Let the games begin


8 days before I leave for Los Angeles (!!!)

On Wednesday, the water came back on in my house! I lived 10 days without water. I wouldn’t recommend it. I hope it doesn’t happen again. I’m so thankful. That is a little miracle.

I’m going to try to pack as much as I can this weekend. Most of the electronics I can’t pack in advance, but I can pack most of my clothes etc. I also have to write down addresses to everything in LA. I feel like that might be old school, but that’s how I do things. I need to have it written down and not on my phone. This is my final itinerary:

Friday –

Saturday –

OMG! I just found out that the talk I’m going to will be live-streamed. People can pay $20 to watch. Um, I was considering standing up in front of all those people and asking Gabby a question, but now that I know it will be live-streamed. FUCK! I’m not doing that. This is probably for the best. I don’t know what to do now. I probably won’t ask my question. I’m kind of sad about that, but do you know how scary it is to stand in front of hundreds of people and share your deepest secret?

I don’t even know how scary it is cause I’ve never done it. I can only imagine. Well, that changes things. I kind of wish she had did this up front. Maybe I wouldn’t be going to LA? But I do want to do the things I listed above. And I do get to get my book signed and blah, blah.

This week I…

Music of the week (my top 8):  Marren Morris, Ke$ha, Lea Michele, Lorde, Demi Lovato, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Sam Smith

My next and final entry before I go to LA will probably be my top 17 albums of 2017. Coming one day next week.

TV of the week:  Mindhunter, PLL

I didn’t love Mindhunter. I love serial killers and true crime. I read all about them. But I didn’t get the TV show. It was watchable, but nothing special. With that being said, I will watch season 2 if there is one. 😉

Movie of the week: I’m insane. You already know that. I downloaded 8 movies for my LA trip. haha. I’m only going to be gone for 3 days. Yes, I live on the east coast but the plane ride isn’t that long. Anyway, I only paid for one movie, the rest I got free from Amazon Prime. Here are the movies I downloaded onto my Kindle Fire SD card in case I get stuck somewhere:

  • Capote (tried reading the book, couldn’t finish)
  • Sherrybaby (seen. loved it.)
  • Sliding Doors (seen a long time ago)
  • The King’s Speech (paid for. Never seen it).
  • Dirty Dancing (seen, but not recently. This would be perfect for falling asleep to in the hotel)
  • Amy (haven’t seen it. It is an Amy Winehouse documentary)
  • The Secret (read the book a few times. Haven’t seen the movie).
  • The Dressmaker (Haven’t seen)

I’m most excited about The King’s Speech. I plan to watch it on the plane ride from Chicago to LA. If it isn’t good, then I can just switch to a reliable movie like Sherrybaby or Dirty Dancing. That’s the plan.

Podcasts of the week:  I’m trying to limit my podcast listening this week and next week so I can have stuff to listen to at the airport or on the plane. 8 movies and books aren’t enough. I need podcasts too! I did listen to All In With Chris Hayes, Don’t Freak Out, and The Mental Illness Happy Hour this week.

Books of the week: Well, since I’m talking about what I’m taking to LA, I think I’ll keep it going here too. My main focus will be reading A Course in Miracles (when I’m not watching movies, or listening to podcasts. ha!) I’m taking my highlighter with me and I plan to read and highlight while I’m at the airport and on some flights. I’m such a geeky planner. I plan everything!

I already packed What Remains by Carole Radziwill in my carry on purse. I will probably only get to that if I get frustrated by A Course in Miracles. And I have about 30 books on my Kindle e-reader. I want to take more 3D books, but I know that’s NUTS. If I sit still and do nothing on a plane or at an airport, I guess I think I’ll die or something.

Now reading –

Planner update: Plans of the week in my Get to Work Book (coming Sunday)

Plans for the Weekend:  On Saturday, I’m going to the bank to get one dollar bills for my trip. I need to tip the shuttle driver (apparently). I’m going to finally take my test on Sunday morning around 7 AM. On Monday, I’m working overtime in the morning.  I’ll just be very pleased if I get everything packed that I can pack this weekend.

It is going to be warm today through Saturday so I’m hoping to make it to the park all 3 days. We (my dog and I) went to the park for the first time in about 2 weeks on Tuesday. It was about 50 degrees and everyone was there.

