House full of empty rooms

I was going to erase my last entry. It is harsh but I do feel that way when they act that way. So why should I erase it? To act like I’m above that kind of thinking? No.

Check out my brand new bag:

Kathy Van Zeeland bag

I swear it looks better and larger in person. It is a true bohemian chic bag. I love it. I really didn’t want to buy it. 😉 But a Kathy bag for $14 = BARGAIN.  Even the cashier was shocked at the price. “Wow, what a markdown” Yes my lucky day. I will switch my bags weekly now. I usually only buy bags when the other one is so worn out. My other bag (Nine West – on sale) I brought 3 months ago and it is in good shape despite me dragging it everywhere for the past 3 months.

I was just supposed to buy socks. That’s all. But I browsed the purses as I always do. Most of the time I do not leave with a purse.


I don’t usually watch the State of the Union address. I know the state of the union. Plus the media leaks stuff in advance. I usually just watch the news the next day. But since I’ve been watching 75% of the Republican debates, I’m really following politics again. I have Daily Kos delivered to my kindle daily. I read it every morning while drinking my coffee. I watch MSNBC way too much. I will watch the State of the Union address…or at least I will try. I like the debates better because they are a little less scripted.

I’m fascinated by the republican primaries. I’m still shocked Santorum isn’t getting more votes. He is the conservative of all conservatives. Google some of the things this man has said.  Jaw dropping. I guess he doesn’t have enough money to compete with Romney and he doesn’t have the name to compete with Newt.

Who will win in November? I have no idea. I really think the republican nominees are too far right to win the general election. You would think there would be at least one moderate. (Well I believe Romney is a closeted moderate so…) I don’t know. Politics is a lot like sports for me. It’s entertainment. But if the “wrong” people win, there could be some fucked up stuff happening. I happen to be thinking of what Romney will do to people making under $20,000. Their taxes will skyrocket. I think that is just wrong. I could go on but that is what sticks out most in my mind from reading their tax plans over the weekend.

Well I’ve done my nightly chores. Going to read and watch MSNBC all night. Oh yeah, and try to sleep. I didn’t do a good job of that last night.


March Madness is going to be over by Tuesday. And I will be so glad. My life has been taken over by this tournament in a way that it never has…and probably never will again. There is nothing like your FIRST time, right? I didn’t go to VCU. My alma mater made it last year but I wasn’t there. And they didn’t win a game. 😦 VCU is my adopted college bball team. I go see them play. I got a free T-Shirt from the ESPN game in 2007. Is it bad to admit that I like going to the televised game for free shirts? Heh.


I got up at 5:15AM today so I could see the team off to Houston. I couldn’t even get to work at the right time for that. So what makes anyone think I am ever going to make it at 6AM? I. just. can’t. (I only have to be to work that early when I have an appointment after work. Thank g-d). Anyhow I got to work at 6:23. I was late but I still got to see the crowd and 3 buses with 3 police escorts. What I would have done to be in that building.

Here is a pic of bus #2 on the way to the airport from this afternoon. It was cold and rainy.

Headed to Houston for the final four!

It was awkward to get good crowd pics. The fans left the arena and some of them had to stand across the street. I guess the police told them to. The police did a great job with managing the crowd. Then again it wasn’t that bad because most people probably didn’t know the exact time they were leaving or were at work. Excluding students – I’m sure they know everything.

This a picture of the streets after VCU beat Kansas last week. It was chaotic. I did not take this pic. I wasn’t there:

I want to be there if they win on Saturday. But do I drive from home and have to worry about parking. I don’t mind getting a ticket but…That is too much. Or should I get a hotel for Saturday? That is what I want to do. HOWEVER, should I really be spending more $$$? I hate thinking about $$ when it comes to a once in a lifetime thing. LIFE IS MEANT TO BE LIVED. Anyone who has read this blog, knows I am not the queen of living. I just keep asking myself, “What if they lose?” They jacked the hotel prices up due to the game. One hotel is $450! And they only have one room left. WTF, Richmond? Are you serious?????

There is another hotel for $159. It is nice. But this is near summer and my birthday is coming up. For the first time in a few years I have no plans for my bday…I need to stop. I’m so neurotic. I could go on forever. If a VCU win was guaranteed on Saturday, I would book the hotel today. No questions asked. I can walk from there right to the “party”.

