Dude, I got a Mac

I was so close to buying a MacBook Air. But I’m not getting one. 😦 It took me 3 hours to get my laptop (an HP) to come on Sunday morning, and I was just fed up. It kept restarting and then I would only see a black screen, or it wouldn’t let me log on. Etc. What if I wanted to take my test that morning?  I can only guarantee to not get bothered by my dog in the morning and at night. At night, my brain is fried so the morning is when I take my tests. This laptop is only about 8 months old!! I’m so over PCs. I know that Macs last longer so I want to invest in a Mac.

The funny thing is that I could’ve had a Mac if I hadn’t bought the HP months ago. The only reason I didn’t buy a Mac back then was because I needed something NOW and I didn’t feel like I had enough time to learn how to use a Mac. Now I feel comfortable that I could use a Mac. However, now I can’t afford it. Sure, I could put it on a credit card, but that wouldn’t be good for me. That would be horrible. If I hadn’t gone to LA, I probably would have bought the Mac on Sunday. Probably.

I still have the Mac in my cart at the Apple Store. The price comes to $1631 with the ‘extras’ I added on.  Man, I wish I could get one responsibly.

**************BREAKING NEWS*******WOAH! WOAH! Stop!!! I just ordered the MacBook Air. FUCK!!!! I can’t really justify it. I put it on a credit card with no balance. It’s still horrible, though. I can return it. I can return it. I can return it. Just keep telling myself that. OMG.

I’m picking it up tomorrow. Today is Sunday. By the time I post this entry, I will have the MacBook in my hands. WTF did I just do????

I went on YouTube to look at MacBook Air reviews, and they aren’t that stellar, but I know it’ll do the job for me. I don’t play games, edit videos, watch movies on a laptop, or use Photoshop. One person mentioned she got hers at Best Buy. So I went there to check out their prices. It was $200 less than what Apple was selling theirs for. Same model and same specs. Tomorrow (well, today for you) I’m going to Best Buy to pick it up.

I got the Air with 512GB SSD storage and 2.2GHz dual-core Intel Core i7 processor. I wish it had more space, but I’m only using about 125GB on my HP laptop.  42GB is music, of course. I had to have something fast because I hate a slow computer, so that is why I paid more and went with the 2.2GHz dual-core Intel Core i7 processor.

I know this sounds nuts, but I still plan on using my HP for a while (along with the Mac). I see the MacBook as an investment. It is supposed to last for a while when compared to most PC laptops. Yes, it was foolish to invest right now when I can’t really afford it. But I’ve been thinking about getting a Mac for years. Sunday morning just left me so frustrated. :/ I should have just had faith that the PC laptop would be okay. ??? Of course, it is working beautifully now.

I guess I can say no more traveling or things for me for a while. I definitely don’t need any more THINGS. I was so proud of myself for focusing on paying off debt after my LA trip and now this. Sigh.

LOL! I just got a raise this morning. I had no idea that was coming. The irony! 😉

I just picked up the MacBook from Best Buy. I haven’t done anything to it. Well, it’s charging, but I haven’t opened the actual laptop. I will have more thoughts on it later during the week. I used to think only elites had Macs and now I have one, so that’s no longer true. Sorry to mess up the status of all Mac users. ROFL.

I probably won’t do much to it tonight. I definitely won’t transfer any files. In fact, I’m currently using my HP laptop to do stuff. I may transfer some things this weekend. I haven’t quite figured out what I’m going to do with the MacBook Air yet. Will it be my main computer? Eventually. But for now, I still see my HP as my main computer…as long as it works.

Don’t worry. I won’t become a Mac snob like so many. I will probably always have an android phone, and I will use my HP laptop for as long as it lasts. I use a Dell for work, and I love it. Also, I hate iTunes and refuse to use it. But with a MacBook, I might go back to using iTunes like I used to about 7 years ago. Ick!

