Let the games begin


8 days before I leave for Los Angeles (!!!)

On Wednesday, the water came back on in my house! I lived 10 days without water. I wouldn’t recommend it. I hope it doesn’t happen again. I’m so thankful. That is a little miracle.

I’m going to try to pack as much as I can this weekend. Most of the electronics I can’t pack in advance, but I can pack most of my clothes etc. I also have to write down addresses to everything in LA. I feel like that might be old school, but that’s how I do things. I need to have it written down and not on my phone. This is my final itinerary:

Friday –

Saturday –

OMG! I just found out that the talk I’m going to will be live-streamed. People can pay $20 to watch. Um, I was considering standing up in front of all those people and asking Gabby a question, but now that I know it will be live-streamed. FUCK! I’m not doing that. This is probably for the best. I don’t know what to do now. I probably won’t ask my question. I’m kind of sad about that, but do you know how scary it is to stand in front of hundreds of people and share your deepest secret?

I don’t even know how scary it is cause I’ve never done it. I can only imagine. Well, that changes things. I kind of wish she had did this up front. Maybe I wouldn’t be going to LA? But I do want to do the things I listed above. And I do get to get my book signed and blah, blah.

This week I…

Music of the week (my top 8):  Marren Morris, Ke$ha, Lea Michele, Lorde, Demi Lovato, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Sam Smith

My next and final entry before I go to LA will probably be my top 17 albums of 2017. Coming one day next week.

TV of the week:  Mindhunter, PLL

I didn’t love Mindhunter. I love serial killers and true crime. I read all about them. But I didn’t get the TV show. It was watchable, but nothing special. With that being said, I will watch season 2 if there is one. 😉

Movie of the week: I’m insane. You already know that. I downloaded 8 movies for my LA trip. haha. I’m only going to be gone for 3 days. Yes, I live on the east coast but the plane ride isn’t that long. Anyway, I only paid for one movie, the rest I got free from Amazon Prime. Here are the movies I downloaded onto my Kindle Fire SD card in case I get stuck somewhere:

  • Capote (tried reading the book, couldn’t finish)
  • Sherrybaby (seen. loved it.)
  • Sliding Doors (seen a long time ago)
  • The King’s Speech (paid for. Never seen it).
  • Dirty Dancing (seen, but not recently. This would be perfect for falling asleep to in the hotel)
  • Amy (haven’t seen it. It is an Amy Winehouse documentary)
  • The Secret (read the book a few times. Haven’t seen the movie).
  • The Dressmaker (Haven’t seen)

I’m most excited about The King’s Speech. I plan to watch it on the plane ride from Chicago to LA. If it isn’t good, then I can just switch to a reliable movie like Sherrybaby or Dirty Dancing. That’s the plan.

Podcasts of the week:  I’m trying to limit my podcast listening this week and next week so I can have stuff to listen to at the airport or on the plane. 8 movies and books aren’t enough. I need podcasts too! I did listen to All In With Chris Hayes, Don’t Freak Out, and The Mental Illness Happy Hour this week.

Books of the week: Well, since I’m talking about what I’m taking to LA, I think I’ll keep it going here too. My main focus will be reading A Course in Miracles (when I’m not watching movies, or listening to podcasts. ha!) I’m taking my highlighter with me and I plan to read and highlight while I’m at the airport and on some flights. I’m such a geeky planner. I plan everything!

I already packed What Remains by Carole Radziwill in my carry on purse. I will probably only get to that if I get frustrated by A Course in Miracles. And I have about 30 books on my Kindle e-reader. I want to take more 3D books, but I know that’s NUTS. If I sit still and do nothing on a plane or at an airport, I guess I think I’ll die or something.

Now reading –

Planner update: Plans of the week in my Get to Work Book (coming Sunday)

Plans for the Weekend:  On Saturday, I’m going to the bank to get one dollar bills for my trip. I need to tip the shuttle driver (apparently). I’m going to finally take my test on Sunday morning around 7 AM. On Monday, I’m working overtime in the morning.  I’ll just be very pleased if I get everything packed that I can pack this weekend.

It is going to be warm today through Saturday so I’m hoping to make it to the park all 3 days. We (my dog and I) went to the park for the first time in about 2 weeks on Tuesday. It was about 50 degrees and everyone was there.

