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The Casey Anthony reaction got ugly quick. Re: death threats
I become obsessed with things easily. Now I’m obsessed with yoga but I’m also scared. I really shouldn’t have skipped this week but I have a decent reason for not going. I’m also getting into learning about the Civil War. Don’t worry, I’m not becoming obsessed. For the first time, I’m starting to care enough to want to know more about it. I found a great Civil War timeline. I’m halfway to learning all I feel is needed then I think my ‘obsession’ will subside.

I am also reading a book on Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt. How many people knew they were distant cousins?? I didn’t. I hope I’m not the only one.

I need to become obsessed with organizing my house.

I haven’t been blogging because I’m in a state of “I don’t know-ness”. I still don’t have a fridge. I think most people would have a working fridge by now but everything is too much. I have other stuff to worry about. I really, really miss have a fridge. But I can live without it, you know? (or maybe not…)

I just need some time at home to see where I am. Saturday is going to be kind of busy but Sunday I should be home all day.


book report: Naturally Thin

Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting by Bethenny Frankel was an eye-opening experience in many ways. First, I had no idea people obsessed over food like this. I know people are always on diets and that diets don’t work. But the obsession? And I’m an obsessor (not a word). So I get it but I had no clue that people lived this way. It’s not like I eat whatever I want without thinking about it. But I never think , “Have I have a carb today?” Sometimes I eat two servings of protein, carbs, whatever during ONE meal. *gasp!* For people like me, reading Naturally Thin can be overwhelming.

I cannot think about food this way is what I kept repeating while reading the book. I have enough obsessions. I am not adding food to the list. I don’t want to over analyze what I eat. To change my way of eating to Bethenny’s way…food would be all I thought about! I will use a lot of the info but overall this way of eating isn’t for me. Example: I usually only go to restaurants while traveling. I’m going to eat whatever I want on those rare occasions. However, I do understand that this information is helpful for people who eat out a lot.

So for people who aren’t serial dieters or obsessed with food, I warn you that this book may not be for you. However, I did get things out of this book and I would still recommend it to…everyone. Why? Bethenny’s 10 food rules can be applied to other areas of your life. I have successfully used these rules for one week (but fell off the wagon the next week…lol). So if you need a pep talk or I don’t know, a shrink or you just like self-help, this book is useful. Needless to say Naturally Thin is a must read for serial dieters. A+ for that group.

Others things I noticed were the over generalizations. But B admits she isn’t a nutritionist. She’s a natural food chef. For example, she mentions quite a bit how sweets make you feel. She must be a fast oxidizer because sweets have the opposite effect on me. (I’m a slow oxidizer when it comes to sweets but I can skip meals & snacks like her so there is an overlap). This is about metabolism. I’m not an expert. This info can be found in natural healing books or Google.

I learned a lot of useful things from the book and I am eating more veggies and checking out more natural food. I’m thinking of doing a 2 day cleansing the week of my 30th birthday (after NYC trip) . I’ve never done it before. I have to admit, I know next to nothing about food. I can barely tell a carb from protein. And I do not cook. The notes I wrote in my journal from Naturally Thin are kind of embarrassing to admit because this is probably common sense to most but I will share anyway:

  • Eat fruit with nuts
  • Yogurt has protein
  • Fruit is better on an empty stomach. (really needed to know this!)
  • Fruit is cleansing.
  • Put berries on food, forget the sugar.
  • Brown rice is good for fiber, energizes you.
  • Watermelon: good for thirst and fiber
  • Use raw sugar.
  • Choose oat flour over white.

I should have just highlighted the info in the book because this book is definitely a keeper. (I swap books on and no writing/highlighting is allowed). There is much more useful info in the book but I didn’t always have my journal with me. There are recipes in the book. I’m planning on getting her recipe book soon (The Skinnygirl Dish: Easy Recipes for Your Naturally Thin Life). I think she will motivate me to semi-cook. I really want to bake her vegan cookies. I don’t even have a cookie sheet. I haven’t used an oven in 3 years!! But all this will change gradually.

Overall, a very helpful book. I want to personally thank her for writing Naturally Thin. I would just say what she has heard 1 million times. “Your rules changed the way I approach my life”. (not food wise but it doesn’t matter).

Thanks B! You are truly my inspiration. Not just for the book by how you got where you are. 🙂