major fail

I want to say that just because you have a cell phone doesn’t mean you ANSWER IT or even turn it on. I have the cheapest possible plan. I don’t have a land line only because the line constantly went out so why bother? Anyhow, I usually shut down the cell phone at 4 or 5PM every day….except on Fridays. On Fridays I usually shut done at 1PM and don’t check my voice mail/texts until Monday around 9AM. Good luck getting in touch with me.

But people can’t grasp that concept. They think because you have a cell phone (or any phone) that you check your messages. NO. Unless I’m expecting a phone call, my cell is in my purse. I’m unavailable. I don’t even think about it. Maybe I should think more in a social way? Oh, stop being bitter. (<— talking to myself)

FUCK. I got a D or F in a class for the first time ever. I'm a A/B student. Long story short is that I turned in a blank test for the final. Yes, OMG! 😦 Even if I had checked my voice mail a little earlier, I don't think it would have helped. I sent her the test again. Less than 24 hours later…but guess who has two email addresses. FUCK!!!!!!!! I just replied to her. Apparently she doesn't check that email or something. Also I don't check my emails regularly unless I know something is coming. I'm a lost cause. I get distracted. Fuck.

Whatever. #Fail. Major. Over it.

(not really)

Tomorrow I will be at the flea market by 5:30 to sell. I'm more nervous than usual. I'm not used to selling mostly jewelry. The good thing is that it is eye catching so people will stop. I don't have to worry about that. Unfortunately it won't be that warm tomorrow so I may not be able to set up my jewelry displays due to wind but I'll try.

Sigh. And I only have one magic pill (abilify) until Thursday. Great. When should I take it? heh. Some random person who could be a doctor or just a knowledgeable person says Abilifiy lasts a week in your system. I hope that is true.

This is going to be a looooooong weekend. I hope the sell goes well.

How I Roll

Now that I don’t have the Twitter announcement for each blog post, I may blog more. Or am I procrastinating? I am so behind on studying for school. I can’t wait for school to be over! And I may not go back…for this certificate. I’m sort of over it at the moment. Finals are in less than a month. I will cram like crazy.

It does make me sad that my lack of concentration and motivation is affecting me like never before. I love learning and this stuff isn’t as boring as economics. I hated econ. I had to take part I and II. Hated it.

Besides being excited for school to be OVER. I have been getting ready for my mother’s day flea market sale. I’m selling mostly jewelry. But I am also looking into other things. I don’t have much time. I don’t even have a date for the sale. Last year’s sale didn’t go quite as planned. The first Saturday I went it rained. So I got up at 5am for nothing. The next weekend it was so windy that none of my jewelry displays would stand. Ugh. However, the sale went okay.

Thinking of picking a date is making me nervous. I don’t have many options if I want to sell before Mother’s Day. I think I will have enough to sell for more than one day. Maybe I will sell every other month through September…if it isn’t to painful. I don’t know. Once a year is enough for me.

I will have a pics galore. It should be fun???

I went to Target during lunch. I was supposed to go to Kroger but I passed it and figured why not? I’m also sort of back into couponing or so I thought. OMG, I don’t have enough patience to look for certain brands. I HATE shopping (excluding music and books). The last thing I wanted to do was be in Target. I brought a box of Fiber One bars and got 60 cents off. Woofreakinhoo!

I was so exasperated. There was a baby in every aisle…with a mom, of course. And then I kept dropping the coupons all over the floor. 😉 I felt so lame walking around with coupons! But saving is smart. I only clip coupons for what I normally buy. I am not giving up on this. But from now on I will only use coupons at places I’m very familiar with.

Gotta go.

from heaven

2011 started off shitty. Very shitty. March was awesome and I didn’t even do anything, 😉 (I would like to thank the The Selection Committee and VCU.) It is the feeling of aliveness. Yes 10% of me is wondering, “Will I feel a huge letdown when this is over?” It used to happen all the time. The Letdown. I think this will be different. It is kind of like going home after NYC. It was nice but dude, I gotta get back to my life. And right now college basketball is engulfing my life. I think I will be relieved whether VCU wins or loses tonight. In fact, if they win it will be more craziness….

This has been good. This is good.

