Bonus points for being a virgin

Good news first:

  • My engine light is now off.
  • I didn’t have to get a pap smear today. I did get my Depo injection.
  • I have A Course in Miracles in my possession (from the library).
  • I walked over 4 miles today with no foot pain.

Bad news:

  • My car cost me $421. I kid you not. FUCK. Holy credit card debt.
  • My period has lasted for 21+ days.
  • I have to get another mamogram. I’m not even of age to have to get one, but I have to get another.
  • My iron levels are really low so I have to go back to my PCP to get my iron tested. Another appointment.

I didn’t have to get a pap smear because I’m a virgin!! HOLLA! The nurse practitioner agreed with this. I’ve been saying this forever. Thank god I saw the NP today. My OB/GYN probably would have gone on and done it despite knowing that I’m a virgin. I don’t need annual pap smears. Best news ever.

I was like, “Yo, I’ve never had sex”. All loud and proud! 🙂 Anything to get out of the pap smear. The NP was not taken aback, but the nurse seemed to be. lol.

The nurse and nurse practitioner insisted that after this injection my period should be lighter. Yeah, I’m counting on that. 😉 I hope it is true. For some reason, this injection hurt a little. Last time I felt nothing.

I’m bummed about my period because I don’t want to go to yoga with my period. I refuse. I was going to call this Thursday to register for a class on Saturday. Now I’m not so sure.

I’ll leave it here for now.

I’ve gotta figure it out

My car’s engine light is off!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!! And I didn’t have to do anything. That has happened before. I didn’t think it would happen this time because the car was jerking PLUS the engine light was on. Now the car isn’t jerking either. 🙂

I went thrifting. I spent $15.50 and bought 2 blouses, 1 t-shirt, 2 pairs of capris, 1 pair of exercise pants, and 1 book. Here are the blouses:

new with tag!
new with tag!

I love those blouses. I bought the capris to wear while I’m mowing the lawn and walking my dog. I don’t wear those when I go out since I don’t shave my legs. If I wore shorts in public, people would stare and probably point. I HATE being looked at, so there’s no way I’m going to give people a reason to look.

Now I have semi-not so good news for me. My mom is going with me to Asheville. I felt guilty since she hasn’t been on a trip in 3 years. I’ve been to Mexico, Vegas, etc. She was taking care of her mom.

So…yeah. It isn’t the most horrible news. Obviously. But my mom can get on my nerves. I’m sure some people can relate. She does things to purposely annoy me. I don’t get how you can care for someone and yet, do something to annoy them. If someone can explain that to me, that would be great.

That is why I can’t live with her. She can be so annoying. I could save so much money if I did. Then I would be able to buy my dream house in the country. Anyway, we don’t have much in common. I’m so much like my dad it is scary. She’s not into politics, current events, books or music like I am. (Those things are pretty much my life).

I could fill 3 or 4 entries complaining about her. I will try not to. I will go on about her in this entry, though. lol. She is one of those people who thinks she’s nice, but she’s not. I hate that. She can be spiteful. She just blames the other person for everything.

We would never be friends if we weren’t related. NEVER. We are just so opposite. I hope this doesn’t ruin my Asheville trip. I don’t think it will. I won’t allow it. Plus, she isn’t that bad. 😉 This is just me venting about almost everything bad she’s ever done.

I just feel sort of obligated. But hopefully, I can get away on a solo trip in 2017. Not sure. I might have to keep it a secret, and then I’ll feel bad. I feel horrible for even thinking these thoughts.

Her presence won’t ruin my trip. I said it here first.

Parents. They mess you up and then they act like they are owed something. rofl.

I like to do things alone (including traveling). I’m very independent. I don’t understand people who won’t even try things on their own. That is how my mom is. That is why we didn’t do things as kids. She always relied on others. I don’t get why anyone would want to live that way.  Thanks for screwing up my life. Wanna go on a trip?

You’re not breaking me

Good news post! 3 good things: Grammy’s, gym and wig. 😉

Tori Kelly got nominated for Best New Artist!!!! OMG. YAY. Best news evah! So happy for her. People were saying she was going to get left out. I don’t think she’s going to win, but I know she must be on cloud 9. Congrats. I hope she wins. Now I have a reason to watch the Grammy’s. YES!  Congrats to James Bay too. Both got nominated in the same category.  If Tori wins, I will die.

And….D’angelo got nominated for Record of the Year!! Amazing! Wow, I can’t believe this. The Grammy’s are going to be so fun. D’angelo better show up. I don’t think he’s going to win either. Damn. But at least The Academy recognized him.

I have to say a few negative things about the nominations. Um, Alabama Shakes for album of the year? UGH. I hate that album. Oh and D’angelo should have gotten nominated for Album of the Year. That goes without saying. Bummed that Carly Rae was completely snubbed.  Still so excited, though. AHHHHHHHH! Fun times.

The whole list of nominees can be found here.

