Heart Skips a Beat

Bummed to hear about John Mayer having to cancel his whole tour. I can’t imagine how he must feel. 😦 Music is his life, his career, his everything. Get better John. We will wait for you.


Kindle Fire review Part I (I doubt I do a part II but you never know)

First my history: I have never had a touch device. I have never had/used a smartphone. The only Apple thing I have is the iPod. I have a Kindle Keyboard which is very different from the Fire.

It is heavier than I thought it would be. I cannot hold this in one hand and relax like I do with my KK (kindle keyboard). I can barely read on it. I got a headache after reading the  local newspaper for 30 minutes. I don’t think my Fire will be used for reading. I did try reading a book the next day and I didn’t get a headache. I  was scared to read for too long. I will keep reading books on my KK.

All of the other negatives I experienced within the first hour of having the thing! LOL. Except for the web browsing experience. People complain about it but I really like it. The screen isn’t too small. It is fast. My main complaint is the battery life. I like to stream talk radio and music. That uses wi-fi. That eats up the battery. If a person plays game, they can turn off the wifi. But if you want to stream a movie, TV show, music (and some apps) then you will need Wi-Fi. People pretty much charge their Fires daily. It charges quickly using the adapter they give you. The Fire doesn’t come with a USB. I tried using my KK USB to charge my Fire. I couldn’t tell if it even charged it! If it does it is realllllllly slow. I hate having to plug it in the wall because I have zero outlets in my room. Anyhow…

So since I won’t be reading on it…let’s get to the thing I will be doing: USING APPS. 🙂 I’m obsessed with apps. Obsessed. I have a few that I love already.

  • Scanner Radio Pro – I have wanted a scanner for so long that I got the paid version. There is a free version of this app. I have to use headphones to hear anything clearly. (Side note: I get the volume complaints. They really need to fix this issue with the Kindle 2. Read any review to read about the volume issue). You can hear what you would think you can hear. Heh. Police, fire, EMS etc. You can listen to cities in multiple countries. I listened to the popular Chicago station. I listened for about an hour before I heard something really distrubing. I wasn’t expected it because for the whole hour it was basically “people with weed” sightings. And someone got hit in the head but the person was okay. And then to hear something so tragic with NO follow up. I had to stop but I doubt I give it up.
  • Hotmail – I have 3 main email addresses. Hotmail is one of them. This app is free. What can I say? I love my email. I use the app that was already on the device for my Gmail account. I’m going to set up another app for my Yahoo email soon. Using apps is just waaaay easier than using the web plus it is easier to know when you have new email.
  • TuneIn Radio – free app. I’m using this now to listen to talk radio. (This guy is ranting about Ayn Rand for some reason. How random). This is the closet I will get to having satellite radio. Ahh, I love renting a car with satellite radio. When I have one, I will just sit in the car and listen to the radio. The difference is the stations of TuneIn have commercials. You can pretty much listen to any channel in any city. Music and talk. Love.
  • Tweetcaster for Twitter. Free. If you love twitter you will love this. However, if you turn the Fire off (or just wi-fi) it won’t show ALL the tweets you missed. Not a huge deal to me.
  • Pulse. My favorite app. This app is already loaded on the Fire. If you like to read news or just stuff on the net, you will LOVE this app. I already have too many favorite topics so I’m going to have to build a page two. I’m trying not to do that. Anyway it is awesome. 🙂 The ESPN app is a major fail. I was so disappointed. But fear not! Pulse has ESPN and Yahoo Sports covered.
  • YP Local Search and Gas Prices. My favorite part of this app is being able to view movie times and restaurant menus. It also shows the cheapest gas in your area.

I also use Bill Reminder, ColorNote (not impressed yet), Pandora (same as on the web), Tapatalk Forum App, and TV Listings. ESPN is the worst app. I hate it. :/ Note how I haven’t listed any games. That is because I mostly play Scrabble and Monopoly. I play those on my laptop so I feel no need to get it for my Fire. I am looking for a great word game. I’m willing to pay for it so it has to be the best. I’m doing my research.

I think the Fire is great for kids. Mainly because most of the available apps seem to be games!! That is slightly annoying. Yes there are adult games too…but I don’t want to get addicted to playing so I’m not touching them.

Overall, I love my Fire. I do keep reminding myself that I can return it in 30 days and get all my money back.  But what are the chance of me doing that? It is just a toy so far but I’m trying to find productive apps (games, games, games). I’m using ColorNote to document everything important I do each day since I have a horrible memory. It is supposed to be a to-do app but I don’t like it for that. I’m still looking for a good To-Do app and something I can take really good notes with. I haven’t tried QuickPro yet (the free version is preloaded on the Fire). That may fill the need.

I feel like I’ve been typing forever. I’m sure I forgot to mention something – like how good the movies look, for example. I’m done for now.

All is well?

The  power went out @ 2am. There was a car accident two blocks away.  It was and still is freezing in my house. I think the power came back on around 10am (the power company left me a voicemail). I assumed that my heater would come back on when the power did. I thought I would be coming back to a somewhat warm house. NO. I was so worried about my kitty. She felt as cold as the house this morning.  My mom is not impressed with this little story. She went without heat for 5-6 days a couple of weeks ago. Who can blame me for being concerned about my cat? Even though she bit me Sunday night….grrr!

It is sleeting right now. I hope people won’t be driving tonight. I’ve lived in Virginia for quite a while. And we have never had this much snow. And it isn’t over. A woman from Jersey said “In New Jersey, these would have been clean and in much better shape.” See, that is the difference between snow up north and here. They expect it and prepare. We don’t. Sue me, I hate driving on ice. What a concept!

I have to do an hour or maybe 30 minutes (ha) of cleaning. Due to the weather, I haven’t had a chance to go to any stores. It is probably better this way. The last thing I need to do is buy random storage.

At work I got a good review. I’m self motivated (yep!) and dedicated (yep!) but I wanted a ‘works well unsupervised’. Did not get that. I’m used to getting that one because I do! Honestly, I wasn’t expecting her to say anything as good as she said.  Those compliments have no effort on the actual review. But even then, I did better than last year. The only reason why I got a higher than average review, is due to lack of my mistakes being caught. Where I work mistakes happen so I know I made some but I was lucky not to get caught.

I just have to keep it up. Oh, the ‘bad’ stuff. “Build relationships with coworkers”. ROFL. #1 Do I have a relationsip with anyone? #2  Um, these people have called me crazy since day one. I sat crying at my desk on the first day. It was brutal. It was K’s last day so she was happy go lucky. She held nothing back. They had obviously been talking about me prior to my first day. (I transferred from another department). I get that but to talk about me like that when I was sitting right there. LOL. That is not a good memory.

“I would talk to them but they have been calling me crazy since day one so….” I really wanted to say that. Btw, that is harassment and in some cases discrimination. I’ll just settle for harassment. It lasted for a year. Within the past 3 months, they have gotten word somehow that calling some crazy can lose your job….Otherwise why would they stop on their own. I was about to contact HR last week but without them using the “C” word out loud, what do I have? So unless something else happens the reporting it thing is done. I should have done it when it was happening daily. According to a lawyer, they probably would have gotten fired…

WHICH WAS NOT MY GOAL. I JUST WANTED THE HARRASSMENT TO STOP! So now they do subtle things. Things that can’t be reported. I missed my chance. What does this mean? Was this meant to be? I had a chance to stand up for myself but I didn’t. I’m not a tattle-tale. I hate tattle-tales. If it weren’t for the subtle shit they do, I would say “All is well that ends well” but things are not well….

I have to do unclutter my life. What fun!