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Slap me. Slap me. Slap me. Slap me. Do you know what I just did? I bought the Michael Kors bag. Like I’m some rich bitch. LOL.

Michael Kors Selma bag
Michael Kors Selma bag

Here is a video of the MK bag:

Here’s my rationale: I have Paypal credit so I don’t have to pay anything for 6 MONTHS. No interest. No minimum payments. I will use my tax refund to pay for the bag in March or April. Oh god. What did I do? Fuck. I’ve wanted a Michael Kors bag for a couple of years. It isn’t Chanel, but it is the next bag I have coveted. Chanel will come in due time (10 years or less). I remember all the times I used to look at the Michael Kors bags in the store. The sale ladies would look at me like “You can’t afford a $300 bag“. They also probably thought I was going to steal one too. haha.

I ordered online Thursday night and picked it up Friday. It came with a dust bag. I was worried about that because I thought only people who ordered from the MK stores got the dust bag. I wouldn’t be obsessed with dust bags if I didn’t have a dog. He only eats purses when he is left alone. 😉

I was going to alternate between my Isaac Mizrahi bag and this bag, but now I’m thinking I will probably save the MK for special occasions.  Not that it can’t take the wear. It is just too fancy. Should I have gotten the purple one instead? The Michael Kors will probably be the interview job handbag. It is sleeker. And black. If I were going into the office every day, I would definitely take the MK bag because it has more room.

Oh, fuck.  :/ I don’t know what to say. I still can’t believe I did it. Oh, I haven’t said how much I love the Isaac Mizrahi bag. It is soooo soft. So gorgeous. But it is a little small for me. I can fit my planner/wallet in there and my Kindle. That is about it. That is all I need on most days. I really don’t need my Kindle. I can read books on my phone with the Kindle App if space is an issue.

I’m keeping the receipt with my important papers. If I have to return it or sell it, I will.  When I went to pick up my bag at the mall, I went to Charlotte Russe for the first time. Not bad. They had yoga pants. I also went to Forever 21. So overwhelming! F21 is too big. I could live there and not get a chance to look at everything. I think I’ll stick with ordering from F21 online.

I finished reading  Miss Minimalist: Inspiration to Downsize, Declutter, and Simplify by Francine Jay. Don’t laugh. I love the point she made about not worrying whether her house would be broken into while she was overseas. They don’t have anything expensive in their place. No TV. etc. I would be worried about these two bags. I know that’s insane, but these bags are expensive (to me). I wouldn’t take them with me, but I would probably leave them with my mom. How absurd is that? I wouldn’t care that much about the TV or other gadgets.  In fact, within the last year I’ve left my TV, laptop etc. alone twice for almost a week with no worries.

I am decluttering this weekend. My trashcan is ready for more stuff. I would really like to get the living room clean. Last week was all about my office/dining room.

I know I will get there. Somehow. Some way. I feel like I’m closer than I was before despite the recent purchases.

I’m going to participate in National Novel Writing Month  (AKA NaNoWriMo) this year. I have never tried it. The timing just happens to be perfect. This weekend I’m going to do a brain dump or maybe just a timeline. I started my novel, but I’m stuck. It would be awesome to be done by the end of November…even if it is just a short story. I just want a beginning, middle and end. Right now I have random paragraphs. Here’s to NaNoWriMo!

There’s so much stuff I want to get done this weekend. Most of it is filed under “hobbies” so it ain’t all bad.

I hope all the good (?) news coming out about Lamar Odom is true. I’m a big fan of his. He has had to deal with so much. Too much. I wish him the best. I see people saying people are joking about his situation. May those people rot in hell. I haven’t seen too many jokes. The people I follow are basketball fans and they know a lot about Odom. The things I’ve seen are mostly positive. Some people are dissing the Kardashians. Uh, wrong move. They are his family. They have supported him even when he wasn’t really a part of the fam. They tried to get him into rehab several times. So diss the Kardashians for whatever else BUT NOT THIS. They are a big part of Lamar’s support system. I wish him the best. I’m an atheist, but I’ve been praying for him.

