It doesn’t even faze me

After the last two entries, should we start with some positivity? 🙂

PICTURE time!! I’m going to be so sad when the flowers stop blooming soon. Bummer. Anyhow, here are two pictures of beautiful flowers. I’m thinking of making a flower essence out of the first one over the weekend.


I love purple flowers!


Now back to life. The tree branches are still down in my yard. The power line is still down, but it is just hanging down. It isn’t loose. I hope that makes sense. Even if the power line weren’t down, the branches would be impossible to get up without help. I think they may be still attached to the tree so I would need a saw. Blah, blah, blah. That isn’t my priority right now.

What is my priority? PLUMBING. I still haven’t gotten it fixed since I last posted but the plumber is coming out tomorrow. I know this may cost a ton. This is partly my fault for letting the problem get so bad. However, the plumbing was bad before I moved in. I didn’t know that of course.

One day I was walking my dog, and a man stopped his car to talk. I was annoyed because my dog was barking/growling and trying to attack the man even though he was in the car. He said, “I used to live here.” I smiled and asked, “really?” He said, “Yeah. Is the plumbing any good?” ROFL. So this is a longstanding problem. It was fine for maybe the first year. Sigh.

Well, it is my responsibility now. I will take the blame. This is fair. I hope the price is reasonable.  Well, I just hope the plumber can even fix the problem! I don’t even know if that is an option. Double sigh.

I was falling out of love with tarot two weeks ago. I was really down about it. I wanted to give up. But now I’m back. Watch out! 😉 I think it may have been not receiving feedback for the free readings I was doing and reading another person’s readings. They are so much better than mine. So much better! That person probably has YEARS of experience so of course, their stuff will be better than mine.

I am now using that person for inspiration. My blog on my tarot website will be better next month. And I’ve been in the zone this week while doing readings. I love doing tarot readings. This week I’ve realized that doing tarot is like creating a story. I love it. Have I said that enough? I’m in the vortex, yo!

I took one unplanned evening off this week. It felt so great even though I was feeling a little sick. I use my evenings to work on my tarot biz and the online course I’m creating. From now on, I will schedule an evening off every week. I got into bed at 6:30. It was wonderful. I only did it because I was not feeling well. I’m still not feeling great. I don’t know whether it is depression (hope not!) or something else. I’m eating less which isn’t a horrible thing. 😉

This week I…

Music of the week (my top 8 most listened to): Aretha Franklin, Ariana Grande, Amos Lee, Christina Aguilera, Jason Mraz, Lauren Daigle, Carrie Underwood, Demi Lovato

TV of the week:  Big Brother, Castle Rock, WNBA Finals

Go Washington Mystics!!!1!!1!! I love Sue Bird like everyone else, and I’m glad Seattle has some type of basketball team since they took the Supersonics away. But I’m rooting for Washington DC, of course. I’ve followed Sue Bird since she was playing in college. I wish she were on our team. I know I’m not supposed to say that.

Movie of the week: I’m either watching Black Panther this weekend or next weekend. I’m thinking about saving it for next weekend because I’ll have a strawberry daiquiri. I had one last weekend. That is barely alcohol, but technically it is. Whatever. I going to drink 2 a month. I’m so wild. GIRL GONE WILD! I might need alcohol to enjoy Black Panther because it isn’t my favorite genre of movie. But I’m willing to give it a chance. I might love it.

Podcasts of the week:  So You Wanna Be a Witch, All In With Chris Hayes, The Lively Show, Up and Vanished

Books of the week: Now reading

Plans for the weekend: As of right now, I’m just planning on working on creating content. I have at least one tarot reading to do. It will probably turn into two.  I’m not working overtime as far as I know.

I hope the plumbing work can somehow be done this weekend. I have a call with my mentor after work on Monday so it can’t happen at all on that day. Last time I had work done, it took 2-3 days. I just hope they can fix it!

Have a great weekend! Thanks so much for reading. 🙂

I’m picking it up

I have no idea what’s going on. The end. I’m starting this post on Thursday night and will post it on Friday. I’m scared to type anything because I never know when shit is going to hit the fan.

Today at work sucked. Some of it was my fault. I’ll take the blame for 35%. I can’t help that the system sucks. Not my fault. I won’t take the blame for that. I can only work with what I have. All week wasn’t bad. Sigh. Whatever.

