I let you mess with my head

I’m listening to Gabby Bernstein because people are fucking assholes. I want to rant about Libras and Capricorns. You already know how I feel about Aries. But Libras and Capricorns THINK they are nice, but they can be mean. I have never met a Libra I would consider nice. They are smart and look down on people not as smart as they think they are. They are full of sarcasm. I hate that. Condescending BS.

You know what? These fucking people aren’t worth my time. Obviously. Right? I had a good day on Friday and a decent, productive day today. FUCK THEM!

I always remember who starts things. Always. I DIDN’T DO SHIT TO YOU.


I have two live (as in on video) tarot readings to do. Yes, I’m scared shitless. And I feel like these people are pulling me away from FOCUSING. I kind of tested myself and I feel decent. One reading is tomorrow (Sunday) and the other is Tuesday. I’ve got this.

Paypal Credit can suck it too! I’m not paying them this month. I don’t have the money. I was going to pay them $30 or $60, but that doesn’t cover the minimum. My therapist would congratulate me on not paying. LOL! I will pay them eventually. I hope it is within 3 months. Ideally, it would be within 2 months, but I don’t know. I will work out some monthly plan. I won’t die…hopefully. I know they won’t die. But I don’t want to get more than 3 months behind.

I have shit to do. That should be my new motto. I’m ignoring (starting right now) certain people on social media. That sounds silly, but these people aren’t my friends. We don’t have any other connections. Oh, there is one person in real life getting on my nerves. I wish I could ignore her. Haha. Not possible.

We were never friends. I know that. She definitely knows that. I’m not good enough for her because I have no money. Okay, that was totally WRONG and snarky. I’m not a Libra, no need to act like that. I hope she isn’t vindictive like a Scorpio. I couldn’t take that.

I think Scorpios get a bad rap. Once they do the work on their past hurts, they can be awesome healers. I like their intensity. However, an unhealed Scorpio can be scary.

I needed to vent and rant. Lovely blog. I love my blog. Okay, that’s sarcasm. I love Gabby Berstein and my dog. Marie Forleo is okay too. 😉 I want to say Marie is my business role model, but I keep thinking I’m not like her. She’s an extrovert. She helps people start businesses. She can talk. etc.

Election 2020: I’m kind of sad that Beto dropped out of the race. I didn’t like that he called Elizabeth Warren ‘punitive’. He is too moderate for me, but I liked him on the debate stage. So freaking bummed that Castro won’t be on the debate stage on November 20th. And then there is Bloomberg. Whatever. Next.

This week I…

Music of the week: Miranda Lambert, Natasha Bedingfield, H.E.R, Ariana Grande, Lauren Daigle, Alessia Cara, Backstreet Boys, Beyonce

TV of the week:  Survivor, The Devil Next Door

Podcasts of the week: So You Wanna Be a Witch, Crimelines

Books of the week: I’m rereading  Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo. I’m also rereading Super Attractor: Manifesting a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams by Gabby Bernstein. At first, I wasn’t crazy about Super Attractor. Now I can’t get enough. I’ve probably read it three times. I will probably read it 10 more times before the year is over. Who needs new books?

I need to finish Letting Go by David Hawkins. It’s about surrendering negative feelings. Think I need to do that. 😉

Weekend Plans: My therapist is nuts. She wants me to walk my dog twice a day for an hour. I don’t do the cold. I don’t leave my house when it’s cold. I hibernate. But you know what? I’m going to do it. I will walk him right after lunch and right after work. Did I mention that I hate the cold? I sort of hoping it rains on some days just so I have an excuse not to walk.

Tomorrow I’m taking my dog to the park in the morning. I’m really doing it because I want to get my mind off doing the video tarot reading. If I stayed in, I would probably drive myself crazy.

I hope I can get of my mind, tune in and give a good tarot reading tomorrow.

