Why can’t I be careless?

I got my first “I’m too smart to need Nutrisystem”. Well, good for you! I didn’t need it, of course. But I wanted to do something. I didn’t want to continue gaining so I tried something. I think I needed discipline. I wasn’t going to spend all this money on NS and NOT follow the plan. I was always intrigued by having food sent to me. I chose NS because I had heard the most about them (great advertising!).  After the experience I’ve had, I would recommend NS. But there are caveats:

  • High in sodium. This is controversial for some reason. I will never understand why. This is one of the reasons I would not want to stay on NS forever. I’m scared the sodium will give me high blood pressure. My BP is fine at this moment but who knows what a few more months would do? Some people claim drinking lots of water washes out the sodium. I have no idea whether this is true. I don’t drink as much water as I should on most days. I would tell other people to ask their doctor before starting…especially if high BP runs in their family.
  • Processed foods. Most people know that going in due to the advertising.
  • High in carbs. I love carbs so not an issue for me.
  • Expensive. Some people say it is less than what they spent prior to NS, but all those people admit to eating out. I rarely eat out because I can’t afford it so NS is expensive to me. There are numerous ways to get the price down. Please don’t go on the website and sign up unless there is a special. My biggest complaint is that some people pay $200 while others pay $400 for the exact same plan. Not cool.

The good outweighs the bad for me. My current weight is 128. I’m still trying to get to 125. Buddha willing. 🙂

One more important thing: It is not just about the food! If the person is willing to learn, they will learn HOW to eat so they can get off Nutrisystem. A few years ago this wasn’t the case but now (credit to NS), there are tools to teach you once you leave the program. Some people consider this a diet, but I consider it how I should have been eating all along: 5-6 small meals a day.

I haven’t figured anything out


Congrats (insert my name)! You Reached Your Goal!

You’ve lost 14 lbs in 80 days, we knew you could do it!


woohoo! That message is from Nutrisystem.  I now weigh 129 which isn’t really my goal. My goal is 125. I know that will be tough to maintain in the winter…unless I go to the gym 2-3 times a week. Not happening. But I will  be eating healthier than I was before. I do expect to gain 2-4 lbs during the winter like I always do. Mowing the lawn is really a secret blessing. But don’t tell anyone I said that. shh!

Time to do another what I eat on Nutrisystem post. This is what I eat on MOST days. This menu will change drastically after I start on frozen foods at the end of next week. I won’t even bother updating this list again until I’m off Nutrisystem because the food will be so varied.

Breakfast: muffin with 1 large boiled egg

Snack: almonds OR 2 turkey sausages (same # of calories)

Lunch: bar with nonfat yogurt OR tuna salad with pita bread and nonfat yogurt OR a mini cheeseburger with nonfat yogurt

Snack: crackers or Fiber One brownie

Dinner: pizza with 2-4 servings of broccoli

Dessert: nachos or cookies or cake 🙂

The key is eating every 2-3 hours. And no, I don’t get tired of eating the same things on most days. Pre-NS, I used to eat the same dinner and breakfast every single day.

won’t shatter me

I have a stomach for other people not stomaching me. Or at least I’m working on it.

– Amy Poehler

Yeah, fuck ’em. 🙂

The Jen Kirkman’s comedy special was pretty good. I haven’t watched a comedian do stand up in forever (see last entry). Basically her take is like my take:

  • Society is stupid.
  • Weddings are stupid.
  • Child-free people: please stop saying how much you LOVE kids. It sounds soooooo fake…even if it is true.
  • She didn’t have kids because she didn’t want to ruin her life. Precisely.
  • Who cares if someone wants to marry their pet? AMEN. Um, not that I want to marry my dog.

The only thing I haven’t said is the stuff about sex. lol. She kind of goes on and on about sex and masterbating. Two things I know nothing about nor do I care about. But it didn’t ruin the show for me at all. That is how good she is. It wasn’t great but definitely worth watching. You’ll laugh.


I’m getting my stuff organized into piles. I have decided not to sell any clothes on eBay. I’m donating most of the clothes to two different places: the LGBT thrift store and  The Junior League. And the remainder of the clothes I will take to a consignment shop. Consignment shops are so picky. They only want the name brand stuff in pristine condition. I don’t know how many things I will have for them.

