My first Stitch Fix!

Most people reading this probably know what Stitch Fix is. I’ll do a brief synopsis of the service. It is a clothing styling service. You pay a $20 styling fee for a stylist to send you 5 items (clothes, jewelry, handbags, shoes etc.) You pay for what you want to keep, send the rest back. Free shipping.

Now let’s get to the fun part!

I feel that overall, my stylist (Amy) did a great job sending me what I was looking for. The only weird things are the price points are a little higher than what I asked for, and I only pinned boot legged jeans on my Pinterest board, but she sent skinny jeans. Here is what I received:

Jesse maxi dress

Brand/name: Loveapella Jesse Maxi Dress

Cost: $78

Verdict: Keeping. It’s gorgeous. I LOVE it. I can’t wait to wear this with my denim jacket.

Brand/name: Just Black Adorra Skinny Jean (in mint)

Cost: $88

Verdict: Keeping. I would never have bought mint jeans for myself, but they fit well. My camera didn’t capture the color well but another blogger received them, and she has a pic.

Dawson crochet shoulder knit top

Brand/name: Papermoon Dawson Crochet Shoulder Knit Top

Cost: $54

Verdict: Keeping. It hangs too low in the front, but that’s probably my fault. I asked for a medium in blouses even though I’m a size small. I like my tops to be relaxed fit, but not this relaxed. I’m still going to wear it so it is worth the price.

Windermere lace sleeve blouse

Brand/name: 41Hawthorn Windermere Lace Sleeve Blouse


Cost: $54

Verdict: Keeping. Same as above. A tad too big. But I’m going to rock it anyway. I will invest in a strapless bra, so these blouses look better, and I will probably change my blouse size to small for future fixes.

Jacey striped reversible tote

Brand/name: Street Level Jacey Striped Reversible Tote

Cost: $62

Verdict:  Keeping. I love bags, but this one falls into the ‘like’ category. I only kept it for the “buy 5” discount. I asked for a specific purse that is not in stock anymore, so I got this one instead. The inside of the bag is tan. I have enough tan bags, so I won’t ever reverse it.

Yes, I’m keeping all 5 items!! I love the jeans and the maxi dress. The two blouses are very nice, but a little too big. And the purse is just alright. Since I’m keeping all 5 items, I get a 25% discount. My total is $232. Ouch. I’m not used to spending this much on clothes. I wanted to do a birthday fix (May 16th), but my wallet will NOT allow it. 😦

I had a great experience with my first fix. Amy looked at my Pinterest board and could tell what I would like. I’m sort of amazed. How did she know I love lace so much? I guess between my note to her and my pins, she figured it out. 😉 I’m not sure when I’m doing another one. I want to do either Trunk Club or Stitch Fix for fall clothing. (Read my Trunk Club review). I don’t know if I will buy anything in between since all this is very expensive (to me). Besides, I have enough clothes for now.

Edited to add: Ahhh! I found out about a new service. It is called Lyon + Post.  Thanks to Nicole for the $30 credit. If you click that link, you get a $30 credit. I’m getting 4 items next week and I will be doing a blog post on my experience. It’s an online clothing try-on service. You get to pick what is sent to you. And you only keep what you want to pay for. LOVE it.

the wanderer

Maybe it is just me but it seems like everything is geared towards creative people. There are right brained people, left brained people, mixed people and maybe people who need a class? I’m torn. I just know that my life sucks. It’s like I woke up one day and realized it but surely, I’ve known this all along?? Hello, it is pretty obvious.

My sister makes short films and she travels the world. THE WORLD. She has been everywhere but Antarctica. (Side note: I’ve been obsessed with Antarctica from a young age…even though I hate the cold). She is one year older than me yet she has a life.She isn’t rich at all. Far from it. She doesn’t have social anxiety. So realistically it is dumb of me to even compare myself to her. I usually don’t compare myself to normal people because I just can’t. So stop. I can’t compare myself to others my age or even teenagers. LOL.

But seeing my sister’s life has inspired me to do…something. Unfortunately I can’t travel for many reasons. That is my ultimate dream. I know a job can be made out of it if you are creative. heh. But to me that is more of a hobby or maybe even a way of life for a lucky few.

I can’t travel the way I want to. (My dream places are Mexico, Greece, Bora Bora and San Francisco – in that order). But maybe I can….

Take a class! Oh fuck. Yeah, that isn’t ideal. A fun class. I have narrowed it down to a sewing class or a jewelry making class. The class is from 6:30-9 once a week. (Hate those hours – it better be fun). The cost is about $250 with materials. Sigh. I’m leaning towards metal jewelry making for the winter semester since I used to do that years ago. And I’m obsessed with jewelry. I would love to take the beginner’s sewing class one day.

However, if I suck at this jewelry making class – I’m done with this creative BS. DONE. Maybe I’m just meant to enjoy the arts not make stuff. I can’t imagine what takes 8 weeks to learn*. I hope I get to make more than one piece for all that time i put it in. But this is METAL jewelry making. So it is probably pretty cool. They offer a lot of classes but if I start thinking – lol- I will never make a choice.

*After researching metal jewelry making a little more, I can see why a lot of time is needed. I’m nervous about using some of those tools.