This week I…

Music of the week: Demi Lovato, Matt Nathanson, James Bay, Leona Lewis, Joss Stone, Carly Rae Jepsen, Hamilton (Broadway Cast), Jewel

TV of the week:  Lost (season 2), Democrat debate

I’m shocked by how many people said Hilary Clinton won the debate. She didn’t lose, but her competition was weak. So yeah, I guess she did “win”. Nothing against everyone else (besides Jim Webb). This was the first debate and Anderson Cooper was great, but they jumped from issue to issue too quickly.   I want to see another debate. I’m still undecided.

Movies of the week:  I’m currently watching Selma. I want to watch a lot of movies this weekend. A lot means two for me.

Book of the week:  Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More by Janet Mock

Planner update: 

first week in my Happy Planner
first week in my Happy Planner

don’t lay down to die

I went ahead and ordered a purse. No, it isn’t Chanel or Michael Kors.  But it will do until I can buy the Chanel bag in 10 years.

Isaac Mizrahi purse
Isaac Mizrahi purse

It is the medium Isaac Mizrahi  Bridgehampton Quilted Lamb Leather Bag. It retails for $196. I got it on sale for $178. Go ahead and shame me, animal rights activists.  I wanted a black one because it looks identical to the black Chanel bag, but black is no longer in stock. As far as I know, they aren’t making the black any more so I settled for bone.  (If the black ever comes back in stock…buddha help me). It goes with everything. My only concern is it getting dirty. It does come with a dust bag so yay!

How often should I use it? Well, I don’t go out a lot so I’m thinking once a week should be okay. If I’m just going to the bank or post office, this bag stays at home. This bag will be great for any future interviews. Here is a video of it:

I will try my best to not buy another bag until I can afford the Chanel bag, BUT talk to me in 3 years. I might decide to get a Michael Kors at that time. The one I want will be ‘vintage’ by then. lol.

I did my fall cleaning…sort of. My big trash can is full. I can’t throw anything else away until after my trash is picked up next week. I currently have 2 large trash bags of clothes (mostly suits and dresses) and purses to give to the Goodwill. But I’m not done. I will do a winter cleaning perhaps where I will donate more items. I will continue to throw things away every week until everything is gone.

I put my clothes rack up (brought from The Container Store). I’m in love with it. It was so easy to put together. In fact, there was no putting it together. No screws. The wheels were already securely attached. It is very nice. My mom wants a few after she saw mine. I could use at least one more, but I don’t know where I would put it. Unfortunately, my rack is currently full with designer clothes I don’t wear often (or ever? lol). I need a rack for my everyday, active wear. Here is a pic of how it looks now:

clothes rack
clothes rack

I had my cheat day on Wednesday instead of Thursday because I was very hungry after cleaning all morning. I went to spin class today to work off all those calories. I had a half of a tuna sub, a meatball sub (my fave), cheese fries and red velvet cake. Stuffed in the worse way. I won’t have another cheat day for 45 days. And then I might just go to McDonalds. I’m not a food snob. Obvs. Breakfast all day? About damn time! Get rid of those old school traditionalists who insist that breakfast is for a certain time.

Sorry for my mini-rant but places not serving breakfast all day really gets on my nerves. Breakfast is my favorite meal and I can eat it anytime.

I should get my Forever 21 clothes today. I don’t know where my order is. It was supposed to come yesterday. I would have gone to the store, but I can never find good stuff at the store. I might do a “Forever 21 Haul” where I post all my clothes. It depends on how much time I want to waste. 😉

I feel a surge coming over me

Warning: long entry

I haven’t had water for so long…I don’t even know how long it has been. ( 8 or 9 days?) I would love to be able to shower when I want. Or to be able to wash my food so I can cook it. I had to go to my mom’s house to shower today.  Forget water (not really), MY JURY DUTY WAS CANCELLED! Woohoo! It doesn’t mean it is over. I’m still on call until early March. I was thrilled to get that call…but I had to work on Thursday. LOL. I was actually looking a little forward to a 4 day vacay from work.  At least I’m off today. 3 day vacay!

