My take on the Jay Cutler story

No social outing for me. It sold out. I kept thinking “it might sell out”. That is the problem with not being able to reserve stuff online. When I have to physically go out and reserve something (RARE these days), then I will usually put it off until late. I was dreading having to get a parking situated, having to go to work extra early so I could leave to make reservations etc. I was going to do it tomorrow afternoon. So…It wasn’t meant to be. I hope next time I can find about it in advance. It was barely publicized. I just happened to read an email. Oh well.

I so wanted to do pull an all nighter last night but I know I have to work the next day. I had two short papers due. I half-assed it. I hate doing that. I promise myself I won’t do it again. For what that’s worth.

I guess I’m not watching the Superbowl this year. Heh. I could do a whole series of entries on the Jay Cutler story. Or I could blog about my new serotonin diet. Or about how I wish our gym had yoga classes instead of yogalates because I’m not sure what yogalates is. 🙂 But I’m not passionate about that. I didn’t want to blog about the Cutler story because it is basically a “people suck” entry but this is the only story I’m dying to give my thoughts on. So the people who think I’m a jerk, continue on because if not being like you is a jerk, I’m a jerk. (yes I heard that – lol)

I’m going to try to shorten my rant because I should be doing 50 other things. You don’t like Jay Cutler so you don’t give him the benefit of the doubt?! Forget “fair” for a minute. But is that RIGHT? I’m not a black and white thinker but I have a hard time understanding how people can believe this is okay. Say Carla writes an A+ paper, is it okay to give her a B because you don’t like her? I don’t get it. It’s funny, in a world where feelings are shunned; people have no problems letting THEIR FEELINGS cloud the judgment of others.

(Halftime: Here’s how Cutler’s critics should apologize)

People were criticizing his body language for god sakes. How can people not see how ridiculous that is? People will say they know people are different YET, they judge them on how they would act. Does that make any sense? Do they really believe people are different? They don’t act like it. He should smile. He should be more talkative (WTF?). He should this, that. Unbelievable!

As far as the athletes who were quick to judge go, they are hypocrites for criticizing another player. They are constantly complaining about writers doing that to them. CONSTANTLY. However, players aren’t necessarily the moral bunch. Is that a stereotype? Is that mean? What I mean is that they will play WITH a concussion. (How smart is that?) They take dangerous drugs (ex: steroids) just to play the game. So I don’t hold them to a high standard. All that matters to them is PLAYING. They don’t think about their future. The statistics show that. How smart is that?

I expect this of normal people but I was surprised that the players trashed him so quickly. Yes twitter is really how all this got so bad but sports analysts (ex-players) on TV were quick to judge right after the game also.

Bottom line is that this is an example of how people are “unfair” to people they do not like. Don’t forget that most of these people/players have NEVER met him. One person said, “Jay Cutler could not win”. That is true. People cannot be pleased. And then they wonder why he isn’t nice. Why he isn’t smiling. Maybe he had to deal with this crap so long as he is just over it. Or maybe I’m projecting.

By the way, I’m not a Jay Cutler fan. I probably know less about him than the average football fan. The fact that we now know he has a sprained MCL has nothing to do with my opinion. I hope he doesn’t need surgery.

Life goes on

I’m thinking about going on a social outing. Is that the proper way to say that? Okay, I’m thinking about going uh, somewhere. It probably won’t be social for me because I’m not known for talking but it is getting out and doing something. Of course I wish I had more time to make a decision. (Ms. Indecisive) I can’t say what it is because every time I annouce something like this in this blog, I end up not doing it. I will say it should be fun…but stressful and anxiety producing. lol. I think it will b:e interesting to see who goes because this type of event is a niche interest where I live. In LA, it is far from niche and I probably wouldn’t go. That is a horrible hint by the way. But if you guess correctly, you get to be me for a day!!