Thanks for reading! I appreciate it. Have a lovely weekend! 🙂


I’m finally tasting alone

re: part-time job

Woohoo! I’m done with training! Of course, I still feel like I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. They will be auditing me like crazy because I’m new. That makes me nervous.

We get paid on the 15th of every month. My paycheck for October 15th will be small since I was in training. As of right now, my check will be a little over $135. But since I’m off for 5 days (counting the weekend), I plan to work like crazy. Maybe I can get it to $200?? I just wish I felt more secure.

I’m also working on my certification class. I got up early this morning and worked on that. Then I took my dog to the vet. Thankfully everything went well, but I have to take him back in three weeks for a booster shot. Bummer.

I was considering going to see The Girl on the Train during my “vacay,” but the reviews have been pretty bad. Not horrible, but I think I can wait for it. I also considered going to see The Birth of a Nation but once again, the critics killed it for me. I can wait for that too. I guess I’m just not a going to the movies person anymore. There is still a small chance I might see The Girl on the Train tomorrow. The fans seem to like it more than the critics.

I’ll be back later.


My faves

Because listers gotta list, yo!

It took me about 5 minutes to come up with each list so needless to say these aren’t really my favorite books, movies or moments of my life. I forgot some in each category. I finally can print since I have connected my printer to my laptop. #winning 😉

Top 10 best moments of my life:

best moments of my life?
best moments of my life?

I covered up the last one because I’ve never discussed it in my blog.

Best books I have read:

fave books
fave books

Favorite movies of all time (sorry for the blurriness)

favorite movies
favorite movies

Favorite lines from a movie. This is not my favorite line but it is memorable. My favorite was too long.

favorite lines from a movie
favorite lines from a movie

I’m  going to skip a few days because the topics don’t interest me. Now I’m going to make a Spotify playlist and take a nap. Then I will need someone to talk me out of joining NutriSystem. lol. I just want to join for 1 month. I would only recommend it to people who don’t cook and spend a lot on groceries. I don’t spend much on food so this would be a huge bill hike for me but I want. :/

No ways tired/can’t give up now

I’M OFFICIALLY GOING TO VEGAS. I meant to yell. 😉 I’m going from October 14 – Oct 17. As of right now, I’m 85% sure I’m going by myself but something could change with someone else. I’m staying in a hotel on the middle of the Strip. I’m staying at the Elara. It has great reviews on Trip Advisor.


  • the location. It is right next to the mall and Planet Hollywood.  It is also very close to Bellagio. If you get a high enough room (over floor 30), you can get a great view.
  • NO casino in the hotel. YAY! I don’t plan on gambling at all but since I will be going into hotels with casinos…you never know.
  • I’m staying in a 1 bedroom suite. It has a washer/dryer, whole kitchen and dishwasher. I don’t even have a washer or dishwasher at home! :/ It is just like a condo.


  • Most guests have to pay for wi-fi. WTF? I have never had to pay for wi-fi…not even in Mexico! Ugh. I”m pretty sure I’m not paying. According to a reviewer there is a business center with 4 computers and there is always a free computer. So if I really need info, I will probably go there. I’m planning on taking a tablet. Damn. There is a Starbucks in the hotel (a pro – maybe), maybe they have free wi-fi?? I doubt it. The hotel probably wouldn’t allow that.
  • There is a possibility of getting a view of the parking lot. I have feet problems and can’t stay out all day so I will be spending some time in my room. PLEASE can I get a room with a view of the Strip?

Now I just have to pay for airfare. No biggie, right? ROFL.



Since the NBA playoffs took a little break -thanks- I watched movies. What a concept. I don’t usually blog in detail about movies but these films deserve a few words.

Enough Said: starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, James Gandolfini and my favorite actress Catherine Keener. This movie is so cute. That is not a word I use often to describe movies I like. It is kind of predictable but I loved it. It is funny, well written etc. Definitely a must watch. You won’t regret it!

Bhutto: a documentary. IMDB describes it as….

A riveting documentary of the recently assassinated Benazir Bhutto, a polarizing figure in the Muslim world.

“Riveting” is right. Of course it was sad. The movie is also a good crash course in Pakistan history.

Twenty Feet From Stardom: Awesome film for music lovers. It won best documentary at the Oscars. I didn’t think it was that good. It is about background singers. If you are a fan of Darlene Love or my girl, Lisa Fischer, you need to watch this.

