Project Life: May & June

Before I get to the pics, I must say that I went to the gym today at work and it was empty! I used the weight machines for the first time.Β I wish I were confident enough to get on those machines while people are around. Then I got on the treadmill for a mile. My new workout song is Katy Perry’s Firework. I could have exercised forever with that song in my ears. I feel so good after that workout. πŸ™‚Β  Note to self: I was at the gym around 11AM (empty!).


What is Project Life (click link)? Here are my layouts for May and June:

project life

May is my birth month and my favorite time of year so I went all out in my own way. During May I moved and I celebrated my birthday by going 1.5 hours away. I went to a state park for 2 nights. I stayed in a nice cabin. Here is the rest of May….

project life
may page 2
may page 3
may page 3

Two pics were private so I took them out.


project life

During June I was off from work for a week. I sooo needed that break.Β  I went to the park near my house. I also watched the latest season of Arrested Development which I thought was a little above average. It probably gets better on repeated viewings but I’ll pass. And I went to the Olive Garden for the first time.

June page 2
June page 2

……and I joined a gym. (I need to take a stamping class or get better gear).

That is all for May and June. Since Shutterfly had 101 free prints (!!!!) for the 4th of July, I decided to print out all my favorite pics from my computer. Photos from before I started Project Life. I’m doing a separate album for those photos. I probably won’t post those layouts here because they are mostly personal photos or photos of my pets. But here is my first page of that album:

cover page
cover page

I used a 3×4 card to cover up a personal pic. I will probably play around with this page and change things as I go. I haven’t begun to work on this album yet. Actually I don’t have an album yet. Just page protectors…

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Project Life: January & February

January spreads:

project life
  • Ray Lewis announced his retirement.
  • I brought some dishes from the Goodwill.
  • Kim & Kanye announced they were expecting! lol. I don’t usually get excited about baby announcements but it was big news and that is the best pic of them I’ve ever seen. πŸ˜‰
project life
  • The teams playing in the Super Bowl were announced.
  • The Oscar nominations were announced.
  • I read a great book: “Welcome to your crisis
  • I went to my first class at the Y. It was a yoga class and it didn’t go well. I never went back to that particular class but I’m still going to the Y 2-3 times a week.
  • I brought my first EVER bathing suit. I only wore it once because later I found a great one piece online.
project life
  • I brought a newspaper. heh. I could have snipped a lot of things from that paper but I didn’t want to start another January page so I only included two headlines.
  • I started rereading “The Power of Now” by Tolle.
  • The pic of my dog was actually taken in February. Shhh!


project life
project life
  • The Superbowl happened. My Baltimore Ravens won! Still unbelievable.
  • I brought a chaise lounge chair. I work from there for a couple of hours every weekday.
project life
project life
  • I went to the library near where I live for the first time. I checked out way too many books.
  • “Argo” won best pic at the Oscars. The Oscars were so boring this year.
  • Debbie Ford (author) passed away. She got me started reading self help books. I still think her book “Dark Side of the Light Chasers” is one of the best self help books ever written.
project life
  • Lakers’ owner Jerry Buss died.
  • I watched season one of “Girls”.

(private photo turned over)

8×10 insert of Ravens Superbowl win:


Sometimes I’m glad I keep Project Life simple. But other times I wish I had all the stuff to be creative. I just don’t want to spend more money on PL. Since I did two months of spreads in two days, I’m so thankful that I kept it simple this time. I’m going to try to take more pics in the future. I have already taken a ton of pics during this month.

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Project Life – November

When I was 11 or 12, I started my first scrapbook. It was all pop culture (mostly music related stuff). Well now I kind of want to go back into that. The only difference is now I’m not that into pop culture. I don’t worship any celebrities anymore. That makes me officially old. 😦

Anyhow, I just think I’ll be more interested in what was going on in the world in 3 years than what was going on in my life. I’m expecting a lot more focus on news and maybe on sports in my future layouts. For example this week, I’m thinking about including Susan Rice in my layout. And I’ll write a little about what is going on with her. But then again I don’t wantΒ  my scrapbook to be too impersonal. I need a good mixture.