I really hope I make some money off the items I’m taking to the shop. I’ve never done it before. Of course the place I think will take my clothes is called “snooty” on Yelp. haha. I don’t need that kind of attitude but my clothes are not in season (the fashion season) so they are the only ones who might take my clothes. I have a variety so I’m sure they will be interested in something. Oh god, I just saw on their website that the owner described her taste as “picky”. LOL. I do have high end stuff (Yves Saint Laurent etc.) so I’m not worried about that. I’m just worried about whether the stuff is cool enough for lack of a better phrase.



I brought a CD. An actual physical CD. I think it has been a year or two since I last brought a CD. Since I’m paying Spotify $120 a year (worth it), I don’t spend much on music anymore. I ordered Tori Kelly‘s CD from Amazon. Of course I already know I love it cause I heard the whole thing on Spotify. I like buying music from Amazon because when you order the physical CD, you get to download it right then for no additional cost. I just wanted to hold the CD booklet in my hands because I love her so much. She is an underdog. She got signed at 12 and it took her 10 years to be able to release a full album. I’m glad it went to #1.


I wrote down my menu for life after Nutrisystem. I have to tweak it more but I will post it here when I’m done. Breakfast was easy. I’m pretty much eating what I used to eat (just one egg instead of two and I’m adding a delicious carb. yes!). Dinner is also almost the exact same. I’m adding broccoli to it. The hardest was figuring out dessert. I still don’t have a perfect substitute for it. Lunch is probably going to be the most expensive. Pre-Nustrisystem,  I didn’t eat lunch so I kind of resent having to buy food for it. But eating on my own will be cheaper than NS. So that’s a win.

I know I have said this before but I’m so glad I did NS. Best decision ever. I never knew I could eat 6 small meals a day. I was reading books trying to figure out how this healthy eating thing worked and I couldn’t get it. I just gave up. I thought I had to learn how to cook and that is not a solution for me. Trust me. I ‘cook’ baked chicken and I boil eggs. That’s about it. That is all I’ll be doing once NS is over. I should run out of all my NS food in mid-September…if I don’t decide to sell another box.


I might watch the women play soccer tonight if it doesn’t interfere too much with Big Brother. 😉  I’m not that excited because I feel like they are going to win anyway so why watch? I don’t really care. If they lose or if it is a good game, I’m going to wish I would’ve watched. I will probably watch. I can’t help it. I love sports.

I’m going to take a nap. I have a webiner to attend in two hours. I get 1 CEU for it so I can’t miss it. Adios.

I’m going to die alone

….and I feel fine. No, I haven’t seen Jen Kirkman‘s comedy special with that title yet but I will. Love the title. I don’t usually like comedy acts because I don’t think it is cool to make fun of people but I will give her a chance. Some acts don’t stoop low and I’m hoping she is one of those witty comedians. I used to love watching stand up comedy when I was very young until I became the butt of people’s jokes daily. Not fun. :/


YAY! I just found out today (yesterday by the time I post this) that I am off Friday for the 4th of July!!!!!! woohoo. I had NO IDEA. YES! Surprised days off are the best days ever. 🙂 I would have woke up early and went straight to work.  I saw other people treating Thursday like a Friday so I decided to check it out. I’m did my errands today so I can stay in on Saturday and Sunday. My kind of weekend.

I have decided to do Nutrisystem through the end of August and that will be it. I’m 100% sure. They gave me a great deal on frozen foods so I added one more month. Before that I was getting their regular food (aka ready to go foods). I’ve heard their frozen foods are delicious. I have to try that before saying goodbye. I can’t wait until I get my new food in August. I’m selling a box of NS food on eBay to pay for my current food. lol. NS food sells well on there.

starting weight pre-NS: 142 lbs in mid May

current weight: 131.4 lbs

Hopefully I can get down to at least 125 (!!!!) before the end of August. I would be shocked if that were to happen. I probably need to exercise A LOT more.

I have also decided that I must fucking hustle during my week off. I’m going to get rid of as much stuff as I can….without throwing things away. I will sell things on eBay and donate, donate, donate. I have about a week to get everything organized.

