Pursuit of Happiness

This is pretty much the worst time ever for my family. My uncle has terminal cancer and may be going to the hospital. My cousin unexpectedly died a week ago. I would say it can’t get any worse but I know it can.


I have pretty much excepted that I won’t be able to go to Mexico in October. What did I learn? Do not seize the moment. Do not just do it (especially if it costs money!) Be realistic. THINK through everything before you act. Is it all up to you or are you relying on others to do their part? Etc.

I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m not going to waste the plane ticket. I am super bummed that I won’t be able to go to Mexico for a loooooong time. I blew my chance. 😦 I kind of need a real vacation. Meaning to not travel when I get 3 days off in October. I need to relax after not having time off from work since June.

If I do go somewhere next month, I was thinking of going to NYC since I haven’t spent a lot of time there. In 2010, I spent most of my time around 5th Ave and Central Park. That was pretty much it. I would love to explore NY. I want to get on the subway. 🙂 I was thinking about going to LA but I would need a car and I’m not down with that. I haven’t done enough research on San Fransisco. I probably wouldn’t need a car if I could afford to book the right hotel.

I’m cancelling my internet sabbatical for this week. I need to constantly check the status of my birth certificate. And if I’m actually going anywhere, I need the net for research.

There is still a 5% chance Mexico might happen. PLEASE.


Most people post their Project Life layouts weekly. Since I’m not doing it weekly this year, I’m going to post whatever I have when I get it done. For now there will be a lot of updates. But once I’m done with getting my current pics in, I’m not ordering anymore pics until November/December so there will be a drought of Project Life posts. (Yes I could just print my pics but I think ordering them is cheaper).

Here is my official 1st page:

I changed some things around to make it more personal. That empty space will be a pic of me.

My first completed regular page:

(I used cards to cover up a pic of me. I need photoshop. Heh). This layout includes:

  • 3 pics of Jewel in concert around 1999 or 2000. I have no clue.
  • A pic I took of actress Anne Heche in DC during May of 2005
  • The Hunger Games movie ticket stub (2012)
  • Michelle Obama ticket
  • D’Angelo/Mary J. Blige concert ticket (2012)
  • A regular journal card from the project life kit.
  • A pic of me on my birthday probably in 2006 (covered)

I’m done with that page and I will not touch it again! 🙂 As you can see I have given up on doing this for a certain time frame. This book will be for my LIFE. I hope I don’t run out of room. I don’t have a lot of old school pics so I should be fine. In 2013, I will do the traditional Project Life for the year.

This is my version of regular scrapbooking:

alma mater

That is a 8 x 11 insert in my album. I was looking for my birth certificate and found a few things so I decided to ‘scrap’ it. The page includes

  • A postcard of one of my favorite spots on campus
  • me journaling my top 5 memorable moments of college life
  • the academic calender for the years I was there (so glad I found that!)
  • some cutouts from random 12×12 scrapbook paper (I think that is called “embellishments” in the scrap world)

I was able to throw stuff away since I could cut out and save the important stuff. So yay for that. 😉

In case anyone is still wondering what the hell Project Life is. Here is your answer: (It is a long video but I love it).

I will be posting the last of my project life layouts in a week or so. Then no more until the end of the year. (sorry about the quality of the pics. they will look better next time).


I will wait until after my second jewelry class to blog about it. I won’t judge on first impressions even though I’m pretty sure they judged me. I hope I find out what is going on with my birth certificate today. Edit: It looks like they found my BC but the website isn’t clear. Anyhow, it still doesn’t mean I’m getting my passport on time. They haven’t even shipped my BC yet.

Looking for paradise

To my surprise my Jewelry class is officially ON! Thursday night is the first class. This should be interesting.

If I do go to Mexico in March, it looks like I will have to stay in a hostel. The good hotels and B&Bs are already booked. Fortunately I found the #1 hostel in Oaxaca, Mexico…and it still has a private room available! 🙂 No cancellation though so if I can’t go, I’m out of about $200.00 for four nights. I won’t have to take a taxi anywhere. Everything is in walking distance from the hostel (except the airport, which is 10 minutes away).

Ummm, I didn’t know that hostels didn’t have locks on their doors. I’m glad I’d already decided not to take my laptop. I will have a private room so maybe there is a chance for a lock on the door?? Is that really a lot to ask for? I don’t think so but I’m not a world traveler or anything. I guess it makes sense when 4 or 8 people are in a room not to have a lock but a private room not having a lock? Okay, I’ll have to get over that. This hostel does have places to lock your stuff but I’d rather have my stuff in my room, you know?

Here is a pic of the private room:
Photos of Hostel Don Nino, Oaxaca
This photo of Hostel Don Nino is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Look at the bookshelf I won’t be using! :/ I’m not being sarcastic. I love that a hostel room has a bookshelf but I will only be there for 3 full days (IF I go at all). I’d rather have a hotel room but in Oaxaca nothing seems to guarantee quiet so a hostel is just as good as a hotel. At least I’ll have a private bathroom.

One more thing: I completely forgot until today that I will be in school during March of 2013. Ha. Delusional? ME? I don’t even have a passport yet. lol. Oh and my Spanish is at a 1st grade level. Ha. Now or never. If delusional gets me to Mexico for a few days, then fine.

I know what flight I’m taking. That was the easy part. The hardest was finding a good place to stay with a vacancy. My goal for 2012 is to book everything (except the flight), get my passport etc. I’m going to do most things at the last minute since everything is so up in the air. What if I were to have a new job in March and unable to take any time off? Things like that. I will try to delay the booking of the flight until at least January. But I will go through with the passport thing before then. I’m going to book the hostel in October or November. There are only 2 private rooms, I should book NOW…sigh.


I now know where I got my scrapbooking/photo album ways from! My dad has kept photo albums just like Project Life for decades. He keeps moving from state to state and to country to country so it is hard for him to keep up with heavy albums these days. In fact, he sent me a couple of them to keep for him. Like most of the things I like (besides sports) I got it from my dad. Anyhow, I think the best thing about PL is that I will be journaling daily and placing it in the book. I journal sporadically in my paper journal and when I do journal, I never write about “what I did today”. So PL will change that. Sometimes I have to come back to this blog to find out when something happened!

I have pics of course! Project Life pics:

12×12 photo album

I haven’t had a 12×12 album since I was 13. I forgot how big they were. This one is already heavy. I have put all my stuff from the 2010-2012 album in this one. I like the album but I’m definitely getting a leather one for 2013. It seems more sturdy. I’m sure this one will be fine for now.

the cherry edition set

Photo album with journaing cards. *swoon* I’m getting the turquoise edition for 2013.

my first page

The blank space is for the picture of me being oh so happy to get Project Life. LOL.


I had to put that Michelle Obama ticket somewhere. I’m glad I thought about my dad doing this. It feels more special now. Here is to doing (my own version of) Project Life for the rest of my life. I hope 2013 includes tons of pics of my trip to Mexico. 🙂