Not hitting the mute button

COUNTDOWN: 10 days until my beach vacay. 🙂

I signed up for 4 weeks of Hello Fresh. I get my first two meals on Tuesday. Two meals is enough food for 4 people. So really it’s four meals for me. It’s not the most cost-effective thing, but I do get $20 off for the first 4 weeks, and then I’m canceling. I’m going to eat on $4 a day after I’m done with this meal delivery service, there’s NO WAY I’m going to spend full price on Hello Fresh. That’s out of my comfort zone. I can eat a baked potato and salad for less than $3. That’s more in my price range. I hate wasting money on food.

Too bad a lot of the meals I wanted are spicy. I can’t do spicy, so I ended up picking meatloaf, tilapia, chicken, and burgers for my first two weeks. Well, I will be on vacation for the second week so I will be skipping one week. I’m glad that’s allowed. Anyway, this will get me cooking. Most of the meals seem doable for a beginner, BUT I might have to buy supplies. I don’t cook so I don’t have shit! I have a small pan for scrambled eggs and a microwave. 🙂

I have a simple meal plan for after Nutrisystem. Here goes:

  • Breakfast: Biscotti and scrambled eggs
  • Lunch: Bar and yogurt or small turkey burger and yogut or a big yogurt parfait
  • Dinner: medium baked potato with a salad, tacos with a salad

I need more dinner options. I will probably end up eating a baked potato (carbs…ugh!) on most days. Tacos will probably happen once or twice a week. My favorite foods are tacos, pasta, and eggs. 🙂 I would love to be able to make pasta, but I know I would eat it too much, so I will probably never learn to make it. Back to dinner options – I will probably add fish (salmon and tilapia) and chicken eventually.

Yoga. Not great. I like the studio and the teacher. However, the teacher did not do the poses. I HATE THAT. She called out all the poses. Even if I knew all the poses, it was sometimes hard to hear her over the music. I’d heard of about 60% of the poses, but I haven’t done ‘hardcore’ yoga in about 7 years. I’m so glad I didn’t buy a pass. So glad. I’m not going back. Before I go to another yoga studio, maybe I should call and ask whether the teacher does the poses. ???

For now, I’m going to do yoga outside in the backyard. All the yoga studios are downtown and ugh, parking. Plus, I don’t want to pay $20 to $25 for a walk-in class. So I’ll just do it free outside until I want to challenge myself. It’ll be exciting to try to learn all the poses. Maybe that will be a goal for this summer.

Therapy. She told me to stop watching the news! LOL. What?? Okay, I have cut down on my news watching by about 60%. I’m a news junkie, so I feel a little out of sorts. As in, WTF is going on? I’m still keeping up with election 2020. That is the only thing I really care about anyway. She also told me not to watch reality TV because it feeds the idea that people are evil. ROFL. Uh, it’s reality. Duh. Too freaking funny. I haven’t watched reality TV at all this week, but I am right now. Haha.

She also was the one that gave me the debt advice. :/ I’m still bummed about that. See last entry. One correction: I said that I never missed paying a bill, but I did foreclose on my house about 9 or 10 years ago. However, I got a shitty loan that Becky wouldn’t have gotten. Becky is someone with money, btw. I think the loan I got is illegal now or they should be so I don’t feel bad at all about that. Not sorry.

I do feel a little bit better about what I’m doing because it is necessary for me to get to the next level. I have to stop using credit cards. I pulled The Star (from tarot) on how to deal with this first month or creditors calling me, getting emails, and maybe being threatned with lawsuits (kill me now). The Star is about self healing. I’ll just quote what Biddy Tarot says on this card:

As the Star follows the Tower card in the Tarot, it comes as a welcome reprieve after a period of destruction and turmoil. You have endured many challenges and stripped yourself bare of any limiting beliefs that have previously held you back. You are realising your core essence, who you are beneath all the layers. No matter what life throws your way, you know that you are always connected to the Divine and pure loving energy. You hold a new sense of self, a new appreciation for the core of your Being.

