Groan. Groan.

There were TWO MEN doing the interview. I have never been interviewed by men. I don’t know. I think I did okay (C+) answering the questions BUT I totally failed when it came for the time for me to ask questions. HELLO? This is something I am normally prepared for. But this time, I was so focused on what they would ask me.

Sigh. I asked one question, and it was probably lame. I should have asked about benefits but the books I read said do not ask those questions. Well, I used to. So UGH! That may be the reason why I failed…if I did fail. Fuck.

I’m thinking about looking for a full-time job. I don’t know. I will hear something back for sure in 1-3 weeks. Fuckity. fuck. fuck. How could I have not asked questions about benefits? Or something. Anything more than one question. I’m screwed.

Back later.

Hell sucks

Often, he felt completely unproductive. He sat, numb, panicking, but unable to take action. His behavior reminded him of a quote he once heard: “Hell is when things freeze.” He lived that hell often until a deadline was close, and he would galvanized to act. But the pain he felt was enormous.

from It’s Hard to Make a Difference When You Can’t Find Your Keys: The Seven-Step Path to Becoming Truly Organized

Yes I’m reading multiple books like I did in the old days. This book is by Marilyn Paul. I’ve had it on my bookshelf for about a year.  What is up with the 7 steps thing? I’m 100% (lol) committed to getting organized…even though I still can’t stand going into some rooms. 😉 I’m actually excited about one idea from Lowell’s book. I must get big glass containers for the cat food. One for the strays and one for my kitty. (Yes, they eat different food. My cat likes the stray cat food and thinks it is a treat but it makes her vomit – TMI).

I’m excited about that. That is the only thing I know I need – big glass containers oh, & a filing system. It is supposed to snow (as in stores will be closed) this weekend so I doubt I go shopping. I hope I get motivated to throw more stuff away and maybe clear a room.

I don’t wanna be snowed in. It was 60 degrees on Monday. wah. Speaking of snow……

It reminds me of hell. Seriously,, .”Hell is when things freeze”. I can relate but you must have faith, right? I have to go do stuff so I can find my keys in the morning.