I finally cancelled my paid gym membership. It was so easy. I didn’t even have to talk to anyone! I emailed. She offered me $10 off a month, but money isn’t the only reason I’m cancelling. I go to the free gym more so I’m sticking with that. Free vs. paid? Free wins this time.

I went to the free gym this past Saturday.  Two weeks in a row. woohoo. 😉 As I was walking in, a woman was leaving so I had the whole gym to myself again. I did two miles on the treadmill. No weightlifting or bike.

If only I would go to the gym after work. I don’t see that happening. I have my schedule set.  Work, nap, eat dinner, back to work, practicum, leisure time, bed. I have to get my nap in. Nap or workout? Nap wins almost every time.

See how exciting my life is? lol.

I got my wig today. I already wore it out of the house when I took my dog to the vet. I don’t think I did a great job cutting the lace, but it was fine for today…according to me. I LOVE IT! It was so expensive, I’m glad I do love it. I’m glad I paid extra for thickness because otherwise I know I would complain about it being too thin.

My only complaint is that the back is too short. Other than that, no complaints so far. No shedding. But I haven’t had it for 24 hours so…who knows?? It looks real as it should. What else can I say? I’m in love with it.

The interesting part will be taking care of it. I suck at hair. I’ve been trying to find info on taking care of it. But I guess I’m supposed to take care of it like normal human hair, but I’m not good at that! WAH. I need resources.

For now, I will calm down because it is like new. I’ll worry about issues as they arise.

Gotta go back to work for my “late shift”.

kiss goodbye being realistic

Good news! Good news! Total yayness!!!! 🙂 🙂

I didn’t have jury duty at all this week. And so far I don’t have it on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. (Courts are closed Monday for MLK. I’m off from work too). YAY. I’m only on call for two weeks. It would be sooooooo nice if I didn’t have to report at all. I’m definitely holding my breath.

And….I don’t have to take my boards before October! Woot! Woot! (so many exclamation marks!!!) That is a huge relief. I do have to take it before 2015. That gives me a few more months to study. I’ll probably take them in September and December. I need all the time I can get. I’m so much of a geek, I can’t stop studying for it though. While working I’m watching/listening to videos on youtube about the test. I can’t help it. But at least the pressure is off. I can concentrate more on NOW. Now = school work.

(I thought I would have a hard time motivating myself for school this semester but I haven’t had that problem at all. When I’m not working, sleeping or reading for fun, I’m studying. I actually like this stuff. Weird).

And…my landlord had someone insulate my pipes. No shit, right? Does he have any idea how cold this house is? Even though I pay $200 for heat a month, I still have to wear 2-3 layers of clothes IN THE HOUSE AT ALL TIMES. Guess what? I’m still cold. But the good news is that the issue with the pipes has been addressed. 🙂

And…lol. As long as I don’t have jury duty on this Thursday, I will be going to see Michael Eric Dyson speak at a MLK event. I will get a chance to meet him (BREATHE) if I don’t chicken out. If you don’t know about Dyson, he is basically the smartest, funniest, guy on the planet. I’ve read 5 of his 16 books. (I personally think his speeches are 100x better than his books). He is officially a “public intellectual”. He also teaches at Georgetown. And he also is a minister, I don’t hold that against him because he has nothing against atheists. 😉

It would be so great to meet him and get him to sign one of his (my) books. O god. I’m already hyperventilating.

/end good news


How do I get rid of really nice Jehovah Witnesses? I told them I don’t believe in God but they came back 3 weeks later. They are planning to come back on Sunday. I know most people wouldn’t open the door but my car is outside…It would feel really rude to just ignore them.

They asked me what I would get rid of if I could get rid of anything in the world. I said “poverty”. But wouldn’t it have been funny if I said homophobia? LOL. I crack myself up!  I thought of that right after they left. I don’t know if I would have the courage to say that to a religious group. I like to call out prejudices. I’m {fill in the blank} like that.

Anyway, now they are going on about how God doesn’t want poverty. Blah, blah. But I don’t believe in God so UGH! Moot point. If I don’t believe, anything you say about God to me is pure BS. Is that hard to understand? PEOPLE!!

Sorry for the outburst. I just don’t know how to make them go away. They did make me think about one thing after their first visit. He said most people have an event that makes them not believe in God. He asked me what that was. At the time I said, “uh, nothing really happened. I just stopped believing in my teens. I’m a spiritual person though”. Afterwards I think it might have to do with my social anxiety AND seeing people suffer. (natural disasters, terrorism, etc.)

I hated god for my social anxiety. Who would make someone friendless? (Btw, I’m used to it now so it isn’t a big deal or an issue in my life). I just thought whoever created SA was cruel. And then as I got older, I thought:  I would never believe in a god who would allow these horrible things to happen. I guess that is why I don’t believe in God. Also there is no proof. So there you go.

I’m going to tell the JW I don’t believe in God again  – if I can kindly slip it in. Maybe they will get it then. I’m not trying to be converted!