I have an official name for my Etsy shop. I just added “Miss” to my dream title. It’s brilliant, I know. (sarcasm). I registered it. Now I just have to list stuff to sell. ha.

I got my $150 worth of stuff from Amazon.* In case anyone missed it: I won a gift card for that amount. I didn’t just buy this stuff with MY money. I love stuff but not this much. 😉 And the haters at work are gonna hate. WOW. Being a lucky bitch can bring out the worst in some people…or most people. Or ALL people. 😉

Back to the stuff. *I got most of my stuff. One of my packages is missing. Amazon split my order into 6 packages. (thx amazon!) UPS was not ready for the snow. They were understaffed. I had to go pick up my stuff because it was never going to come. I drove 25 minutes to get to the UPS center.  Most of my packages were in horrible shape BUT the stuff inside was  surprisingly okay. And my Pilot FriXion Erasable Gel Pens, 3-Pack are MIA. I’m not really worried about it. I will probably contact Amazon in a week and they will send me a replacement.  They have really good customer service or maybe UPS will get back on their feet and deliver my stuff but after hearing and seeing how chaotic everything is  there, I don’t think they are going to find that tiny package. The flimsy envelope (thanks again Amazon!) is probably sitting somewhere destroyed. And I bet someone just took the pens for themselves.

Picture time:

FIRST let me post what I brought today with my Macy’s Xmas gift card:

Nine West Hadley Tote
Nine West Hadley Tote

The black one looks so much better but I would have had to pay more out of my pocket. So I decided to go with the silver. I love silver….just not when it comes to bags. It is a Nine West bag. I used to be a loyal Nine West handbag person for YEARS. Then I started buying other brands.

Anyhow, this Hadley tote bag retails at $79. All the bags (except silver) are on sale today at Macy’s for $46. There was one silver left and it was cheaper than the black bags because someone returned it so I decided to go with it. I blame Organized Like Jen for me buying this bag. She recently posted about a big $150 Cuyana bag she brought and I had to have one like that after I saw hers.  So thanks Jen! 🙂 This bag is so large, I will only use it for getaways or when I have to have a bunch of stuff with me (like today).

Now onto Amazon’s things. Here is my new Epson XP-310 Wireless Color Photo Printer:

sleek looking printer
sleek looking printer

It is already being a pain in the ass. LOL. But I read the reviews first and I knew what would probably happen. I’m going to try to fix everything by tomorrow. At least the wireless is set up and it prints.

OMG. People were so right about Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens! They are awesome. I didn’t know what to expect. People raved about the Flair pens too but I’m going to give mine away in gift bags and RAKs (random acts of kindness).  The Flair pens are like markers. I don’t want to write with freaking markers in my planners or anywhere! But the Staedtler pens – drool. I’m thinking about asking for the 20 pack for my birthday. How nerdy is that? Try the Staedtler pens. You won’t reget it.

I can’t say enough good things about Project Life Kit, Mini, Gold Foil. I didn’t think I liked gold until I saw this:

Heidi Swapp gold kit
Heidi Swapp gold kit

I’m going to play around with this tonight and make some stuff for my planners. There are duplicates so I will give some of this kit away in RAKs.

What else can I blab about? One last thing. No picture for this. Omron HJ-203 Pedometer with Activity Tracker I will be using this everyday starting tomorrow. I need some motivation since it is so cold so I’m hoping this will help. I can’t wait until March/April when I can take my dog to the park during my lunch break (once a week).

Should I add “weekly” to this entry? This is the longest. entry. evah. I have to end the week this way…since I watched TWO movies this week. Yes, I have turned into a cinephile. No, not really.