Frozen is up next. A lot of people loved this movie so I’m giving it a chance one day soon.


I’m exhausted. I’ve been getting up at 5AM everyday to work. Some days I see the results in working more than I’m supposed to and other days it’s like ‘why did I even bother?’ I don’t know. I need to make it work. Whatever. I also need to stop spending money. I have a sick dog, airfare to pay for and boards to pay for. WHY AM I SPENDING ANY EXTRA MONEY?

I suck.

It’s starting again

I saw Fruitvale Station after work on Friday. (No spoilers) It stayed with me for hours. It is still with me now. I wish it wasn’t based on a true story. 😦  I vaguely remember when it happened so I knew what occurred. To see the movie is just – wow! Heartbreaking. I intentionally didn’t read much about the movie before I saw it. I expected the story to be told differently. I was surprised in a good way. Fruitvale is a must see. I want to see it again and again but I’m going to hold myself back…until it comes out on DVD.

Yes, I know parts of the film are not accurate. I knew that before I saw the film by watching an interview with the writer/director. This piece kind of rips the film for that. Spoilers in that link. I agree that the writer went out of his way to elicit sympathy for Oscar but it doesn’t make me like the movie any less. If a person wants to know what really happened they can easily read about it. I really like and agree with The Washington Post‘s take on the movie. People may write off the value of some lives but these people matter (of course!). That is what I think the real theme of the movie is.


For the record, I do believe the final incident wasn’t intentional.


Every time I write or share thoughts about having kids, the next day I’m like “WTF was I thinking?!” I have so many things I want to do and kids just don’t fit into the equation. I want to travel more, take naps when I want to, have less stress not more,  and just be spontaneous. I won’t be able to do that with a kid. I would not have been able to go to Mexico last October. I like my freedom. I change my mind. I’m a gypsy.

A coworker said, “We all do our time”.  By doing time, she meant raising kids and then you can do whatever you want. I don’t want to do the time. That is a lot of time. lol. And does it ever really end? I’ll pass. I’ll just adopt another dog one day.  I really want a cat right now, but after my last cat experience, I’m not sure I should try again. I can’t deal with the physical sickness.

In another year I will probably blog about adopting again…but I’ll sleep on it.



Music for the week:  Selena Gomez, Alexz Johnson, Matt Nathanson, Sara Bareillis, Original Broadway Cast: Kinky Boots & Motown the Musical. (I want to see Kinky Boots!)

TV for the week: Instant Star, Pretty Little Liars, news, Big Brother 15 ( I have the live feed for 48 hours. I’m cancelling Sunday night. I haven’t watch Big Brother live feeds in about 10 or so years. lol. The quality of the video is good – HD. The content is eh, not great. The women take so long to get ready. I’m a get up and shower girl. Then I’m done. I don’t even know how to apply makeup).

Movie of the week: Fruitvale Station

Books of the week: Buddha Standard Time: Awakening to the Infinite Possibilities of Now by Surya Das and Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Goals for next week: Try a gym class during my lunch break. Get caught up with work. Finish reading these books so I can start new ones. Write in my paper journal.

I mowed the lawn today. That’s my cardio. Tomorrow I’m running errands and then doing weights and cardio at the work gym. So far every Sunday, the gym has been empty. ::crossing fingers for tomorrow::  I’m thinking about buying a jump rope to do cardio.  That way I can do cardio daily. I’m looking forward to learning how to use an exercise ball so I can do a group class this Thursday. That should be interesting. I’m going to weigh myself for the 1st time in over a week on Tuesday. I hope I’m down to at least 132 but I’m not counting on it.

Putting my defenses up

I finally saw Silver Linings Playbook. (No spoilers). I expected to like it much more. I usually love those type of films. But it wasn’t a waste of time. I liked it. What I did love about it is how it portrayed mental illness. Maybe it was just me but it made it seem like having um, mental issues are normal. I loved the convo about ‘what meds are you on?’. I loved it! I’ve dream of having that conversation and not being judged. I’m glad other people loved it. It is just a movie but maybe it erased 1% of the mental illness stigma.


