Living inside a dream

Edited to add: I GOT MY $150 GIFTCARD FROM AMAZON TODAY!!! Happy Valentines Day to me. (I totally mean to yell cuz this is exciting shit).


Ugh! I have jury duty on Thursday. What do I do with my dog all day? And I’m off on Friday. I have a long overdue oil change scheduled. I hope I don’t get picked so I won’t have to cancel that. It would suck to be at the court on my day off. I’ve been “on call” for jury duty since January. I was hoping they forgot about me. Oh well. My main concern is my dog. It would probably be best to leave him at home and see how he does. If he and my mother got along (lol), I would drop him off with her.

I just don’t want him stressed in his crate and coming back to a mess. I could drop him off at daycare but if I have training at work or something, he will have to learn to stay by himself for long periods of time. I refuse to spend money on daycare daily!

Edited to add: I left him alone on Feb. 14 for almost 5 hours and everything went fine. He probably would not agree. He was stressed out.

Speaking of money, I’m doing a no spend for 30 days. I’m starting on March 1st. There will be exceptions like groceries (of course!) and maybe obedience school for my dog. I really need to do this. I’m currently keeping up with every dime I spend in my planner. I need to stop visiting Panera Bread and buying things for my planners.


10 days until I can use my Plum Paper Planner (squeal!!!)

16 days until my #NoSpend

89 days until my cabin vacation

To be honest things are going so well with my Kikki.K planner, I don’t really feel the NEED for using my Plum Planner. But I will use it. I want to know what to get for 2016. I have a feeling I won’t be buying anything because I can use both of my Kikki.K planners next year. No need for a spiral bound…unless I fall in love with it. I won’t know until I start using it.

Writing things down really works for me. If I write it down, I do it more often than not. I have my evenings scheduled. I even schedule a time for knitting and reading! It isn’t perfect yet. I’m still working on it.

This Week I…

Music for the week: Brooke Fraser, Ella Henderson, Brandy Clark, D’Angelo, Sam Smith, Ellie Goulding, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran

Sam Smith’s birthday is 3 days after mine. That makes him a Taurus! Say what you will about that zodiac sign but I have never met a Taurus who wasn’t extremely passionate. When we love something, we really love it. Extreme passion is a good thing…most of the time. Oh, and I’m so glad he won 4 Grammys and performed with Mary J. Blige (again).

TV for the week: The Twilight Zone, basketball

Movie of the week: none…yet. I’m thinking about scheduling a movie in. 🙂

Books of the week: Get Rich, Lucky Bitch!: Release Your Money Blocks and Live a First Class Life by Denise Thomas – on page 154 I’m doing all the exercises every night so this will be sort of a slow read.

Knitting Projects of the week: There was no knitting this week. I had planned to knit on Tuesday night but my mom called. The only good thing about jury duty is that while we wait, I’ll be allowed to knit. So I’m taking my cowl and a paperback book. (No electronics allowed!)

Wake when I wanna, if I wake at all

I’m waiting for my Amazon gift card (coming by mail) and my large planner from kikki.K (AKA A5 Filofax). I did receive my medium planner from  kikki.K. They shipped it express all the way from Australia on January 29th. And I got it on February 3rd. Talk about fast shipping! FREAKING Australia. I’m a little worried about my large planner though. It should have come the next day (Feb 4th). I hope it didn’t get lost. I wish they would provide a tracking number. That would solve my uneasiness.

I also got my Plum Paper Planner! YAY. It took almost 5 weeks to get to me but they do customize the planners. I get to start using it February 23 instead of March 1 because they added extra days. Time for a countdown….

18 days until I get to use my Plum Paper Planner

97 days until I go on my 3 night cabin vacay

Which is more exciting? haha.

Picture time. I have inserted most of my Erin Condren planner into my 3 ring binder. It looks ridiculous because it is so small. But it is useful so far. I’m tracking eBay sales in it. And also keeping a list of what I already have to sell and where I can get things to sell. I have to get rid of a bunch of stuff first. I’m going to a flea market in early spring to make room for inventory of “new” stuff. Whatever doesn’t sell at the flea market gets trashed or donated.

erin condren planner
erin condren planner

Here is my Plum Paper Family Planner:


I used a note to cover my name. I can’t believe they spelled my name right! Everything is perfect. The only thing I don’t love is how the cover is just regular card stock. Couldn’t they use something heavier? The planner does come with a plastic cover (see it?) but I still think the cover should be thicker.

The difference between a regular planner and a family planner is the 7 sections you get to customize. Here are my sections:


My sections are Today (AKA to-do), work, money and fitness. I left 3 sections blank. If I decide to get this next year, I will probably label the sections differently. I did this in a rush. I’m okay with it plus I can easily cover up the sections names I don’t use with a label or washi tape.

I added note pages to the end of each month and a bill tracker to every month. The total cost with shipping was $47.00. That is still cheaper than an Erin Condren planner. Something else I would do differently is add note pages to the end of the planner. I didn’t do it this year because I thought it would be too bulky. argh. My one regret.

I can’t wait to start using it.

Here is my kikki.K medium lilac and gold planner:


I don’t have a problem with the rings (like many people do). The only issue I have is that it won’t lay flat. That isn’t a problem for me but I have noticed that most people don’t have this issue. Maybe with use, it will lay flat?

inside my planner
inside my planner

Like my Target ink pen? 😉 It is so pretty and new. I don’t want to write in it which is silly, I know.

That’s it for now. I’m all planner this, planner that. But that is mostly what is going on right now. I’m trying to figure out what works. The planner(s) are helping during the week. But my weekends are still a mess. I waste too much time…especially on Sundays. I like to do something in the morning (workout, chores, whatevs) and then get back in the bed for a couple of hours. My dog does not like that. He will pull on the covers until I get out of bed. Bad boy!

It will take a while to come up with a system. But I am very pleased with how tracking my time is working on week days. However, it doesn’t help with work at all. I don’t know what I need for that…magic.