I dunno. I did get a huge, (to me…) totally unexpected bonus from work. I’ve been there full time for 3 years and we have never gotten near that much. Most of my money went to the water heater fiasco. I did buy a new Kathy Van Zeeland bag:

No that isn’t me in the picture. 😉 This doesn’t look as good as my previous (and now worn) KVZ bags.But I was more concern about functionality. I like outside pockets. And it has to be big enough to carry a regular size book. So I couldn’t get the cute little Kathy bag that I drooled over. I finally got a KVZ bag that is “in season”. Yeah. Of course I didn’t pay full price. I never pay full price for anything.

I don’t know. ::Sigh:: I love my bag though………


I started Wellbutrin XL today. I had a weird day so I can’t tell if I had any immediate effect like some people do. Besides I took it at noon instead of in the morning like I’m supposed to. I also crush the pill. You are not supposed to do that. But I’m not into swallowing pills.

I had the day off today. I was gone all day so nothing around the house got done. I took my car to the dealer to get the works. It cost me $200. Only one thing was found wrong. Interesting, Firestone found numerous things wrong. Expensive things. I have an extended warranty so the part I need will be ‘free’. But I have to take my car back because they have to order the part. *groan* I guess it has been foolish and straight up dumb for me to not go to the dealership for the past two years. I just hate the hours, the place, the location etc.

If I go to Firestone I can divide the payment into 3 payments with NO INTEREST. (If everyone did that, I might have a few more cards…so I’m glad stores don’t do that). Firestone is just more convenient. I can walk there. The credit card thing. Etc. But how dumb. Fuck. I’m just thinking about how dumb the people at Firestone must think I am for going to them instead of the dealer. :/

It took forever. I read two chapters of my textbook. After waiting for two hours, I just walked to the mall. I got more exercise today than I did the past two weeks. It was 60 degrees. 🙂 And I had my music with me. I was sort of nervous about actually going into stores. I NEVER go into a store if I know I’m not going to buy anything. I knew I couldn’t buy anything. ($200 in car maintenance, hello?) I only went inside about 6 stores (!!) because I had my big and heavy textbook with me. I knew people’s perception of me would be different.

So from now on when I’m in a situation where a mall is the only option, I will have a book with me. Not having bags help too. Ideally I should not be offended when the workers give me “the look”. But it makes me feel guilty.

While walking aimlessly, I got free tickets to a comedy show tonight. I would have gone if I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow. The food is great. Not 5 star great but greasy food great. There is no way I’m going to a 10PM show and going to work tomorrow. I wonder why they have tickets to give away?? LOL. I’ve had their food but I’ve never gone to a show. I used to be really into comedy. I know this is considered lame but the whole making fun of people (especially appearances) is no longer funny to me.

I went to H&M, Crate & Barrel, Nordstrom, Macy’s (my fave!), LOFT and a few other stores. I am such a geek that I tweeted about H&M. The loud club music is there but not the teenagers acting like it was a club. And the merchandise was lackluster. They are going to expand soon. I don’t even know why they opened. Maybe I am expecting it to be too much like the NYC one. But for people who have heard the hype and then go to this one…may never go back. Why risk it?

I was tempted a lot. Nordstom was the worst. Of course I’m not going to spend $500 on the Burberry bag I’ve been looking at for over a year. *drool* I have enough discipline to know that no bag is worth over $100. But I did see a perfect bag for $35 in the junior section. That is dirt cheap when it comes to Nordstrom. I paid $45 for my current Kathy Van Zeeland bag. I’ve had it for over a year and it shows. It is torn on the inside and I can’t find anything in it because the sections are gone. So I could use a new bag. I usually buy one $45 bag a year. (That is splurging to me). I just kept thinking about the car bill and I slowly put the bag down.

Btw, Kathy’s bags are the best for people who want quality but don’t want to pay $200 for a bag. I get a lot of compliments on my current bag. It is rare and kinda loud.

Sample of Kathy’s bags:

kind of loud

Very cute but too small for me. I have to be able to fit my lunch and a regular size book before I even consider buying it.

What is this entry about? Nothing. 😉 I went to a bunch of stores and didn’t buy anything. And I walked a lot.