I will also clean up. I hate cleaning. It’s like I don’t know how to organize. It just seems to come easy to some people. Not me. I guess I am sort of doing my July goals right here. I’ll switch to my regular bullet form.

July Goals

  • Drink at least 6 glasses of water a day. I’ve been slacking. Sometimes I only drink two glasses a day. That is more than I used to drink but still not enough. Yesterday I drank 4 glasses. Improving.
  • Have a major cleaning day. I don’t mean clean the bathroom but more like organizing things. I’m going to do this during my week off. I will pick a day when I don’t have anyplace to go.
  • Get rid of inventory. This can’t happen soon enough. Make a plan for everything to go somewhere. Anywhere.
  • Do at least 50 practicum cases this month. I’ve done 220 since January. Obviously I have not been doing 50 a month. I have 440 more cases to go. I have to get this done before January 1.
  • Cut back on estate sales. I would say to stop looking for them but I am interested in clothes ONLY. I have been pretty good about this. I have cut back. I did get stuck with the whole Alias series for $16 which I will sell on eBay for $40. I have never watched an episode of Alias. Is it any good? It doesn’t matter. I’m selling it in a week so I don’t have time to watch it.  Clothes only from here on out (which are rare to find at estate sales so it will be very easy not to get involved…) Eventually I will be looking for a sofa. My sofa is in bad shape. I can get a nice sofa at an estate sale for $10 or less but I have to pay for it to be delivered. blah. So I’m not involved in any estate sells now and I don’t have any plans for the future. That feels freeing.
  • Get down to 130 lbs. Go to the gym. Walk more. Do whatever. I hope I don’t have to have another cheat day. I just feel like since I’m on Nutrisystem, I should try to lose weight. What a concept.

I think that’s enough since a lot of those things are time consuming.  I was going to do the whole explore my city like a tourist for a day on my week off from work but ugh, I have too much to do so that won’t be happening. I might go to a place or two but I doubt I do anything major. I do hope to walk a different route around the neighborhood with my dog (hard to do since we don’t have a sidewalk and my dog likes to run up to moving cars).

I will have some concrete money goals coming up soon.

This week I…

Music of the week: Lissie, Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding, Florence + The Machine, Kina Grannis, Kacey Musgraves, Nina Simone, Madonna

Watched: Veep, Big Brother, James Holmes trial

Veep’s season 4 is so much better than season 3. I grew up a Gary but now I just want to be Amy. Amy is the real me. Most people probably see me as a waaaay less capable Amy. LOL. No time for social shit. Just get the job done.

Movies of the week: I watched Divergent again, not because it was great but because this time I really paid attention. I’m less interested in reading the series now but I still might. I have so many books on my to be read list that I doubt I get to it. . I also watched Moulin Rouge! for the 10th (or so) time. Love that move. Obvs.

I’ve been watching documentaries like crazy. I saw Little White Lie which I  mentioned in my last post and The (Dead Mother’s) Club which is what you think it is about. It was interesting like most docs but not riveting. I saw What Happened, Miss Simone. I’m a big Nina Simone fan. I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. It didn’t answer all my questions at the end. I had no idea she was so tormented.  And she tormented others. Sad. I also didn’t know her music was so important to the civil rights movement. I thought since so many people were making political music back then (compared to now) that her songs didn’t stand out that much.

Books of the week: 

Yes Please by Amy Poehler (better than I expected so far) 53% through

Not Fade Away: A Memoir of Senses Lost and Found by Rebecca Alexander on page 120

Planner update:

plans of the week
plans of the week

Never said I was brave

The confederate flag hasn’t gone down yet in South Carolina. I just can’t believe this is what it took. People have been fighting to get that flag down for years. I remember first hearing about it in the late 90s. Not to make light of anything, but thanks to the media for no longer talking about Rachel Dolezal. I’m specifically thinking of Melissa Harris Perry. Melissa did an exclusive interview with her. I know she was planning on talking about it on her show for probably at least an hour. She could have talked about her but she was wise enough to know that that single story doesn’t really matter in the big scheme of things. It didn’t stop the comedy shows from making fun of Dolezal but they aren’t news outlets so whatever.