I can’t for school to be OVER. I’m so over it. Now I know what I can or cannot do. Five more weeks, I think. School just stops my life. I already have work for that. Anyhow 5 more weeks.

I stopped taking Wellbutrin. I know that is not the right thing to do. NEVER do that. But he switched me to a normal dose. Well the normal dose comes in coated pills. Do you know how nasty that coated crap is to drink? I took it a week ago. I gagged. THE END. The low dose isn’t coated so I’m willing to try that. Will it be effective? Probably not because I don’t know anyone who stays on the low dose.

Perhaps I’m not feeling the effects of stopping the WB, because of this exhilarating VCU run. How do I explain this to a doctor? I’ve been going for more than a year. I don’t even want to think of trying to explain the effect of a sport on my life. He might get it but judging from past experiences, I say no. lol. Some people don’t comprehend how something like this can make you feel so joyful. “What does that have to do with you?” You know…

So I’m here, happy, a little nervous. And I don’t know where I’m going tonight. If VCU wins, I’m definitely going out…I have two projects due on Monday so I don’t want to go nuts. I want them to win but I know this is going to be a bit much.

(Just an FYI: I’m thinking about removing my twitter account. I want to continue to get my news from twitter but I don’t want my blogged linked there. Like most things online, I feel like the negativity can crush any good feeling so I don’t know. In case anyone wonder where my twitter feed on this blog has gone).

I Don’t Think About It

I hate when I waste time. I got home and didn’t get any school work done. Oh, it’s “spring break” but I have 2 long ass chapters to read, highlight and make note cards. I will NEVER take 3 classes again. The smartest thing I did in 2011, was drop the fourth class before it started. I would have had to drop it anyway. I’m so over school. WHY AM I DOING THIS? I will complete these tasks by Thursday night.

I have to be at work at 6AM tomorrow. Suuuure. I have such a hard time getting up. This morning I turned off the alarm and didn’t get up for another 30 minutes. I should try moving the alarm to another room. I hate noise so there is no way I won’t run to turn it off. But will I get back in bed?

I was on the phones for two hours a week ago. It was unexpected. I had no time for a pep talk. I sucked especially in the beginning. I didn’t do a very good job. I did answer all questions though. I just didn’t do the company expressions. I didn’t ask anyone if they had more questions (as if I want to answer more!). My attitude was “get the person off the phone”. Halfway through I realized I was breaking so many rules. So I tried to get some phrases in. Oh well, next time I will be ready.

I have two things I wanted to blog about but I have to get ready to go to bed. Up at 5:15AM tomorrow. 😉

Miss Invisible

::400 words erased cause I hate explaining myself::

So that’s that. I rarely talk sports in this blog but I love sports almost as much as music. I admit to losing interest if my team really sucks. I’m really loving the NBA right now. I’m not excited about March Madness this year. I usually consider that the sporting event of the year…yes better than the Superbowl. I’m more excited for the selection show this Sunday. I would like to see VCU get in even though I think they have NO chance whatsoever of getting selected. It would be nice if Virginia Tech got in but do they deserve it? They lost two games straight after beating Duke. argh.

I just don’t really care. I will watch it. I have to do a bracket to get myself interested. I’m sure my lack of interest is probably due to the ACC sucking. I follow the Big East but they just keep beating each other up. Georgetown starts off great then lose, lose, lose, win. In fact they lost today. Oops, spoiler! Sorry about that.

I may try blogging about sports more since I spend a lot of time watching it. It is a big part of my life. It started with the NBA in the late 80s (??) when Magic Johnson caught my eye. (Yep, I’m a life long Laker fan. Don’t get mad). I prefer listening/reading what others have to say.
I have homework to do. I can’t believe spring break isn’t right after mid-terms. Wouldn’t that be nice? Speaking of mid-terms I made an 88 on one and a 78 (ugh!) on the combined midterm. I don’t think I’ve ever made a 78 or lower on a midterm. I did take calculus so maybe I did and I’m just blocking that out. I love math (especially geometry) but calculus nearly killed me. Btw, how much of a joke is spring break? LOL. Even when I got my Bachelors and did the real college experience, I went NO WHERE for spring break. I was broke. I studied the whole time. /geek

I’m not freaking out over the 78 like I did when I first found out my grade. Now I know I have a B in all three classes so the 78 didn’t kill me. Well I’m going to try to keep the B or maybe I should aim higher and try for As.