Thanks for reading! I appreciate it. Have a lovely weekend! 🙂


Bridges burn, I never learn


1 day until Marianne Williamson’s NYE retreat (via live stream)

9 days until I see Marianne Williamson LIVE

23 days until I see (and meet!!) Gabby Bernstein in LA

I have to say one thing about Marianne’s live stream. I had no idea the times on the website were pacific standard time. lol. Of course, it would be. It’s taking place in LA! Anyway, the start time for Friday will be 10:30PM for me. I will be barely awake at that time. I was planning on taking notes and things throughout the whole retreat. Uh, probably not happening on Friday night. The good thing is that I will be able to see everything else live this weekend because I will be home since it all takes place during the afternoon and night.

Ugh. I look like I’m 6 months pregnant and I haven’t even been eating that much because lack of Abilify took my appetite away. This birth control definitely doesn’t agree with me. But hey, it stopped the bleeding which is more than I could ask for. So I’m staying on for at least a year. Maybe a little less. I don’t need BC so I’m not planning on trying anything after I get off this. I just wanted to stop my period, but I can’t have everything, I guess. ::sobs:: I’m going to be stuck with my period forever. Why have a period for no reason?

I’m feeling much better now that I’m back on Abilify. My appetite still isn’t really back, but I can eat so no complaints. I’m not looking forward to going off again. I get back from LA around midnight on January 21. Do I dare slowly wean myself off starting on January 22?

I’m getting excited about Los Angeles even though I shouldn’t be going. LOL. I have a much better itinerary then what I posted last time. I’m not going to the beach on that Friday. Here is a rough itinerary as of today:

Friday: Griffith Observatory (all afternoon/evening)

Saturday: downtown LA (morning), Gabby Bernstein (afternoon/evening)

I know that doesn’t sound great to a lot of people. But I would be very happy to get to do just those things. Downtown LA is a lot. I want to explore all of downtown in about 4 hours. Btw, I’m so scared to find out how far the Observatory is from my hotel. I know I would probably not plan to go if I knew how much an Uber would cost. So I’m not checking for now because I really want to shut that place down. 🙂 It closes at 10 PM.

I kind of want to go to In-N-Out Burger. We don’t have one here. I should have my appetite back fully by then.  It is very close to the hotel/airport. I just don’t know when to go. There are so many food options. I definitely don’t need to go to In-N-Out.

As long as I make it to LA *on time*, I’ll be fine. When I went to Oaxaca City, there was a plane malfunction and I was stuck in Mexico City for a night. I had to get a hotel.  Then on my way back from Vegas, I missed my connecting flight. But that wasn’t a huge deal since it was on the back. I’m not going to be in LA long so there’s no time for delays. I can’t stand hearing about planes turning around or flight delays right now. It makes me anxious. What if I miss Gabby? I’ll die!

This week I…

Music of the week (my top 8):  Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato, Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande, City High, Julia Michaels, Laura Marling

I have a like/love relationship with Taylor Swift’s music. It should be hate/love because some of her albums I hate. But her latest album I’m loving which is a shock to me. I was so disappointed when I first heard it.

My top 17 albums of 2017 is coming in January. 😉

TV of the week:  The Crown, The Jump, House Hunters, basketball

Movie of the week: none

Podcasts of the week:  The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes, All In With Chris Hayes, The Lively Show, Mentally Chill, Don’t Freak Out

Books of the week: 

Now reading –

Planner update: Plans of the week in my Erin Condren


Plans for the Weekend: Besides “attending” the Marianne New Year’s retreat, I’m taking my mom out to eat for her birthday and that’s about it.

Oh, wait. I thought that was all, but I just found out that I’m working overtime this weekend. I wanted to say NO so bad, but I really need the money. It’s cold and my electric bill is going to be sky high so I have to work the OT. I hate winter. Last winter was mild so I figured this winter was going to suck and so far I’m right. My house is so cold, I feel like I may as well be outside.

I feel bad for the homeless people. We have at least one shelter that opens at 7PM. But you need a referral (??) and they don’t give out food. I hope everyone can fit. I have no idea how big the place is.

It’s going to be so cold on NYE, Kool & The Gang canceled their concert!! I like Kool & The Gang and thought that would be a nice concert, but there is NO WAY I would want to be out at midnight on NYE in the cold. I didn’t know it was going to be this cold. And I think the people in NYC are nuts for waiting for the ball to drop in the freezing cold. Nothing could make me stand out there.

Have I mentioned how much I hate the cold? Maybe I should go on? I need to move somewhere warm all the time, but there aren’t that many options in the US. Texas is one option I kind of like. For now, I want to stay in the States. Later on, I would consider leaving the US.