Not much of a Nutrisytem update if you read my last entry. The cheat day worked. If you are stalled at a weight for 2 weeks, I recommend doing a cheat day. It works! I lost 2 pounds! I’m now 132 lbs. Man, if I could see 130 on the scale…The cheat day was delicious and well worth it. 🙂 I had lasagna, french fries and red velvet cake. I’m getting my last NS box in about 2 weeks. That makes me sad but I will be saving money on food.

The things I thought I would make a profit on, I haven’t yet (besides the luggage). But the other stuff? Selling well on eBay. I think I could possibly get all my money back just selling on eBay. Confession: I hate shipping things…but I need to move inventory so #hustle.

I’m nervous about my yard sale tomorrow. It is supposed to rain. 😦  I didn’t put the ad in the newspaper due to the more than 50% chance of rain. So I’m just relying on a free service. People have contacted me based on the free ad. I haven’t been of much help to these people but I did respond.  At least people are seeing it.

I know I should be ready for the sale but I’m not. I’ve been working more hours (for no extra pay) and working on my practicum in the afternoons. I’m getting up at the crack of dawn on Saturday to do most of the stuff. The yard sale doesn’t start until 10 (long story) so if I get up at 5 or 6, I should be okay. My main concern is my clothing rack. If I can’t hang clothes up…ugh! It is so much easier to sell clothes when people can look at them like they would at a store.

This week I…

Music of the week: Lissie, Kelly Clarkson, Florence + The Machine, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Ed Sheeran, Kina Grannis, Hilary Duff

Watched: Veep, Big Brother, Grey’s Anatomy, James Holmes trial

The moment when your eyes are red and people think something happened. No, you were just watching Grey’s Anatomy.

Movies of the week: I watched Divergent and Gone Girl. Both get 4 out of 5 stars. I definitely want to at least read book 1 of the Divergent series now. Gone Girl was good but I remember too much from reading the book. It is probably a much better movie going into it blind. I see most people liked it a little more than I did.

Books of the week: I finished Everyday I fight by Stuart Scott. Great book. I would recommend this book to everyone. 4.5 stars.

Now starting Yes Please by Amy Poehler and  Not Fade Away: A Memoir of Senses Lost and Found by Rebecca Alexander. I have a bad feeling about Yes Please based on other people’s reviews. I don’t think I’m going to LOVE it but I rarely love all the books I read. lol.

Planner update:

planner this week
planner this week

Ready to be free

Brief Nutrisystem update: I weigh 134. I haven’t lost weight in a week or two? Ugh. I went to a private NS facebook group and someone is having the same issue except she weighs 136. Well everyone (including nutritionists) seems to be in agreement: HAVE A CHEAT DAY! So guess what? I’m ordering Italian food today..with dessert. hahahaha. I haven’t cheated one day while on NS. This will be my first and only cheat day…unless I get stuck again and it actually works.  I’m so looking forward to later this afternoon. Yes I will cheat my ass off. 🙂 🙂 Hello, red velvet cake!


A business (see entry below where I referred to them as “snarky bitches”) has been treating me unfairly. I’m not sure how to deal with it. I can tell you what I’m NOT doing. I’m not obsessing over it anymore. I only think about them when I’m on my way to see them. Why am I mentioning it now? Because I just saw them this week and I will see them twice next week. Should I stop doing business with them? I am giving them my money and they are treating me like shit. BUT, I am getting a service for my money…I’m just proud of myself for not being as offended as I used to be. A change in perspective due to all this REAL bad stuff happening , I guess. (Not bad stuff happening to me – terrible stuff in general happening to others).

Btw, the other customers were flabbergasted by the way I was being treated. She was explaining to them, “I usually try to help new people”. Keep explaining.  I just did my business, walked on by and out the door quietly. Later, I had to LOL at her having to explain her behavior.


I called my PCP (general doctor) on Wednesday to get an appointment in July. The earliest she had was July 28!! How ridiculous is that? The only reason I’m going is because I haven’t seen a doctor in 3+ years. No, I don’t see a OB/GYN either. blah, blah, blah. I know I should. Anyhow, I just want to make sure that Nutrisystem isn’t affecting my health negatively. It really doesn’t matter because once August is here, I will be almost out of NS food. And I won’t be getting anymore.