I probably shouldn’t say anything about work. I know one of them is reading. And if one is reading, that means others are reading. Social people. Sigh. All I can say is that I get frustrated when people don’t LISTEN. I never talk. I dunno. It would be nice if when I did say something people would fucking LISTEN.

Okay, I need to forgive. I forgive them or her or whoever. I know they don’t like me, but it doesn’t matter. I forgive them. That’s what I need to do. That’s my part.

I need to focus on the online course I want to create. I have the outline. I started the slides. I still have a lot of work to do if I want it out by the end of September. I’m hoping to get a lot done this weekend. However, I have to record YouTube videos this weekend for my tarot biz. That could take forever. I’m so glad my videos aren’t long.

I’m trying to work for myself, so yes, I have to do this stuff. If I want my tarot biz to succeed, I have to do 12 blog posts a month, record 12 videos and post on Instagram at least 20 days a month. And I have to do as many free tarot readings as I can. My mentor asked, “You are going to continue doing your 12 blog posts for September, right?” All I could think is of how busy I am. I wanted to say I don’t know. But I just said, “yes.”

Speaking of tarot readings, I have not heard back from the company where I applied to be an email reader. I submitted my 500-word tarot reading on Monday night. Have they read it? Did they hate it? Did they laugh? I must admit I sounded like an amateur. That’s because I am! LOL. I look at my readings from a month ago, and I can’t believe I even wrote that crap. I’m growing every day. Practice, practice, practice.

What did I do that was fun this week? I went to the park. I took many pictures of flowers:



I made 5 flower essences this week. I made rose, lavender, black-eyed susan, sunflower, and dandelion flower essences. I don’t know if I believe they work. I go back and forth with it. They are so easy and fun to make. This all started with my mentor sending me a mix of flower essences. I take it two to 3 times a day. Now it is fun to make my own. I have two flower essences outside under the moon right now. I prefer the sun, so I’m leaving it out overnight and during the day. Who knew something so simple could be so fun? Most people mix theirs with alcohol, but I’m using apple cider vinegar instead.

This week I…

Music of the week (my top 8 most listened to): Ariana Grande, Aretha Franklin, Lauren Daigle, Christina Aguilera, Ellie Goulding, Demi Lovato, Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears

TV of the week:  Big Brother, Castle Rock

Movie of the week: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before I read this book about 2 years ago and hated it. Okay, I didn’t read the whole book. I got to about page 60 before I knew the book wasn’t for me. But the movie was okay. I felt like the movie was a little rushed. It’s very light and fluffy. Not much there. I guess it is for the young folks. 😉

Podcasts of the week: Tarot for the Wild Soul, So You Wanna Be a Witch, The Lively Show

Books of the week: Now reading –

Plans for the weekend: Hopefully I’m working overtime. Then I’m working on my own shit. I hope to have some fun too. Not that my crap isn’t fun, but making YouTube videos is not my idea of fun. It’s stressful, and I hate the outcomes. It’s also time-consuming. Should I work on my course so I can have it ready ASAP? Maybe, but I can’t just let my tarot stuff slide. I just started and to slack off on being consistent now?? Not happening.

Oh, weekend plans? I’m also mowing the lawn. This weekend is supposed to be nice. Not too hot. Yay! I will probably make more flower essences. I’m kind of going nuts with the flower thing because the flowers will stop blooming soon. Then I will have to wait for next spring to make more. That’s a long time from now.

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend! 🙂

Enough for always

wish I was there

I wanted to type some text before posting these pics but I messed the whole thing up. Anyhow, these photos were taken in August 2011.  (I know – late). It was 95 degrees. I’m still a little bitter about spending $8.00 on visiting the “garden” that day. It was so small. I love nature but I can go to the park for free. I expected to get lost in flowers but all I was, was hot, sweaty and walking around in circles seeing everything twice. At least I got some decent pics.


In my past entry I mentioned not having a smartphone but wanting one. I googled (and binged) everything. The only solution seemed to be “buy an overpriced smartphone with monthly payments and a two year contract”. Well that is not feasible for me. However, while reading the latest issue of PC Magazine on my kindle, I think I found a solution. Unfortunately the solution costs $199 so I won’t be buying it for me but someone else may find this info helpful.

If you want  a smartphone without the phone part, the answer is Samsung Galaxy 4.0 Android MP3 Player. The name is a little misleading to me. If I saw that, I would think “Um, I don’t need a MP3 player!!” Forget the Mp3 part. It can do everything a smartphone does…well except dial out.