Thanks so much for checking in. Have a great weekend! 🙂

I don’t wanna grow up

…and I’m not. Ever. 😉


0 days until my birthday

1 day until my Asheville Vacay (stoked!)

I think I have finally come up with a good Asheville itinerary. Of course, rain might change things.  I don’t have it over scheduled, but I can’t imagine being in Asheville without some plan. It is kind of like people coming to where I live. You don’t just drive around and hope to find stuff. Tourists have to have some kind of plan.

Tuesday: Leaving at 7:30 AM to drive down to Asheville, NC. I plan to get there around 2:30 PM. I have to call an hour before I get there so F can give us a tour of the cabin and surrounding area.

After we get the tour, I plan to just explore the farm and the cabin itself. We’ll eat whatever we bought with us. I’m not planning on going anywhere because I’ll be tired.

Wednesday: Leave for the Biltmore Mansion at 8:30 AM. Stay there for as long as possible. I think they close around 6:30. I would like to stay there until at least 4. I plan on eating breakfast and lunch/dinner there.

Thursday: This was the hardest day to plan. We’re going to have breakfast at the cabin.  I think we’re going to the Asheville Visitor Center first thing in the morning and then head to the church (Basilica of Saint Lawerence). This is where things get iffy. If I can walk from the church to the Malaprops Bookstore, then I will. Otherwise, I will skip it because the bookstore doesn’t have parking.

After that, we will go to a local restaurant called The Local Joint. They serve breakfast until 3 PM, so I know what I’m having.  Then back to the cabin to regroup.

This is the part I’m most excited about: The Blue Ridge Parkway!! It is supposed to be just gorgeous. As a nature lover, I know I will love the drive. I’m going to drive the route and end at the Allanstand Craft Shop. Then back to the cabin to eat dinner.

Btw, I want to end each day with the hot tub.

Friday: Wake up at 5 AM. Say goodbye to the chickens, horses, and fish. Maybe have a quick breakfast and then head back home. I have to drop off the rental car and pick my dog up from boarding so no time to do much of anything in Asheville.

The end! I hope the weather doesn’t mess things up too much. It helps to type the plans out.

If you follow me on Snapchat, you know the outcome of the mall outing with my dog. Like I said, those shoes are hell. I’m sick of buying shoes. NO shoes will probably ever help my feet because I have serious feet issues so…sigh. I think a bigger size in the Dansko shoes would have made the mall trip less painful.

This was my first trip to the mall with my dog. He acted semi-aggressively towards 50% of the dogs. Needless to say, we probably won’t be going back anytime soon. But other than that he was pretty good. He didn’t enjoy being in most of the stores (Saks Fifth Avenue was okay, though). I guess he doesn’t like to shop. I didn’t buy anything, btw. It was just an outing for my dog and to test the shoes.

For my birthday, I got into the adult coloring book craze. I got these awesome Derwent Drawing Pencils (pic below) and an adult coloring book: Home is Where the Heart Is.

The researchers say coloring is a way to destress and lower anxiety, so I’m going to try it. I was never really into coloring even as a kid. I always loved to paint. But these pencils are watercolor pencils, so I’m hoping that kind of coloring will feel more like painting. I hope to color a bit every day, especially after work.

I also got an Amazon gift card (yay!) and a cute Hello Kitty mini lunch box. ROFL. This is my first real Hello Kitty item. I don’t collect HK stuff, but this might be the start of something dangerous. I would post a pic of it, but I packed my camera and it is in my suitcase at my mom’s house. (A pic of it is on Snapchat).

I posted a pic of myself on Snapchat this afternoon. Did it scare anyone? haha. I might do that more. But it makes me nervous.

I just saw the best, saddest documentary EVER. If someone is anti-gay marriage or anti-gay anything…if this movie doesn’t change their mind, there is no hope for that person. I would recommend this movie to everyone. It is so sad. Heartbreaking. The doc is called Bridegroom. It is all about love and happiness. I don’t want to say too much in case anyone wants to watch it.

Here is the trailer:

I’m off to Asheville tomorrow morning. Follow me on snapchat to come along (kat3x5).

never claimed to be flawless

When things went well, I blogged. When they went badly, I blogged. I tried not to sugarcoat.