So yeah, I made a doctor’s appointment because I’m curious about NS. Otherwise I would just keep not going to a doctor. Last time she told me to take a vitamin. Oops! I did for a while and then I quit. That is exactly what I will tell her if she brings it up. It’s been 3 years, she has to give me a break for that. But..the vegetables I’m eating daily -I can’t believe I eat 3-4 servings of veggies a day now!!- might diminish the need for the vitamin. I have no idea. I’m not an expert when it comes to health. I have a lot to learn.

I’m not taking the whole day off since my vacation time is right before that. I’m only taking 2 hours off. I was hoping to go to the doctor during my vacation time. Now I will probably go to the laundromat that day. Fun times. 😉 I also might get some clothes tailored. My life is so exciting! :/ I already had my little trip so no major plans for my week off.

Today is my day off. What did I do? Mow the back lawn. (I mowed the front Wednesday evening). And I ran errands. I also read and repriced items for my upcoming yard sale.

Oh! I did the estate sale. I get to pick up my stuff on Monday. I can’t wait to see the clothes again. Call me a label whore. I have clothes from Nina Ricci, Carolina Herrera, Yves Saint Laurent and more! YAY. I will (hopefully) sell some of these clothes at the yard sale. But I’m definitely keeping a few things. I didn’t get all the clothes I wanted. But I’m happy with what I paid. I did get one vintage purse. Unfortunately it is white and I don’t do white  (cause I can’t take care of it) so I will probably officially open my Etsy shop with that item. Or I may do eBay. I haven’t decided. eBay has been good to me recently. I actually made a profit off of my last two sales.

About the yard sale, I’m leaning towards putting an ad in the newspaper. I’m worried about rain since it is sorta, kinda hurricane season. If a storm is coming or near by on Tuesday, then I won’t bother with the ad because it will most likely be raining during the day (rain is common in the evenings where I live). I have no idea when the deadline is. I’m posting about the sale on free sites at the beginning of next week. I’m pretty much taking pictures of everything this weekend.

This week I…

Music of the week:  Lea Michele, Lissie, Kelly Clarkson, Mariah Carey, Kendrick Lamar, Kina Grannis, Florence + the Machine, Imagine Dragons

Video of the week – Bitch, I’m Madonna (the best. song. evah. despite Nicki Minaj being involved.)

Watched: NBA Finals, Grey’s Anatomy, James Holmes trial

Movie of the week: I’m planning on watching Gone Girl this weekend! I’m sooo excited. I read the book over a year ago so I should be able to enjoy the movie. Unfortunately, I watched the trailer today (whyyyy?)  and now I think I remember more than I wanted to. I hate reading a book and then watching the movie right after. I need at least a year in between.

Books of the week: I finished Eyes on You: A novel of suspense by Kate White. I gave it 3.5 stars out of 5. It was a page turner but it wasn’t great. It’s worth reading if you like suspense and want a quick read.

Also reading: Everyday I fight by Stuart Scott on page 225 I’m trying to finish this book over the weekend. I like his outlook on life. He hated small talk so he practically told people not to do it with him. OTOH, I am just standoffish so people won’t try that crap with me. Anyway, I kind of don’t want it to end. I’m scared of the ending even though I know the ending but what will he say about it? 😦

I should be getting Yes Please by Amy Poehler any day now…but until I get it from the library, I’m going to start Not Fade Away: A Memoir of Senses Lost and Found by Rebecca Alexander.

Article of the week: The True Destructive Force of Your Anxiety – from Scientific American via Salon.

…. This further supports the idea that anxiety, more so than anger or disgust, blinds people to others’ experiences.

Planner update and maybe a movie update later this weekend.

No false hope

UNPOPULAR OPINION ALERT: I know how much people love these (sarcasm). I feel bad for Rachel Dolezal. To be the #1 trend on social media for something bad…I just feel for her. I don’t know much about the story. I just know she was passing for black but she’s apparently white. I know race is a social construct. Thankyouverymuch. But tell that to the people that live with racism daily. I’m not going on a tangent about that. At least it doesn’t seem like she is going to lose her job UNLESS she gets charged with a crime. I hate hearing about people losing a job.