I did get some responses from my apartment ad. But no one wanted to see it today. (two people want to see it later). The one person who really seemed interested didn’t reply back after I told her exactly where it was. I think the location is too far out for most people. It is about 20 minutes from downtown. That’s not good. When I re-post, it will be with June being rent free so I’m sure I will get more responses.  O GOD. Someone else just emailed me about the apartment. *&$#. I’m all sweaty (see below). Maybe she’ll wait to see it tomorrow. I’m working OT for half a day tomorrow….


I mowed my whole lawn today for the first time. What a workout. I meant to include pics of my lawn in this post but I forgot to take pictures so that will be in the next home post. These pics are definitely before pics. I’ve been here for about 2 weeks. I hope to have after pics soon but who knows?


Shelves above my bed. I didn’t know quite what to do with this space. But now I use it as a nightstand since I don’t have anything beside my bed.

My “walk-in” closet is more of a junk room:

There is definitely something missing from my kitchen. It is big but it doesn’t have a lot of counter space. It is my least favorite space. I’m trying to come up with ideas. (Love my plant though). The towel on the window is a long story and will be fixed soon.

The living room. Today I put an accent rug down and even that makes it better. This is the least put together room. Everything seems to land here. (Remember these are before pics!)

Living room. I am embarrassed by my lack of books on these shelves. I have dreamed of having shelves and now I have no books. My books are at my moms house, all packed up. I might eventually get some of them…Yes I have a tiny TV in the living room because I’m in my bedroom most of the time.

I should be embarrassed by this. ha. This is my Project Life spot. I don’t even do PL on the weekly basis yet I have a spot for it. lol. This is really my dining room. The other side is my work office. I already posted a pic of that.

Have I mentioned that these are BEFORE pics? 😉

hurt people tend to hurt people

ups and downs.

I didn’t know the twinkie thing was so serious. 😦 I grew up eating those things. I haven’t had one in about maybe 5 years or so. If I saw one now, I would totally buy it and eat it.

I haven’t signed a lease yet! That recently occurred to me. So legally it isn’t my apartment…as of right now. This brings me anxiety and a sense of relief. What if something happens – they discover I own a house  – and they take the apartment back?  However, I did pay for them to hold the townhouse until December 15th. Does that mean anything? I don’t think they have cashed the check as of today.

At first I was fine with my current living situation but now things are hitting the fan where I live so I want out. I’m living in about 200 square feet which never bothered me before but this on top of TRYING to work. scream! I need my own place. I’ve been living on my own since I was about 20 (counting dorm rooms). I’ve always said I could never live with anyone and this is sooooo true. But I’m trying to make it work. I have always been this way: Anything that negatively effects my ability to work must die. (except social anxiety which I can’t seem to get rid of).

The only sense of relief from not getting the apartment would be that I wouldn’t have to pay all those bills. That reminds me, I still have to cut off water/gas/electricity to the house. I’m still paying all that.  Anyhow, I can’t take this anymore. I’m done. Everything was fine when it was a normal roommate situation. Then things changed recently. Three people at the house 24/7….ROFL. Buddha, help me! If I weren’t working at home this would not be a huge deal at all. Uncomfortable? Yes. But not I-have-to-get-out-of-here type of deal.

End of that story.

Oh yeah, I did chat with a financial counselor for free. He left me feeling the same, I guess. He did say that my credit will only (?) be bad for a year or two for giving up the house (legally giving up the house – never missed a mortgage payment!) I find that hard to believe. Only 2 years to rebuild my credit??? Gosh, I hope so. I’m not counting on that. I’m sad about my credit going to hell. 😦 I’ve been so good and now this? I guess this is the price I must pay. I feel like I’ve already paid for it but apparently the universe feels differently.


There are so many movies I want to see but now that I’m being Miss frugal, I can’t see half of them. I will try to see at least one…maybe two. Well it just isn’t about the money, moving takes a lot of time too. Maybe getting out and seeing a movie would be a great escape. This is a partial list of most of the movies I’m interested in:

  • On the Road
  • Lincoln
  • Anna Karenina
  • Breaking Dawn 2 (Damn for someone saying the movie was excellent. The book was so bad/boring I couldn’t finish reading it but that doesn’t mean the movie sucks).
  • Rust and Bone
  • Armour
  • Django Unchained (leaning towards waiting for the DVD)
  • The Collection

Which one will I see? I dunno. Probably Lincoln.

