Just a little piece of your heart

I went on and ordered a Plum Paper Planner! I put it on my credit card because I don’t have enough cash. How silly/dumb is that? But I’m so excited to get it. I have it starting in March 2015. It won’t arrive until around February 10 (if I’m lucky). I love it because it can be personalized. I brought the family planner (with extras) even though I don’t have a traditional family. I just have a dog and 2 guinea pigs….Anyway, I have the days divided into: work, today, money and fitness. I have 3 blank sections.

Here is a  video of an overview of the Plum Paper Planner:  (She has the regular planner NOT the family planner so mine will be a little different)

I’m not an affiliate. I just love these planners! BTW, I did consider the Erin Condren Life Planner but I don’t divide my days into morning, evening and night so that planner wouldn’t work at all for me.

About the Desire Map planner: I haven’t received it yet. I ordered it on January 3 and it still says packaging. I’m very disappointed since they claim to ship in two days.  I would have expected a note with my confirmation email if there was a delay for any reason. #FirstWorldIssues I may keep the planner or sell it on eBay. I could use one planner for documenting (plum planner) and one for goals (desire map). I dunno. I have to get it and look through it first.

Edit: OMG. I emailed Danielle LaPorte’s company to cancel my Desire Map Planner since they weren’t planning on shipping it anytime soon. They are going to cancel it! LOL. So I ordered a Bloom Planner (much cheaper but still good) to use until I get my Plum Paper Planner. Uh, thanks. 🙂 Wow is all I have to say. Is that good customer service or….I’m so confused. Anyhow, the Bloom Planner will be here on Tuesday.

I will show both planners on the blog. No worries about that. 😉 lol


I feel bad about how I blogged about my dog even though everything I said at the time was how I felt. I’m his person. He picked me. He is shy around everyone BUT me. I don’t know why that is. I do feel blessed to have this little guy in my life…even though things are far from perfect. For example, he was pretty good all week but today…SCREAM. I was trying to work. Keyword: trying. He has his first vet appointment on January 19. I hope everything goes okay.


My therapist. Another SCREAM. She doesn’t get it. I see her about once a month so maybe that is why she has a memory problem. I don’t yearn for friends. How hard is that to understand? Yes, I do consider dealing with people a hassle. I had to spell it out for her. I AM A LONER. etc. etc. This is not new info. I have told her all this before. Sigh. Maybe it is time for therapy to end. ???



Music for the week: India.Arie, Mary J. Blige, Whitney Houston, Carrie Underwood, Sam Smith, D’Angelo, Butterfly Boucher, Taylor Swift

TV for the week: House of Cards, basketball

Movie of the week: none

Book of the week: Coming Clean: A Memoir by Kimberly Rae Miller

Knitting projects of the week:

I started a ribbed cowl –

ribbed cowl

ribbed cowl

Here is my purple cowl. I will never do another cowl with this type of yarn. It takes too long.

purple cowl

purple cowl

And here is my scarf. It is almost done.



No more big yarn purchases for me. I’m on a strict budget these days. I will be using my stash for a while.


I didn’t go to spin last week, not because it was the first week of January but because I was out all day on Saturday. I am planning on going this Sunday…if I have water. I didn’t have water all day yesterday and this morning. That is nothing compared to last year. Last January I probably had water for less than 10 days. It was so cold last winter. Here’s hoping this winter isn’t as cold.

whisper, whisper, whisper


first cowl!

As you can see, I finished my cowl! This is by far the best knitting experience I’ve had thus far. It isn’t perfect. There are at least two known mistakes. Isn’t it amazing how a string of yarn can become a piece of fabric? It amazes me that I made that. I’m wearing it out on Thursday instead of one of my scarves.

I’m shocked that it is wearable. Like I said, I couldn’t find a pattern with my yarn so I searched the net for inspiration. The best cowl I found was Elise’s “super simple knitted cowl“. I didn’t follow her pattern (because I used a different type of yarn*) but just looking at her finished cowl kept me going. I wanted mine to look as cozy as hers and it kind of is. Hers is probably thicker though. I cast on about 105 stitches….I have no idea how many rows I did.

