Take It To The Limit

Yep, I’m on my vacation and on my laptop.I’m watching the game. I’ve also managed to halfway redo my résumé. And I finally did a Mexico itinerary! These are things I can’t seem to do at home. Okay, won’t do at home. I haven’t been sick since I’ve gotten here. 🙂 I leave tomorrow.

In potential bad news. I mean really bad news, I might have lost my iPod. 😦 😦 It just disappeared. I have almost given up hope. UGH, of all things.

Anyhow, who knows what may happened to my Oaxaca itinerary so I need to post it here. It isn’t extensive because I don’t expect to be there for more than 3 – 4 days. I have to have my down time AKA hotel time.

Oaxaca City trip plan

1. Cathedral Metroplitana de Oaxaca

2. Iglesia de Santo Domingo


3. Museo de Arte Prehispanico Rufina Tomayo

4. Casa Juarez

5. El Meson Oaxaqueno (restaurant)

6. Zandunga (restaurant)

7. Amate Books

8. Blackbox (handcrafts)

9. Central de Abastos (market)

I have a few hotels in mind but most people seem to book more than 8 months in advance! That won’t work for me unless I’m 100% sure I can cancel.

Well halftime is almost here and despite my right foot pain, I think I will have a short walk on the beach. I will post beach pics when I get back.

I’ve been lightly researching the cost o…

I’ve been lightly researching the cost of a trip to Mexico. I didn’t bother to look for deals since I know I’m not going in 2011. I’ll be in school at that time. But maybe, just maybe I could go in March of 2012. If not definitely in 2013. All of this stuff takes time and money…but I want to go to Mexico very badly.

I can’t believe how many Americans are so terrified of Mexico. “You went to Mexico? On vacation??! Why would anyone go there? You wanted to get killed?” This came from a guy who lives in DC. You want to compare the crime rate of DC to Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico? LOL. Please. I live in a worse area than where I want to visit.

Anyhow, I’m guessing the return trip flight will cost anywhere from $1300-$1700 from the little research I’ve done. (ouch!) I’m only spending 3 nights there. I’ve fallen in love with Hotel Cazomalli but I’m willing to go cheaper if I must. That will cost about $53 a night. Add taxes to it I’ll say $200 for the hotel. Next, I need a passport. That’s another $200…I think. I haven’t checked recently. No, people without money don’t have passports for no reason. Haha. I will probably get my passport a year before I plan on going.

Not including taxi prices etc. That is a little over $2000. I’m hoping to get it down to at least $1500. I don’t know how. Even looking this stuff up is overwhelming! And then some people say no need to make reservations in advance etc. etc. SCREAM. I will definitely read more updated books about this. I love the internet for research but all the info is too much and then the opinions….
In other exciting news, I went thrifting last week and found some amazing deals. I went to get some sweaters for winter but I only ended up with two. It was very odd but someone seemed to dump a bunch of green sweaters there. I ended up buying one but ugh, I dunno. Maybe I will stick to blazers.
I did get:

a new with tags H&M skirt
a purple & black sleeveless Liz Claiborne dress
a denim Liz Claiborne “sport” dress
1 green velvet skirt suit (looks brand new. I have no idea why it was knocked down several times – lucky me!)
2 pairs of jeans (one Levi, the other ??)
1 blouse
2 sweaters
1 sleeveless gray ankle length dress

All for a grand total of $34!!! All of the summer/fall clothes are dry cleaned or washed and ready to wear. 🙂 I’m so glad I’m no longer buying new clothes. I’m back to thrifting… maybe 2-3 times a year? I definitely don’t need to spend money on new clothes.

I’m also proud to have not brought any books from the thrift store. NO MORE NEW OR USED BOOKS unless they are reference books. In fact, I have to gather books to drop off to donate to the library next Saturday. They are having a book/cd/dvd/video drive. If I wanted to spend $2.50+ on mailing books to people, I would have posted the books on paperbackswap.com. All of the books are in good to great condition. But the thought of having to mail all of those books….um, I’d rather just donate them. I will probably post about 5 books on the site. These are “wanted” books so I know I’m going to have to ship them within 2 weeks.