This Week I…

Music for the week:  Imagine Dragons, Sam Smith, Carrie Underwood, Paloma Faith, Brandy Clark, Fifth Harmony, Whitney Houston, Butterfly Boucher

This entry is too long for me to go on about how good the new Imagine Dragons album is. (full of angst!)

TV for the week: My 6oo lb life, basketball

I’m watching a NBA game right now and that is why it took so, so, so long for me to type out this entry. side tracked.

Movies of the week: I wasn’t that impressed with In Your Eyes. I thought it was going to be more sci-fi instead it was more romantic comedy. I give it 3.5 stars out of 5. I only watched Labor Day because I really like Kate Winslet. What a surprise. It is a good movie. I enjoyed it more than most people who rated it. It probably is because of Kate. I only took forever to watch it because the reviews weren’t that good. 4 out of 5 stars. Now I want to read the book.

Books of the week: Get Rich, Lucky Bitch!: Release Your Money Blocks and Live a First Class Life by Denise Thomas – on page 241. Almost done. This book is probably too woo-woo for most people. I’ll do a review once I’m done.

Knitting Projects of the week: I only knitted one day this week – today while I was waiting for my oil to be changed. I worked on my purple cowl.

This is my longest entry ever! I think. Does it count as an entry if no one reads it? Does this count as a blog if no one reads it? ROFL. 😉 😉 😉 Now I can watch basketball with all my attention. Go Wizards!

Youth is wasted on the young

Today is my birthday. My birthday was pretty underwhelming for reasons I won’t get into. I did get the day off from work (it is sort of a tradition in our department). The rational side of me thinks it is silly to celebrate the day I was born. I mean, WTF did I do? Nothing. But deep inside I sort of like “celebrating” it. I like it to be a special day. I’ve never had a birthday party. Ever. I usually like to go somewhere alone. Last year I went to the state park for two nights. I had the BEST time. Memories…

The day started with breakfast at Shoney’s. What can I say? I’m a high class girl with expensive tastes. Don’t judge. 😉 Now I’ll get into what I received or will be getting. I’ve been blogging off and on (mostly on) for 15+ years and I’ve never done a gift post because I usually don’t get excited enough to want to share anything I got. But this year is different because I got TWO awesome handbags.

Have I ever mentioned that I’m a handbag whore? I don’t think so. I don’t have a ton but I admire them. I try to buy a good (but inexpensive) bag every year.

Bag #1 is: MG Collection Weave Pattern Belt Accent Soft Hobo Shoulder Bag The picture doesn’t do it justice. It is HUGE. This will be the bag I take on the plane to Vegas. That and a small carry on suitcase will be enough for 4 days/3 nights. I will also use it anytime I might want to take a knitting project or a bunch of books with me somewhere.

I have it in black.
I have it in black.

Bag #2 is simply fabulous. It is by Big Buddha. It is the Big Buddha Brandi Hobo Bag. I got it in “ocean”. It isn’t as big as bag #1 so I will probably use it a lot more. For now, it will be my go to bag until I want to switch things up.

Big Buddha, baby!
Big Buddha, baby!

Here is a video of the bag in action:

I also got some yarn, of course. How much yarn does one person need? I must stop collecting yarn. I know this is a serious issue in the knitting/crocheting community.


My sister gave me this Baltimore Ravens shirt. I stopped watching football a year ago but I still support my team all the way.


Well that is it for my show & tell. I had to. I LOVE BAGS! 🙂


Music for the week: Sarah McLachlan, Demi Lovato, KT Tunstall, Ellie Goulding, Augustana, Neon Trees, Foster the People, Ray LaMontagne

More men than usual…

TV for the week: NBA playoffs, Mad Men

Movie of the week: none so far

Two days without the NBA? 😦 I may get around to watching Enough Said this weekend.

