Tonight Tonight


President Obama. I doubted him. I always knew he was really for gay marriage but WOW to announce this now…. I’m impressed. Looks like I will be voting for sure in November. (I was 75% for voting prior to this announcement). WOW.

Kudos to the Pres. YOU ROCK OBAMA*!

*Oh, this still does not excuse all your promises you have reneged on. And I’m still bitter at one of his policies.

I’m actually sort of happy about this! YAY. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


Um, what did I just do???! I’m staying at the beach for an extra night. I’ve never stayed anywhere for 4,  5 or 7 days. Yet 3 nights at the beach felt like a week to me so I figured why not? I don’t know….So I’m heading to the beach Monday afternoon after working a full day. I kept going back and forth about this. I kept thinking about how good it would feel to wake up on Tuesday at the beach instead of driving there on Tuesday.

I hope it is worth it. 🙂 Another thing is that I’m staying at two different hotels during this trip. I’ve stayed in both hotels before. What I don’t like about the Monday night hotel is the *wait for it* NOISE. That is why even though this hotel is cheaper I chose not to stay there for the other two nights. But for one night, I can deal. Maybe I will have quiet people above me this time? (please! please!)

The last time I stayed there I was in bed watching the end of the late NBA playoff game (around 11:30PM) and the guys above me were watching the hockey playoffs. OMG, they were loud. Cheering for every goal. Blah, blah, blah. I even went on the balcony to avoid them but I think they had their balcony door open because that didn’t help. Anyway, the noise and the sleeper sofa sucks. Everything else is pretty good.

The weather doesn’t look great. It will be warm during the day and around 60 degrees at night. That isn’t the issue. It is supposed to rain on my birthday! 😦 hehe. I’m sure I will still enjoy being there anyways. But now I have to pack more than maxi dresses.


I really need to stop selling Avon. I don’t want to because I have 2 consistent customers. For some reason I got 4 calls and 1 email from new people wanting Avon. I was freaked out. Guess what I did. I “lost” my cell phone for 5 days. I didn’t try to find it. I didn’t check my voice mails. How do you spell “avoidance”?  Nope, I didn’t call any of those people back. (am I supposed to feel bad? I do but I don’t do phones).

However I did email the one person who emailed me…5 days later. And now I’m scared to check my email.

I suck at this. ugh.


Miss California

TGIA = (Thank God it’s Tuesday!) 🙂

Anyway, I’m a bit confused on why people are saying Miss California was brave for saying she believed marriage should be between a man and a women. Isn’t that what the majority of Americans believe?? (Last check over 60%) So what is so freaking brave? What? Okay, maybe giving that answer to Perez Hilton gives her a few points. Sure some people booed (RUDE!!) but booing is often louder than applause.

My problem with that question is the politicians who give that canned “man and a women” BS when they probably don’t even care. (Looking mainly @ Democrats). When I heard Ms. California answer I thought, “how original”. But maybe that is how she really feels. Then kudos to her but since when is agreeing with the majority brave? And people say she may have lost due to that. What planet are they on??

I would have stumbled over that question and ANY question like crazy. My response would have been something like:

(incoherent babbling). Um, I believe that gay people should be able to marry. The important thing is that two people love each other. And uh, two gay people marrying doesn’t mess up the institution of marriage.

If you think that is incoherent, you should hear what I would really say. I would probably only get out, “I’m for gay marriage!”. Then I would have gotten booed.
Check out my new music related toy! It’s my birthday gift to myself. My birthday is in May. I’m off the week before my bday. I’m going with my mom to the beach area for 3 nights for a work related event (for her). The hotel is 12 miles from the beach. I live for the beach so I’m going to get out there somehow. I just have to figure out parking. Usually when we go, we stay in an oceanfront hotel so parking has never been an issue.

I’m slightly concerned about the weather. I’ve never been to the beach in May. I hope it’s at least 80 degrees. I usually go in June to avoid the crowds.
Update on cat: Definitely feeling better. But how am I EVER going to get her to the vet? Yesterday I tried to touch her and she almost bit off my arm. 😦

Gotta go.