I think carpel tunnel syndrome is settli…

I think carpel tunnel syndrome is settling in….or whatever it does. wah! Both arms. 😦


But in San Miguel…I felt a kind of peace come over me. I have felt this elsewhere – in Tibet and Machu Picchi – but those were special places, holy places. This was just a dusty old place, but for me it had become everything. I was simply enjoying the experience of being, of living without goal or expectation, without longing or desire. I was happy when I was there – happy just to be.

-Mary Morris

I worked overtime today. I’m so tired. I don’t think complete sentences are doable at the moment. I’ll try a little. I’ve been surfing the net and I found a bunch of ex-pat blogs. (North Americans now living in Mexico for whatever reason). I don’t think I should be reading these blogs. These people can like totally TALK and shit. And then there’s me.

You know? Or maybe you don’t. Here is an absolute delish blog: Gringa-N-Mexico. Funny w/cute baby pics. (No I don’t hate kids!)

I can barely make it here…does that mean moving to Mexico is a better idea? Or am I nuts? (rhetorical question, thank you). Do I just stay in the US because that is where I was born? I would love dual citizenship.

I should just post pictures.

Pic of my dream house master bedroom

master bedroom

The above pic is from a house in Guatemala. I can’t remember the price since I’ve browsed all price ranges. That house is a beauty. I’m not sure why the floor looks like that. In the living room pictures the floor looks lovely. (shiny, hardwood etc).

Here is a pic from a Costa Rica house. I’m so simple that I would love for my living room to look like this:
living room

Ecuador had the best houses for the best prices. I would love to visit there but I don’t know a thing about living there. I haven’t found my perfect Mexican casa yet. Everything nice and affordable is in Baja California (or whatevs) and that isn’t the area I want.

Enough of this.