I’ll stick with hell no’s

I had an unplanned cheat day on Wednesday. 😦 This is why my weight is staying steady at 125. If I weren’t cheating, I would be down to 120 by now. It’s not a weight thing. It’s more of a money thing. Why am I wasting MORE money on food? This is money I don’t have. I can’t afford it. This has to stop. Well, I did promise my mom we would go to a buffet in February or March. But I can’t eat my way through my money. This is depressing. I should know better.

I could talk politics all day, but I won’t. I swear. But can someone explain to me why Trump was in Arkansas on Wednesday when there is a primary in New Hampshire on Tuesday? If he doesn’t win NH, his run is over. I think he takes things for granted. Simple as that. Just because he is way up in the NH polls, doesn’t mean he will win.

Update on my last entry: I’m voting for Hillary in the primary as of right now. LOL. I don’t #StandWithHer. But I will vote fo her because I don’t want NOT to vote. As a liberal, I have voted for a ton of people I don’t like. You kind of get used to it. However, I won’t be mad if Bernie wins. That’s fine with me. It doesn’t matter. I’m just sick of having this anxiety over who to vote for. I usually know by now. I usually like someone by now. We vote on Super Tuesday (March 1).

It’s funny. When I hear O say she wants to vote for Hillary, I try to talk her out of it. It’s fine if I vote for her, but no one else should.

I was supposed to say more about Steven Avery. I’m still leaning towards guilty. I may have more to say later.

This week I…

Music of the week:  Sia, Hailee Steinfield, Rihanna, Ellie Goulding, Erin McCarley, Little Mix, Metric, Ariana Grande,

I don’t like the new Rihanna album. But I’ve never been a fan, so that’s not news. I tried. So many ballads. What is she thinking? The new Sia is awesome. It has an optimistic feel which may lead some people to dislike it.

The cast of Hamilton is performing at the Grammy’s! I bet that will be the best performance of the night. Sorry, Tori Kelly and Ellie Goulding. Love you guys. 😉 Tori is performing a duet with James Bay. I don’t know what Ellie is doing. Hopefully, she’s performing Love Me Like You Do or Army.

TV of the week: Mad Men, Dem forum & debate, basketball

Movie of the week: What Maisie Knew  A movie about a mom who prioritize herself over her kid. Decent movie. I didn’t enjoy it as much as everyone else, but it’s watchable and kind of cute and a little sad.

Books of the week: I finished reading  Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter by Kate Clifford. WOW. What they did to poor Rosemary. OTOH, I can understand how desperate they must have been, but I feel bad for her. They stole her life. I also learned more about the Kennedy family. This is probably the 4th or 5th book I’ve read on them.

I’m waiting for the library to get The Black Presidency by Michael Eric Dyson. I have a hold on it. I’m #1 in line. I feel bad for saying this because I’m a fan, but I don’t think he is the best writer (yet I’ve read the majority of his books). He is a much better speaker. He is very smart. I don’t understand why his writing often leaves something to be desired. I hope this book changes my mind.

Since I’m waiting for that book to come any day now, I’m not starting anything new. I’m going back to books I own. I’m back to reading:

P.S. I’ve decided to keep a log of books read on this site. So far I only have 2016 books so there isn’t much to see.

Planner update: 

plans of the week

I find it super magical

I am not watching the Superbowl due to my football “boycott”. This is the first time in over a decade I won’t be watching the big game. I can’t believe I actually didn’t watch football all season! There were some college football games I REALLY wanted to watch. My football boycott will continue next season. Nothing has changed. Players are still getting hurt for entertainment purposes. I’m not talking about just broken legs. I’m talking about broken minds also. Eventually more people may quit watching. Boxing, anyone?


