Pero yo no soy ángel.

I’ve been weepy @ work for two days . As I have said in my deleted posts, I cry silently. A person would have to walk past my desk to see me. I think one person saw me on Monday. My point is, I’m not disruptive. Now that the woman in back out of me is temporarily out, there is no one to broadcast my tears to the whole office. Maybe I’m just weird but I think that is extremely DISRESPECTFUL to go around telling people stuff like that.

But I’m no angel.

Anyhow, I just realized that it isn’t about work. My cat is sick! I think I know what’s wrong but I’m not sure. And I feel like such a bad mother for waiting to take her to the vet. (We go tomorrow). So excuse me while I get frustrated. Since Saturday it sometimes feel as if the world is falling apart…and I feel guilty and not worthy of her.

I’m not having kids so I do consider my pets “my babies”. However, I would not say this in public.

I feel so bad about the layoffs. It is hard to listen/watch the news because all I hear is “layoffs”. My heart goes out to these people. One person in our section is being laid off. 😦 It could happen to anyone.