time to change the record

I have to make some changes. LOTS of changes. But I’m only focusing on two things for now: finances and diet.

I’ve been spending too much money and having more than one cheat day a week. I’m paying for my financial irresponsibility big time. As far as my eating goes, I weigh 126 pounds when I should weigh a little less. Not a big deal, but I don’t want to get back up to 130.

I spent an absurd amount at ThredUp last night (an online thrift store – amazing and so addictive!). That’s when I knew it was time to get my shit together. I’m not going to say no more clothes…yet. I still may get a birthday fix (from Stitch Fix). But I’m not going crazy anymore. I have enough clothes.

I’m still going to continue to blog about the clothes (Stitch Fix, LeTote*, etc.) and things I get on this blog; there is no reason for me to start a separate blog for that since I’m not doing it that often anymore. This is just a one-time thing where I got a lot of stuff. In two months, I probably won’t have any of these hauls or review type posts.

*I just did an unboxing of my LeTote box on snap chat. (userename: kat3x5). The snaps will stay up until Wednesday afternoon. I will do a blog post on what I got whenever I just need to unwind or when I have the time. Whichever comes first.

So yes, my HUGE haul from ThredUp will be coming in about ten days. I love doing these kinds of posts, but I can’t continue if I’m not getting anything. Obvs.

I’m talking more about finances than diet because that is more important. And my diet (way of eating) doesn’t feel as out of control at the moment. But I definitely want to focus on both.


I have to scream about DC and the parking situation. The Tori Kelly concert is this Saturday. Now I’m planning on going straight to Arlington, VA for a couple of hours and then head to DC an hour before the show starts. I’m not sure what I’m going to do in Arlington. Not to sound disrespectful, but I’ve been to Arlington National Cemetery SEVERAL times so I probably won’t do that. I may just hang out around the Pentagon or go to the (fashion) mall. If I go to the mall, I can grab something to eat. That is what I will probably end up doing.

I don’t have much time to figure it out so I better make a decision.

Of course, my car’s engine light is on. Perfect timing. Hopefully, it will go off today. If I have to take the bus to DC, I will…even though I already paid $25 for parking. As of right now, I’m driving to Washington with the engine light on. It’s not that far.

This is one of my busiest weeks ever. And that doesn’t include work. My planner is nuts. I haven’t had it this full in a while. I’m taking off May 4th for a mental health day. ROFL. I need a day off now. Why did I wait until May? What sense does that make? Well, I didn’t want to be behind. The company doesn’t give a shit about me, but I care about not getting behind.

No one loves me like my dog

The people who are upset over Starbucks cups must have great lives. I’m so jealous. I don’t go to Starbucks anyway. Overpriced and overhyped. I only go if they are the only option for something to eat/drink. I tried their egg salad sandwich once and it sucked. 😉

I did my Le Tote YouTube video. I had it public on YT for 24 hours. I’m guessing it probably got anywhere from 5 to 15 views. I would like to apologize to those people. I edited it okay thanks to easy to use editing software called VideoPad. But the sound was horrible and the lighting in some spots was atrocious. I don’t know why I kept it up that long. Since it was my first effort, I’d give myself a C- but compared to other videos, it was a complete fail.

I may do other videos in front of the camera, but I’m not sure what I would do them on. I’m not dying to get it in front of the camera. Trust me. I will still do my planner videos twice a year, but I don’t have to show my face for those. I barely have to edit them.

Every time I want to do a no spend, I give up with my first slip. I don’t want any slip-ups! I’m going to try a no spend December, but because of recent car repair expenses,  I might have to make an exception for buying things for other people. I’m not sure yet.  Unfortunately, I have to buy things like groceries because I don’t have a big enough freezer and some things like unfrozen veggies and yogurt don’t last a full month so I have to buy those.

Monday (my day off) was not good. It could have been A LOT worse for sure. Car repair expenses are never fun. I don’t want to relive that day. I’m also disgusted at myself over some things. Ugh, it is over. Wayne Dyer (and people like him) talk about all these idealistic things like unconditional love etc. I can’t even be human when other people are around. So what a damn minute. Did we skip over something? LOL. I’m only human when I’m alone. (slight exaggeration)

I’m going off on a tangent….

I want to do a slight ease into this no spend. I’m sort of starting now, but I already know what stuff I have to buy. Just no frivolous shit for me. So I might cancel Stitch Fix before I even start. What’s the point? I wanted to do it because it seemed like fun to get things stylists picked for you and it was only $20 a month (unless I decide to keep something). It’s like Xmas. You get a box and you have NO IDEA what’s in it. Fun! 🙂

Who needs that kind of fun?  BREAKING NEWS: I just canceled my Stitch Fix for November 28. Wahh.  That would have been so fun but so consumerist and materialistic too. *Pout*  I don’t need clothes. I wasn’t planning on keeping much but why tempt myself? Don’t spend. I’m also canceling Le Tote but here is the wonderful stuff I got in my last box:

I wore this dress for 9 hours on Monday. I love it, but I’m over it. I thought I would wear it out more than once, but now I’m now not so sure since I’m sending it back in 2 weeks.

maxi dress
maxi dress

I got this Jessica Simpson handbag *brand new*. It still had the plastic wrap and the paper inside. I love this purse!

letote7Nice poncho. I’ve worn this twice.