Here is an overview of November 5 – 18 2012

2 week overview

Close up of the week of November 5

week of the election

I could have done a lot more on the election with all the stuff I got in the mail. Yes I did vote for Obama. NO I do not support him on a lot of things. The drones. etc. It annoys me when people like um, The President says he has a mandate to do something just because he won. Uh, no I don’t think so. Not with my vote. Anyway….

Week of November 12

I turned over a private photo. The only pop culture thing in this layout is the top ten songs on iTunes. I’m going to label these photos later. I could not find a pen when I was doing the final touches. Sad but true. :/

I’m not done with the week of Thanksgiving but it only needs one more pic, so I’ll post it anyway:

lincoln week

I also have to do the title card.

Starting December 2012 and in all of 2013, I am going to do Project Life on a monthly basis. Doing it weekly is all too much. I love PL, but now I can understand why people quit doing it. I felt silly stressing so much over this hobby. Instead of quitting, I am going to just take pictures when I take pics. No more forced picture taking. Since I don’t have a good camera phone, I can go a week without even taking a pic. The weekly thing is too much pressure.

I don’t know how this will affect my journaling. That is one of the things I love about PL. I think I will have a routine where I journal at the same time. When I was doing it weekly, I would try to set things up on Sundays…I don’t know. I just feel less anxious about the whole thing if I just see what pics I have on a monthly basis. I even thought about giving it up but I’m too invested now. I have to do it for 2013.

Ideally I would like to post my layouts once a month but I don’t print photos that often. I will probably post 2-3 months at a time starting in 2013. And who knows? In 2014 if I’m still doing it, I might just scrapbook without dates in mind. It sounds kind of nice to just put whatever in my scrapbook whenever I want and wherever. But I’m committed to doing 2013 monthly.

Read about Project Life here. I am using the Cherry Edition.

One more photo:

look @ storm!

Excuse the mess. That is the only spot I have for the new tank. It is 5 gallons – believe it or not. It is definitely better to get a horizontal tank if you have room. There is Storm, the betta fish. If you look closely at the bottom of the aquarium near the sponge bob cave, you can see one of the frogs. I think that’s Michelle. πŸ™‚


Ohhh! The topic in this week’s Project Real Life class is decluttering! I have a lot to say about that. πŸ™‚ Coming soon.

Pursuit of Happiness

This is pretty much the worst time ever for my family. My uncle has terminal cancer and may be going to the hospital. My cousin unexpectedly died a week ago. I would say it can’t get any worse but I know it can.


I have pretty much excepted that I won’t be able to go to Mexico in October. What did I learn? Do not seize the moment. Do not just do it (especially if it costs money!) Be realistic. THINK through everything before you act. Is it all up to you or are you relying on others to do their part? Etc.

I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m not going to waste the plane ticket. I am super bummed that I won’t be able to go to Mexico for a loooooong time. I blew my chance. 😦 I kind of need a real vacation. Meaning to not travel when I get 3 days off in October. I need to relax after not having time off from work since June.

If I do go somewhere next month, I was thinking of going to NYC since I haven’t spent a lot of time there. In 2010, I spent most of my time around 5th Ave and Central Park. That was pretty much it. I would love to explore NY. I want to get on the subway. πŸ™‚ I was thinking about going to LA but I would need a car and I’m not down with that. I haven’t done enough research on San Fransisco. I probably wouldn’t need a car if I could afford to book the right hotel.

I’m cancelling my internet sabbatical for this week. I need to constantly check the status of my birth certificate. And if I’m actually going anywhere, I need the net for research.

There is still a 5% chance Mexico might happen. PLEASE.


Most people post their Project Life layouts weekly. Since I’m not doing it weekly this year, I’m going to post whatever I have when I get it done. For now there will be a lot of updates. But once I’m done with getting my current pics in, I’m not ordering anymore pics until November/December so there will be a drought of Project Life posts. (Yes I could just print my pics but I think ordering them is cheaper).

Here is my official 1st page:

I changed some things around to make it more personal. That empty space will be a pic of me.