*I used Lion’s Brand Tweed Stripes.

I’m in love with my cowl. Yep, I admit it. 😉  I might have to make a purple one next. I’m really more of a scarf person so….I just made this to make something different.


My dog definitely and I mean DEFINITELY has separation anxiety (and motion sickness while in the car). He has stomach issues just like humans do when they get anxious.  I ordered two different types of medicines. I hope they work. I would like to think it is just the new environment but I’m not that optimistic. I’m gone for 45 minutes and he goes ballistic. Imagine if I were gone for 8-9 hours a day!!? It would be horrible.

I’m guessing this might be one of the reasons he was at the shelter. It is that bad.  He also isn’t good with kids so that may be another reason.



I have not listened to the last episode of Serial as of this posting. As a true crime aficionado, I sort of feel like I wasted my time. This was the best case she could find? Yeah I know the case came to her but she could have passed. I think Adnan and Jay did it. Do I think Adnan should be in jail? NO. There isn’t enough evidence. Eyewitnesses  AKA Jay are not real evidence. I want forensics. (I have jury duty soon. I would be such a pain on a jury… if I talked. I would never convict someone based on what someone else said. That is NUTS!)

Why do I think Adnan is guilty? It’s simple. He never called Hae after she was murdered. He knew. That’s why he didn’t call her cell phone. RED FLAG.  Her other friends constantly called her. It also doesn’t help that his cell phone pinged off a tower  near the park where her body was found. Of course someone else (Jay) could have had the phone but I’m not buying that.

It was interesting but there are so many more far compelling cases where an innocent person could truly be helped.

I have to talk about Hae a little. She became real to me when they mentioned how Adnan and her danced to K-Ci’s and Jo Jo’s song. I will never find another lover sweeter than you, sweeter than you… That brought back so many memories. What a tragic way to die. So young. WHY? I want to ask WHO DID IT? But I’m 70% sure Adnan did. The reasonable doubt is why I couldn’t convict him.

The whole podcast was just weird (for lack of a better word). I wouldn’t have done a whole series of episodes on this case but it worked for her.

After I finish the final episode, I’m going to research the case myself and see whether I still feel the same way. I doubt anything changes.


I’m going to bed now. I can’t believe I have to work on Xmas eve and Xmas day. Everyone else is off and I’m jealous! But blessed to be stressed as they say……………….

Mary just don’t give a damn

Um, I know it is important (?) but if I hear one more word about the “Sony Hack” and “The Interview”…. ::News off::




Everyone else in the lobby was happy to get their new dog or cat back from being spayed or neutered. I was stressed. haha. That is so typical of me. Seriously I feel like he is bored here and I don’t know what to do. He doesn’t love his toys*. He is not a chewer (thank Buddha??). I take him outside a lot. I don’t have a fenced in yard so I have to walk him on a leash. But I can’t constantly take him out when I’m working. Sigh. Puppy problems. I no longer leave him in his crate during the day, only at night.

*A couple hours after I typed this, he played with his toy for over 30 minutes. So maybe there is hope! yay.

I want a happy dog. Who wouldn’t? He looks at me with those big brown (sad?) eyes and I melt. I thought I was the animal whisperer. I could read their minds. Call me crazy but this is/was true. I’m more animal than human. (Forget that humans are animals for a sec). I hate to admit this but I’m more of a cat person but I can’t have cats for health reasons. 😦

Eventually obedience school will be happening. That’s something to do. He’ll have a blast. That lasts 6 weeks. I’d rather take a local knitting class (lol)  and make my first pair of socks but I can’t do both. I am thinking about taking the knitting class in March. We can bring our own pattern and she will help us make it. Enough about knitting. I would love to take B to a dog park soon.

I have plans but nothing is happening right now. Trying to work and watch after this dog is like watching a toddler when he isn’t sleeping. I don’t have kids for a reason. My dog was 17. I forgot what the puppy years were like plus I had my mom’s help.

End of adventures in puppy-land.

I’m only on episode 4 of Serial. No spoilers please. 😉 I like to listen to it on the weekends when I can give it my full attention. Everyone is spoiling it now because in their world, it is over.

