Been a prisoner of the past


130 days until I go on my “Escape from DC” weekend getaway

It’s never too early to start a countdown. 🙂  If you didn’t see my update, I did book the trip for my dog and me. I will blog more my concerns later this week. Doesn’t everyone need an escape from DC? I’m so sick of hearing about Russia. I haven’t watched the news in a week. I want to watch the news, but I find the Russia stuff so boring. I just don’t care. Yes, they interfered with the election. Trump knew about it. How much can the media talk about this? I’m so annoyed.

Cycling class went well. Everyone was really nice! They even put my name on my locker with a welcome sign. Wow. They do that with all the newbies. I only burned 262 calories during the class. That’s low but, it is more than I burn when I go to the park or when I get on my treadmill (most of the time). I think my performance was so bad when compared to everyone else because 1.) I’m rusty and 2.) I don’t have the cycling technique down.

Now my goal is to burn more than 262 calories next time. They rank all the users in the class with usernames, and I was the worst all throughout the class! ROFL. Btw, that is a choice. It isn’t mandatory. I chose to pick a username and have my stats against all others in the class. I’m not competing with them though. I’m competing with myself. I want to get better each time.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be good at cycling. I just know that I’m glad to burn that many calories in an hour.

There are two things that might keep me back from being a regular after I’m done with my Groupon – 1.) THE SHOES. Omg. I cannot figure out how to get the cycling shoes on OR off the bike. In the past when I did cycling, I would just wear my tennis shoes. I really wish we could do that at this place. I don’t want to be the person who ALWAYS needs help with her shoes. It’s embarrassing!

2.) The price. $22 for a drop in class is the best option for me. I can go once a month if I want. Their packages involve too much commitment, and they are expensive.  I didn’t like how the woman at the front desk asked me whether I wanted to sign up for a package on the way out. Um, Hello?? I still have 3 classes left on my Groupon. Why would I sign up for a package now? Next time I will say I’m just doing drop-ins.

Overall, it was a really nice experience. But I hate the damn cycling shoes. Oh, I forgot to mention one thing I LOVE about these classes is that they also do strength training with weights during the cycling class! I’m so in love with this place.

The cycling place gave me a 2 for $35 sauna pass. I’m totally using that! Once I found out it can help with seasonal affective disorder, I was all in. It also has other benefits like pain and stress relief, burning up to 600 calories (just by sitting there!!!), and skin purification. I think I’m going on Wednesday morning for my first session. BUT I might have my period* and I also have nothing to wear. I own one bathing suit. I’ll see if I can find it. I barely have any shorts.

*My freaking OB/GYN gave me the birth control pills that give me a period about every 25 days. I could strangle her for that. So unnecessary. I will talk to her about it next time I’m there. Or maybe my period will disappear while I’m on BC like it does for some lucky women.

Screw the critics! You know what I’m going to talk about now. Like New Kids on the Block said, “Who gives a damn about what critics say”. Like I tweeted, the Justin Timberlake album is not bad. Yeah, that’s not glowing praise. To be blunt, the lyrics are bad overall. But the music is decent/good. I don’t think this is going to be album of the year material (I hope not!!!), but I enjoy it for what it is. Flannel is still my favorite song on the album.

After listening to the album, I think I would enjoy seeing him on tour. I bet the songs live will be so good. His band is awesome. But I’m not going because I booked my Getaway from DC. No more fun for me. I’m content with the plans I have. I think…

As far as his Super Bowl performance goes, it was very blah. Maybe he was trying too hard to be entertaining? All he had to do is what he does on tour. That’s it. I loved that he did Mirrors because that is one of the best pop songs ever. I’m just glad that the New England Patriots lost. I really hate them. 🙂

In case anyone missed my LA posts. Here are the links:

Gotta go. See ya later!

step off

Kacey Musgraves wrote a song about my life. This is what I always want to say to people:

Don’t wreck my reputation
Let me wreck my own

It was especially true while I was working in the office. I wanted to wear a shirt with a similar saying. Great song, btw.


I don’t have a whole lot to say this weekend. My last post was pretty raw, honest and just real. It is where I am. Everything else is just secondary.


I can blog about the new Justin Timberlake album. I’m not a JT fan. I don’t like any of his other albums as a whole.  Marriage definitely made him soft. At first I was horrified. 😉 I blamed his wife for this whole mess of an album. Of course Justin is simply too weak to make his own decisions so I have to blame her (sarcasm). It takes a few listens. It is a very good, cohesive R&B album, not great. Not as good as D’angelo’s albums. LOL. ::coughRollingStonecough::

I would encourage everyone to give it a listen. It is definitely worthy of a listen. Marvel at Blue Ocean Floor. Best song of 2013 by a pop star…so far. I do hope part II of this album is um, different. Enough of the sappy love songs. I’m worried that part II will suck and then people will forget how good part I is. But why do I even care……..?

I do want to know what he was on when he made Strawberry Bubblegum. It almost ruins the album. It could be a five star album (for a pop star) but that song subtracts a full star. ****


I was off on Thursday and Friday for March Madness. I needed that break from work. I did work a little on Saturday. I am trying to be optimistic about work….starting on Monday. ha!  I used to love work on most days…even when I wasn’t working at home. But with the new system, everything is a struggle. I am very unsure of 90% of the stuff that I do. I wonder what would happen if I just said “fuck it” and wasn’t so analytical.

I’m going to make my own goal – which is below management’s goal – and see what happens. I’m sick of sinking and just feeling overwhelmed.


I’m still doing water aerobics weekly and I love it most of the time. Last week I was dragging during the whole class. I am going to commit to going to the Y three times a week. Last week I went twice. I went to a new core class on my day off. Core is so hard and it is only a 30 minute class! I am going to keep going until I get into the rhythm. On Sundays I am going to try a new-to-me yoga class at a Y I have never been to. If it doesn’t work out, then yoga may not happen weekly. I haven’t done yoga in 3 weeks. And I don’t really miss it.

I’m still working on eating healthy. The problem is on the weekends when I’m not home.  I’ll come up with something…and probably blog about it. 😉