Books of the week: A bunch of knitting books, The Shyness and Social Anxiety Workbook: Proven, Step-by-Step Techniques for Overcoming your Fear

Knitting projects of the week: still working on the other half of the scarf, and the handbag and dish towel. I had to rip out all of the above and start again. ARGH!!!!!!!! I must’ve had beginner’s luck with the first half of the scarf. That went almost perfectly. Now I can’t do anything right. Pics coming once I’m done.


I started Wellbutrin XL today. I had a weird day so I can’t tell if I had any immediate effect like some people do. Besides I took it at noon instead of in the morning like I’m supposed to. I also crush the pill. You are not supposed to do that. But I’m not into swallowing pills.

I had the day off today. I was gone all day so nothing around the house got done. I took my car to the dealer to get the works. It cost me $200. Only one thing was found wrong. Interesting, Firestone found numerous things wrong. Expensive things. I have an extended warranty so the part I need will be ‘free’. But I have to take my car back because they have to order the part. *groan* I guess it has been foolish and straight up dumb for me to not go to the dealership for the past two years. I just hate the hours, the place, the location etc.

If I go to Firestone I can divide the payment into 3 payments with NO INTEREST. (If everyone did that, I might have a few more cards…so I’m glad stores don’t do that). Firestone is just more convenient. I can walk there. The credit card thing. Etc. But how dumb. Fuck. I’m just thinking about how dumb the people at Firestone must think I am for going to them instead of the dealer. :/

It took forever. I read two chapters of my textbook. After waiting for two hours, I just walked to the mall. I got more exercise today than I did the past two weeks. It was 60 degrees. 🙂 And I had my music with me. I was sort of nervous about actually going into stores. I NEVER go into a store if I know I’m not going to buy anything. I knew I couldn’t buy anything. ($200 in car maintenance, hello?) I only went inside about 6 stores (!!) because I had my big and heavy textbook with me. I knew people’s perception of me would be different.

So from now on when I’m in a situation where a mall is the only option, I will have a book with me. Not having bags help too. Ideally I should not be offended when the workers give me “the look”. But it makes me feel guilty.

While walking aimlessly, I got free tickets to a comedy show tonight. I would have gone if I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow. The food is great. Not 5 star great but greasy food great. There is no way I’m going to a 10PM show and going to work tomorrow. I wonder why they have tickets to give away?? LOL. I’ve had their food but I’ve never gone to a show. I used to be really into comedy. I know this is considered lame but the whole making fun of people (especially appearances) is no longer funny to me.

I went to H&M, Crate & Barrel, Nordstrom, Macy’s (my fave!), LOFT and a few other stores. I am such a geek that I tweeted about H&M. The loud club music is there but not the teenagers acting like it was a club. And the merchandise was lackluster. They are going to expand soon. I don’t even know why they opened. Maybe I am expecting it to be too much like the NYC one. But for people who have heard the hype and then go to this one…may never go back. Why risk it?

I was tempted a lot. Nordstom was the worst. Of course I’m not going to spend $500 on the Burberry bag I’ve been looking at for over a year. *drool* I have enough discipline to know that no bag is worth over $100. But I did see a perfect bag for $35 in the junior section. That is dirt cheap when it comes to Nordstrom. I paid $45 for my current Kathy Van Zeeland bag. I’ve had it for over a year and it shows. It is torn on the inside and I can’t find anything in it because the sections are gone. So I could use a new bag. I usually buy one $45 bag a year. (That is splurging to me). I just kept thinking about the car bill and I slowly put the bag down.

Btw, Kathy’s bags are the best for people who want quality but don’t want to pay $200 for a bag. I get a lot of compliments on my current bag. It is rare and kinda loud.

Sample of Kathy’s bags:

kind of loud

Very cute but too small for me. I have to be able to fit my lunch and a regular size book before I even consider buying it.

What is this entry about? Nothing. 😉 I went to a bunch of stores and didn’t buy anything. And I walked a lot.