Love this ring. Used to wear these all the time when I worked in the office. I once overheard people discussing whether my rings were real. hahaha!


I haven’t worn this out yet. I may wear it Friday. I love cardigans.


I wish I could keep my subscription to Le Tote, but it is impractical. I simply don’t go out enough. I try to stay in Monday through Friday, but that doesn’t always work. For example, this Friday I’m going grocery shopping (I’m dreading this) because there is a big event going on and the major roads will be closed on Saturday. On Saturday, I’m going to the free gym near my house. I’m not going to wear the above clothes to workout. I’m staying in on Sunday. That is a typical weekend for me. So I don’t need clothes. It is fun, though.

I’m still debating whether I should have a cheat day for Thanksgiving. I’m probably going to the free gym that day so I will be working a little off but I feel it is too indulgent. I dunno. Still thinking…

why I got you on my mind

I don’t know what to do! OMG. Le Tote just sent me pics of what I’m getting in my next box and Oh my freaking god. I love it. I was going to cancel on November 21 so I wouldn’t be charged again but how can I cancel when they are sending me a Jessica Simpson clutch (with a long strap – I don’t do clutches), and a maxi dress? HELLO? Totally my style. WHY?

I had my mind made up. No more totes. sigh. Le Tote, I hate you for making me love you. I will post pics of everything I get like I did last time. I did sign up for Stitch Fix, but I’m hoping making YouTube videos will offset a little bit of the cost. Anything is possible. I get my first “Fix” on December 3rd. I delayed it on purpose because I thought I would be done with Le Tote. I made a Pinterest board for my Stitch Fix stylist. If you want to see what my ideal style is, visit that board.

I have never shown my face on YouTube (only my hands). I’m getting an inexpensive tripod and I will try making videos. In fact, I may make a Le Tote video which I know will get a lot of views because there aren’t that many videos about them on YT. That’s scary. Anyway, ahhhh!

WTF am I doing? I have no idea. But it’s fun. 🙂

The one thing that is bothering me about Le Tote is that they just sent an email saying they are raising their prices soon. 😦 However, I get grandfathered in (and anyone who signs up under me or any other member gets grandfathered in) so the price isn’t going up on us soon. I  should have known that once they started getting Jessica Simpson and other brands, their price would go up. But they better bring in some really good brands. I think the price is perfect as is…I wish it were lower so I could keep the subscription forever, but I understand the current pricing.

I just had to post because I’m sitting here bursting with excitement. Back to work for an hour or so. I hope I get my clothes before Saturday. I’m off on Monday and I’m going out and I would love to rock some of those clothes. I love fashion. I try to reign that part of me in sometimes because clothes cost money and I would rather spend money on experiences (like travel).

I really have to go now. Bye.

initial thoughts on Le Tote

Le Tote has been branded as a Netflix for clothes. You pay a fee ($49) and you get clothes and accessories. You can send them back in 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months. And then you get “new” clothes. You get to pick what you want if you choose to or they will pick for you base on what you like. New is in quotes because the clothes are used (but clean). LeTote has clothes/accessories from Jessica Simpson, Levi, Betsy Johnson, Nine West, BCBGeneration, French Connection and more.

I got my first LeTote box at a 20% discount on Thursday. I told them no dresses, skirts, bracelets, or shorts. So my box is pretty boring, but that is my fault. I work at home and it is getting cold so I don’t have a need for dresses even though their dresses and skirts look divine. Please don’t judge Le Tote based on my clothes I post here. 😉  Go to the website and you can see what they offer. (If you click on that link you get $25 off your first box or you can just go to Letote.com).

One more note: Even though I am kind of small (123 lbs and about 5’5″), I told them to send me medium tops because my stomach is not flat. One of the medium blouses was a little too big, but I’m wearing it anyway. The “stylist” sent me a small top that I did not choose. That was kind of snug. Once again I’m still wearing it. It would have been great in a medium. The medium sweater fit perfectly.

Anyway, here is what I got in box #1:

blouse by Octavia
Blouse by Summer & Sage
sweater by Fate
sweater by Fate
earrings by Noir Luxe
earrings by Noir Luxe
necklace by Ava
necklace by Ava

My favorite thing are the earrings. I thought it would be the necklace. I’m wearing those earrings every time I go out until I send these items back. Love them. I would keep them, but I’m trying to be good. (You can keep any item or all the items for a discount. The earrings are $20 with the discount).

If I worked in the office, I would totally keep this subscription. I like wearing different clothes. But since I go out only once or twice a week during the winter, I don’t need different clothes so I don’t know what I’m going to do. I would try Stitch Fix, but you don’t get to wear all the clothes. You can only try on their clothes and wear what you want to buy. That is the biggest difference between the two. I probably will try Stitch Fix this summer when I actually leave the house from time to time. 🙂  I’m sending this box back to Le Tote on November 10 because I want to wear the jewelry as much as possible.

Overall, I like Le Tote. I’m going to skip January since my lifestyle doesn’t call for new clothes that often. The biggest con for me is that some of the clothes come wrinkled. LOL. I hate ironing but luckily for me, I didn’t have to iron anything in this box. I don’t think the price is that bad because you get to wear all the clothes and accessories.

I will have more thoughts and maybe more posts on Le Tote once I get more clothes. These are just my initial thoughts.