She must have known that this would come out eventually. She had to know. Was she scared about it? I would have been living in paralyzing fear. I know she put herself in this position but people don’t have to be so mean about it. And please stop with the #TransRacial stuff. It isn’t funny. Oh, I must add that I know the “blackface” thing isn’t right but the women clearly has issues. I have issues too so I’ll pass on judging her. Another thing, some media outlets are reporting she got into Howard University because they thought she was black. Well, NBC news said she went as a white person. Newsflash: White people go to HBCU’s so it is possible. Anyone can apply to a HBCU. You don’t have to be black.

/end rant


I’ve hit a weight loss plateau. I’m between 134 and 135. It has been that way for a week. I don’t feel as if I’m going to lose anymore. That might sound dramatic but what if my body’s feel good weight is 135? I don’t want to believe that is true because even with the meds I’m on, I was 125 pounds about 2 years ago. (? – I can’t remember exactly when). I don’t know. I may drink more water, see if that helps.

Nutrisystem is not a good diet for people trying to avoid carbs, btw. I feel like I have to mention that. NS is high in fiber which is good. But you have to watch the carbs. I happen to love carbs 😉 so I love NS.

I went to the free gym today. I only walked a mile on the treadmill. I was trying to get home quick.


I was going to place an ad in the newspaper about my upcoming yard sale but it costs almost $30! What if it rains? I’ve been thinking about it and there is no way I can have the sale if it rains. My porch has a tiny cover but I have way too much stuff. It won’t fit on my porch.  So I’m just going to stick to free advertising for now. When I look for yard sales, I always look at the free options. I never think about the newspaper. I’m not posting signs because I don’t want neighbors to find out that way. They’ll find out when they see cars in the yard and I’m okay with them coming over.

I didn’t have to go anywhere after work all week. I stayed in Monday through Friday. Those are my kind of days! Love it. The next few weeks will not be like that so I’m enjoying it while I can. I’m off next Friday. There are probably billions of things I should do but I think I’m just taking my dog to the park. I hope he will sit still enough so I can get some reading in.

Speaking of reading…I got another library card today! Woohoo. Now I have 3  (legal – LOL) library cards in 3 different counties/cities. I love having access to so many books. To see what I’m reading now, scroll below.

This week I…

Music of the week:  Mariah Carey, Florence + The Machine, Indigo Girls, Lissie, Sara Jackson-Holman, Imagine Dragons, Kelly Clarkson, Kina Grannis

Thanks to Florence + The Machine and Indigo Girls for making me believe in the music of 2015. This has been a bad year so far (compared to last year).

Watched: NBA Finals, PLL, James Holmes trial

Hmmm, I don’t care who wins the NBA championship. I just want seven good games. So far, so good. I’ve been staying up late for these games though. #EastCoast

Movie of the week: Hot Girls Wanted  I expected this documentary on the porn industry to be better. I appreciated that it focused on younger girls (over 18!)  just getting into the industry but um, that is all there was. Average movie.

Books of the week: I’m juggling quite a few books right now. I brought Vanity Fair (the book) from Amazon. It is 755 pages so I don’t know where that fits in. I would like to read it this summer. Here goes…


Everyday I fight by Stuart Scott on page 147

I Am That Girl by the Alexis Jones (23% through) I might put this one on the back burner to read library books.

Eyes on You: A novel of suspense by Kate White on page 200. I’m trying to get back into reading fiction after mostly reading nonfiction for the past decade. This book is okay. So far, it seems predictable. If you think you would like a grown up version of Pretty Little Liars, check this book out.  Drama, oh my! 🙂

And here are two library books I haven’t started yet:

Not Fade Away: A Memoir of Senses Lost and Found by Rebecca Alexander

But Enough About Me…A Jersey’s Girl’s Unlikely Adventures Among the Absurdly Famous by Jancee Dunn

I hope I can keep the library books for 6 weeks otherwise, they probably won’t get read. Too many books. Not enough time. My fault.


