hop on my G4

Um, I don’t have a G4 (aka a private jet) but I do have a Pontiac G6, baby! 🙂


My car is light, light blue. And I feel obligated to inform you that the back of my car looks different than that pic. Her name is Demi. 🙂 She is a 2007. (At this point, I should just post my address).

I know it seems like I brought the car on a whim but I’ve been thinking about it for a year. I decided against it recently when I was focusing on the townhouse goal. Now I will have car payments for life. Whatever. Until I get it right…

I still have to get my stuff out of my old car. I’ll do that on Friday after I work OT (hopefully).

In conclusion, I’m thankful for my “new” car and college and pro football. GO HOKIES & RAVENS!!!