Other random stuff: I’m cancelling one of my book subscriptions. Finally. I was going to cancel so I could get my dog health insurance but Consumer Reports claims that pet insurance usually isn’t worth the price. (Are they referring to middle class people AKA people with money or ALL people? Should I consider it since I’m barely making it? They didn’t mention that so I’m still a little conflicted). I’ve had that book subscription for over a decade. Sad to see it go but I could use the money. I’m going to miss it when I have to go to the library more. I hate returning books to the library. I love checking out though.

I also canceled my Netflix DVD plan. I’m not as sad to see that go.


Music for the week: D’Angelo, Kacey Musgraves, Mary J. Blige, Magic!, Ani DiFranco, Carrie Underwood, Sam Smith, Sharon Van Etten

Being a fan of D’Angelo is frustrating. Like most hardcore fans, I had heard 80% of the album years ago (mostly from concerts – including one I attended). I had NO CLUE that he hadn’t recorded all the songs in a studio. WTF? He rushed recording the album due to what happened in Ferguson! That would be fine if I thought the songs sounded finished. I wondered why they were so short. Since when does D do a 5 minute song?? Don’t get me wrong, I love the album. I’m just disappointed to hear that he rushed the studio recordings. What could have been….

TV for the week: Pretty Little Liars, Colbert Report, basketball

Movie of the week:  none. Will I ever watch a movie again? Stay tuned. 🙂 I usually go to the movies on Xmas day but I gotta work and then go to my mom’s house plus NBA basketball is on ALL day.  I miss my movie tradition. I will go back to going to the movies on Dec 25….just not this year.

Book of the week: Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl

Knitting projects of the week: I started a cowl on Monday. I was hoping to have it finished by today. ROFL. I’m a slow knitter. This is great practice but I’m not sure it will be useful. I couldn’t find a pattern with my yarn so I just made something up. I cast on about 105 stitches with a 16 inch circular needle and just started knitting. I think this is going to be too small. Bummer! I love the colors and really want to wear it. Here it is so far:



And here is my scarf.



I’m starting to like the colors. That yarn would have been perfect for a cowl but I don’t think I have enough for a cowl. I hope I have enough for the scarf!


I can’t wait til we hide from nothing

Looks like I will be working on International Gift Exchange Day (AKA Dec. 25). It will only be for about 5 hours though. I tried to get out of doing the gift thing for Xmas last year. Soooo did not work but at least I tried. :/ I only “have to” exchange gifts with 2 other people so it isn’t horrible.

Hi! My name is Baylor. I’m almost 9 months old. I don’t like having my picture taken.



I’m in the midst of puppy chaos. I said I would never potty train a puppy or a kid. Well…ARGH! How do people do this? My last 7 month old dog from the same shelter was trained so I hoped that an 8 month old would be too. I guess I got lucky last time. No, I know I got lucky. I got the best dog ever. Anyway, I’m using a crate to train him. If this works, I will consider it a miracle….and I do believe in miracles. At least he is getting in his crate. I’m so glad he doesn’t hate it.

It’s weird because I work at home so he sees me all day when he is in his crate. Yes, he whines from time to time. He is either extremely protective of me or extremely anxious. I would prefer neither. He only barks when he can’t see me, when someone else comes around and when he hears other small dogs bark in the neighborhood (rare). I hope he doesn’t have separation anxiety. It is too early to tell.

Adventures in puppyland…

I finally started listening to Serial. #Late I thought it was some fake crime show! Every time someone would mention it, I would think of all the unread fiction crime/mystery books I have on my Kindle. I’m not that interested in fiction but I die for true crime. A true crime podcast!!! That is my dream. Back to reality:  This is a real story. These are real people. And I won’t say anymore because it would probably be a spoiler.