plans of the week
plans of the week

Just speaking from experience

YAY!  I weigh 135.8 I kid you not. 🙂 🙂 🙂

At first the weight loss seemed slow but now I lose a pound a day (?). WOW. Stat time:

Starting weight on May 11th, 2015: 142

Current weight as of May 29, 2015: 135

Awesome and I’m feeling great too!  I’m going to have to pull out some old clothes to see if I can fit in them. EDIT: Woofreakinghoo! I can wear my jeans I couldn’t wear in Las Vegas. YEAH. I was going to throw some clothes away. I’m glad I didn’t. The best thing about doing Nutrisystem to lose weight is that I’m not even hungry. I used to eat when I was bored. Of course I always had things to do but I didn’t want to do those things. Anyhow, I should cancel NS for money reasons but I’m counting on making some extra money soon.

I’m losing weight just in time for bikini season! Wait, I’ve never worn a bikini and never will. haha. I see things all over social media about losing weight for summer vacay and to be able to look good in a bikini. I had to make a (bad) joke about it.

I have a bunch of new STUFF. I picked up my things from the men’s clothing store that went out of business. It is a lot. Over 100 items.  I have to sell this stuff.  Now the things are overflowing into the living room and I’m feeling overwhelmed. The good thing about clothes is that they can easily be donated but I want my money back. This is a business after all. The clothes have tags on them. SCORE!! If I can’t sell these in person, I will try on Ebay. I have never sold clothes there but I figure clothes NWT (new with tags) can’t be that hard to sell. Donation is the 3rd option.

If a female clothing store would have gone out of business….Buddha, help me. I would keep some stuff for myself. 😉 In fact, I’m currently looking at some gowns  from another sale that I can fit into. One is an OSCAR DE LA RENTA dress. I’m currently the only person interested in the dress. I’m sure that won’t last.  I will most likely take these to consignment shops IF I get them. When will I ever have to be that dressy? I can’t think of an occasion so I’m planning on selling them. One red gown would be perfect for dressing up for Halloween but I don’t do Halloween… this dress seriously makes me want to dress up next October.

James Holmes’ therapy session eerily sound like mine. Freaky. But we both have social anxiety so it shouldn’t be shocking. So weird to hear the exact same questions I get asked being asked to Holmes. And yes, we have some of the same responses. (Not for the reasons Sue might think…but I digress). Also, we don’t say more than we have to. “Yes” “No” “Not really”  etc. Creepy. I’m listening to it now so I had to comment.

I won’t even start on the comments by people who are lucky enough to have no idea what social anxiety is or how it is to live with. Clueless!

This Week I…

Music of the week: Mariah Carey, Kina Grannis, Lissie, Kendrick Lamar, Meghan Trainor, Madonna, Marina & The Diamonds, Kelly Clarkson

Watched: NBA playoffs, PLL, James Holmes trial

Books of the week: Two books for now.  Everyday I fight by Stuart Scott is a secondary read. I take the book with me when I go places.  My main read is The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up which is so funny to me. I’m staring at a heap of clothes that aren’t even my clothes. There are things EVERYWHERE. But I will be taking 1/3 or 1/4 of the items to sell on June 6. I would take more but my car isn’t big enough.


This week
This week

typical day on Nutrisystem

Starting weight on May 11th, 2015: 142

Current weight as of May 25, 2015: 138

I’m on the “My Way Core 1,200” plan. I’m supposed to have 1,200 calories a day. I closely follow the plan but sometimes I eat two carbs a day instead of one. If I have pasta for dinner, I don’t eat bread but if I have soup, I’ll have one piece of bread.

Breakfast:  NS breakfast bar or muffin with a boiled egg (between 230-275 calories)

Morning snack: tuna or almonds (between 70 – 100 calories)

Lunch: NS lunch bar with Kroger Lite yogurt (about 260 calories) OR NS soup with a tomato (about 225 calories)

Afternoon snack:  1 serving of Special K or Kashi whole grain crackers (between 100-120 calories)

Dinner: Usually a NS pasta dish and 2-3 servings of broccoli or cabbage (between 250 – 340 calories) Sometimes I add a slice of whole wheat bread (60 calories).