I have never heard people talk about 2 football games so much. And they do it for a living everyday. I love sports but I could never do sports talk radio. (because it involves talking – ha. ha.) I get bored rehashing stuff. And I hate baseball so that would never work. I’m hoping the Jets and the Packers make it to the Superbowl. I never thought I would be rooting for Green Bay but since Brett Favre is gone…Anyhow, I would be happy if the Steelers don’t win tomorrow. That is all I care about. I will not watch the Superbowl if the Steelers are playing. Yes I hate them that much. #Ravensfan


Since the call center “training” my life has been a mess. I did a lot of cool things in 2010. By November every positive thought I’ve ever had was gone.



Well I’m going to watch an episode of Dexter and get some work done. I’m on the first season. The show is okay. I wish it would focus more on Dexter and less on blood spatter. That is way too CSI for me. OTOH, I can relate to Dexter. Another thing that annoys me is the killing of “evil” people (The Saw series did it well though – I LOVE horror movies). Yes, it would be nice if it worked that way but real life serial killlers don’t have that in them. They will kill anyone. Whatever their thing is. How can he feel nothing but only kill bad guys? Yeah, I know that is part of his childhood but it is so unrealistic.

Um, yeah I’ve read a lot about serial killers. And I know Dexter isn’t real.

There are a lot of non serial killers Dexters out there. (hi!) 😉 As sad as it may sound, I am envious of Dexter. He had a father who thought him HOW TO FAKE IT. You have to fake it to make it. It is a must. Dexter wants nothing to do with social situations but he knows how to fake it…He also doesn’t have social anxiety.

My favorite Dexter quotes:

Sometimes it’s reassuring knowing I’m not the only one pretending to be normal.

People fake a lot of human interactions, but I feel like I fake them all, and I fake them very well.

Normal People are so hostile. (LOL)

You can’t play on my feelings, I don’t have any.

“Human bonds always lead to messy complications.” (WORD!)

“If hell exists, I’m in it.” (good name for entry)

Dez Dez Dez Dez

It’s 10:05am on a Thursday and I’m at home! I haven’t had a full day in awhile. During June through August I have NO full days off. I have 8 hours off through those three months so far. I plan to ask for a few more hours. Try for at least 16 hours in three months. It just won’t be a full day.

Dez Bryant. I love his name. Ha. I keep saying it. I’m weird.

About the guy from Miami asking Dez whether his mom was a prostitute: HOW UNNECESSARY! His mom was sentenced to jail for 18 months for drug trafficking. Isn’t that enough?? Worst case scenario is that his mom is a drug addict. End of story. Why do you need more about his family life? If she is a prostitute, she’ll probably quit once her son get his millions so what’s the big deal? (If she was one, sure that probably affected him as much as drug use).

My point is, with all they info they do have on Dez, why even go to the prostitute question? A lot of people are outraged he was asked that question. But what about drugs?? I know for a fact that NBA players have been asked, “Does your mom/dad do drugs?” Fact. Are people outraged at that? I don’t see the difference. Both are illegal. Both involve shady people being around.

I feel for the guys when they are asked these questions. Some of them are 18 or 19 at the time (in the NBA). It sucks they get questioned about things they have no control over but I thought this was normal. The drug question is normal. I know that and players will tell you that if they aren’t ashamed. Of course everyone doesn’t get asked. I bet Tom Brady or Reggie Bush* didn’t get asked whether their parents did drugs.

*Reggie Bush grew up middle class. His parents have well-regarded jobs (academics and law enforcement). I don’t know why there is a perception that he grew up poor. They weren’t rich…Yes, I know all about the USC controversy. It doesn’t change the fact that he grew up middle class. And both parents had jobs that require drug tests.

Prostitution question = 100% unnecessary

I just don’t understand how the prostitution question shouldn’t be asked but the drug question can be asked.
My brain is fried. Isn’t that obvious? I haven’t had any caffeine this morning. I got up at 7:30 to put my recycle bin outside. I had to prepare it first. Before I got my bin, I had no idea that everything had to be cleaned and tops removed. Etc. It is easier to just throw it away. *gasp* I know green people are saying, “how lazy” but I know a person who doesn’t recycle due to not wanting to sort out their trash.

