IKEA = home


We spent most of our time at IKEA. We barely spent any time inside the mall. Here is what I got from there:

lucky bamboo
lucky bamboo

plant & vase from IKEA. brought separately.


That’s it! I know your mind is blown. Oh, I did buy my sister a birthday gift from IKEA…but yeah that is all. I didn’t buy anything from the mall. I saw one thing I really wanted: a pair of yoga pants from Bebe. They were $64 with an additional 40% off. Even that is out of my (current) price range. But now I wish I had them. I still can’t justify the price. They were gorgeous and so soft!

I had to take one pic of my favorite part of IKEA – the displays:

not my office
not my office

It was a nice trip to Northern VA but I never want to do it that way again. The traffic was horrible. Next time I have to stay overnight. I’ve driven to DC with no problems and Potomac Mills with no problems in the past. So…maybe it is new roadwork? I dunno but the drive sucked. That is my only complaint. One more good thing: The restaurant in IKEA is pretty good and the prices rocked. I had meatballs and potatoes. I love meatballs. 🙂

I cannot wait for my solo hotel getaway. It is this Saturday-Sunday. I want to go now!! *whines* 😉

Today is a nice day. Sunny and 70 degrees. I just got back in from outside. I got a bunch of homework done in an hour. I need to work that fast inside the house. I know I have said this many times but I love being outside. I love nature. I love warm weather!


Music for the week: India.Arie, Lea Michele, Christina Perri, Eric Hutchinson, Shakira, Sara Evans, Joan Osborne, Jonatha Brooke

Why did I ever stop listening to Eric Hutchinson?! Big mistake.

TV for the week: basketball, Desperate Housewives

Movie of the week:  I might watch 12 Years a Slave or I might save it for next week.

I typed the same thing last week. Ha! I will watch it eventually.

Books of the week:  Hidden by Catherine McKenzie, Die My Love by Kathryn Casey, Forgiveness: 21 Days to Forgive Everyone for Everything by Iyanla Vanzant

I didn’t know Iyanla had a new book out until I saw it on the library site. I have it for two weeks. Better get started.

Don’t Kill My Vibe

Today is gorgeous. 68 degrees and sunny!! This is my kind of weather. And I don’t even have to think about mowing the lawn. Score!

I have a (wild) bird in my house. I think I’m supposed to be freaked out but I’m just like, whatever. I hope I can let it go outside eventually but I’m not sweating it. Next.

I have a 24 hour getaway planned. No, not the beach. 😦 I wish. I would rather go by myself (of course) but since my mom could use a getaway badly, I’m taking her along. She deserves a day/night away since she is taking care of her mom. So we are going to Potomac Mills (and IKEA!!!!!) in April. I have to use my free hotel night by April 26 so Northern VA/DC it is. I’ve been there only once before. I’m not going there to shop – ha – one needs money for that. I’m going to window shop at IKEA. The last time I went, I spent under $15.00 so I know I can do it…but I also didn’t go into many stores. I just went to exchange money (for my Mexico trip) and to go to IKEA.

I love IKEA in an obsessive way. I dream of buying stuff there and then hiring someone to put it together. Keep dreaming, kid. 😉  I’m not even living in a space where I want to buy stuff from there. That is a good thing. But I do have future plans. Anyhow, this is my only “trip” planned for 2014. hahaha. (Well not counting my overnight stay in Charlottesville to take my boards in June…)


Ugh, the Jehovah Witnesses are coming back tomorrow. They gave me a bible last weekend. I am grateful for that, I would be for any book…but I haven’t had time to read it. Well, I’ve already read the bible…when I was about 12 years old , I went through the whole thing. Oh god. I don’t know what to say to them. To me the bible is just something some dude made up. So while it is interesting there is no comfort or validation there. What to say? What to say? ugh.