Dessert: A NS dessert. I prefer cake, nachos, or chocolate covered pretzels. 😉 (between 130-150 calories)

And that’s it. I pretty much eat every 2-3 hours which was a HUGE adjustment for me. I used to eat 2 meals a day with a snack at night. I’m going to keep this up once I get off of NS in July. The biggest difference is that I will probably go up to about 1500 calories or so. That shouldn’t be a big deal….or will it?  I’m beginning to wonder how the medicine I’m on is affecting my weight. I also think I might have PCOS. (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). That doesn’t help with weight either.

*****If anyone wants $30 off your first NS order, please @me on twitter @thesewalls. Trust me, you will want that discount and try to get others. I just need your email address to send you the offer.*****

For exercise, I mow the lawn. lol. I also follow a Jillian Michael’s DVD (Banish Fat Boost Metabolism). My goal is to do the DVD 3 times a week.

I don’t drink 8 glasses of water a day. I usually average around 4. I also don’t always get my 4 servings of veggies in. I always get at least 2 servings.

I want to see 135 on the scale so bad. That is my next goal. I saw 137.9 on the scale this morning ONCE and I freaked out. Get that number down! I know measurements are important too. But there are so many numbers, I just post weight here but I know I have lost an inch or two in places.

I’m going to get back to pricing inventory and see what I want to take with me for my first sale. My first sale is less than 2 weeks away.

Nutrisystem: It worked for me!

Starting weight: 142
Current weight: 138.8

I lost 3 pounds during my first 7 days on Nutrisystem. Not bad, but not great either. I have learned so much on NS. I feel like I could cancel right now. In fact, I KNOW I could cancel right now. NS is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It told me what to eat and when. All the books I read didn’t help me. I will do NS for the month of June and then I’m cancelling.

I know what to eat. I know when to eat. I even know what to eat if I ever eat out again (hint: the boring stuff). I don’t really need NS anymore…but I do sort of like most of the food so why not do 1 more month? It’s probably not the best decision financially…

I don’t even get hungry on NS. Most days I don’t even need a dessert but I eat one anyway to get between 1,200 and 1,250 calories a day. After I go off NS, I will probably go up to 1,500 calories a day. I’ll eat more on days I work out.

The only issue I’m still having is vegetables. I eat about 2-3 servings of broccoli a day. How long before I get tired of that? I forgot how much I love cabbage so I will be switching it up once I go to the grocery store. Sometimes I’ll eat a tomato just to get enough servings in. I wish I liked more veggies. I’ve been doing okay with my water these past few days.

I said I wouldn’t do anymore estate sells. Uh, yeah. A men’s clothing store is going out of business. I could not resist. I’m going to do my first sale on June 6. Since my mom has is coming and she has other things to do, we will only be out selling for a few hours. So I will be going back solo very soon after that. I need to stay a full day. Some people won’t get there until noon and I’ll be gone.

I’m excited and desperate to get rid of this stuff. I have so much. I know I keep saying that. But it is soooooo much. Too much to sell in one day. I can’t even fit all of it into my car. That is a good problem to have…if I can sell this stuff. I will get rid of it somehow, of course.

Maybe I was more alone than anyone in the whole wide world. Maybe that was okay.

– Cheryl Strayed

I’m finishing up the book Wild by Cheryl Strayed. I guess some of this is a SPOILER if you don’t want to know anything about the book but I’m not giving anything away that isn’t in the beginning of the book. I don’t get it. I know people grieve differently. People are different. etc. etc. But I just can’t relate to her. Her mom dies so she does heroin, has a ton of sex, and hikes a hard trail? HUH? Why VOLUNTARILY put yourself through the the trail part? I just can’t relate. Life is hard enough. I’m not going to hike a trail when I’m in a fragile state. I would die if I lost my mom so I do get her grief. But her reaction to it…. I can’t relate.

Someone close to you dies so you decide to put yourself through more grief?? Yeah, that make sense. I’m missing something. This is the definition of making life harder than it has to be. I don’t have time for this ish. lol.

So I’m not really enjoying the book. I’m surprised so many people liked it. I find it boring. I bet the movie is good though.