I have hot water as of right now. I don’t think the cold water is working yet…Woot! Woot! 😉



Music for the week:  A Great Big World, Jillette Johnson, Jennifer Nettles,  Britney Spears, Julie Roberts, Nelly Furtado, Beyonce, Elle Varner

Ugh. My music listening has been stagnant as of late. I’ve been listening to the same music for the past month. I do love A Great Big World though…I need to switch it up a little

TV for the week: basketball,  Sister Wives (I shouldn’t have gone to the message boards but I was curious about what people thought of the show. Only one thing worth mentioning stood out: people were saying how unhappy/depressed the wives seemed. My thought is, how are they any different from a monogamous couple? Do these people know a bunch of  happy married people? The wives seem pretty normal to me. Marriage is hard – polygamous or monogamous. Life is hard. Blah. I love how well adjusted the kids seem).

Edited to add: Just in case it isn’t obvious, I’m only talking about the women on the TV show “Sister Wives”, NOT any kind of abusive polygamy. (Warren Jeffs etc.)

Movies of the week: Mitt (I’m not sure why this documentary wasn’t better. Is it because Mitt Romney isn’t charismatic? Or was it the director? It was semi-interesting). First Comes Love (The birthing scene was beyond too graphic. I tried to watch but had to turn away. TMI! But otherwise it was a good documentary. I know it was good because I could have read it and enjoyed it just as much. I love Amy and Nina).

Book of the week: The Witness Wore Red: The 19th Wife Who Brought Polygamous Cult Leaders to Justice by Rebecca Musser Money: A Love Story: Untangle Your Financial Woes and Create the Life You Really Want by Kate Northrup

Goals for next week: I’m focusing on school and studying for the boards. I’m now thinking about taking the boards in June or July just to get a feel for it. School will be done May 4th. Is June too soon? I have no idea. I just don’t like the thought of waiting to take it until September. With too much time, I might get antsy. Then I can take it again a few months later. (I get two chances for one payment).

I have my first one on one with my manager. I’m not looking forward to talking. (wow, really?) We have never spoken. And I have nothing to say or ask. That shouldn’t be awkward. :/

I need to clean the kitchen….and the whole house. It is chaotic. Books are everywhere!


My mom gave me her old printer. Yay!! She has a much cooler, new one. I have never had a wireless printer before. I hope setting it up won’t be a bitch. I shall attempt to set it up now…….

paranoia strikes deep

I’m still wired after drinking a cup of coffee this morning. This entry will be all over the place. Speaking of drinks, I have only had TWO sodas during the past 3 months. 🙂 Mountain Dew was my drug of choice. During my childhood, it was Sprite but then I discovered caffeine. Yes, I still drink coffee. I probably drink about 4-5 cups a week.

I’m so excited that I now have access to a treadmill at home!!! I don’t have to leave my house like I did last Sunday just to go to the gym. My mom dusted off her treadmill. I can’t believe all I had to do was ask. (Hello?) I will have to get use to the deep incline. It can’t go down. I will be going slow for a while. I’m used to being able to adjust it. Anyway, my minimum goal is 1 mile a day 3-4 days a week. I would love to do 2 miles 3 times a week. But I’m only used to doing a mile or a mile and a half. So I’ll start with that.

I have to mention this now because Whitney just came on my music player. My mom is so impressed that I’m not a real Whit fan but I can tell you who wrote almost all of her songs. She rattled off titles and I told her the songwriter(s) of all but one. She thinks this means I would be good in a certain ‘profession’…because I can easily recall things. Um, NO. I live and love music. I can easily remember this somewhat useless stuff. But in general I have a horrible memory. I’m also bad at paying attention to details which makes my current job so exasperating. I’m much better at the big picture.

I love sports almost as much as music but I can’t remember stats of even my favorite players/teams. Don’t get me wrong, I love stats (psych major!) but when people start going on and on about sports and statistics, it is like my brain just shuts down. Anyhow, I’m glad someone is impressed by my pop culture knowledge. However, I have been slipping as of late. I probably won’t know 75% of the people at the Academy Awards tonight. Eww, I just realized that the NBA All Star game is on at the same time as the Oscars. I’m probably the only person who is bummed about this. 😉


I am making some progress on cleaning my house. I definitely will have professional cleaners clean the floors. And I may have carpet installed. I’ve been thinking about *maybe* renting my house out. I won’t do it if I have to be in charge of maintenance though. I will hire a rental agency. I have no idea how much that costs. I just know that having someone else involved will increase what I would ask for rent. Hopefully with my mom’s help, the house will have a professional look in 2 months. Then I will have to make a decision. Rent out or sale?? I just hate the thought of someone messing up my house! (Don’t think negatively).