-Amanda Palmer (my blogging life story)


137 days until my Asheville vacation

161 days until the Ellie Goulding concert

I have my itinerary for Asheville. lol. Why yes, I’m going to share it four months in advance! 🙂

May 17th: 6-hour drive to Asheville. Enjoy the cabin. Stay in. I want to arrive at 10 AM, but the owner of the cabin won’t talk about ‘check-in’ time because the date is so far away. I understand they have to clean it if someone is there before me so ten may be too early.

May 18th: Go to the Biltmore Mansion at 9:30. Enjoy the grounds. Hike. Eat there. etc. I plan on staying there until at least 4 pm.

May 19th: Visit the Riverside Cemetary, Basilica of Saint Lawrence (church), and Blue Ridge Parkway (large park)

May 20th: 6-hour drive back home. I’ll probably leave at 9 or 10 AM.

I may add a few things, but with only about three days there I want to make the most of my time. I also want to enjoy the cabin. I’m paying a lot for the cabin. I would like to enjoy it. I hope I can walk enough to do all that. (I have feet/leg/back problems). I want to hike a lot.

With all the walking I plan to do, it makes me wish my dog could come with me. 😦 No pets allowed at the cabin.  On the other hand, it will feel great not to yell at someone. hahaha. He was on his best behavior when I took him to the state park cabin last year. I was shocked. I was dancing into midnight, and he was asleep. Good times.


As far as the brain is concerned, physical pain and intense experiences of social rejection hurt in the same way.

-Brene Brown

OMG. I have been saying that my whole life! Well, not really. I’ve said that emotional pain is worse than physical pain. From what I’ve seen and personally experienced, I believe my thoughts could be true. Eventually, science will show things my way. 😉

This week I…

Music of the week:  Alessia Cara, Ellie Goulding, Amanda Palmer, Adele, Fall Out Boy, Beth Hart, Hasley, Chris Stapleton

TV of the week: Making a Murderer, basketball

I wanted to throw something at my device several times while watching Making a Murderer. The justice system is horrible. It mystifies me that so many people believe in it. I think these people are naive. I wish I could be like them, but I know better. DO PEOPLE LIVE IN A GODDAMN CAVE OR WHAT? I know they only care about their family. blah, blah, blah. Sorry for the outburst. I am anti-binge watching TV shows, but I watched this series in 4 days. I had to know the outcome.

*********SPOILER ALERT*********

How could a jury convict Brendan? I never wanted to be on a jury so bad. He has a low IQ. Did they watch the confession? He needed a better lawyer. I don’t think his lawyer did a horrible job. At all. But even with a great lawyer, a bunch of naive (to be nice) people probably would have still convicted him.

As far as Steven Avery goes, I don’t think he did it. However, I’m not 100% sure. More like 70%. A bunch of rich people have watched this show by now and know what’s going on. Perhaps one of them can launch a real investigation into who the real murderer is? Someone has to help either Brenden or Steven after seeing this show.  Perhaps they have, I haven’t googled it.

Movie of the week:  none

Books of the week: I finished reading The Art of Asking: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help by Amanda Palmer. I love her. I don’t understand why she gets so much hate. She made me cry more than once.

Now reading:

Planner update:

Once I get rid of my stash, I think I’m done with pretty planning. It’s not that it’s not fun. It is so relaxing for me. (I love stickers!) But I don’t want to spend any more money on it.  I’m only going to use the functional things. I will still probably post pics here, but there won’t be much to see once I run out of my stash.

I’m ready to film my “What planners I’m using for 2016” YouTube video. (I’m using two – a personal size one that is also my wallet and an A5 size to capture everything else).  I think I’m going to either film this weekend or in the next few weeks.

I noticed this week that my planner system doesn’t help me with overwhelm when I have a lot to do. Especially when I have phone calls to make. I still delay them because I hate talking on the phone (and in real life). Oh well. Life. Whatevs.

been living with devils and angels

My Vegas trip itinerary has changed again. I NEVER plan out vacations like this but this is Vegas and I’m hearing it is better to have a plan.  I found out that I really arrive at 11 AM! Uh-oh. The Elara (formerly Planet Hollywood Towers) does not allow early check-ins. But I will ask them to take my luggage (1 suitcase). Assuming they say yes, I feel like I almost have 3 full days to explore Vegas. If I can’t ditch my luggage, obviously that changes things. So the following is assuming the staff at The Elara are nice folks. 🙂


  • Arrive at the local airport at 5AM EST. Get to Vegas at 11AM. Hop on the shuttle I’m prepaying for and ask the hotel staff to take my  bag. Then it’s ON.
  • Miracle Mile Shops–> Cheeseburger Las Vegas. (lunch/dinner)
  •  I’m also prepaying for a Vegas bus tour of The Strip and downtown so why not use it the first day? I can get on and get off ALL DAY. Good way to see where everything is located.
  • Checking in The Elara at 4PM. After an hour, I will probably get right back on the bus to see The Strip and downtown at night.