Music for the week: Sharon Van Etten, Magic!, Jessie J, Sam Smith, Mary J. Blige, Ariana Grande, Mary Lambert, Carrie Underwood

TV for the week: Pretty Little Liars, Colbert Report

Movie of the week:  none

Book of the week: Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl

Knitting projects of the week: I spent hours and I mean at least 40 hours on that shawl…and I messed it up. 😦 I was about 70% done. I tried to fix the mistake myself and that only made it worse. I guess the next time I made a mistake like that, I will take it to a knitting class and let the teacher fix it. It will cost me but I might learn something too.  I was really looking forward to wearing it.

I learn to knit in April and my biggest concern is that I have no idea how to fix mistakes. I’ve read about it and watched DVDs and YouTube videos on it…I don’t get it.

I know I said I wouldn’t start another chunky scarf but that was before I got this yarn. Most people make beautiful hats with this yarn but I see it and think why not make another scarf?! (I will only have 3 handmade scarves when I’m done with this one).

yarn is denim mix

yarn is denim mix

Here is my afghan so far:




And I cast on my sweater. Not enough done for a pic.


More stuff! I almost forgot to share my knitting project bags. I brought two from BrightCraft (an Etsy shop). Forget the bags, she has the best handmade stuff. If I didn’t know how to knit, I would have gone nuts ordering from her. (I try to stay away from knitted items because I think one day I’ll be able to make it, so why buy it from someone else?)

The first bag is purple with black cats. In this pic, it is housing my shawl. I will put my sweater in this bag after I rip out my shawl.

large bag

large bag

The other bag is a France print bag. I have my afghan in it:


Her bags are affordable when compared to other bags. They are also nicely made. I definitely recommend them.

taking chances

It hasn’t happened yet but I’m 99% sure I am putting my dog to sleep this weekend. 😦 She just had her 17th or 18th birthday (have to look it up). I’m losing my best friend. 😦 So sad. I’ve been having trouble sleeping. I’m so not looking forward to Saturday when I will lose my baby, my only friend. 😦 😦 😦


Warning: long entry with a few  pics

I went to the free gym on Wednesday because I figured I wouldn’t feel like going to spin class after taking my dog to the vet on Saturday. It was semi-crowded. I have never seen that many people at that gym when it isn’t January. Note to self: Don’t go to the gym at 3:45PM on a weekday. (Nah, I’ll probably try again).  I only walked a little over a mile on the treadmill. Fitness gurus would say that that is nothing. I understand but it is better than nothing. Besides I want to speed up my metabolism. I figure exercising is the best way to go even if it isn’t much.

I guess my SAD hasn’t kicked in yet. Normally during this time of year, I would never voluntarily go to the gym. I’m just at my normal level of depression. I think it is because it isn’t that cold yet. It was 70 degrees recently!

“Business” – Ebay sent me an email saying they went over my site and wanted me as an affiliate. I had no idea they even had an affiliate program. So if you don’t hate me, please consider using my Ebay link (also on blogroll) when you shop there. I use ebay about 5 times a year. I buy 90% of my knitting needles from there. I also like using it for gifts. I’ve been using Ebay so long  that I have a common one word name with no numbers behind it. I used to do all my shopping there. I’ve sold stuff on there too.

Currently my favorite ebay store is Cherrysky90 (clothes, knit, crochet) but it really depends on what I’m interested in at the moment. Guilty Pleasure: I love buying jewelry on ebay. I don’t wear it as much anymore but when I did, I got a bunch of cheap nice looking stuff. 😉 Lots of compliments. If they only knew…

Pictures of STUFF time. I was a bad girl and brought knitting stuff. Stuff isn’t bad on it’s own. But I’m #1 having financial issues and #2 obviously using stuff to fill a void.

All of the yarn was on sale from Craftsy. I’m used to acrylic yarn for the most part so I’m very excited to add these skeins to my stash. I’ll start with my favorite:

Lorna's Laces  100% superwash merino

Lorna’s Laces 100% superwash merino

Isn’t that beautiful? It is called jeans and it is for a lace scarflette I plan to make. Hand dyed.

Cascade Heritage 75% merino 25%  nylon

Cascade Heritage 75% merino 25% nylon

I have no plans for the yarn above. I just brought it because I love purple.