The Star brings renewed hope and faith, and a sense that you are truly blessed by the Universe. You are entering a peaceful, loving phase in your life, filled with calm energy, mental stability and more in-depth understanding of both yourself and others around you. This is a time of significant personal growth and development as you are now ready to receive the many blessings of the Universe.

biddy tarot.com

This is the best card I could have pulled! I felt hopeful after pulling that. I don’t always trust tarot which is something a tarot reader never says, but recently I’ve learned that tarot is fucking magical. I believe it it now more than I ever have. But I still don’t want to read full-time. I want to do astrology.

So yeah, therapy is going okay. I’m still getting charged full price, BUT they refund me the money about 3 weeks later. Sigh. Even though I’m doing overtime, my finances aren’t great, so I’m worried about always being charged full price. What if I don’t have $80 in the bank at that time? (I would have the copay of $25 in the bank or I would cancel the appointment). I’m in the process of switching banks for the first time ever! So I have to switch everything over ASAP. Double sigh. I will have to withdraw all the money from the ATM because I’m not going inside the bank. I will have a bunch of $20 bills to take to the new bank. It might be about $900!! That’s not suspicious at all. LOL. They wouldn’t let me transfer all my money online. They only allowed $350. Not sure why.

Not much to say about election 2020. I said I didn’t mind a big crowd of people running, but now I believe this is the end of Marianne Williamson. 😦 MSNBC and CNN won’t have more than 20 people on the debate stage. So Marianne can’t make it because she has to be at 1% in three polls due to about 25 people running. This sucks. When people poll the people over the phone, they don’t even mention Marianne. Dammit. Reality sucks.

Biden, Warren, Harris, Sanders, and Buttigieg are currently in the lead. Sorry, that’s not in order. Warren is the only one not beating Trump. She’s at 47%. He gets 48%. But this is too early and doesn’t really matter. People thought Obama wasn’t electable and I think he was president. Not sure. Anyway, MSNBC is loving on Buttigieg a little too much. I like him also, but geez. Beto is finally doing cable news. He must have read my post about him. 😉 Oh, and DeBlasio will probably run. Great. I used to really like him. Now he’s so-so like Corey Booker. He’s not as horrible as Biden. But not ideal.

This week I…

Music of the week: Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Victory, Sara Bareilles, Lissie, Jannelle Monae, Maggie Rogers, Marren Morris

TV of the week:  NBA Playoffs, How to Get Away With Murder

Podcasts of the week: All In with Chris Hayes, Pod Save America, Tarot for the Wild Soul, The Astrology Podcast, The Jim Fortin Podcast, True Crime Garage

Books of the week: Now reading – 

Weekend Plans: Working overtime. I’m exhausted, but I’m loving the extra money, so I can’t complain. I’m going grocery shopping. I will probably buy a few supplies for the Hello Fresh meals. I don’t think I need much. I can just use my mom’s stuff. I prefer to have my own, and I used to, but over many moves, I’ve lost almost all my kitchen stuff.

What else? I have to pack for my beach trip. Not a big deal. Most of my stuff is packed, but I never unpacked from Los Angeles, so everything is mixed up. I have a lot of school work to do. I’m trying to figure out what I want to take with me to the beach as far as stuff to do. I didn’t want to do work, but I probably will do school work. I wanted to just read for fun, but that probably won’t happen. I just want to relax. At least, I don’t have to do real work.

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend. 🙂

The clouds are still here

COUNTDOWN: 19 days until my beach birthday vacation 🙂

I like the large print on this site, but I wonder how it looks on phones. I still can’t believe people go to websites on their phones! I only do it if I have no choice. But I know from my tarot site that people do visit on mobile browsers. Anyway, I wanted something basic, and purple is my favorite color, so here we go. I hate the red on this site, but I don’t know how to get rid of it. Have I mentioned that this blog is now at anotherparade.com? 🙂 But feel free to keep visiting the old address. Same site at both addresses.

I’m all for college being free and all. BUT I went to a community college for two years on scholarship and then went to a cheaper university for 3 years to lower my costs. (If I hadn’t changed my major, I would have only done 2 years at the university). If someone CHOOSES to go to a high priced college… WTF? Do you know how much better my life could be if I had gone to a more expensive school? I really wanted to go. I got accepted to the school. I could have gone. But I was smart enough to know I didn’t want school loans forever. C’mon people!! People act like they are entitled to go to any school they want and have no side effects. Ten years from now, college might be a right, but the last time I checked America doesn’t do it that way.