I’m trying to not spend too much time searching for houses on the net. I keep finding beauties. Of course there is probably something wrong with most of these houses. Why would an affordable 4 bedroom/2 bath with lots of land be on the market for almost a year? I’m still conflicted with the whole country living versus city living. Gas prices will always be an issue. I have to put that down as a con. Gas will not cost $2.50 a gallon even if Newt Gingrich is president. *smirk*

I haven’t really considered alternatives like buying a hybrid car. I haven’t done much research in that area because the last thing I wanted to do was buy another car. Of course that happened anyway. If only I could work at home forever. Then gas would not be a top concern. BUT when I hear the kids next door bouncing that damn basketball or I think about how it was living in my house: I know I have to get to the country.

Gas be damned??? Everything has to be complicated. Every. Single. Thing. At this point, I’m pretty sure the townhouse thing is out. I’m far too neurotic to share walls with someone. Been there, done that. I really do know that I belong in the country but I can’t just ignore all the drawbacks (gas, yard maintenance, more critters, power outages for days/weeks, etc.) I’m so torn over this. Obviously.

I don’t know why I’m posting this. I don’t think I blogged about what I originally wanted to mention. Whatever.

faux housewives of metro dc/va

I’m not going to start a Real Housewives of VA fansite. I’m not in like with anyone on the show. But OMG, fascinating. A lot of people are saying “boring”. Hmm, the NYT gave it a rave review. Yes they gave a HW franchise a good review. Why? Because this show has substance. It is about the social side of politics. In DC (where these women socialize some of the time), people claim to hate politics. However, all they do is talk about it! Just like Hollywood. They hate it. But everyone is talking about the next script or their audition etc.

This is the stuff politics nerds live for. And even if you are a transplant to DC or VA, you eventually get sucked in. DC = politics all the time. You get bored. You turn on CSPAN. Not kidding.

Of course most of DC hates it because they hate everything…but they are watching!

From the Washington Post:

Finally, the word D.C.: Always the ultimate artificial no place, adhering to no map or agreed-upon boundary, having nothing to do with the greater Washington area where many of us live and work normally, having nothing to do even with the “Washington” glimpsed in our many glossy society magazines, but nevertheless serving as a surreal backdrop for the newest of Bravo’s five permutations of “The Real Housewives” true-life soap opera.

How can it be embarrassing to DC when there is no DC? They take themselves too seriously. This is a silly TV show. Get off your high horse for a second.

Anyway for non DC snobs and non TV snobs, enjoy it. I don’t think folks in Cali, Iowa, or Alabama are going to watch it and love it as much as “we” do so I fear that the ratings may not grant them a second season. Or they will bring on new housewives. Who knows?

I’ve only seen the show once so I don’t have a ton to say about it. Random thoughts:

*Could it be more obvious that Cat is not a from the DC area? LOL. I don’t have good sound on my TV but I’m assuming she also has a British accent. 🙂

*Yes the “integrate the salon” thing was naïve/silly. HOWEVER, a good business person would do that. You could live really well and probably retire a millionaire if you do it right. I know she (the Kennedy chick) wasn’t speaking of the business aspect but smart and aggressive people know that to make money owning a salon, integrate. Totally random and not the point, I know.

*The black chick – I would call her the real estate chick- but since she is the only black woman on the show… I feel bad that people are going to say, “she brings up race all the time”. Please, this is Bravo. Yeah she said it to the camera on a one on one but whatever. Let the season play out before you hate her. I was drooling over the houses she was showing. Me want!

*The modeling agency owner – wait, who knew they had a big agency – I have to get the name. I’m just curious. She says Michaela (spelled wrong) is scary thin. Um, they look the same size to me. M isn’t that thin. Some people are naturally thin. Just because you can see bones doesn’t mean they don’t eat. Chances are they have a good metabolism if they don’t work out all the time.

