We are broken

Wow, what a bitter person. Who does she thinks she is to demand something from anyone. I had to help myself. No one handed me anything. There are people dying of [insert disease]. There are people who don’t have homes or drinking water. What a bitch. An ungrateful bitch with a Kindle Fire. It isn’t my fault she can’t afford an iPad.

Heheh. Now that that is out of the way…Um, the above was about me and what others might think.


I saw the Hunger Games on Sunday. I thought the ending was a bit rushed but other than that, it stayed true to the book. I thought I was the only person sadistic enough to like stuff like that. Apparently not. One of my top ten books is The Long Walk by Stephen King. If you thought the Hunger Games was brutal, you have to read The Long Walk. It is one of the best (fun?) books I’ve ever read. The Hunger Games has nothing on that. It’s awesome.

Last week, I booked my beach vacation. This was before all the job stuff….And uh, I unfortunately booked a nonrefundable rate for the hotel. I rarely do that because anything could happen. I just wanted to save a little money. I’m sort of glad that I can’t cancel because I could use a short vacation. It is a birthday vacay! It is only for two nights since I could only get three days off from work during the middle of the week but that is better than nothing. It is less than a month away.

The room at the hotel is a 1000 sq ft suite.  That is bigger than my house! 🙂 I’m not kidding. I stayed there once for a night or two. It’s marvelous.  I got it at a cheaper rate since I’m going during the semi off season. My only complaint is the small balcony. I have pretty much stayed in all the affordable beachfront hotels and this has the smallest balcony by far.  Oh, and they only have ONE elevator. That kinda sucks too. I use the stairs whenever possible but when I first bring my luggage in, I have to use the elevator.

I can’t wait to go. I’m going to start packing what this weekend. So excited. I love the beach.

I’m really rambling. I just wanted to recommend The Long Walk and snark on myself.


I’m crying through all the previous episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and loving it.

same old bitter things

Ugh. The “news”. If I have to hear the name Zimmerman one more freaking time. I turned my TV off today. I would watch the trial (if there is one), because I watch/follow court trials all the time and that actually means something. How much can you talk about something when you know practically nothing (other than a few things you keep repeating). Let it go.

On the other hand discussions on the “Stand your ground” law, I find interesting.

And then we have the stupid working mom stuff. This is so old…and lame. Really? Is that all people can talk about? I work. No, I work. Um, I really work. See, LAME.

I’m just going to continue reading books and making Spotify playlists (and work of course because I, like, totally work). lalalalala.

/end rant.


To answer my own question, some Unitarian churches do talk about Jesus on Easter but they do it in a different way than say a Catholic church would. Last year this particular Unitarian church talked about the passion of Jesus. But they don’t make it a norm to talk about Jesus (or God, I think).

I’m not thinking about going to the Unitarian church this weekend. If I go out, I will probably go see The Hunger Games. I just finished reading the book yesterday. I hate when I finish reading a book and then I go see the movie right after. Why do I do that??! The whole time I’m comparing the movie to the book. But I hope The Hunger Games is different. I hope to get lost in the movie. The book wasn’t great  but it was a page turner. I’m guessing that the movie is much better than the book.

I went to my first yoga class at a new-to-me yoga studio. On the form I should mention that deep breathing makes me nauseous. I know the teacher can tell that I’m not breathing properly and um, can’t everyone BREATHE??! Even if a person has a problem with the poses, they can breathe right? Well not me. Too much deep breathing makes me gag. (Everything makes me nauseous. I have some weird problem).

Anyhow, the class was okay. There were two things I didn’t like:

  • The instructor didn’t do the poses in the beginning. She said, “I don’t do the poses. I just tell you what to do”. I hate that. I understand that doing the poses class after class probably sucks. On the other hand, I need to SEE the poses. Eventually she did the poses. She had 6 new people (including me) in the class so I guess she figured we would benefit from that.
  • I hated the class set up. Everyone is sort of in a rectangle. So when you look up, you are looking at someone’s face. Unlike. It was hard to be in the moment with someone in my face. LOL. I have never been to a class with this set up.

I have 3 more classes left. I am definitely going back at least once more. I like the instructor. The people were…people. 😉 One interesting thing about this studio is no mats are needed. The floor is nice and soft. I will still probably take my mat but I didn’t always use it the last time I was there.

I just don’t want to offend anyone. Did me not smiling or breathing (properly) put the instructor off in anyway? When she asked me if I  enjoyed myself, I could tell she didn’t believe my answer. I’m often worried that my unfriendly demeanor offends people. That is one of the main reasons why I don’t do stuff that involves other people. Some people don’t care. (I LOVE these people -heh). But I see too many people take my anxiousness personally. That bothers me. I would rather just not go out.

I could do a whole blog post on that. Maybe I will.