My first completed regular page:

(I used cards to cover up a pic of me. I need photoshop. Heh). This layout includes:

  • 3 pics of Jewel in concert around 1999 or 2000. I have no clue.
  • A pic I took of actress Anne Heche in DC during May of 2005
  • The Hunger Games movie ticket stub (2012)
  • Michelle Obama ticket
  • D’Angelo/Mary J. Blige concert ticket (2012)
  • A regular journal card from the project life kit.
  • A pic of me on my birthday probably in 2006 (covered)

I’m done with that page and I will not touch it again! πŸ™‚ As you can see I have given up on doing this for a certain time frame. This book will be for my LIFE. I hope I don’t run out of room. I don’t have a lot of old school pics so I should be fine. In 2013, I will do the traditional Project Life for the year.

This is my version of regular scrapbooking:

alma mater

That is a 8 x 11 insert in my album. I was looking for my birth certificate and found a few things so I decided to ‘scrap’ it. The page includes

  • A postcard of one of my favorite spots on campus
  • me journaling my top 5 memorable moments of college life
  • the academic calender for the years I was there (so glad I found that!)
  • some cutouts from random 12×12 scrapbook paper (I think that is called “embellishments” in the scrap world)

I was able to throw stuff away since I could cut out and save the important stuff. So yay for that. πŸ˜‰

In case anyone is still wondering what the hell Project Life is. Here is your answer: (It is a long video but I love it).

I will be posting the last of my project life layouts in a week or so. Then no more until the end of the year. (sorry about the quality of the pics. they will look better next time).


I will wait until after my second jewelry class to blog about it. I won’t judge on first impressions even though I’m pretty sure they judged me. I hope I find out what is going on with my birth certificate today. Edit: It looks like they found my BC but the website isn’t clear. Anyhow, it still doesn’t mean I’m getting my passport on time. They haven’t even shipped my BC yet.

Everyone’s Waiting

My uncle has stage IV cancer. 😦 😦 I’m hoping for a miracle. We are huge Laker fans. I know that seems silly but these are the things I will think about. We have the sports thing in common. We watch college and pro football (not together). He LOVES Prince. I don’t. He helped me moved my stuff back from college twice. He helped me through tropical storm Isabel when I thought my car would flood.Β  He is my mother’s best friend.

I love my uncle. 😦


Now onto my other uncle. He has diabetes. He didn’t have health insurance for a couple of years. Now he has cataracts and can’t stand for long periods. He almost fell while just standing still in his home. This is due to not having health insurance. He is now old enough to have medicare. (And yes, he was working the whole time.) We live in America. This is what is happening to people. fuck. Some people DIE in fucking America because we don’t have universal healthcare. +1 for Obama, I guess.

Yep, America is #1.


/end ranting. Sorry


Picture time or should I say scrapbook time? In the past my scrapbook was mostly about my dreams but I got sick of looking at my photos on the computer so I thought why not add them to my dream book and call it a scrapbook? My book isn’t fancy. I barely spend a dime on it. I don’t even try to make it neat. However, I am thinking about doing Project Life for 2013. I guess that is a little fancy. πŸ™‚ Even though it costs money (about $50 a year – for me), I’m glad to spend it because her stuff is made in the USA.

I was so excited to get my pictures on Saturday. I checked the mailbox three times. One thing I googled was “Scrapbooking without kids” because I noticed that a lot of (okay almost all) scrapbookers seem to have kids. Even though I don’t use templates, I can’t help but notice that a lot of stuff is kid centered. I didn’t find a lot. Most of it was how to scrapbook with your kids. SCREAM. But I did find this awesome video:

NEWSFLASH: People without kids have lives too. It is hard to believe. We have pets, problems, we travel, we work, we spend time with friends and family, we volunteer, we have hobbies, we get married or choose to be single, we love taking photos, we exist! WE LIVE without kids. I don’t know how we do it. It is soooo hard. πŸ˜‰

Project Life is not exclusively for people with kids. I can use everything in the kit as a childfree person….otherwise I wouldn’t buy it. I can’t wait for 2013. GEEK! Another reason I want to try Project Life because it encourages you to write in your scrapbook. I never used to write in my dream/scrap book until I saw the kit on the website. I used to only journal in my um, journal.