I have decided not to buy much of anything for the apartment until after I move. I have budgeted (using that term loosely) a certain amount for the new place. I know I need tables: end tables, coffee tables CHEAP tables. Since my mom agreed to buy my bedding – thanks mom! – I took that money and brought my frogs and fish a new place. They will have to share a 5 gallon tank. Right now the frogs are in a 2.5 gallon tank. And the betta fish is in a 1 gallon tank. No more. I will keep them together. I brought them this: Marineland Eclipse Acrylic Aquarium System.

2 five gallon tanks

I’ve had my frogs since my birthday (May 2012) and my fish since maybe June? I hope they like their new shared home. As long as no one hogs the food, everything should be fine. With the filter running, this aquarium is supposed to be easy to keep clean. That is what I need. Anything to make life easier. Yes, I’ve been stressing over my frogs.

Back to the furniture thing – Oh dear, I’m so obsessed with this table thing. I need tables because without them everything would go on the floor. ROFL. I can’t have enough small tables. I’m thinking about going to Ross tomorrow. I just need stuff that is already put together. I wish I could afford furniture from Crate and Barrel. I went by there and window shopped. They have an $800 assembled bookshelf that I really want. I will stop by Ross and see if they have anything. Their inventory changes constantly. It is probably smart to go there every week. Sometimes they have no furniture, then the next time I go I see the best stuff.

Oh yes, I can ramble more but I’ll stop.

If This Was A Movie

I really didn’t plan on typing a novel…

I’m going to drop at least one of my four classes. And I’m not going to see Burlesque. 😦 I don’t know which one sucks the most. It’s not like I want to take 4 classes. LOL. Since my car battery and me getting locked out cost me $300 in ONE week, dropping a class is probably a good idea. Too bad I brought the book for the 3 credit class. I want to drop that one but instead I may drop the 2 credit class since I don’t have the book.

Hopefully working OT will get me out of this financial mess. I hate debt. Hate it. If I can’t pay for it right then or quickly, I won’t buy it or do it. I made an exception for school because I really want to get certified ASAP. Not happening. Whatever. Next. Someone is going to be very happy that this class has an opening. I’m sure the wait list is very long.

So I’m dropping a class, eating more cheaply than usual, not going to see Burlesque…unless it is still in theaters in late December which is highly doubtful. There are too many Oscar releases coming out at that time for Burlesque to still be in any theater. Plus there are “Oscar” movies I want to see. I’ve only gone to the theater once this year. ONCE! Not due to lack of money. It was mainly due to lack of time on the weekends and the lack of decent movies. The best movies tend to come out in mid-December to January.

Two of my keys fell off my key chain. This was bound to happen one day. Since I’m a horrible person, this would happen when it was 20 degrees! It was 70 degrees the day before (but felt more like 50 since it wasn’t sunny). So I had no idea it was going to be so cold. No, I don’t check weather before I leave the house 90% of the time. I will sometimes check on Sunday for the week or if I know snow is coming. Anyhow, I almost didn’t wear my coat. I didn’t have gloves on because I can’t find my pair. (One of my hands is still tingling). And I had on cheap, thin ass dollar store panty hose. I was wearing a skirt!

I told myself that there were homeless people outside right at this moment. If they could bear it, I could bear it until 10AM. But then my manager called. I was freezing but I had cheap clothes on and had no idea it was only 20 degrees. My manager told me that. Then she said there was NO WAY I could stay out there for another 2 hours. I was already out there for an hour by then. I’m so easily influenced that I believed her.

She wanted me to go to a neighbor’s house! LOL. At 8AM? Okay, I wouldn’t even do that at noon but I would feel a little better about the idea. My next door neighbor is retired and might have been awake. But how would I know? Plus it would not have solved my problem. NO FREAKIN’ LOCKSMITH WANTED TO COME. I was paying their asses! Geez, it is your fucking job, morons. That pissed me off more than anything. What a way to make a person feel worthless.

She did convince me that I wanted to be warm. Heh. So this girl who never carries cash actually had enough cash on her to catch a cab! Did I mention that I NEVER carry cash??? I did later find out that some cab/taxi companies do take credit/debit cards but you will have to wait a loooooong time. This isn’t NYC. So I guess the cash was my only blessing. I went to my mom’s house. I have her key and that one stayed on the chain. (okay, another good thing). I warmed up and then found a bunch of locksmiths online. I read the reviews etc.

