I Know Places

I’m 40 or so miles from the epicenter of the earthquake. And I didn’t wake up from the aftershock last night. A lot of people did though. I woke up at 2AM (an hour later) to find out there was an aftershock. Then I went back to bed for 3 hours. Unfortunately I think Hurricane Irene is heading our way. I have plans to work on Saturday and then go to the library. I’m not prepared at all. I hope my mom is so I can go to her place. I have nothing.

I’ve had nausea issues almost my whole life. It has only really affected my life for the past 10 years or so. Longest. Pregnancy. Ever. Like, come out already. I recently had a nightmare dream that I had no idea I was pregnant and then I just had the baby. It was a boy. No I have never seen that TV show. I heard they do reenactments and I hate that. Back to me and my nausea…

Seriously, it has gotten very bad the past few weeks. I can barely brush my teeth. So I did what any person would do, I did some research on the net. Ugh. I could have tonsillitis which makes sense when compared to the other options. I had horrible sore throats growing up. The only thing that helped was herbal throat drops (and Sucrets did okay). But I don’t get them as much anymore. Does that mean anything? Probably not.

The other thing mentioned was trying antacids. I truly don’t think that is my probably but I spent $10 on a pack today. I took a dosage. I still feel just as nauseous now as I did this morning. This is about all I can type about me. I am gagging as I type. This sucks.

Going to a doctor would seem like a smart thing but she (my new pcp who I have not met) is going to want me to open my mouth to check my tonsils and I can’t do that. I’m gagging again.

Whatever it is, it is really bad. I have used Nauzene Upset Stomach Relief for Nausea . I brought them form Amazon. They work for temporary relief. But the next 6 hours or day or 2 hours or whenever, you will need to take them again. I would need to take a box a day just to leave my house in the morning, I try not to use them unless I’m about to throw up. Nauzene doesn’t grow on trees. :/

Since I can’t talk about me….It is really mind boggling to read pregnant women wonder why they are nauseous and can’t brush their teeth or whatever. HELLO YOU ARE PREGNANT. You have a reason. REALLY?? Do they not know that nausea is a part of that? Really? Yes, some women are really lucky and don’t experience nausea but come on!! Hello?

Sorry but I’m trying to find information on why I can’t do anything and these pregnant people are messing up my research. OF COURSE YOU ARE NAUSEOUS. I’m sorry you can’t brush your teeth or eat or whatever but this will end for you. Geez. I know it sucks but some of us aren’t pregnant. And we shouldn’t be randomly nauseous. You at least know why you are nauseous or you should know….

I don’t get it. That is another reason to never ever get pregnant, not that I need a reason.
Class has started but it doesn’t really feel like it. You know when the teacher says a class is hard; it is hard. I already knew that though. I just wish there was more info on the syllabus. How many assignments do we have? When are they due? The professor seems really laid back but I want a lot more info. Class has started and she is still going through the “buy your book” phase. I’ve had my book for 3 weeks.

I need assignments to learn. Ick. This might not be a good match. I had her before and I got an “A” in her class but that was entirely different. I have been studying on my own but I’m not sure what to really focus on. My main fear is that I do nothing and then this class hits me like a ton of bricks.


tiny light

Thanks for giving me something to blog about.

Sarcasm: the last refuge of modest and chaste-souled people when the privacy of their soul is coarsely and intrusively invaded.

-Fyodor Dostoevsky

Sarcasm can be and often is mean spirited. I get it. It isn’t over my head. When you say, “Kill her with something”. I know you don’t mean that you are going to kill the person….because you don’t know where she lives. 🙂 (That was a joke) Seriously, I GET IT.

I think sarcasm is used by cowards. People hide behind sarcasm. Who can’t be sarcastic? Show your real self. It isn’t witty. After all I can do it so how hard can it be?
One more thing, amazes me about people. How can anyone who constantly talks badly about people utter the words, “What goes around comes around”. HOW????

YOU ARE GOSSIPING ABOUT PEOPLE. You call people stupid. etc. etc. Yet you have the audacity to even utter those words about being NICE. ROFL! This leads me to believe that they think talking badly about people is NOTHING. Do I have to go into how wrong I think this is? Especially in certain environments…work, school etc.

I sit at my cube in shock. I should be over it by now. And yes, I know not all people do it. I just wanted to explain my side since I believe those peeps are reading this blog.

1. I get sarcasm. I’m just not impressed.

2. I don’t understand how you can say ‘what goes around comes around’ when you are trashing people. How does that work? That I do not understand AT ALL.

I ordered my text book today. School starts August 22! My mom hasn’t brought me crayons yet. 😦 Anyhow, I was looking at the books I need for my next class…Wow, it is going to be a lot. It is 6 credits PLUS the cost of books. Ouch! I also have a 2 credit class I need to take so guess which one I might take this spring if I am not over school by that time?

After this semester, I have two more semesters left. I doubt I go to school in the spring and summer. I will choose one. Then it will be trying to get certified time.
I have never wanted college football or any kind of football to start sooooo bad. I need it like some people need a glass of wine to relax. I’m sick of talking about it. I want to see action. I know college football isn’t that far away. It will be so great to relax on a Saturday and watch some football.

Bring it on!