Note: If you want to see a truly great artist who also journals with pictures and words head over to (after you finish reading this entry, of course!)

Back to the video. Why do I “scrapbook”? I want to record my dreams, my visions and where I’ve been. It is pretty simple. Some of my dreams (like working from home) from my dream pages have come true. So when I’m looking for stuff in magazines & newspapers, I keep that in mind. Below are the new pages I created. These sheets are for my 2010-2012 dream/scrapbook.

hippie chic

(those are just some of the places I MUST make it too)

no talent

I have something in common with Albert Einstein!


I cropped off the picture of me on the beach.


My old family. 😦 It no longer exists.

central park
serving you?
jewelry designer

The woman in the picture designs her own jewelry, has her own store. Inspiration!

john mayer

Had to do a John Mayer page. I really do need a better pen. πŸ˜‰


I’m not done with my 2010-2012 book yet. I still have some pics to use. Plus I hope going to North Carolina in November will give me more pages. Not your typical scrapbook, I know. But I love it. (Am I allowed to say that? haha)

Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes Of Mine

Oh dear, my company is laying off people. I think they gave them a months notice (or maybe more). This sucks. It is also a wake up call to me. SAVE EVERYTHING. Don’t spend………….unless it is on jewelry making stuff (??). $%^$ I don’t know what to do. I’ve also been spending more money on groceries since the price of food has gone waaaaay up. But I can’t help that. I only eat twice a day. I could eat less healthy food but I’ve been having really bad chest pains. It’s the kind I get where if I stay really still, the pain isn’t as bad. I don’t know what the cause is. I’m guessing it could be the cheap food?

This is layoff thing is scary and I’m sad for the people who are already being let go. 😦

Anyway I sold some of my PTO and I’m supposed to get a check from that in 2 weeks. Maybe I can use that for jewelry supplies. I just can’t get crazy. I will make sure I use each and every thing I buy. I do save money each month since my other bills are lower since I no longer live in my house. I still have to pay the mortgage, water, etc. I just downloaded the app to track my finances. Yeah, I should have been doing this all along. LOL. just told me that I travel a lot. WTF? I wish. hahaha I’m still dreaming about going to Mexico. Even if I wanted to go nuts and just go to Mexico – I can’t cause I can’t take time off from work.

I’m super thankful for my job. I say THANK YOU all the time. Grateful.


Random: The new Alanis Morissette album is really good.

This will mostly be a picture entry.

Brazil inspired necklace

I received my necklace from Macy’s. I love it! I thought the beads were going to be a little bigger. Speaking of jewelry, I’m a little nervous about my Beginning Jewelry class. I won’t know until Sept 15-16 if the class will take place. Some classes like Digital Photography II have been cancelled due to lack of students. I’m worried. My class isn’t full yet. That is all I know. Most of the beginning classes like Drawing 101 & Digital Photography I fill pretty quick. But the part II of classes aren’t filling up. The only good things about it being cancelled is getting my money back and not having to spend 3 hours a week (7-10PM) in a classroom on a work night. But I’d rather learn. I’m eager to learn. Please don’t cancel the class! The other jewelry making classes in the area are too expensive and I wouldn’t learn as much in those classes.

my cover page

This is sort of my version of a scrapbook. Some people do it on a month to month basis and I would love to be able to do that but I don’t have enough stuff going on in one month. I could barely fill two pages in one month. πŸ™‚ The notebook I’m working on now will go back to 2010 (my NYC trip!). It is all mixed up. Starting in January 2013 I will do a notebook for each year. That should be interesting and fun. I love finding random words andΒ  quotes. The pictures are of what I want or want to be.

More random pages:

never hide
crystal clear
reading room

I don’t use a real scrapbook, I use a notebook. I use letterhead and than place it in paper protector. I just ordered 46 pictures from They gave me 50 free prints (again – heh). I ordered some of my own pics from vacations over the years and I found inspiring people, jewelry and quotes online. I should get them tomorrow. If I do, I know what I will be doing this weekend. I’m geekily excited. πŸ™‚ And yes, I will be posting pics of my new pages. Most of the above pages were done in 2011.