Lorna's Laces 55% merino wool 15% nylon 30% viscose

Lorna’s Laces 55% merino wool 15% nylon 30% viscose

The yarn above is called “The L”. I brought it for a lace scarf. It is hard to make due to all the lace so I won’t be starting that project anytime soon.  Hand dyed yarn.

Rowan fine lace. 80% alpaca 20% fine merino wool

Rowan fine lace. 80% alpaca 20% fine merino wool

No plans for the above yarn.

Just for fun, here is a pic of my yarn stash:

messy messy

messy messy

I have 2  project bags on the way (more  STUFF). They seem to be stuck in Florida. Pics of those next week.


Music for the week: Sharon Van Etten, Magic!, Lucy Hale, Mary J. Blige, FKA twigs, Tristan Prettyman, Ani DiFranco, Ariana Grande

I haven’t had much time to listen to the new Mary J album but so far I love it. No shock there. I’m a huge Mary J. fan.

TV for the week: Pretty Little Liars

I’m going to start a House of Cards marathon in January. See, I do have plans for the new year. 😉 Season 3 starts in February.

Movie of the week:  none

Books of the week: I have a hold for a library book I really want to read. Until then I’m just browsing various books like Knitting: Amazing Patterns that Everyone Can Knit by Kathy Wilson <– great patterns

Knitting projects of the week: More pics. I finished my final chunky garter scarf:



I got to the place in my afghan where I changed colors. This is my first time changing colors with knitting. I think I did okay. The back is very messy though.



Finally, here is a gauge swatch for my cardigan. Yes, the swatch is too small. I should have ripped it out and started a bigger one. Anyway, I wish I had stuck with my first color choice: brown. I think I’m sick of burgundy after doing the scarf. But oh well. It is my first sweater. It’ll be amazing if it comes out close to decent.

guage swatch for cardigan

gauge swatch for cardigan 20% wool 80% acrylic

Crochet projects of the week: none really. chains, chains, chains. I hope to have something here…in a month maybe.

I have to get ready for C to come over. C is a Jehovah Witness who swears she is not trying to convert me. She just wants to “tell me what the real truth is”. Her truth is what is in the Bible. Everything was fine until she dissed science. :/

Save your advice cause I won’t hear

3 day vacay! No work Sunday through Tuesday. After this “vacay” from work, it will be a loooong winter. As of right now, I have no days off in December. (not sure about Xmas yet). I was thinking about asking for NYE off because I hate that day. I might be planning a one day get away so I won’t have to be home. (New Year’s Day is fine, I just hate the Eve). Anyhow, no days off in December, January or February. That is how it is looking right now. I am not amused. :/ I may try to get a day off in February. I have two days off in March for March Madness!! It is my favorite time of the year.

On Monday I will be out ALL day (from 9:30 – 7PM). I stay in all the time when I’m working so it isn’t really a bad thing. I will actually leave the house. OMG. Hopefully on Tuesday I get to stay in. That’s the plan. Edit: I think I’m going to work at least an hour on Tuesday.

I’m ready for spin tomorrow. Maybe if I do it right, my butt will hurt more. 😉 I wasn’t as sore as many people say they were after their first class.


Music for the week: Taylor Swift, Jessie J, Whitney Houston, Mary Lambert, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Tristan Prettyman, Nick Jonas

I think I’m doing a “top 15 albums of 2014” list. Either that or top 10. My #1 album is easy. I don’t think anyone would ever guess what my favorite album of 2014 is. It certainly surprised me. I know people are waiting on the edge of their seats. 😉

TV for the week: Big Brother Australia, Grey’s Anatomy, basketball

I can’t believe Grey’s is still worth watching. I recommend starting with season one. It is one of my favorite shows of all time. Love the characters.

Movie of the week: none

Book of the weekLeaving Time by Jodi Picoult

I’m not that impressed by this book. Help! I’m on page 175 and I don’t really care what happens to anyone. The only parts I like are the elephant parts (0f course!).  I might not finish it. It is so hard to find good fiction.

