Miss April

Life is supposed to stop with March Madness. Some people didn’t get the memo. Most of my bills are set up to auto pay not only because I would forget to pay them….I don’t want to know how much I’m paying what to. It would sting too much. In the midst of the madness, I managed to be very sloppy with doing everything. I still have some stuff to do but I don’t want to think about it.

A wise man once said:

If they aren’t excited about it, who cares? I want to hang out with people who are excited about it.

The wise man is our local radio sports show host from Philly. 🙂 He said it on Friday about March Madness. Isn’t that statement true about everything?

I was *so* proud of myself for noticing that my tire was losing air and not freaking out. In hindsight, I should have realized that it was flat – dead, and no amount of air was going to save it. It is a looong story but my spare went flat a few months ago so I had to drive to the nearest mechanic to get a tire. Well he didn’t have a tire to fit my car. (weird). So he put some non-fitting tire on there and it lasted for a few months and the rest is really boring…

But I was proud of myself for checking the tire pressure (with a tire gauge) for the first time EVER. A year ago I was afraid of anything tire related. But my mom’s friend showed me how to do it a year ago. I can’t remember if I suggested it or what. I had this fear that just taking the cap off would allow all the air out. It does not help that my mother thought the same thing. LOL. See where I get this from??? Anyhow, I went to the gas station for the first time by myself to get air for my tire. I did it wrong for 1 minute out of the 3 but I’m relieved to actually DO it. I faced a fear. But all I can think of is, “What is the point if the tire is flat?” SERIOUSLY. Woohoo, I can put air in a bad tire. :/

No I have no interest in learning to change a tire. I have seen big men struggle with it. I weigh 105 with zero muscle. I think I’ll past on that.

I know how to check air pressure and I guess that is all that ‘knowledge’ is good for. WOW. (sarcasm). Yes I am scared of tires. Yes I know normal people know how to do this. I’m done comparing myself with the norm but everybody else is not so I have to say, “I know this isn’t a big deal for everyone else…

My point is that it is easier to face a fear when it is something YOU WANT TO DO. Um, answering phone calls at work? Hmmm, is that a want? Nope, that is a must. The alternative is being unemployed. I would’ve been satisfied if I had succeeded at it. It would have built my self confidence. I would feel like I have more job options. I’m talking in past tense as if I will never be on the phone again.

I just heard gunshots. I guess that was the universe’s way of telling me to blog about this: After I finish school in May, I’m going to see if moving is a possibility. I think I need to go to an open house – something I have never done before – to really feel like I have to move. I don’t want to waste a realtor’s time with ‘private showings’ when I already have a mortgage. I’ll blog more about this later. Nothing like gunshots to remind me. 😉 (It happens often, I assume no one is getting hurt – I wouldn’t joke about that! I do follow the news and no one has been shot or murdered). Why did I even have to type that?

I have an assignment, I want to get done tonight so adios. I actually had “read for fun” and “watch Precious (the movie based on youknow)” on my to do list. Heh, probably won’t happen. By the way, I finally saw The Social Network. If every movie opened with dialogue like that I would go to the movies more than once a year. I wish I’d seen it in the theater. I rarely say that about movies these days. I love the way the screenwriters adapted the script from the novel. B+