A sermon to white and black America

A few quotes from Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America by Michael Eric Dyson.

Too many yellow Negroes deny light privilege the way many of you deny white privilege. We are as blind to our perks as you are to yours…Too many light folk just don’t want to admit what we all know to be the case. And I’m not speaking of light guilt, our color-struck version of white guilt. I mean owning up to the benefits and advantages of being light-skinned. We make up the same reasons why we should be spared reckoning with shade and tone as you give for not addressing whiteness and privilege.

Nothing annoys me more (okay, slight exaggeration coming) then when people don’t acknowledge their privilege.

Our being color-struck isn’t the only sign that we’ve imitated whiteness. We’ve also emulated and adopted your coarse reactions to class and sexual identity. Many of us have joined the unfortunate assualt on gay folk…Although we deny it, the same kind of people who opposed interracial marriage oppose same same sex marriage too. Black folk have blindly followed a path of prejudice that earlier ended with us as victims.


….Poor whites seem to say, “At least there’s a  nigger beneath me.” And it’s a way for poor whites to be of value to richer whites, especially when poor whites agree that black folks are the soure of their trouble.

The truth hurts.

This book is good. Not great, but it is the best book Dyson has ever written, IMHO. I love that he made it personal. I could have typed out many more quotes, but these are the ones that stood out most to me.

Some days you gotta dance

What happened to poor Rubio during the debate last night? I guess Chris Christie was right about him. He blew it. I was rooting for him to come in second in New Hampshire. Now that probably won’t happen. I think Christie rattled him. I like Christie (say what??!), but he can be a bully.

The local news is making all this fuss about how Monday is the last day to register to vote in the primary. I heard this at about midnight, so I’m freaking out. Duh! Of course, I’m already registered. I voted last year and the year before that. Etc. I’m fine. I have no idea when a voter has to register again unless the person moves. Anyway, the point is that I’m fine to vote on Super Tuesday. Whew.

Let’s talk race. CONTROVERSIAL. I’m breaking rules here.

It is annoying how now people are saying drug abuse is a disease. ROFL. Now that heroin is affecting so many white people; we must do something to help. WTF? How can people not see how racist that response is? It’s so blatant. Throw the black people in jail for cocaine use. But whites should go to treatment centers. This blows my mind. I know I shouldn’t be shocked. This is the world we live in.

For the record, I have always believed that drug abusers should go to treatment centers and not jails. That’s so obvious; I shouldn’t even have to say it.

When HIV was mostly affecting white males, it was an epidemic. Now that it is mostly affecting black people, nobody talks about it. It’s a damn shame.

But there aren’t any race issues in America. Barack Obama is president! America is color blind. 😉 Ugh, why can’t I find that quote MLK Jr. said about America being a racist nation? It’s like it doesn’t exist, but he did say it. I have a book with that quote in it, but it is a paper book and it would take me forever to find it. People don’t like to acknowledge he said that. They would rather quote other things. Nice things. The whitewashing of MLK Jr. (No, she didn’t!)

/end rant

Who else should I offend? I’ve got stuff for days. There is stuff I want to say about a book club reading Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist, but it feels like gossip so I won’t go there.

Speaking of books…I’ve never been so excited about starting a fiction book! I just got And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie from the library. I can’t wait to start it this afternoon. I have a feeling I will go on an Agatha Christie bender if I really like this book. I have other stuff to do too. Sigh. I’ve got to work on my practicum and cook. Fun stuff.

I’m getting off the internet for the rest of the day. I don’t want to follow all the SuperBowl talk. #BoycottFootball

Gotta go. I’m enjoying politics more than sports right now. Politics can get tiring, but it is oh, so fun! Nerd alert. I’m really going now.


you’re sensible and it doesn’t make sense

People are complaining about paying 30% of their income in rent?? Try paying more than 50% and call me back! Yes, I know that is bad, but I had to do it for my sanity.  When I was only paying 30% of my income, I was living the good life. I could save,  I could spend. Life was good. My issues weren’t as bad then. #TheStruggleIsReal (That was when I had my house. It wasn’t all good, but I Ioved having extra money and savings). I love where I live now. It is so quiet. I only have one neighbor. I’m so grateful but the rent is too damn high! I’ve been here for two years. Living here has brought some of my sanity back but what happens when I move? Oh dear. I don’t want to think about it.