Knitting projects of the week: The fun section! I started my afghan. I had to use metal needles (booo!) because those are the only size 8 needles I have with nothing on them. I’m worried about gauge. I don’t think I knit evenly. So saying knit 64 rows for each block is not going to equal the same size of each block…if I knit unevenly. That is a problem with afghans (and clothes, I guess). I would rather the pattern say knit 10 inches. That I can do. I hope this comes out okay. This is all I have so far:



I know you are awe struck by my beautiful afghan and I just started! 🙂 (sarcasm) This will be a long term project. Just something to knit when I’m not working on anything else. I hope to get it finish in 6 months but it will probably take a year.

Here is the never ending shawl. I tried to stretch it out to show how big it really is. I had no idea this shawl would take so long. I feel like I will never finish it.

don't look @ the mess

don’t look @ the mess


I started my chunky scarf because I want to start wearing it ASAP. I’m in love with this color:

another scarf?!

another scarf?!

I haven’t started my cardigan yet. I need to buy size 8 bamboo needles from the craft store before I start. I’ll probably pick up a pair on Monday.


Should I nap? Or do my practicum? Hey, I’ve been up since 5:30AM working! It is freezing in my house and I want to get under the covers. Decisions. Decisions. All I know is that I will have to cut down on my knitting to work more on my practicum in the future.

Thinking out loud

I think I’m going back to spin class on Sunday. haha. I don’t know what’s wrong with me…I want to give it one more chance before I write it off. I’m going to choose a different bike this time. I plan on sitting in the front of the room, on the side. So no one will be in back of me or directly in front of me. Last Sunday I sat in the back but then I couldn’t see the instructor that well. Maybe seeing her will help my form and I’ll get more out of it. I’ll see…

I know no one cares about my knitting life but I’m going to blog about it anyway because I’m soooooo excited about the projects I’m about to start. It is all I’m passionate about right now. Okay, obsessed is more like it. I took the following pics with my crappy phone because I can’t find my regular camera. I don’t have an iPhone like all the cool kids. I would only want one because the camera is so great but there is no way I can afford it.

I’m making another chunky scarf. This will be the last winter scarf I knit this year. I don’t only want to wear the gray one. I need choices. 😉 Here’s the yarn for that:

another scarf

another scarf

20% wool 80% acrylic

I cannot wait to start my cardigan. I am following this Craftsy class to make my sweater: My First Sweater, (affl. link) I have watched this class 3 times. I think I’m ready. 😉  I finally brought my yarn. Amazon had it on sale. I brought 7 balls even though I only need 6 for the sweater. Yarn for that:

chestnut heather

chestnut heather

20% wool 80% acrylic. I know it seems like I’m on a red-ish kick but purple is my favorite color and I’m sick of choosing purple for everything. But I do have two types of purple in the first blanket I’m going to knit. I’m am even more excited for this afghan than my sweater. Here is the yarn I am using for that:

large afghan

large afghan

100% acrylic. colors are lilac, purple, off white, sky blue and fuchsia. The finished blanket should look like this. I didn’t have to buy new yarn for this, I just went to my stash. My goal was to make a blanket using 2 colors but I found the perfect pattern which calls for 5 colors so I’m going with that.

Happy Knitting! 🙂

Do it like it ain’t been done

SQUEAL!!!!!!!! I finished my scarf! Forget the ‘knitting projects’ section. This belongs at the beginning. 😉 I’m wearing it out tomorrow and here it is……

chunky scarf

chunky scarf



This was my first real attempt at weaving in the ends and I think I did okay. If it falls apart then obviously I still suck at it. This scarf was so easy to make and I loved knitting it. Maybe one day I could make some for charity?..once I get better at weaving in the ends. It would be great to make matching hats and scarves but I’m bad at making hats. I plan to get better very soon (see below).


Now onto serious business. I read the book Write it Down, Make it Happen a decade ago. It is one of my favorite books and it changed my life. I can’t say that about many books. This past week I wrote down some short term goals I would like to accomplish in my paper journal. I’ll share the not so personal ones here. When people are posting their resolutions for 2015, I’ll link back to this entry. I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. #1 I hate holidays. #2 Why not start NOW? I didn’t wait until January to stop eating red meat and pork. I wanted to start ASAP. #3 The stats show they don’t work. So why bother?

