time. heh. Or in ONE year.

I also brought a Nine West purse for $10. It’s black with a long braided strap. I *die* for a braided strap. It is too small for everyday use but perfect for traveling.

Maybe I should go do stuff.