Surf the Internet, take photos, play games, and carry your music, videos, and other media wherever you go with the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0. Powered by Android 2.3.5, the player features a 1 GHz processor, a 4-inch Super Clear LCD touchscreen, and front- and rear-facing cameras. It also gives you access to over 250,000 apps including games, productivity software, and more..

*DROOL* That would be perfect for me!! Did I read “250,000 apps”???! ::dies::  That is exactly what I was looking for. It sounds to good to be true. About the camera: it has horrible reviews so if you plan on taking a lot of pics – don’t buy this gadget. The main drawback for me is that it still doesn’t have 3G. SCREAM. It only connects via wifi. I don’t know about everyone else but we don’t have Wi-fi at work. So I wouldn’t be able keep up with the news, for example.

I love gadgets. I used to know about every new thing. Anyhow, unless I can pay for it in monthly payments (with no interest), I will not be getting the Samsung Galaxy. Sounds like a dream though.

I feel guilty for even thinking about another device, when I have my one week old Kindle. By the way, I just checked out my first electronic library book today! 🙂 I have to finish it in two weeks. Overdrive (name of the website) does not allow renewing. But if no one else is waiting for it, I can just check it out again. My local library doesn’t have a ton of books but it is enough so that I shouldn’t have to keep running to the library. I have about 20 books on my Kindle so far. All but one was free.

I feel silly even typing this but…this kindle thing is overwhelming. In a good way. I know bad overwhelming. But now it is like I want to hoard  electronic books. And I keep thinking about all the 3D books I have to read. Some are mine, some are library books. Do I have time to read on my kindle when I have “real” books to read? I know this sounds nuts. And all I have to do is finish the 3D books first and then I wouldn’t “worry” about it. But I want to use my kindle. Of course I do – it is new to me. See how insane this is!

I keep going in circles in my mind. Why am I reading PC Monthly or an Ebook when I have borrowed 3D books to read? What the #$%^ is wrong with me?

I have issues.

even brighter than the moon

According to one Homes & Garden book, my decorating style is southwestern. Sounds right. It is colorful and has an antique vibe to it. I like looking at modern styles but I don’t have it in me to do it. If I could buy a place already modern, I would probably add a few things like COLOR.

I have dreams of decorating my house. But it isn’t a major goal so screw it…sorta. I did buy a few things at a great discount so I decided to try to fix it up a bit. My house has looked the same for 3 years and besides the colors, it doesn’t reflect me very much.

I guess I shouldn’t admit that I have a certificate in horticulture. I got it in 11th grade so…it doesn’t really count even though I spent two hours there everyday (and loved it). We did mostly indoor gardening and a few flower arrangements. I wish we would have spent more time on floral arrangements. All of us made one “expensive” item. I think the selling price for my project was $25. That isn’t expensive for a real flower arrangement but we were 16-18 years old.

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned here my love of REAL flowers….but I can’t have them here since I adopted this cat. I can only do fake flowers on the porch and inside the house. Before I show my amatuer photos, I have to explain my love of Mexican art. I love their pottery. I am really into their clay pans and pots. They are so beautiful and can be brought all around Mexico. I do wonder how will I ever ship stuff back to the states if I buy stuff. (no date set…heh. Mexico is a dream!) Obviosuly pottery is heavy.

Well I did find two made in Mexico clay pedestal. Love them. The columns have “Mexico” and “Made in Mexico” engraved all over the bottom. They were on sale and I didn’t have to go to Mexico to get them. It was hard getting them into the house but I did it. I wanted to place them outside but since I get the Sunday paper, I’m sure they wouldn’t last long. They person throws my paper so hard. I’m glad I don’t have a breakable door. So for now they are inside. When I move (no date set…dream!), I want them to be a part of the landscaping.

2 pics of the 3 feet “columns”. I didn’t do a good job of getting the detail. I’m sure I’ll more pics soon.

column and vase

Of course I had to put something on them…….


not my best work

I’m obsessed with how plants always lean toward the light. Yes, my lily is fake but it is leaning….towards the painting but still!

Do not do this at home. I did this on a tiny budget. The colors don’t go well but I don’t care. I just wanted something on the stands. Oh yeah, ignore the dust/dirt.

EXAM and DENTIST time! fun, fun, fun tomorrow! I will blog about this later. Trust.

I registered for the crochet class at Michaels but ugh, I picked the intermediate class by mistake so I need to call them to switch to the beginner’s class which happens to fall on my birthday.

I have to cram now.