I’ll blog more later. No more tweeting @ anyone. I will continue to text my tweets like I usually do and stay OFF twitter.

Don’t drink the water

This is the fifth day without water (in my house). The water was undrinkable anyways. I’m sure it had more toxins than the average American household. I didn’t have a lot of guests – LOL. But none of them would drink the water. They made sure to bring bottled water with them. Anyhow, I still need water. No shit right? I am more dehydrated than usual. I’m probably messing up my kidneys too. (Nothing is TMI for this blog).

Definitely LOSING!!!

I have today and tomorrow off. I have midterms. OMG. I’m so not ready. I’m taking of one tomorrow morning. This class requires two textbooks. Um, I lost one. Well I can’t find it at the moment. I lose everyday – but I have NEVER lost a textbook. I have to check my car again.


This isn’t a big deal and I probably shouldn’t mention it. But (ha) JNx was saying that “if I took that many days off, I would not be able/want to come to work”. Um, last week my plumbing “exploded”….in the house. They don’t know that. They also don’t know that I haven’t had water for 5 days. They also don’t know that ALL my plumbing has to be redone. Did I mention that? I have no days off in April. From July-August, I don’t expect to get a day off. I will try to get a day but last year it was impossible.

LOSING at everything.

I should get back to studying. I can’t even judge the effect of Welbutrin because all this shit is happening. I think antidepressants probably work better for people who don’t have a cause for their depression. But if depression is an effect of something else, anti-depressants only help a little. If at all. That is GENUIS. I’m sure no one else ever has said that.

I am a LOSER!! Don’t hang out with me. You have big houses and big TVs! 😉

If you aren’t helping….

I don’t know why I’m even going to take the mid-terms next week. I was going to finish all my study guides tonight. Get everything organized. But when I come home I hear this noise. It sounded like a regular electric heater (the ones that heat the whole house). But I don’t have one of those. I asked my cat, “What is that noise?” Keep in mind that my house is really tiny. Anyhow my cat didn’t answer. She looked nonchalant. Then she gave me the “give me my treats look!”

Then I walked around and saw the water on the floor. Oh, the water heater burst. It is spraying water everywhere. Great! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but I’m an animal whisperer. I could tell that my cat thought, “Once mom comes, the water will stop”. But it lasted for SIX MORE HOURS! I got the WTF look from my cat several times. I went to sleep for two hours. I know she was thinking, “What the hell is wrong with her?”

I got hit by a depression episode yesterday. I did call the warranty people . Then they call the plumber. Of course the plumber’s office is closed. In the past I would have any plumber come out. But I’d just read my warranty for the first time in 2 years and they say they MIGHT replace the water heater. Well I’m not going to jeopardize that by calling Joe the plumber because then it is void.

20 minutes ago the city came out to shut the water off. I called before. I said, “I need my water turned off”. It was the emergency line. She put me on hold. I eventually hung up. Once again my lack of social skills failed me. I didn’t say the right thing. Or I didn’t say it the right way. I gave up. After my nap, I realized water running my house sucks so many I should try the city line again.

This time I said, “My water heater burst. Can you turn my water of?” OH, that is the way it’s done. ::roll eyes:: My house is soaked. I’m too depressed to really care. Oh and I don’t have any water. Whatever.

I need a fucking break. I shouldn’t go in to work at all tomorrow but of course, I feel like I have to go to work. I don’t suck up to anyone. There is no one on my side so I can’t take a break. I have to be superwoman. Blah.

I’m only upset because this pretty much ruins any study plan. I will have to work on Saturday to make up time for waiting for the plumber tomorrow.

Oh great, now I hear more water leaking even though the water supply has been turned off. ROFL. And I don’t give a damn. Too funny. WTF?

I was going to blog about how I hate how people with support systems and social skills harshly judge me. With any kind of support, my house wouldn’t have gotten as wet. I would have HELP and water. Yet these $#%^ judge me???????????? Pick on someone your own size. You have HELP. I’m not done with this.