*I can’t believe the Kennedy chick is old enough to be married for 24 years! She is the “likable chick” but I will still call her Kennedy. (In case you didn’t watch, she grew up with the Kennedy’s. Stayed at their house etc.)

*One thing I thought was weird was when Cat said that Clinton Powell and Bush (or some other Republican) lived in McLean, Virginia. STILL? Does Colin Powell still have a house there? He hasn’t worked in DC for years.

*I wish where I lived political views would be treated like they are in DC. But less people where I live work for the government. Stacie (real estate chick – finally googled) said DC is conservative. True but not as conservative as where I am.

*I love DC but I am so glad I do not live there. The traffic is atrocious. Muah.

*I’m sure I would have more to say if I wasn’t doing 8 things while ‘watching the show’. I might even know their names!

RHoNYC finale: part ii

I’m too out of it to do a full recap. Besides Entertainment Weekly does it better.

Part II of the reunion was better than the 1st installment. Thanks to Ramona. I would also like to thank Jill for repeatedly saying, “Answer the question“. Why couldn’t the freaking host do that? It wasn’t said enough.

-What did Kelly mean by telling Ramona that she wouldn’t be jealous of her? In her words, “Why would I be jealous of you?” When I first saw that scene I thought it was a diss (aka dig). But I don’t believe Kelly intentionally meant to hurt her. I’m not going to try to get into Kelly’s mind and say what I think she intended. 🙂 It would take too much time.

-During most of the reunion, I was on LuAnn’s side…until Ramona brought up the infamous page six story. (The link is a denial to one story. I’m not sure which one Ramona was referring to. For a while Page Six was ripping LuAnn quite a bit). Notice how LuAnn kept asking, “Are you serious?” Did Bravo edit out her saying that it wasn’t true? Interesting. Answer the question, darling. I love that Ramona was the only one who dared to bring that crap up. Saying someone has “crazy eyes”?? WTF.

-I wish Alex had spoken more.

-Of course these women are going to bicker on the show. Besides Bethenny and Jill, none of them are really friends. Force 6 women to do things together and watch what happens! What I like about this season is that they showed bickering and just the women doing ‘stuff’ and it was still watchable.

-If I blog about this show next year, I think I won’t mention Kelly. It just isn’t uh, right.

-Bethenny gets it. Maybe it is because she was on the Martha Stewart reality show a few years ago. She knows that things don’t have to be stated. Just be genuine and BE. I have to admit that I would have a hard time doing that.

-What was wrong with saying, “a different kind of housewife”? It just showed how insecure these women were to get offended by that.

The Cindy Adams article that started off the second season.

I do not speak to those two [Silex]. First of all, he drinks too much. And is very insulting. And they are not invited to my July Fourth party in the Hamptons, which is very big and which is my fifth annual and which everybody wants to come to. She and I will keep doing the show, of course, but I will have nothing to do with her otherwise.

give kelly a 1 week pass

edited – Blogging about RHoNYC here now.
I’m a Bethenny Frankel supporter. In my eyes she can do no wrong and she didn’t on last night’s episode. However, I want to take up for Kelly. I know next week when she tells Bethenny “We are not friends”, I will change my mind. (As if Beth didn’t already know that! I’m not going to keep typing out B.F’s full name.) I’ve been browsing message board -I don’t recommend this- because I can’t get enough of the show. I guess every show needs a villain and this year it is Kelly and Countess LuAnn.

I won’t take up for the Countess (Well I’ll say she looked great last night). Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. We finally get to see more of her. She is a writer for Page Six and other entertainment publications. She has to go to these parties. She has to he a celeb hanger on. She’s already friends with these people. I don’t know her financial situation but if she’s a single mom that may make her much more driven. She is probably getting child support from her ex so she isn’t broke or anything.