In the future, when college may be free, some people may not be able to go very far for school. Where are they going to live? I had a loan for that, and I went without food during the last days because my loans and financial aid ran out. I mean, I ate something once a day, but I couldn’t eat any of the cafeteria food that I really loved.

No one ever taught me about finances, but I could figure out going to an expensive college wasn’t smart. I knew that at 10 years old when I was thinking of becoming a veterinarian. Is all this fair? OF COURSE NOT. People without money always get screwed. It’s the American way.

And on a different topic, I guess people in prison should be allowed to vote. Maine and Vermont already allow it so why not do it for everyone else?

I have my second therapy appointment in about an hour. OH! The insurance company said I should only have to pay the copay. That’s great news, right? However, I also got TWO letters saying the service is not covered. So which is correct? SIGH!!! I still don’t know whether therapy is covered, but I did look at the benefit book, and it says video/online treatment is covered as long as I use the right company to pick a therapist from and of course I did. Besides, I don’t know of other companies that offer REAL online therapy. Meaning Talkspace and companies like that. I’ve read horror stories about how bad the therapy is on those sites.

In conclusion, I still have no idea whether this therapy is covered.

Election 2020: Buttigieg appears to be more moderate than I like. Damn. But I have high standards. It’s also very convenient that people are trying to say he’s racist. Yes, the white GAY man must be racist, and that’s why you don’t like him. 😉 I have no idea why the black police chief (sergeant or whoever) had to leave his job. Really odd. I’m curious, and I want facts.

Btw, a lot of people are racist. I’m sure some of the Dems running for president are racist. I just accept that as a given. I know some are annoyed by “identity politics.” Sanders admitted it about 6 months ago. Now he knows better than to say that shit out loud. I bet Biden is SICK of hearing about women and the crime bill and Anita Hill and blah, blah, blah. I bet he is so over it, but I have no proof.

At least Beto apologized for being white. ROFL. I’m joking. Well, Beto and others have sort of apologized for being white males. White people don’t need to go around being ashamed to be white (not that many even think about being white). I don’t mean to give anyone a pass, but is it Biden’s, Buttigieg’s, or Sanders’ fault that they are getting more media coverage than most of the women? I think it’s a HUGE mistake for Beto not to give press to cable news. He’ll learn the hard way. You can’t run for president as you ran for the Senate. Oh, and I loved how Sanders was groaned at by women of color when he mentioned marching with MLK Jr. I’m so glad I’m not the only one sick of that story. I’ve seen the pictures. I know the story. Um, good for him?

One more thing – Marianne Williamson has raised 1.2 million dollars! That is more than some of the men already in DC!! But she still doesn’t have enough people donating to be in the debate. I think she’ll get there. She has the money, but not enough supporters.

Wait…another thing. Some people are pissed that Biden used Charlottesville in his announcement. Especially people in Virginia. Sigh. When I heard rumors he was going to be talking about Charlottesville, I knew that that was going to be a mistake. I didn’t know that was going to be the whole freaking announcement! Only the Biden lovers were so in love with that announcement. A person in the media said it made her cry. Oh please! Don’t exploit Charlottesville. This is how people get called ‘out of touch,’ but whatever. Carry on.

In case, you’re new here, I usually do one LONG post a week. I used to blog about 3-4 times a week, but due to work, online classes and trying to start a business I can’t post that often so I always post here once a week.

This week I…

Music of the week: Beyonce, Jess Glynne, Jussie Smollett, Matt Nathanson, Tori Kelly, Ariana Grande, Sara Bareilles, Taylor Swift

I thought Taylor Swift was releasing an album. All this hype for a single? 😦 Okay, I’ll wait for the album. Her albums are hit or miss, so I know not to be too excited.