Here are my goals I’m starting now (with a couple left out):


  • Have set hours. I’m going to try to stick to 5:30 to 3:30 with the hopes of eventually working 8 hours a day.
  • Do 60% of my work before lunch.


  • I’m going to be realistic with this one: Go to the free gym once a week. When it gets warmer, this goal will change. But for now I would like to walk 2-3 miles on the treadmill and if/when the gym is empty do weight lifting. (The gym is often empty – except in January. lol)


  • Do my practicum 3 days a week – Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. 45 minutes a day.


  • Finish my shawl.
  • Finish my hat I’m “working flat”.
  • Start a cardigan.
  • Start fingerless gloves
  • Make a hat in the round.
  • Start an afghan using at least two different colors.


  • Finish 35 books between now and December 2015. I would like to say read everyday but with everything going on that probably won’t happen. My practicum and other things are more important. I used to easily read 50 books a year.

Guinea Pigs

  • Stay on top of keeping their cage clean.

That is pretty much it. Now that I think about it I should probably include getting out of debt or some money goal. I’ll add that to my paper journal later.


Music for the week: Taylor Swift, Jessie J, Mary Lambert, Tristan Prettyman, Ellie Goulding, Ariana Grande, Lori McKenna, Train, Sia

I’m pleasantly surprised by Mary Lambert’s and Tristan Prettyman’s albums. I think Tristan said she recorded hers in TWO weeks. I was expecting something boring but it is pretty great. Taylor’s album had to grow on me. I’ve listened to it more than a dozen times. She spent two years on it. I was expecting something better. I would love if she did an acoustic version of 1989. (pleasepleaseplease) The acoustic snippets she included were damn good. The album is way too pop and I like pop.

TV for the week: Big Brother Australia, Army Wives, NBA basketball (yay! it’s back).

Movie of the week: none

Books of the week:  Beyond Belief: My secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape by Jenna Hill  & Lisa Pulitzer

Knitting projects of the week: Now that I’ve finished my scarf, I need to work on finishing my shawl. I want to start my cardigan but I have to buy the yarn first. The total cost of the yarn I want to use is about $30 (cheap by many people’s standards but not mine!)

Triangles are my favorite shape

My Las Vegas posts are over. Should I write about the fire? The range on my stove is broken. DUNZO. The fire was one of the scariest moments of my life. I’m used to living in fear 95% of the time but this fear was definitely different. If it were my house, I don’t think I would have been as scared but I’m renting! I can’t let his house burn down.

The day before, I left the burner on for an hour after I finished cooking. The house was filled with smoke and I didn’t even notice. Oh yeah, I am getting a smoke detector. For some reason my landlord took down the smoke detector that was in this house. Anyhow the next day, I tried to cook with the same burner and it didn’t come on. Oh fuck, I thought. But I just used the other burner. Three minutes later, there was a fire. At first when I threw water on it, it seem to get bigger. That is when I became terrified. I was about to call 911 but then I threw a container of water on it and the fire was gone.

So I have to get a new stove. 😦 It costs $340. Since the oven is still working, I’m not rushing it. I brought a portable single burner which will probably annoy me but it is better than nothing. I’m using it for the first time tomorrow.  I will try to get a new stove within 6 months. If it weren’t for Vegas, I probably would have had it installed this week. Bummer. Oh well.


Music for the week: Jessie J, Britney Spears, Mary Lambert, Ariana Grande, Aretha Franklin, Ellie Goulding, Lori McKenna, A Fine Frenzy

Taylor Swift’s 1989 leaked. Guess what I’m doing for the remainder of the weekend? 😉 I’m so glad I don’t shun or hate pop music. I love it. I devour it (and spit it out if I hate it).

TV for the week: Big Brother Australia, Army Wives

Movie of the week: The Fault in Our Stars 

Good movie. I enjoyed the characters not being desperate to be in love. That is so tired in movies. I’m watching it again right now for the second time.

