Drums Please!

It is hot.
Total yayness! The gym obtained permission from my “physician” (haha) to participate in classes at the gym. YAY. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Getting that email was the highlight of my day. The more I think of my plan for starting the yoga + pilates (yogalates) class, the more it doesn’t make sense. I went to the gym to find out when the fall classes start. He couldn’t give me an exact date. It is in August. But I can start taking yogalates now. But I don’t wanna be the new girl. On the other hand, there is no guarantee that waiting until August will bring new people to the class. It could be the same people. I do save money by waiting. If I start now I have to pay class by class. It is cheap but….

So I think I’m going to wait. I also found out they offer a power yoga class. (All these different types of yoga!) I can only sign up for one class or pay double. The word POWER scares me so I think I will start with yogalates and if I don’t like that…

I will try to find something I like. They offer free cardio type classes. I need a class. I don’t have room at my house to exercise. I sometimes do dance exercises when I’m at mom’s house. But she doesn’t have enough room for me to do yoga in front of the TV either. I tried a standing pose and hit the ceiling fan. 😉 oops.
I only blog about yoga these days. Ha. I’m not done. I had my last yoga class yesterday. I was 3-5 minutes LATE! I hate that road. It is a one way road. I’m not used to that. Plus, I have to park away from the building then walk there. But the good thing is that I managed to sit in the back of the room!!!!! Thank the Buddha. I think that spot was left open because it was near the equipment.

Anyhow, the instructor mismanaged the time and had to rush my favorite part: the end. So that was a bummer. The end of the class is very relaxing. I enjoyed my time at the yoga studio (3 classes). But I don’t feel like I’m really going to miss it but who knows? I hope it isn’t laziness, social anxiety, or depression. I don’t think it’s laziness (in this case)…or depression. The social anxiety is always there. GO AWAY! Since I was late, I almost didn’t go to the class . In the past I would have just gone home….because who wants to walk into a class late? Being on Zoloft has helped some. Not enough obviously. There isn’t a magic drug for SA. I wish!

Tonight I’m going to do something other than listen to music (Thanks so much!). When I get new music, I listen to it nonstop. I haven’t done that in a long time. I think I will watch Hurt Locker or Black Swan tonight. I’m not sure about the volunteer teaching thing but I think I will do a résumé for it just for fun. (Geek alert! I like doing that stuff.) That should be interesting since I have ZERO experience with kids since I tutored while I was in sixth grade. LOL. I’ll blog more about this since I don’t have any scheduled yoga coming up.

Next week I have to pay a lot of dough for my fall class. Yipee. 😉