Temporary semi-sanity. That is what I have now. 😉

Why am I seeing the same people that bashed Rachel Dolezal stand up for Shaun King? Because Shaun is their friend. Simple as that. Is that fair? Hint: NO.  For the record, I don’t agree with bashing King. I am almost always anti-bashing.  I hope he didn’t say he was black to go to Morehouse for free. That is not cool but other than that, I don’t care.  I like Shaun King from his days at Daily Kos. Well, he is still there but I don’t read as much. So I am a little biased…and a little shocked that this is happening AGAIN.

Edited to add: Now I 100% believe Shaun never lied about his race. I’m not sure why people felt the need to go after him…of all people. Really sad. I hope things die down and he won’t need extra security. His family doesn’t deserve all this. 😦   Of course, his friends were taking up for him because some of them knew the true story, some just trusted him.  FWIW, I feel stupid for even hitting “post” on the above paragraph, but I’m leaving it up. Anyway, go check out his website. Inspiring stuff.

Gotta go work on my practicum. I wasn’t going to post today, but Shaun King became the #1 trend on Twitter and I had to say something.

Breaking things that I should keep

The yard sale went okay. I “made” about $75. It was damp and rainy (very light off and on). People started coming when I was putting stuff away. OF COURSE, they would. lol. I knew that would happen. I met some nice people. My dog scared off one person. UGH. Who knows what he would have brought? The guy had no idea that my dog was secured. Anyway, I think I’m done with yard sales One and done. I’m going to sell the new with tag clothes the week I’m off work (in 2 weeks). Oh yeah, the clothes rack thing didn’t work which totally sucked! I have used them fine in the past but these two racks did not want to stand.

I’m probably going to donate the used clothes. I have a few suits I know some charities could use. The others I will donate to a LGBT thrift shop. At least that is the plan for now. I might change charities but the point is that they are getting donated. Edit: Thanks to Bing, I found out about the Junior League. #late I don’t think I’ve heard of them.They take men’s and women’s clothes. I have mostly men’s clothes and those clothes would go to veterans looking for work. Sounds perfect. It’s called “Boots to Suits”. Awesome.

In case anyone is interested here is more info on the Junior League:

For more than a century The Junior League has been on the forefront of social reform, identifying problems and finding solutions in a collaborative way. The list of issues they’ve tackled is long and complicated:  pollution, illiteracy, domestic violence, foster children without a safety net, to name just a few.

I’m beginning to think it is just easier to donate the clothes. This is why I could never be a business owner. I just don’t care. Get rid of the damn clothes! 😉 That is all I care about.  I think I will TRY eBay for one week of selling to see how that goes. When it comes to eBay, I don’t know whether to auction the items or do “buy it now”. I like getting to set the price with “buy it now” but I hate running to the post office every time someone buys something. At least with an auction there is an end date so if everyone pays on time, I know when I’m shipping. I’m planning on having 3-5 auctions up at one time so that would probably be 3-4 trips to the post office. As long as it sells, right? I’ve been doing “buy it now” recently so I’ll probably keep going with that.

In summary, I will donate 80% of the clothes and try selling 20% of the clothes. By selling 20% of the clothes, I could easily make a (small) profit on what I paid for ALL the clothes. So that is a win.


I just finished watching the documentary Little White Lie. It is about a Jewish girl who grew up thinking she was white. But she’s really half black. Fascinating. Great movie! Wow. It really brings to light the privilege whites have to never have to think about race. But that isn’t what the movie is really about. It is about secrets, lies, and family. Five stars!

I doubt anyone is wondering but I never capitalize white or black because it is just a social construct. I don’t see a reason to capitalize it. It is just an adjective people use. But…I’m not saying racism isn’t real and all that. I hope I don’t really have to explain all that. Give me some credit. I know being white means something and being black means something and being brown etc. etc.


Yesterday I took my kindle fire outside so I could watch a Jillian Michaels exercise DVD. The kindle got so hot that it stopped working! I was freaking out and thought I was doomed. I did buy it in December 2013 so I thought it might be dead but I brought it in the house, took it out of the cover to cool it down and it worked. Crisis averted. But I don’t know if I will ever take it outside again to exercise. I can’t do vigorous exercise in my house (long demented story) so I don’t know when I will exercise again. I always exercise outside…even when it is very hot. Okay, if it is near 100 degrees, I usually talk myself out of exercise.

Edit: Uh-oh. It is warm (but not hot) right now for no reason. It might be dying. 😦 😦

Well I gotta go.