Books of the week: I finished  Still Alice by Lisa Genova. It was good but not great. Now I’m reading  Beyond Belief: My secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape by Jenna Hill  & Lisa Pulitzer and Living in the Land of Enough by Courtney Carver

Knitting projects of the week:

I’m almost done with my scarf –

vegas  scarf

vegas scarf

I made two mistakes on this shawl within a 24 hour period. I don’t think think I’m giving up…..yet.

damn shawl

damn shawl

Now I’m going to listen to Taylor Swift’s new album for the first time. I don’t know why I’m so excited. I don’t like all her stuff but the reviews are pretty good so far. Music is my life.

Vegas: been there. done that.

This is just a quick entry going over a few things that happened in Vegas. I will have 1-3 Vegas posts later (with pics!)

First things first. I did so much walking on Tuesday and Wednesday that by Wednesday night I had to get a taxi back to my hotel. (I made it to New York, New York’s taxi stand). That might not sound horrible but that also meant that I couldn’t walk hardly anywhere on Thursday. I tried to catch the bus to the Fashion Show Mall because I knew there was no way I could walk there but the bus costs $6.00 for two hours. I only had $4.00 cash on me so no TopShop for me. Woe is me.

My feet/legs still have not recovered. If I ever go to Vegas again, I’m going to have to rent a scooter. That might be my #1 reason I never go back there. My other reason I won’t go back there is…..

MONEY. Vegas is for people with money. It disgusts me (not people with money…Vegas). I know that sounds extreme but I just don’t like a place like that for a “vacation”. That’s not how I roll.

Britney Spears. She didn’t half ass the show like she did on October 11th. I was so worried about that. But she was ON and she was happy. To see her happy, made me happy. I don’t think Britney is good at faking it. When she is having a bad day, she sucks at her job just like normal folk. I can’t say I never mailed it in. at work… ::coughFridayBeforeVegascough:: I do feel bad for the fans that traveled to Vegas just to see her and then she just half asses it. Those fans don’t care about The Bellagio or gambling. They come from all over the world just to see her show and then they get a spiritless Brit. That sucks.

More on Britney later.

Oh, I did gamble. FUCK. Worst decision ever. I didn’t know it was so easy to gamble in Vegas. I thought it would be intimidating. Uh, not at all. I easily found spots all to myself to gamble.  I only spent about 15 minutes actually gambling but I did walk around casinos quite a bit. It is impossible to NOT walk through a casino there. I spent  wasted about $27 and won 85 cents (lolz). The second time I was desperately trying to win money so I could take the bus to the Fashion Show Mall.

Overall the trip was okay. The leg pain limited me A LOT. If I had to rank vacation destinations, I would go:

  1. Oaxaca City, Mexico
  2. Virginia Beach, Virginia
  3. NYC
  4. Las Vegas

NYC can be expensive but for me it wasn’t that bad because I found a once in a lifetime hotel deal at The Kimberly Hotel (only a half mile from 5th Avenue). No one could ever get that deal now. They have upgraded all their rooms and nothing is affordable. It is 5 star PLUS now. In New York, you can easily find cheap food and even affordable shopping. In Vegas, it is harder to find affordable stuff on The Strip….if you want the Vegas experience.

One more thing: The Elara hotel was great. I would only stay there. It is mid-strip.  (location, location, location) It has great views. I cannot recommend this hotel enough. More on that too.

I know everyone (ha) has one thing on their minds. How far did you get on your scarf? Well, I couldn’t knit on the plane like I thought I would be able to. OMG. 3 out of 4 of my flights were full. This is only my second airplane experience. My first one I flew on SIX planes (roundtrip) to Oaxaca City, Mexico. and none of the planes were full so it wasn’t that bad. Dude, at this point I never want to get on a plane again. I’m sure I will get over it. But being stuck with no way to get off on a crowded plane….it wasn’t pleasant. I just sat there and closed my eyes. BORING.  I knitted at the airport and in my hotel room (when I couldn’t walk anywhere).

Here is my scarf so far:

vegas scarf

vegas scarf

I’ll be back with Vegas pics later. I’m still sick. I got a second cold on Wednesday without fully recovering from the first one. I think I got sick because I stupidly left the AC on all night. It was freezing. Duh.