TV of the week:  NBA Playoffs, How to Get Away With Murder

Podcasts of the week: True Crime Garage, So You Wanna Be a Witch, Pod Save America, The Lowe Post, The Water Trio, Living Open

Books of the week: Now reading – 

Weekend Plans: Uh, a lot. Working overtime on Saturday. My dog’s birthday is on Sunday, so we’re going to the park. I want to take my astrology test, but that’s not required. I have to take notes on another astrology class I’m taking. I want to get back into yoga desperately, so I’m going to do it in the backyard because it’s hard to find a class that fits my schedule. I wanted to blog more about yoga, but this post is so long!

I have to clean up and move things around because I had to buy a portable AC. $$$ It’s been 95 degrees in here, but only 85 outside. I kid you not! So I had to do something. I hope to get it installed by Monday or Tuesday.

I have therapy in 20 minutes. LOL. Instead of focusing on that, I’m doing this blog post. Anyway, thanks so much for reading. Have a great weekend! 🙂

The noise got too loud

OMG. I almost forgot to blog here this week. This week has been crazy. I have 3 tarot classes upcoming. Well, one already started. Two start on March 15th. I’m going to put one of the classes I was most excited about on the back burner. It’s a prerecorded class, so it’s not a big deal. I’m so tired right now. Why am I blogging? Sorry.

I can’t get comfortable. My dog is in my way on the bed. Grrr! Only 9 weeks until my birthday vacay! woohoo! No work. No school. A real break!! Oh, I’m also taking an astrology course that starts April 25th. I’m only taking it because I’ll get a certificate from the School of London. That’s not the real name of the school. I just know the professor teaches in London. Anyway, I won’t be doing any school work during my break.

I think I’m giving up on my “business”…for now. I’m still going to post on Instagram at least 4 days a week. I will probably do two free tarot readings a month unless I’m swamped with school. I’m not sure. I believe practice is important, so I don’t want to just completely stop doing readings. I’ve only had one sale. One sale.

I’ve invested way too much into this “business”. Fuck that shit! I’m not going to apologize for this outburst. No more money. No more classes. I have enough classes to last me for TWO+ years. I don’t need anymore. I have enough tarot, astrology, and business resources. I’m done. So done.

Oh, money. I borrowed $2,000 from my 401K. I should have borrowed more. The good thing about borrowing from my 401K is that all the low interest goes back to me. That is MY MONEY. Well, half of it is mine. I want it all, but my job won’t let me borrow it. I could borrow it for a downpayment on a house. But I’m 4-5 years from buying a house.

The $2000 is gone, btw. I paid my bills with it. Moving was so expensive! I’ve moved about 5 times since I’ve been an adult. It has never cost me a lot…until now. I had no idea I would be so worried about ‘checks’ bouncing as of Wednesday. I was so scared and so thankful that my loan came just in time. Thank the universe.

This week I…

Music of the week: Rachel Platten, Ariana Grande, Jewel, Maggie Rogers, India.Arie, Solange, Christina Aguilera, Lake Street Drive

TV of the week: Survivor, basketball

Podcasts of the week: True Crime Garage, So You Wanna Be a Witch, All In With Chris Hayes, Over it and On With It, rise up! good witch podcast, Tara Brach, Tarot for the Wild Soul, The Lowe Post, Your Own Magic

Books of the week: Now reading – 

Weekend Plans: I went to the library for two hours today. I booked a study room. I went to the county library this time. There was a big screen TV. They have wi-fi. I normally don’t need internet while studying but I made the stupid decision to put ALL my documents in the cloud the night before. Anyway, I got a ton accomplished. I’m back on track. I’m definitely going to book there again. The only downside is the noise. I can hear everyone else and they can hear me. No soundproofing. I just put my headphones on and listened to Spotify with the volume really low.

Tomorrow is supposed to be 70 degrees. If it doesn’t rain, I’m going on a walk with my dog. I have astrology class at 2:30. I really want to plan my whole week hour by hour every Sunday. But things keep changing. Am I doing tarot or not? If I’m not, I can take a break for a few days while I think about it. Sigh. I usually work on SWT (my biz name) for at least 2-3 hours every weekday. I think I’m thinking about Monday off.