5 things I’m currently grateful for: The way my teacher is doing the mid-terms (still hard though), the weather, my day off on Friday (got a ton done), my living situation, & a chance to use 0% interest checks to pay off some of my credit cards

Music for the week:  Jonatha Brooke, Suzanne Vega, Candice Glover, Amy Ray, Jennifer Nettles, Imagine Dragons, Lorde, Elle Varner

TV for the week: basketball, House of Cards, curling @ the Olympics

same as last week

Movie of the week: none :/

Books of the weekBecoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage by Kody Brown and wives, The Diet Trap: Feed Your Psychological Needs and End the Weight Loss Struggle Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy by Jason Lillis

Goals for next week: Do my mid-terms. I didn’t know I would have TWO midterms since the classes are so similar. I figured she would just give us one for the main class…. I’ve come up with a new gym plan. I’ll blog more about that later since it won’t take place until it is consistently warm (April?). And I seriously have to clean up everything this week. This is a must.

Dreaming the same dream

First I want to blog about the Adoption Blogger Interview Project. It is for anyone who has adopted OR who blogs about adoption OR people who are just interested in meeting someone with different views etc. Please read more about it here.


This past weekend I went to Potomac Mills for the first time and it was actually a pleasant little trip! I’ve passed PM several times on my way to DC and I’ve always wanted to go…..However, I didn’t like the mall. Anyone who lives in a good sized city has better stores at better prices. I would only recommend PM to people who live overseas and people who live in very, very small towns. Otherwise you will not be impressed.  I saw a tour bus full of tourists on my way out the mall. All I could think was, “I hope they didn’t come here just for this”. I did get a little lip gloss done for free with NO PRESSURE to buy. 🙂 I never wear makeup so that was nice.

The traffic wasn’t bad at all for the DMV area. (DC, MD & VA). I went there to get pesos. I just wanted that one worry off my mind. Thank Buddha for the internet. I knew there had to be a place somewhere I could get pesos. I had to drive 90 minutes to get there….I got a decent deal. Most of my pesos are going to the hostel. I probably have enough left for the taxi and to eat everyday. But if I want to buy stuff, I might run out. So I am planning on going to an ATM in Oaxaca if necessary. Yeah, I should have gotten more from the mall. Too late now. :/

I’m saving the best for last: I went to Ikea! I have dreamed of going to Ikea for a decade. Back in the day, I used to drool over their thin catalog. I wanted to have an Ikea home. That was my life vision. Well that never happened. :/ Sigh. Ikea is not a part of Potomac Mills. It is across the busy street. I wanted to take a pic of the blue and yellow sign but I didn’t want to be a total freak PLUS it was cold and I didn’t have a jacket on. lol. It was everything I thought it would be and more. 🙂 I love their mini living spaces. So awesome.

IKEA FREAKOUT ALERT!!!!! They have the best dressers. I can only dream of having one of their dressers. People crap on their stuff all the time but I have never owned a dresser of that quality. WHY can’t I build stuff? You have to put everything together yourself. That is why I will never have my Ikea dream unless I can find someone to hire to put it together. But who would buy without having someone in mind? Me, probably. I am so desperate. After seeing their stuff in person. OMG. I will find me an Ikea person. Where art thou? Honestly if I was living in my house, I probably would have at least brought some “art”. I was so tempted. I’m very glad I do not live near an Ikea. I would have a room full of lamps. 😉

on edit: I do know how to follow directions and put things together but they are never sturdy.

The only thing that wasn’t awesome was getting to the checkout. I walked further in there than I did in all of Potomac Mills. I felt like I was walking in circles…maybe I was or that store is huge.They need more than one check out spot. All I brought was towels and a travel journal for Mexico. I had to have an Ikea souvenir.


Another good thing happened! I won a free spot in the one and only Becky Higgins Project Life class! Who is a Project Life freak? ME. haha. The class costs $99 so I was so excited to get a free spot!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!111!! It lasts for twelve weeks. I might share some of my stuff on this blog but I don’t get my pics printed out that often so I don’t know if I’ll be able to follow along in that way. The name of the class is Project Real Life. I believe registration is still open for a few days.

Total yayness. 😉 Becky Higgins is my teacher. 🙂 🙂 🙂 LOL