Can I get a refill?

Ranting time.

::erased rant:: because I’m over it.


Found on the internets 🙂

9 Things Not to Say to Someone with Mental Illness

This is a little old but I just read it. My faves:

3. “Change your attitude.”

While a change in perspective can be helpful, it doesn’t cure conditions such as ADHD, bipolar disorder, PTSD or schizophrenia, said Howes. And changing one’s attitude isn’t so easy either. “It’s incredibly difficult for a high-functioning person to change their attitude, let alone someone debilitated by an exhausting mental illness.”

4. “Stop focusing on the bad stuff, and just start living.”

According to Barth, “one of the most common mistakes is to tell a person to stop focusing on themselves, or on the bad things, or on the past, and just start living.” Why is this so problematic? It can make a person feel even worse about themselves. “[T]hey figure the fact that they can’t do it is, in their mind, just one more sign of their failure.”


“I am Still Called by the God I Serve to Walk This Out”

Interview with Jordan Davis’ mom. This is a great and very sad read.


Ten Quotes to Celebrate Audre Lorde’s Birthday

Looking for great quotes? Click the link above.


Just Say No to College! Why it’s the Worst Decision a Young American can Make

I started dreaming of going to college when I was 8 years old. NOTHING was going to stop me. There were naysayers all around. After all, I was the first one of my extended family to graduate from a university. Even though I was depressed the whole time, I still enjoyed it. I didn’t go to find a job. I went for the experience. It was better than working full-time, as soon as I got out of high school. (I worked part-time).

However, I do agree that the debt often isn’t worth it. But if you go to a low cost school like I did (because I couldn’t afford another option) AND college is your dream then GO. Don’t go to the most expensive school unless you have a free ride (parents paying or scholarship).

Also, go to community college for two years first. (I did that on scholarship!) Then go to a 4 year university.


Don’t Kill My Vibe

Today is gorgeous. 68 degrees and sunny!! This is my kind of weather. And I don’t even have to think about mowing the lawn. Score!

I have a (wild) bird in my house. I think I’m supposed to be freaked out but I’m just like, whatever. I hope I can let it go outside eventually but I’m not sweating it. Next.

I have a 24 hour getaway planned. No, not the beach. 😦 I wish. I would rather go by myself (of course) but since my mom could use a getaway badly, I’m taking her along. She deserves a day/night away since she is taking care of her mom. So we are going to Potomac Mills (and IKEA!!!!!) in April. I have to use my free hotel night by April 26 so Northern VA/DC it is. I’ve been there only once before. I’m not going there to shop – ha – one needs money for that. I’m going to window shop at IKEA. The last time I went, I spent under $15.00 so I know I can do it…but I also didn’t go into many stores. I just went to exchange money (for my Mexico trip) and to go to IKEA.

I love IKEA in an obsessive way. I dream of buying stuff there and then hiring someone to put it together. Keep dreaming, kid. 😉  I’m not even living in a space where I want to buy stuff from there. That is a good thing. But I do have future plans. Anyhow, this is my only “trip” planned for 2014. hahaha. (Well not counting my overnight stay in Charlottesville to take my boards in June…)


Ugh, the Jehovah Witnesses are coming back tomorrow. They gave me a bible last weekend. I am grateful for that, I would be for any book…but I haven’t had time to read it. Well, I’ve already read the bible…when I was about 12 years old , I went through the whole thing. Oh god. I don’t know what to say to them. To me the bible is just something some dude made up. So while it is interesting there is no comfort or validation there. What to say? What to say? ugh.


5 things I’m currently grateful for: The way my teacher is doing the mid-terms (still hard though), the weather, my day off on Friday (got a ton done), my living situation, & a chance to use 0% interest checks to pay off some of my credit cards

Music for the week:  Jonatha Brooke, Suzanne Vega, Candice Glover, Amy Ray, Jennifer Nettles, Imagine Dragons, Lorde, Elle Varner

TV for the week: basketball, House of Cards, curling @ the Olympics

same as last week

Movie of the week: none :/

Books of the weekBecoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage by Kody Brown and wives, The Diet Trap: Feed Your Psychological Needs and End the Weight Loss Struggle Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy by Jason Lillis

Goals for next week: Do my mid-terms. I didn’t know I would have TWO midterms since the classes are so similar. I figured she would just give us one for the main class…. I’ve come up with a new gym plan. I’ll blog more about that later since it won’t take place until it is consistently warm (April?). And I seriously have to clean up everything this week. This is a must.

Don’t drink the water

This is the fifth day without water (in my house). The water was undrinkable anyways. I’m sure it had more toxins than the average American household. I didn’t have a lot of guests – LOL. But none of them would drink the water. They made sure to bring bottled water with them. Anyhow, I still need water. No shit right? I am more dehydrated than usual. I’m probably messing up my kidneys too. (Nothing is TMI for this blog).

Definitely LOSING!!!

I have today and tomorrow off. I have midterms. OMG. I’m so not ready. I’m taking of one tomorrow morning. This class requires two textbooks. Um, I lost one. Well I can’t find it at the moment. I lose everyday – but I have NEVER lost a textbook. I have to check my car again.


This isn’t a big deal and I probably shouldn’t mention it. But (ha) JNx was saying that “if I took that many days off, I would not be able/want to come to work”. Um, last week my plumbing “exploded”….in the house. They don’t know that. They also don’t know that I haven’t had water for 5 days. They also don’t know that ALL my plumbing has to be redone. Did I mention that? I have no days off in April. From July-August, I don’t expect to get a day off. I will try to get a day but last year it was impossible.

LOSING at everything.

I should get back to studying. I can’t even judge the effect of Welbutrin because all this shit is happening. I think antidepressants probably work better for people who don’t have a cause for their depression. But if depression is an effect of something else, anti-depressants only help a little. If at all. That is GENUIS. I’m sure no one else ever has said that.

I am a LOSER!! Don’t hang out with me. You have big houses and big TVs! 😉