I’m supposed to be saving money. No more feather earrings, that’s for sure. 🙂 Plus I am taking a “real” class next semester. The money is due the first week of December. Thank g-d, it is only 2 credits. And that’s not all. There is an exercise class I want to take too. It is at another place. It costs about $200. Ouch! ………..

But am I a work all week and on Mondays do jewelry making all evening and then on Thursday do yoga once a week for about 90 minutes and then have a “real class” to deal with type of person??? I’m a homebody. I’m not used to being out of the house that much. On the weekends, I’m not going to want to go anywhere if I do all that but I will have to work OT if it is available.

I’m trying to not focus on how much all this will cost. I’m working OT this weekend and on “Black Friday”. And no, I will not be in a store on that Friday. But shhhh! I will be on to see if Dexter season 3 goes on sale. I will die DIE if it is $10. I will be forced to buy it. 😉

I’m just rambling aloud. Is class after class the life I want? That may be the only way I can find my passion. I just hate that it costs so much. Others just know and don’t have to go through all this. But it is supposed to be FUN. And it might be. I don’t know.

Well I’m going to take a nap and then I have a ton of school work to do. I’m behind for the first time this semester. Ick.

Me, Myself, and Time

Update on Abilify: I’m still yawning all the time…especially at work. But I don’t come home and crash from exhaustion anymore. In fact, I could be getting stuff done. 😉 I take power cat naps instead. They are awesome. However, I’m still not motivated when it comes to school. I’m doing homework but I’m not studying much. I am reading for fun instead of studying. Great.

I do have more energy. Example: On most Sundays, I would get up after noon. Sometimes it would be 2PM! That has only been happening since the semi-major depression. (a year or two??) Now I’m getting up at 8AM on the weekends. WOW. That is my old life. A life I thought was gone forever.

I guess this is good but I have to adjust. It really seems like it happened overnight.

I am trying to adjust to my new life…and not fall into my old ADD patterns. Even before I’d had any changes, I was going on and on to my therapist about what I would be doing this summer. She was like “Woah! Don’t try to do too many things or you’ll get overwhelmed.” Well that is the story of my life. I have so many interests. Let me back up. All of these plans are not interests. I talked about taking a cooking class (could be fun but I don’t see cooking as a fun thing – well may be some baking). I mentioned seeing a financial adviser because I really want to get out of my house. That is not fun. That is scary. Worst case scenario: I’m stuck because I don’t make enough money/my house won’t sell.

I’m still planning on taking the cooking class. They did a local TV spot on them and now their classes are selling out. A year ago, I NEVER saw a sell out on their calendar so I have to register within the next few weeks. I’m definitely at least taking the crochet classes even though I’m more interested in jewelry making. (There wasn’t a schedule for that so I have to go back and leave my name and number with the cashier).

So that is 3 enjoyable classes AKA no grades!!!! FUN. Interesting. YAY. 🙂

But that’s not all. I’m going to learn how to use mulch on my lawn. I’m going to the dentist in May even though I haven’t called to make the appointment. OMG, my stomach just flipped. I’m not scared of getting my teeth cleaned. I’m scared of the X-rays. I always gag on those things. And to make matters worse…I googled “going to the dentist without getting X-rays done”. Guess what? A dentist said this is a liability issue! Can I sign away my rights? Heh. Shouldn’t I be able to get my teeth cleaned without X-rays? I’m dumbfounded. Trust me I will be high on Ativan. I don’t usually take it (makes me sleepy) but I’m taking 3 times the amount I was prescribed just to go to the dentist.

If I have to have Xrays…this is going to suck. I may not go through with it. I gag. What am I suppose to do. Be put to sleep? They do that to kids sometimes* but I don’t know how that is done so…

*There was a recent story about a boy under 5 years old who died from the anesthesia. He had a dental issue and they put him under. It wasn’t a necessary dental procedure. I feel so bad for the mom. Can you imagine her pain? I can’t.

Just reading this screams “ADD” to me. AND I’m also thinking about going to grad school (only if my job pays, I would not consider it otherwise). LOL. At this point I’m either getting a PHD in psychology – educational or a Master’s in Fine Arts (MFA) with a concentration in jewelry making. To get the MFA, I have to set up a portfolio of at least 12 items I’ve made in the past two years. So I need to make about….12 items. LOL. And they have to be good. Promising. Show talent. I also probably need letters of recommendations (ick!) and some test. Obviously to get a PHD, I need the recommendations, to take the GRE and have an interview. The MFA might require an interview also.

I know all this seems nuts. Or to me it does. But it will take me at least one year to have 12 items. As I’ve said, I already have the basics of jewelry making down but none of that is good enough for a MFA. I can make and have sold my leather necklaces and that is pretty much it. So I would need to take as many “fun” classes as I can and hone my craft. I don’t even know if I have the talent.

The PHD just seems daunting. I would only take one class a semester. Note: Don’t tell the school that when I’m interviewed.

I don’t know. I’ve always wanted to do research not teach– animal research. No matter the research a PHD is required to do your own thing. See? I’m fucking OOC.

OOC =out of control.

Catherine & Demi
on stands now

I’m very proud of Demi Lovato and Catherine Zeta Jones for admitting they have bipolar disorder. How long before the public thinks bipolar disorder doesn’t exist because “all of a sudden these celebrities are coming out”. Call me cynical. Whatever. I hope they deal with it okay. It isn’t easy. From what I’ve read, Demi seems so relieved to know that she has a diagnosis. I can relate.