In conclusion, I would like to thank all the Best Buy Apple buyers. It saved me $200! It’s probably obvious not to buy straight from Apple, but that is what I was going to do.

Then they are bored of me

I applied for a full-time job. After passing the certification exam, I was thinking and feeling “now what?” I used my first certification to get my part-time job. So why not go for a full-time job? Even though it is really scary. I did an awesome resume (if I can say that). 😉 I LOVE it. I did a semi-average cover letter, and I thought that I might have a chance.

And then later that night, I saw that they have had the job posted for over 30 days. ROFL. Um, there is no way they can’t find someone to do this job. So it is probably an old posting, and I won’t hear anything from them. Or they don’t pay well. I requested at least $35,000. I hope that’s wasn’t too high. Oh well. Like most jobs, I would have to go into the office for this, and I really like working at home (98% of the time).

I qualify since I have the certifications and a little bit of experience. There is one unmentionable thing I don’t have experience in. But I’m a quick learner. 🙂 It’s unmentionable because I would be giving the industry I want to work in away.

Besides the having to go into the office thing, the job sounds pretty good. Maybe I will hear back from them, or maybe I will stay put or maybe I will just see if any other job ads fall into my lap like this one did.

I bought a new laptop yesterday! I was researching $1200 Dells and looking at MacBooks. But then I decided to just get what I could afford. Be sensible and buy the $400 HP laptop (on sale). It should last for at least 3-4 years and then maybe I can get a more expensive computer. I just need something for my music and do be able to occasionally download things. Nothing fancy.

I have all of my files on the new computer already. Now I’m just dealing with how to get programs on the new laptop (especially ones I paid for!).

I’m bummed that my version of MS Office 2013 will not work because the new computer comes with MS Office 2016. So I have to buy it again!! 😦 I don’t know what I’m going to do. I got the 2013 version from work with a very good deal. So I definitely don’t want to pay the full price. blah.

I gave up reading Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders by Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry. It was good but too long. I’ll try it again when I have fewer books to read and more time.

My sunflower isn’t blooming. 😦  It’s stuck. I’ve never planted sunflowers before so maybe this is natural, but I don’t think so. I’m too scared to google the problem. I will eventually.

Gotta go. It’s so strange to not have to study. I’m going to read and watch a Marianne Williamson lecture and then go to bed. So tired.

can’t eat what you can’t catch

Change is in the air. New laptop. New planner. New side/weekend hustle. Sigh. But then there is a lot of old stuff too. blah.

I invested over $1oo into my side hustle this week. It is for real now. I’m going to obtain my business license before mid-May and sell in June. It is exciting and nerve racking. I brought some brand new items to sell (coming this weekend!) and I will have stuff from estate sales. I want a variety of things. I prefer to sell purses and jewelry because that makes it fun for me but supply and demand, baby!

Dude,  I got a Dell
Dude, I got a Dell

The laptop is um, interesting. I hate Windows 8.1. Hate it. I’m going to see what I can do with it this weekend. I just got so frustrated with the operating system, I gave up after 5 minutes. I’m done… until I have more time. So far all I’ve installed is Spotify (of course!). I will be moving all my files over the weekend.

very Chanel looking
very Chanel looking

My new planner! I love it. I totally (totes!) moved into it as soon as I could. The only thing I don’t like is the size of the rings. I like extra note pages because I am always jotting stuff down. I’m keeping up with all my estate sales stuff on random note pages. Well I don’t have enough room for a ton of pages in this planner. Bummer. I love a big, thick planner. TMI?

Now that I’ve been researching Asheville, North Carolina, I’m so stoked to go. I wish I would have done more research earlier so I could have gone THIS year. Oh well. I really hope I can go next year. The cabins are to die for.

Gotta go.

I bet my life


I just ordered a laptop! Self control, where art thou?  It should be here on Wednesday. Exciting. It is a Dell Touchscreen laptop. TOUCHSCREEN. Yay. I decided to go with this over the other laptop I mentioned because the reviews are amazing. I’m expecting a good product. I’ve never had a Dell laptop, I’ve used plenty of Dell desktops. I’ve also never had a touchscreen laptop. That should be interesting.