So tired. It’s 11:21 PM. I had a decent day until I realized that my business probably won’t suceed because I won’t do events. $%@$

I’m over thinking about it. Should I even start my Patreon? Good question. What’s the point? I think I can figure out a way only to spend 20 hours a week on tarot/astrology and just keep putting content out there. I don’t mind if I don’t make money, but I can’t invest anymore. That’s for sure!

I’ve rambled enough. I know there are probably a ton of mistakes in this. Too tired. Have a great rest of the weekend and good week! Thanks for reading. 🙂 I’m going to bed.

Does anyone have a map?

I don’t know why I’m advertising this because it’s going to sell out fast. It always does. Hopefully, it will still be open by the time I post this. Here goes…

bank boost

As some of you may know, I am in heavy debt due to some things beyond my control like Abilify and some things 100% in my control. So in 2017, I spent $35 on an online class that billed itself as “a no-deprivation-required approach to spending less, earning extra, and not hating your life while doing it.” 

It seemed sort of …. too good to be true? But for $35 I figured, why not?! I spend more than that on monthly subscriptions that don’t always fulfill me.  

Long story short, it WASN’T too good to be true. In six weeks I managed to come up with wonderful ideas for making extra money.

And the class is live! It’s not one of those self-paced things you buy and then forget about. There are live Q & As, weekly emails, and a super active Facebook group full of people who are cheering you on and sharing their insights. FOR 35 EVER-LOVING DOLLARS. 

Anyway. Bank Boost is open for enrollment now (IT WILL SELL OUT SOON!) and I thought you should know about it. It’s fun, super effective, and unlike anything else you’ve tried when it comes to money. You can sign up here >>

Full disclosure, I *am* an affiliate for the course, but that’s because I really, really believe in it.

I started Nutrisystem on Monday. It’s going okay. I’m eating about 1,200 calories a day. I’ll post if I lose any weight during my first week later on. NS is definitely not necessary to lose weight. Everyone knows that. But I like the structure.

The only problem I have with NS is that the dinner options aren’t great. Well, I had the turkey sausage pizza tonight. It was pretty good even though I microwaved it instead of using the oven like most people do. It is a little better in the oven, but I don’t have time for that ish.

The lunch, breakfast, and snack options are GREAT. The tuna salad and hamburger for lunch are to die for. I can’t even name all the great breakfast options because I love so many of them. The best dinner option (minus the pizzas) is the chicken breast stuffed with broccoli. I love those, but I can’t eat them day after day. They are okay 3 times a week. I could probably eat pizza for dinner every day. 😉

I’m still waiting for my password for my astrology course. Orientation for the class is on Sunday. I keep checking my email and nothing.

Gotta go. Bye! Be back on Friday or Saturday.

I’m moving…again

In my defense, I’ve lived here for at least 5 years. When I graduated from college, I moved around A LOT. I mean once a year. I don’t hate moving like most people. I’m indifferent to it. It’s just something to do. 😉

I’m moving back in with my mom. OH NO!!!!!!!!111!! Yeah, this isn’t ideal. But it is better than filing for bankruptcy next summer. I’d rather pay off my debts, have a better credit score and save for a downpayment on my dream house. I’ll probably need $25K for a downpayment.

My dream house isn’t expensive. The most expensive house I’ve swooned over was probably $150,000. But most are under $130,000. I want at least a 2 bedroom house with a big bathroom in a rural area. The smaller the better. However, I do want at least 2 acres of land. So I really want to pay for the land, not the house.

Anyway, there are bad things about this move. I have to leave my house. I’ve loved this house for years, but it’s time to go. I love the area. I can walk to the freaking park. Hello? Who wouldn’t want to live here? It’s like a dream area. But due to finances, I must leave. The worst thing about the move is living with my mom. Sorry, but true. The second worst thing is that my dad lives there about 4 months out of the year. (Not 4 months straight). Too many humans!

I love living by myself so this kind of sucks. But what are my options? Filing bankruptcy next year? I haven’t looked into debt consolidation too much. Even if that were an option, moving is still the answer.