A cute guy actually came to my house. The cute part isn’t surprising. The fact that he came was. Heh. He charged me $150 ($4.00 off – I did say thank you). It would have been cheaper if I had cash but I never have that much cash. I only had $35 in cash to begin with and most of that went to the cab driver. He said he charged me so much because the door was metal and he had to drill. It was the screen door that I was locked out of. Now that metal security door is pointless….until I get a new lock for it.

He was middle eastern. I may or may not be mentioning his ethnicity for a reason. This isn’t an assumption. He took two personal calls on his iPhone (drool) while standing on my porch. I can’t tell you which language he was speaking. Arabic? Armenian? Farsi? I have no idea. I’m just glad he did his job. He was extremely nice which isn’t something I look for. I just want the job done. I do wonder if he had to charge me that much. How do I know? It would have been cheaper if it was my front door since that is made of out cheap crap. The name of the material escapes me – it is a regular cheap door from Lowe’s.

He gave me his card and told me he would fix my screen door for half price. (Suuure! – I wouldn’t even mention that if I called him again). If I had extra money and I was bored, I’d call him. Pay for play. Yummy. 🙂 I have his card on my refrigerator. Super smart! That will come in handy when I get locked out next time. I don’t know what else could happen. Actually I know a lot more could, I’m hoping it doesn’t. Geez. Too much $$ gone for one week. Damn.

Oh, and no phones for me since I missed my day. I did not go to work. There was no way I was going without knowing that my car key was safe in my house. I didn’t want to go anywhere but it was so cold. I really stopped thinking at one point. My coworkers don’t know what happened (unless they read this). One comment led me to believe they thought I didn’t go to work because I didn’t want to be on the phones?! *Smirk* 😉

Cristina Me Barcelona

I’m bored with work. I shouldn’t be complaining about this because things/duties are going to change very soon. I’m going to work 15 hours of OT this month (if we can). I’m doing it on the weekend because I can barely get through a 8 hour day (due to tiredness). I’m only doing it because I need money for books for the winter semester. 50% of overtime earnings will go into my book fund. 5% into my emergency savings. And the rest to pay regular bills. I have to amp myself up somehow. Um, woohoo book fund!

I need some paper journal time so bad. It’s too late for that tonight. I’m trying this new go-to-bed-early thing which is really boring. And this entry is equally boring but I checked my stats for the first time in about 6 months and no one cares. I only checked one day of stats but I can tell that people are finding this blog randomly. So whatever. I can say what I want.

I had the best afternoon recently. On Monday, I came home took a quickie nap. Then I watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona (a movie) It was far better than I expected. I also got some reading done. Then I went to bed. PERFECT. I don’t want to do that everyday….well I probably could. LOL. Nah, it would be boring. I like doing new stuff. It has been months since I’ve watched a DVD.

I didn’t think I would like the movie that much because I’m not a Penelope Cruz fan but she isn’t in the movie that much. And she plays her part well. It is mostly Scarlett Johansson and Javier Bardem. Of course I could relate to Scarlett’s character the most (minus the sexual escapades…and wanting to shack up with a guy). I could relate to her accepting that she is a LOVER of art, not an artist. (That changes a little bit…not a spoiler). What is wrong with just appreciating art? Hmm, I loved that movie. 4/5 stars.


Any movie with Patricia Clarkson is worth watching even though her part was small in VCB.

Shit at work.

I get frustrated. Am I allowed to have a bad day…ever?? Screw these people. They will never get it. I only do because I live it. To hell with them. Not that I believe in an actual Hell. Just a saying.


Well I’m old and boring so I’ve gotta go to bed. I just heard thunder. Perfect timing.

blame it on the alcohol

People definitely react differently to alcohol. It doesn’t make me more personable/talkative. It makes me sad even if I wasn’t before…which is not the case today. Even though I just had a wine cooler (strawberry daiquiri), I’m swearing off on drinking. Is beer fun? Why do some people have fun when they drink? I’ve never been drunk so….

so fucking depressing…but I’m not going to kill myself.

Do you ever just wish something good was on TV? Preseason football sucks!!!!! I have DVDs but the only dvd player I have is on my computer and I don’t want to watch anything that way. Maybe tomorrow. Are any of the horror movies in the theater any good?


Fine, don’t answer my questions.

This is a busy month for weekends but not in a good way.

I’ll get over it. I’m going to try to watch the Dahmer movie on IFC.