I ordered a drop and spill warranty for 2 years. I feel safe with that. I only ordered today because I’m supposed to get my tax refund by Thursday. I wasn’t expecting to use my tax refund for that. I had plans to make a major dent in debt and now…sigh. Oh well.

I tried to start my weekend hustle/side hustle today. It didn’t work out. I wanted knitting supplies and jewelry to sell at a flea market. I lost out on both. In a way, I’m relieved because I don’t have to pay for it (especially after the computer purchase!) but now I’m feeling like I will never be able to buy anything from an estate sale. There is one that ends next Friday. I am currently #1 on about 3-4 items. But anything could happen. I dunno. I need stuff to sale. Stuff. Just stuff. Another man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

I think I scared the Jehovah Witnesses off. Every time I think that, it seems like C has a change of heart and comes back after a few weeks. I hate changing my schedule around to accommodate her. I would rush my afternoon work and then rush working on my practicum or not do it at all. It is definitely a relief if she never comes back. Does that sound harsh?

Instagram is not for people with crappy camera phones. I am thinking about giving up on #ListersGottaList BUT it is so nice to do something creative. I tend to do about 3-4 lists on the weekends so I don’t have to worry about it during the week. But my photos suck because I don’t have an iPhone or a Samsung (or whatever the top android phone is). The point of Instagram is pretty pictures….apparently.

Well my lists look much better when I take them with my digital camera so I’m going to post 3 of my lists here. I wish it looked like this on instagram. Oh well.

People I most admire and why:

people I admire
people I admire

As you can see, I didn’t have a lot of room for the “why”.

Things I need to improve:

few things I need to improve
few things I need to improve

I know you’re thinking “she should have added ‘handwriting’ to that list. lol.

Places I want to go:

dream vacations
dream vacations

The only place on that list I am really researching is Puerto Vallarta. I want that to be my next big solo trip. Asheville, North Carolina will happen. It is “only” 6 hours  away but ugh, I don’t want to drive that far. My legs will kill me. I’m thinking about going next year. I found a great 1 bedroom cabin for $150 a night. They have horses! No pets allowed. :/

Now I’m going to work on my practicum. I have a long work day tomorrow. I may try to go to bed early tonight…but I doubt that happens.

Never gonna break my faith

Ahhh! I don’t know what to do (again). My monitor on my laptop is broken. My dog has knocked down my laptop 3 times and I knocked it down the most recent time. Uh-oh. The last time I backed up my hard drive on my external drive was April 12, 2012. (I have backed up various files in various places since then but no, not ALL my files are backed up). Update: I have found a way to attach an extra monitor so I can use that to access everything on my laptop. But this isn’t going to work long term. However, I will use it to back up all my files. After I move the files, then I will just get a new laptop?? I’ve had this HP Probook for 3 years. It is a little slow at times but everything but the screen works.

Hmmm. I would have to wait until I get my tax refund before I buy a new laptop. I don’t have the money now. I wouldn’t get anything expensive (cause I can’t). I’m looking at the Dell Inspirion laptop. I can get it for $499. Btw, I hate Windows 8.1 :/ I’m used to Windows 7 and I like it.

Or should I just see if I can get my laptop fixed? At this point, the cheapest thing is to use my work monitor to get to my laptop’s files. I’m so glad the hard drive isn’t broken! I really like my laptop. I don’t want to get a new one…especially one that isn’t as good as the ProBook. 😦

Sigh. I will be backing up my files all week.  It is mostly music. I have 8,000+ songs.