The hardest thing for me will be writing a letter to my landlord. 😦 I will feel so anxious. I don’t want to do it. Sigh. His assistant just wrote me a letter saying the landlord hopes I live in this house for YEARS. A year ago, that would have made me happy, but it just sucks because I know I’m moving. But I can’t say anything yet because I have to have the house in good shape before I move.

He also raised my rent by $15 (not a huge deal)  and now requires a $200 pet security (WTF?)  for my dog. So I have to pay a ton by October 1. I’m glad I got that letter before I was going to pay extra to my credit card. It came just in time.

I’m trying to move out by Thanksgiving. But I will probably continue to pay rent and electricity until January 1. That isn’t great because the electric bill is the main reason why I want to move. It can be $200+ when it is cold. Hopefully, November and December won’t be too cold. Where is global warming?

I’m going to pay my mom $200 a month in rent. I already have a debt repayment plan written down. Most of the extra money, that’s not going to rent will go straight to debt. I will up my money to my emergency fund. In fact, from now on that will be called my downpayment savings.

I also have some health-related things insurance won’t pay for. I will need a few thousand (Maybe $5000?) for those medical bills. I guess I should get the health thing taken care of before I start saving for a house. Ya think?

I consulted the tarot for moving out. So far I’ve only asked two questions. If I have faith in the tarot, it’s telling me this move is a good move. It told me that I need to prepare for what I know will be “bad” about living with my mom. It also told me to have faith. This morning I asked, what do I need to know about making a decision regarding moving? I got the Six of Wands which is one of the most positive cards I could have pulled. It’s basically saying this move will be a success. Okay. I hope the cards are right.

Oh, and most of this debt (85% of it) is due to Abilify. So I have to get off of it, or I will probably be back in debt again. I need to get my life back to what it was before Abilify. I’m going to talk to my regular doctor on September 17 to see if she can give me anything for Abilify withdrawal. I know she is going to say “Ask your psychiatrist.” Um, he doesn’t believe the side effects are real, so that’s pointless.

I’m worried about Hurricane Florence. It’s raining so much I can’t mow my lawn, and I really need to. I hope it doesn’t affect anyone too much.  I have to do a tarot reading tonight. Be back later this week. Bye! More on this later. And more on the plumbing situation too.

If I’m scared, I’ll go in scared

Support for the military isn’t a Republican or Democrat thing. I don’t hear people bashing the military. It bothers me when people make the military political, or they say that support for the police is political. Maybe most people who serve in the military are Republican (not my dad – LOL). Not sure. However, they have family and friends who are NOT Republican. People in America support the military.

I know the police thing is a little divisive. But that ain’t a Republican versus Democrat thing last I checked. Also, don’t spread LIES and say policemen and women die every day. I keep up with it. Yes, their lives are in danger every day. But there isn’t a report of a death every day. 92 law enforcement people have died in the line of duty so far in 2018. Does that sound like DAILY to you? I didn’t think so. Of that 92, 10 were heart attacks, one was accidental and 1 drowned. And some sadly died this year from effects from 9/11. They are in the statistics too.

Stop with the spreading lies BS. People are so damn dramatic when it comes to fighting against something that isn’t a thing. People in law enforcement do not die every day. Americans don’t hate the military. How about that for the truth? Shocking. I know.

/end telling the straight up FACTS.

I need money now. Tarot is a long-term thing. I’m thinking about starting a course on how I passed my certification exams the first time. That’s sort of like passing the bar exam on the first try except it’s not that hard. But people are impressed by that. I passed two exams on the first try. So why not sell a course on it? How YOU can pass the exam on the first try.

I’ll tell you why I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to make the course. *whine* 😉 I like tarot more than what I got my certification in. It would also be a lot of work. But I know I could sell it. I need to come up with a curriculum. I’m not saying for sure I’m doing it. But I will at least do an outline this weekend.

