never claimed to be flawless

When things went well, I blogged. When they went badly, I blogged. I tried not to sugarcoat.

-Amanda Palmer (my blogging life story)


137 days until my Asheville vacation

161 days until the Ellie Goulding concert

I have my itinerary for Asheville. lol. Why yes, I’m going to share it four months in advance! 🙂

May 17th: 6-hour drive to Asheville. Enjoy the cabin. Stay in. I want to arrive at 10 AM, but the owner of the cabin won’t talk about ‘check-in’ time because the date is so far away. I understand they have to clean it if someone is there before me so ten may be too early.

May 18th: Go to the Biltmore Mansion at 9:30. Enjoy the grounds. Hike. Eat there. etc. I plan on staying there until at least 4 pm.

May 19th: Visit the Riverside Cemetary, Basilica of Saint Lawrence (church), and Blue Ridge Parkway (large park)

May 20th: 6-hour drive back home. I’ll probably leave at 9 or 10 AM.

I may add a few things, but with only about three days there I want to make the most of my time. I also want to enjoy the cabin. I’m paying a lot for the cabin. I would like to enjoy it. I hope I can walk enough to do all that. (I have feet/leg/back problems). I want to hike a lot.

With all the walking I plan to do, it makes me wish my dog could come with me. 😦 No pets allowed at the cabin.  On the other hand, it will feel great not to yell at someone. hahaha. He was on his best behavior when I took him to the state park cabin last year. I was shocked. I was dancing into midnight, and he was asleep. Good times.


As far as the brain is concerned, physical pain and intense experiences of social rejection hurt in the same way.

-Brene Brown

OMG. I have been saying that my whole life! Well, not really. I’ve said that emotional pain is worse than physical pain. From what I’ve seen and personally experienced, I believe my thoughts could be true. Eventually, science will show things my way. 😉

This week I…

Music of the week:  Alessia Cara, Ellie Goulding, Amanda Palmer, Adele, Fall Out Boy, Beth Hart, Hasley, Chris Stapleton

TV of the week: Making a Murderer, basketball

I wanted to throw something at my device several times while watching Making a Murderer. The justice system is horrible. It mystifies me that so many people believe in it. I think these people are naive. I wish I could be like them, but I know better. DO PEOPLE LIVE IN A GODDAMN CAVE OR WHAT? I know they only care about their family. blah, blah, blah. Sorry for the outburst. I am anti-binge watching TV shows, but I watched this series in 4 days. I had to know the outcome.

*********SPOILER ALERT*********

How could a jury convict Brendan? I never wanted to be on a jury so bad. He has a low IQ. Did they watch the confession? He needed a better lawyer. I don’t think his lawyer did a horrible job. At all. But even with a great lawyer, a bunch of naive (to be nice) people probably would have still convicted him.

As far as Steven Avery goes, I don’t think he did it. However, I’m not 100% sure. More like 70%. A bunch of rich people have watched this show by now and know what’s going on. Perhaps one of them can launch a real investigation into who the real murderer is? Someone has to help either Brenden or Steven after seeing this show.  Perhaps they have, I haven’t googled it.

Movie of the week:  none

Books of the week: I finished reading The Art of Asking: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help by Amanda Palmer. I love her. I don’t understand why she gets so much hate. She made me cry more than once.

Now reading:

Planner update:

Once I get rid of my stash, I think I’m done with pretty planning. It’s not that it’s not fun. It is so relaxing for me. (I love stickers!) But I don’t want to spend any more money on it.  I’m only going to use the functional things. I will still probably post pics here, but there won’t be much to see once I run out of my stash.

I’m ready to film my “What planners I’m using for 2016” YouTube video. (I’m using two – a personal size one that is also my wallet and an A5 size to capture everything else).  I think I’m going to either film this weekend or in the next few weeks.

I noticed this week that my planner system doesn’t help me with overwhelm when I have a lot to do. Especially when I have phone calls to make. I still delay them because I hate talking on the phone (and in real life). Oh well. Life. Whatevs.

Hard Knocks

My uncle is dying of cancer. I think my dog has a tumor. These thoughts are always in the back of my mind these days. It just sucks. There is not much more to say other than I’m profoundly sad…and this really sucks. It is like nothing else really matters.


I know that blogging about politics would turn people off. But I can’t blog without sharing MY TRUTH. I know it will turn people off but whatever. It wasn’t even that radical. Fine. I would vote for Obama and Romney. I like them equally. 😉 That’s why I always laugh when people say “be yourself”. Uh, not me. I’m envious of people who can pull that off though.


What I needed to hear while growing up:

I told her it would likely go on and she’d have to survive it. That she’d have to find a way within herself to not only escape the shit, but to transcend it, and if she wasn’t able to do that, then her whole life would be shit, forever and ever and ever. I told her that escaping the shit would be hard, but that if she wanted to not make her mother’s life her destiny, she had to be the one to make it happen. She had to do more than hold on. She had to reach. She had to want it more than she’d ever wanted anything.

-Cheryl Strayed

What is more truer than that?


I feel so strongly about the injustice of the American justice system but I don’t know what I can do. Maybe the author offers solutions, I don’t know because I’m only 60% through the book. The only thing I know to do is to recommend people to read The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander.

  • If you have ever wondered why people plead guilty to crimes they did not commit.
  • If you have a ounce of curiosity of how the “others” live.
  • If you want to understand the underclass mentality.
  • If you didn’t know carrying any amount of marijuana is a felony in some states
  • If you want to know what it is like to live once you get out of prison (and why would anyone go back???)
  • If you want to know why so many black and brown men have prison records.
  • If you want to know the truth behind the “War on Drugs”.
  • If the words “white criminal” make you pause or if you find the words confounding. (be honest!).

Is the author preaching to the choir? We need regular curious people to read this book. I have always wanted to do something to help people once they get out of prison (it is in the archive somewhere). I hope she offers plausible solutions besides just call your politician. I would say that this is the last time I will mention this book, but I’m not sure. I’m passionate about this topic.

Injustice Anywhere Is a Threat to Justice Everywhere