I don’t get the whole “not putting your name on a charity” thing but then again I’m not a celeb. I think she just wanted to be told to SHOW UP. That is all she’ll commit to. And she’ll leave early. 🙂

Anyhow, I see as Kelly as a career driven women. She does tend to flirt with every guy (even Beth’s ex which is inexcusable) but does she even realize she’s doing it? I wish I was focused, driven and talented as her. Next week I will probably see her just as Bethenny does but until then…

Kelly’s blog – B is for Bully, Not Baked Goods (I don’t endorse that title)
Beth’s blog – Bang It Out (I agree w/ Beth on Kelly trying too hard for the TV audience but she is new to reality tv. And she is also aware that 90% of America doesn’t know what she does).ed


Bad morning. Bad news in the morning. They know how to do it. Don’t they understand that it is 12 or 20 against ONE. I’m so sick of talking about THEM. But they are everywhere! lol.

I can’t run from myself but I try.
When the best thing that happens to you is “Bethenny Frankel is following you on Twitter.” then you have problems…No seriously that was great. 🙂 If she only knew how in love with her I was. Hehe. I will definitely tweet less. I was going for once a week but I love tweeting about pop culture so occasionally I go nuts but it is clear that no one following me gives 2 shits about what is going on in my life.
Bethenny Frankel

I need to remind myself to be grateful. Constantly. I was able to give the credit card companies (2 of em) $400 this month. I am so sick of them. I haven’t used either card in 2 years. Never late but yet my minimum payment goes up. Screw you. :\ I was already motivated to be debt free but now I never want to use a credit card again. Well I will probably always have one for emergencies.

Too bad…the bank is still owning me with my mortgage but what am I gonna do? I have next to no equity in it but things could be worse.
I’m done with my bracket. I’m not pleased with it but it will make be more exciting this way. I’m off for the first two days! 🙂 I’m bummed I won’t be able to see my alma mater play. I guess the right spot but was way wrong on the time. I have an appointment at 11, there is no way I’m going to make it North Carolina in time. I assumed they would play around 7PM because of who they are playing. Oh well. Still happy for the basketball team. Dread the Red! (yes it is as bad as Maryland’s “Fear the Turtle” ha).

My final four is – Pitt, Oklahoma, Memphis, & Louisville

My DREAM final four is – Radford, BC, VCU & Maryland rofl

Bethenny, my love

My mind is messed up right now. I need to figure stuff out rather than blog about it. so I’m going to blog about pop culture.
1st edition: The Real Housewives of NYC

They are my favorite group. The OC season that recently ended was so boring. I feel embarrassed for most of them. Maybe it has something to do with them living the OC lifestyle. I simply don’t get it. Not that I can relate to the income of the NYC ladies but they don’t flash their money around…as much.

My favorite character is Bethenny Frankel. She had a difficult childhood, she’s funny, real, and has the best hair. 🙂 I also like Jill. Yes I am biased when it comes to those two. So far I also like Kelly but we’ve only seen her on one show.

Onto the premiere: Simon and Alex, you can’t hit someone and not expect them to hit back. Jill shouldn’t have mentioned the drunk thing to Cindy Adams but I know I would’ve fired back too. She ranted too much. She knows she went too far. I understand Alex’s anger. As Bethenny said several times, “She’s pissed!” She rubbed me the wrong way when she told Jill she was jealous. Telling people how they feel – no. If Simon is over it then c’est la vie. What’s the problem?

Am I the only one who thinks Simon comes across as uh, different because he’s from Australia? Perhaps it is just a culture thing. When Ramona & her husband were talking about him being bisexual (?), my jaw dropped. Is there more to this “simon is gay” thing then we are seeing? Liking fashion and shopping are lame reasons to think someone is gay or bi. There has to be more…right? Or Ramona is putting them simply because she doesn’t like them. (aha!)

Bethenny was perfect. We need to see more of her. I wish she had her own show.

Overall, I loved the premiere. I’ve only seen it once. I’m not a details person or a good writer. I just thought it would be fun to post about this show.
The Oscars are tonight. I’m not excited. I hate sweeps and knowing who will win. This year is so obvious. Why even bother watching? I hope Sean Penn, Anne Hathaway and Kate Winslet win. “Milk” was good but not best movie material. I was surprised that it even got nominated. Everyone knows that Slumdog Millionaire, and Heath Ledger will win. blah.