I would probably charge $30 for the course. Cheap, but I’m a newbie. No videos. Just PDFs. No Facebook group. Access to me? Hmmm, maybe for extra money. I don’t want to invest in this AT ALL. That’s part of the problem. I don’t have the latest books. I would probably have to buy those. *double whine* I really have to think about this. Since I’m not working part-time anymore and I’m doing only 3 tarot readings a week, I could do an online course.

I need the money. Yeah, I know I’ve already said this, but I REALLY need it. So I have to do something. I would buy a WordPress site and pay for it monthly so I can cancel at any time. My tarot site is on Squarespace, and I pay annually. WordPress is a little cheaper. I’ve also heard it’s harder to work with, but whatever. I can figure it out.

So I guess thinking about this is what I’ll be doing this weekend. It has to be top notch if I do it. Yeah, it won’t initially be expensive, but I want this to be worth $100. If I were doing videos and/or modules, it would be a $300-$500 course. But it is just going to be a bunch of documents. I can’t charge a ton for that. People like videos and I might consider doing that later on. I would want this course up by the end of September.

I love only doing 3 free tarot readings a week. I just did my 25th tarot reading yesterday and got great feedback on it. I was so nervous about that reading because she wanted to know specifically who she would fall in love with and when. Uh, I’m not psychic. I wish I were. Do you know how much money I could make if I were psychic or a medium? A lot. Anyway, 25 tarot readings done. I’ve learned a lot. I haven’t perfected my skill. I think I need at least 25 more free/practice readings to feel confident about charging people what an email reading is really worth.

Something is very wrong with my left wrist. Is the carpal tunnel back? This doesn’t feel like carpal tunnel. I am going to start wearing my brace again…once I find it. I can barely pick things up with my left hand only.

I was so sick today. I want to thank my essential oils for making it better. And maybe Clarispray helped a little too. 🙂 I used eucalyptus and frankincense. I put A LOT in my diffuser, and I felt better within 30 minutes to an hour. It wasn’t just the Clarispray. The allergy medicine takes 4 hours to work. I hate being “sick” for 4 hours especially when I’m trying to work. Yay, for essential oils.

One more random thing: I ordered crab linguini alfredo from Red Lobster. Um, the pasta was good, but I hated the crab! I’m from Maryland. We like crab! LOL. Next time I’m either getting salmon or tilapia. No more crab in pasta for me. Ugh.

This week I…

Music of the week (my top 8 most listened to): Camilla Cabello, Demi Lovato, Florence + the Machine, The Wailin Jennys, Elephant Revival, Linkin Park, Alessia Cara, Kesha

TV of the week:  Big Brother, I’m a Killer, The Bachelorette

Movie of the week: None

Podcasts of the week: True Crime Garage, Why is This Happening?, Generation Why, Joyce Meyer, A Course in Miracles, Castle Rock, Tara Brach, Online Marketing Made Easy

Books of the week: Now reading:

Plans for the weekend: Um, nothing much. Yeah! No day job work as of right now. I will do two tarot readings this weekend. Like I said above, I will be working on doing an outline for a possible online course. I will work on my astrology course and read. I might mow the lawn. It keeps raining! ARGH. I mowed the side of my yard on Tuesday, and it looks like I didn’t mow it because I mowed it when it was slightly damp. But the grass is always damp because it keeps raining! Sigh. I just need two days in a row with no rain.

UPDATE: I’m now working overtime tomorrow. Um. Yeah, I need the money (for the 25th time). Yay??

PSA: I’m telling everyone about this course (including on my tarot site). I will blog about it here too.

Bank Boost is open for enrollment now through August 20th, and I thought you should know about it. It’s fun, super effective, and unlike anything else you’ve tried when it comes to money. You can sign up here >> The online course is only $35, and the best thing about it for me was giving me ideas on how to make extra money.

And the class is live! It’s not one of those self-paced things you buy and then forget about. There are live q & as, weekly emails, and a super active Facebook group full of people who are cheering you on and sharing their insights. FOR 35 EVER-LOVING DOLLARS.

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Full disclosure, I *am* an affiliate for the course, but that’s because I really, really believe in it.

Whew! Long entry. Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