This is really long. I was supposed to be typing up my homework. Way to go………..I’m going to take a nap instead. Ha. I have all night to do homework. #TypicalFridayNight

They don’t know so it’s okay

Awesome news! My apartment was rented. Best. News. Ever. 🙂 🙂 I no longer have to pay rent for two places. I have to thank the leasing company. They are the ones who made it happen. I think she was shocked that I kept paying rent after I was long gone. So she figured she would help me out.


Hopefully, I am going to be volunteering at the animal shelter very soon. I have to do orientation first.  I said I was interested in walking dogs and socializing cats. I hope I get a chance to do both but if I have to pick one, I will probably walk dogs but I would love to play with the kitties. I don’t know. Maybe I should shoot for 2 days a week. One for dogs and one for cats.

My lifelong dream has been to help animals. One day I would like to have a house full of them…when I’m living in my country house in the middle of nowhere. I love animals!


Music for the week:  Kinky Boots “soundtrack” (I haven’t been this obsessed about a play since Rent. There will be a US tour in 2014. I have to go!) , Selena Gomez, Alexz Johnson, Sara Bareillis, Jillette Johnson, Backstreet Boys

TV for the week: Dexter, Pretty Little Liars, news, Big Brother 15

Movie of the week: none

Books of the weekReconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight and American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld (on non gym days, I sit on the porch and read after work. It’s the best).

Goals for next week: Work related goals mostly.

Tomorrow I am going to the gym with my mom for the first time. I’m a little anxious about how all this will go. She doesn’t want to go to a crowded gym and I’m guessing Sunday afternoons will be crowded. sigh. Anyway, I can bring a guest every time I go to the gym. Isn’t that a nice perk?

I went to the bead show today. I showed great restraint. But it was easy since I’m currently not making jewelry. I did get some cord to make a few necklaces and I also brought myself a pair of feather earrings. I doubt I keep going back there. I found the vendors a bit rude. One yelled at me for taking a picture. I was doing it for my project life scrapbook album. No need to be rude, just ASK me to delete the picture. I was supposed to take a pic of the scene but I ended up taking a pic of beads for sale. Geez. Now I feel like one of the those people with the ‘mean people suck’ bumper stickers…but they do suck.

I also went to my mom’s house to walk my dog.

Guy on bike: That is one lucky dog. Can you walk me after you finish?

ROFL. I suppose some women might be offended but I thought it was hilarious. He didn’t linger which would have made me uncomfortable. Men. 😉

I so hate consequences

I believe in miracles!!!!!!!111!!!11!

The rental company is helping me  find someone to lease my apartment. How awesome is that? 🙂 So freaking relieved. When she called and told me that, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world!

She really called to tell me that I have to keep paying the gas bill and then she asked me whether I was still living there. She said, “Do you know how many people come in here looking for a 1 bedroom?” Um, actually yes but I couldn’t find one person willing to commit to sublease. Anyhow, this is great news. She will find someone and I won’t have to keep paying rent at two places. YAY.

I did borrow money from my 401k to pay the rent. I’m not sure what I’m going to do about that money. Even without the apartment, my bills are more than I make. 😦 Actually I am too scared to check for sure. I may break even. But I had to get this house. I know the house is worth the rent. I feel semi-safe here. I don’t have the high levels of anxiety. I can actually work.

I may pay some of the loan back early. I hope they will lower my payments if I do that. I’ll think about that later. I was also thinking of finishing up school. To get a certificate it will cost me $800 (for one final class). To get certified it will costs me additional money. Right now I will just settle for the certificate.


In other news I lost .8 pounds. 😉 (That’s *point* 8 – not 8lbs)  It has always been easy for me to lose weight in the past…without really trying. Now I’m nervous that I’ve messed up my metabolism. It’s not easy now. I have to keep it off. I have stopped eating bread. I have cut down on soda. None today, in fact.

I was stung by a bee on my ankle of all places on Saturday. It happened while I was mowing the lawn. It was the first time I ever got stung. It really hurt. Online articles say the pain may last a few hours. My ankle hurt really bad all day.

My point is that I have only been to the gym once this week. I can’t do Body Step due to my ankle. I did do the weight training class on Tuesday. Now my foot is just annoyingly itchy. The pain is 99% gone.

I don’t know what I’m doing for the rest of the week.


Online “dating”

Dating?? ME?? LOL. So not going there. I have no desire to date. Once a month I feel outgoing. That is what happened when I posted the ad. Now I’m my usual introverted self. I have been communicating every other day with one person. Ugh, coming up with stuff has been so hard. I almost stopped. But I don’t want to be the “rejector”.

Other people have tried to talk to me but they have kids! Red flag. Me don’t do kids. It seems like everyone on this site -besides the one person I’ve been messaging- has kids. So…eh. Plus they live too close to me. Another red flag. I’m not trying to get in a relationship or anything.

So that’s that.