I weigh 142 pounds….again. I’m not trying to maintain. I want to lose! See how I said “want to” lose? I’m not really trying. I’m pretty sure I’m going to cancel my paid gym membership. Every time I think that, I think of what I could be doing there. Water aerobics, yoga, spin etc. But I’m not doing those things right now. I can cancel in May. I’ll make a decision soon. I went to the free gym on Easter Sunday and guess what? I was the only person there. I used the weight machines for the first time in a long time and I walked a mile and a half on the treadmill. 35 minutes in the gym all by myself. Score! 😉


I’m having dog issues. Or my dog has issues. Both of us have issues. I feel like he needs to be in therapy. Does he know how rare it is to have your human companion around 95% of the time? Hello? I’m almost always home. Most people leave to go to work (I work at home) OR they have like, lives.

He doesn’t get it. He is better when I do leave the house. I can’t hear him screaming/barking from my car. But it is still a pain to leave him. I think we spend too much time together. It is as simple as that. And I’m planning on taking him to the cabin next month? Does this make sense? I feel bad even thinking about leaving him for 3 nights.

How many people have this problem? I need to Bing (AKA google) “spend too much time with my dog/cat”. I just did and what I found wasn’t that comforting. lol.

To be continued…

Born for this

It takes acquired minds to taste this whine.



No, I’m not attached to this computer…. I LOVE IT! I love the feel of the keyboard. I love everything about it. It is awesome. I can’t wait to take it to the beach. It is so lightweight. I hope it lasts as long as my Compaq laptop. It is still going but it is slooooooow.

Believe it or not, I’ve never had a webcam before. I never needed one. I still don’t need one. This ProBook comes with one. It also comes with a microphone. I guess those two go together. I will be using the microphone. I need it for my Spanish language software and I like to record notes so I can study anywhere.

Here are the stats: HP ProBook 4530s LJ518UT 15.6′ LED Notebook – Core i3 i3-2330M 2.20GHz – Metallic Gray. SMART BUY 4530S I3-2330M 2.2G 4GB 500GB DVDRW 15.6IN WL W7HP 64 NOTEBK. 1366 x 768 WXGA Display – 4 GB RAM – 500 GB HDD – DVD-Writer – Intel HD 3000 Graphics Card – Webcam – Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium – 6.25 Hour Battery – HDMI

BTW, this was an early birthday present. My B-day is next month.

I’m so glad the weekend is here so I can try to set up everything on this computer. I know I’m going to have to go back to my old one for something.

Here’s another pic:


I went from doing nothing for my summer/spring vacation to maybe doing something. Maybe. Here is how I see it working out…or not.

1. President Obama rally (next weekend – 90% sure I’ll try. 15% sure I’ll see him or the 1st lady)

2. Beach trip (Mid May – 100% sure)

3. Christopher Hayes’ book signing (Mid June – 80% sure. I have to be at work the next day @ 6AM to host a speakerphone meeting. YIKES. Thank Buddha I can mostly read and look down. I don’t have to really talk or anything. Still horrified).

4. First trip to North Carolina and/or Duke University (Late June – 100% sure the NC part is happening. I don’t see myself going down there and not making it to Duke).

5. Dar Williams concert (Mid August. 50% sure. It just depends on what’s going on. I love Dar. She can’t make a bad album).

That’s enough for me.


I think my scoliosis is getting worse. I’m 31 so that is probably normal. I just don’t want to know about it. (denial). Eventually I will probably google it. I have a feeling that I should have had a surgery when I was a teenager. Bummer.  My back doesn’t hurt. It just feels really weird. Yes, that is the best description I can give. Haha. I can definitely feel the weirdness when I dance and I’ve been dancing daily. I need the endorphins because the drugs aren’t working. 🙂

I have to go pay for my summer school class. woohoo. School starts May 21.

I’m thrilled the NBA playoffs are starting this weekend. I’ve been sort of absent this season. After the lockout, I was really excited (understatement) when the season started on xmas day but as the season progressed it has been…..eh. I don’t know. Too many games stuffed into a short period of time. Too much going on. I stopped watching full games. Now I’m all in. Go Lakers!