  • Get up at 6:30AM. Have breakfast at The Bellagio. Afterwards, walk around there until I see everything inside. Of course I want to see the fountain show outside of The Bellagio. I hope to see that more than once a day since I’m so close to it.
  • 11AM – Dolphin show the Mirage. Afterwards walk around the Mirage.  Side note: I recently found out Kardashian Khaos at the Mirage is closing on October 30th!! (probably due to the rent going up).  Maybe things will be on sale? Too bad I don’t know any Kardashian fans.  After browsing the stores,  I’ll go to the buffet for takeout. price $16. Not many hotels have takeout buffet. score!
  • Go back to the hotel. Relax and eat.
  • 2:30PM – Heading out to the Luxor for the Titanic exhibit. Since Mandalay Bay is close by, I will go to their aquarium right after that. I haven’t paid for these two things yet because I’m not sure I really want to spend my time doing this. ??? If I had more time, I would definitely do these two things.
  • Should be back at the hotel around 5ish. Time to get ready for the Britney Spears concert. I’m not sure why I have to get there early since I will have a seat (versus standing in the pit). But I don’t want to get there “late” and miss the opening. The show starts at 9PM. I will get there a little before 8.
  • After Britney, I may just go to bed. I’m so exciting. Or I may walk The Strip.


  • Get up at 6ish again. Maybe have breakfast at a cafe at Aria. They have red velvet pancakes. How can I not go? Plus it isn’t expensive.
  • After breakfast, just wander around. Go see the fountains at the Bellagio.
  • 10:45 meeting at the hotel. *yawn*
  • FREE TIME from 12:45 -5 I will probably end up doing a walking hotel tour during this time. Or maybe go lay by the pool. I’ve heard it can get crowded but as long as I can get a seat, I’m fine.
  • 5PM – Get ready for Hitzville (Motown show).
  • After the show go to Pampas Brazillian Grille at Planet Hollywood for dinner. I have a $50 gift certificate. I hope I won’t be under dressed. I will be taking one dress with me just in case but I know that will be too dressy.
  • This is my last day in vegas so whatever I feel I haven’t done, I will do.


  • Get up at 7.  Grab a muffin and coffee from Starbucks and then take the shuttle to the airport. My flight leaves at 10AM.

I took going to the thrift store off the list but I do have the free time on Thursday to do it. It just depends. It is something I would like to do but not a must. I’m definitely looking forward to going but the more I read, the more I know that I can’t do everything. I think Tuesday could be the most fun day. Well I am a little anxious about being on a bus. It takes me back to my school days when no one wanted me sitting beside them and I was teased almost everyday.

I will type out a more detailed itinerary (!!)  for my Kindle. I have a map of the strip on there so I will probably take my Kindle everywhere.

The Vegas veterans on Trip Advisor are the best sources. Better than the books.

Take It To The Limit

Yep, I’m on my vacation and on my laptop.I’m watching the game. I’ve also managed to halfway redo my résumé. And I finally did a Mexico itinerary! These are things I can’t seem to do at home. Okay, won’t do at home. I haven’t been sick since I’ve gotten here. 🙂 I leave tomorrow.

In potential bad news. I mean really bad news, I might have lost my iPod. 😦 😦 It just disappeared. I have almost given up hope. UGH, of all things.

Anyhow, who knows what may happened to my Oaxaca itinerary so I need to post it here. It isn’t extensive because I don’t expect to be there for more than 3 – 4 days. I have to have my down time AKA hotel time.

Oaxaca City trip plan

1. Cathedral Metroplitana de Oaxaca

2. Iglesia de Santo Domingo


3. Museo de Arte Prehispanico Rufina Tomayo

4. Casa Juarez

5. El Meson Oaxaqueno (restaurant)

6. Zandunga (restaurant)

7. Amate Books

8. Blackbox (handcrafts)

9. Central de Abastos (market)

I have a few hotels in mind but most people seem to book more than 8 months in advance! That won’t work for me unless I’m 100% sure I can cancel.

Well halftime is almost here and despite my right foot pain, I think I will have a short walk on the beach. I will post beach pics when I get back.