So to other people, I would say just use your bin for junk mail or just any one thing. Like empty soda cans. You don’t have to rinse and take the tops off! Anyway, I’m going to keep doing it, I just had no idea any rinsing, cleaning was involved. I haven’t recycled some things because I was worried about it having too much food residue so I just threw it in the trash.

Now I have to spray weed killer, vacuum etc. At least I’m up. Job well done. Heh.

Doesn’t Mean Anything

*groan* (is she ever happy?) I forgot what it is like to be cold in this house. It slows me down so much in the morning. All I can think is, “I’m cold. I’m cold. I’m cold. I’m cold. I’m tired. Oh, crap do I have to iron? I’m cold. I’m cold. Where are my clean socks? (Kitty), leave me alone! Can’t you see I’m trying to get dress? I’m cold. I’m cold. Ugh, now I have to fix coffee, should have set that up last night. I’m so tired. I’m cold. I’m cold. I wish I could watch more of Morning Joe but I have to go.”

And during most of this I’m standing still because I’m cold or overwhelmed.
I wanted to comment on the Rush Limbaugh thing before I didn’t care anymore. First, the NFL is probably the most conservative sport in America. All but one team give most of their money to the republican party during the past year. The owners and coaches for the most part are conservative (some exceptions, I’m sure). My point is what every rational person knows: Limbaugh is too controversial to be part of a NFL team I’m not thinking of his past statements but what he WILL say in the future including more of “I hope Obama fails” and way more polarizing things than that.

Who would want to work for a team, where everyday writers will be asking you about what Rush said? He spouts controversial BS everyday. That is why he is #1. But to have that as a part of daily life? NO ONE wants that. I bet the ppl who turn him down are conservative and some may listen to his show.

I don’t have a problem with Rush trying to buy a part of a team* but the NFL ownership is private. He doesn’t have a right to be given a fair chance. Other rich people have been turned down too. And he knows this. He may have lied said some outlandish things but he isn’t stupid. No one should be crying over Rush not being able to be a minority owner of the Rams. Please. I’m so sorry he is so rich and can have anything he wants…except part of the Rams. He should try the Miami Dolphins. They are all about diversity.

*On the other hand, I’m glad he doesn’t own a part of my favorite team. 😉 I don’t spend $$ on the NFL. I just watch the games and Rush is already rich so what difference does it make?? If you want pure comedy listen to the callers calling in to Rush about the NFL.

OMG111!!!!!!!!! Rush can’t buy into the NFL, what is the world coming to. “I hate what they are doing to you.” Sometimes I feel like Rush is holding back laughter doing these “poor you” calls. Seriously people, get a grip. I’m not the only one laughing.

As far as liberals go. WE have abandoned Jesse Jackson and that jackass Al Sharpton years ago. They don’t speak for rational people. It’s sad that two smart men would shame african americans just to self promote. I strongly dislike both. I wish Obama (it has to be a black/mixed race person) would tell AL how much he is hurting things. Obama and Jesse don’t speak for a reason. In fact he probably wouldn’t um, ‘bother’ himself with Sharpton.

It bugs me when people let Shapton bully them. Who is he? A f*&^ joke. And you are going to bow down to him??? COWARDS. Even though I am disgusted by what Don Imus had to say about the Rutgers women basketball team, I hated that Sharpton had any part in that.

My main problem withe Al Sharpton is that he took money from the REPUBLICAN PARTY to stay in the democratic race. scrum of the freakin earth. Yes, I’m holding back. Want to read about it? Check out MSNBC’s article: Inside Al Sharpton’s campaign. He is dead to me. DEAD.

Since the Reverend Al Sharpton has entered the primary season headlines from New York City papers have been nothing but troubling. Connections to Republican operative Roger Stone and questionable campaign finances have led to investigative reports by the New York Times and the Village Voice. To top off the bad press former Campaign Manager Frank Watkins spoke with the Voice in a “wide-raging interview” published today. In the interview Watkins describes why he left the campaign, the Stone connection, and some questionable actions surrounding current Campaign Manager Charles Halloran and his staff.

…holding back

These Sharpton/Jackson comments don’t reflect my feelings on the NAACP. I hate when people intertwine those two fools with the NAACP.