Ready to be free

Brief Nutrisystem update: I weigh 134. I haven’t lost weight in a week or two? Ugh. I went to a private NS facebook group and someone is having the same issue except she weighs 136. Well everyone (including nutritionists) seems to be in agreement: HAVE A CHEAT DAY! So guess what? I’m ordering Italian food today..with dessert. hahahaha. I haven’t cheated one day while on NS. This will be my first and only cheat day…unless I get stuck again and it actually works.  I’m so looking forward to later this afternoon. Yes I will cheat my ass off. 🙂 🙂 Hello, red velvet cake!


A business (see entry below where I referred to them as “snarky bitches”) has been treating me unfairly. I’m not sure how to deal with it. I can tell you what I’m NOT doing. I’m not obsessing over it anymore. I only think about them when I’m on my way to see them. Why am I mentioning it now? Because I just saw them this week and I will see them twice next week. Should I stop doing business with them? I am giving them my money and they are treating me like shit. BUT, I am getting a service for my money…I’m just proud of myself for not being as offended as I used to be. A change in perspective due to all this REAL bad stuff happening , I guess. (Not bad stuff happening to me – terrible stuff in general happening to others).

Btw, the other customers were flabbergasted by the way I was being treated. She was explaining to them, “I usually try to help new people”. Keep explaining.  I just did my business, walked on by and out the door quietly. Later, I had to LOL at her having to explain her behavior.


I called my PCP (general doctor) on Wednesday to get an appointment in July. The earliest she had was July 28!! How ridiculous is that? The only reason I’m going is because I haven’t seen a doctor in 3+ years. No, I don’t see a OB/GYN either. blah, blah, blah. I know I should. Anyhow, I just want to make sure that Nutrisystem isn’t affecting my health negatively. It really doesn’t matter because once August is here, I will be almost out of NS food. And I won’t be getting anymore.

So yeah, I made a doctor’s appointment because I’m curious about NS. Otherwise I would just keep not going to a doctor. Last time she told me to take a vitamin. Oops! I did for a while and then I quit. That is exactly what I will tell her if she brings it up. It’s been 3 years, she has to give me a break for that. But..the vegetables I’m eating daily -I can’t believe I eat 3-4 servings of veggies a day now!!- might diminish the need for the vitamin. I have no idea. I’m not an expert when it comes to health. I have a lot to learn.

I’m not taking the whole day off since my vacation time is right before that. I’m only taking 2 hours off. I was hoping to go to the doctor during my vacation time. Now I will probably go to the laundromat that day. Fun times. 😉 I also might get some clothes tailored. My life is so exciting! :/ I already had my little trip so no major plans for my week off.

Today is my day off. What did I do? Mow the back lawn. (I mowed the front Wednesday evening). And I ran errands. I also read and repriced items for my upcoming yard sale.

Oh! I did the estate sale. I get to pick up my stuff on Monday. I can’t wait to see the clothes again. Call me a label whore. I have clothes from Nina Ricci, Carolina Herrera, Yves Saint Laurent and more! YAY. I will (hopefully) sell some of these clothes at the yard sale. But I’m definitely keeping a few things. I didn’t get all the clothes I wanted. But I’m happy with what I paid. I did get one vintage purse. Unfortunately it is white and I don’t do white  (cause I can’t take care of it) so I will probably officially open my Etsy shop with that item. Or I may do eBay. I haven’t decided. eBay has been good to me recently. I actually made a profit off of my last two sales.

About the yard sale, I’m leaning towards putting an ad in the newspaper. I’m worried about rain since it is sorta, kinda hurricane season. If a storm is coming or near by on Tuesday, then I won’t bother with the ad because it will most likely be raining during the day (rain is common in the evenings where I live). I have no idea when the deadline is. I’m posting about the sale on free sites at the beginning of next week. I’m pretty much taking pictures of everything this weekend.

This week I…

Music of the week:  Lea Michele, Lissie, Kelly Clarkson, Mariah Carey, Kendrick Lamar, Kina Grannis, Florence + the Machine, Imagine Dragons

Video of the week – Bitch, I’m Madonna (the best. song. evah. despite Nicki Minaj being involved.)

Watched: NBA Finals, Grey’s Anatomy, James Holmes trial

Movie of the week: I’m planning on watching Gone Girl this weekend! I’m sooo excited. I read the book over a year ago so I should be able to enjoy the movie. Unfortunately, I watched the trailer today (whyyyy?)  and now I think I remember more than I wanted to. I hate reading a book and then watching the movie right after. I need at least a year in between.

Books of the week: I finished Eyes on You: A novel of suspense by Kate White. I gave it 3.5 stars out of 5. It was a page turner but it wasn’t great. It’s worth reading if you like suspense and want a quick read.

Also reading: Everyday I fight by Stuart Scott on page 225 I’m trying to finish this book over the weekend. I like his outlook on life. He hated small talk so he practically told people not to do it with him. OTOH, I am just standoffish so people won’t try that crap with me. Anyway, I kind of don’t want it to end. I’m scared of the ending even though I know the ending but what will he say about it? 😦

I should be getting Yes Please by Amy Poehler any day now…but until I get it from the library, I’m going to start Not Fade Away: A Memoir of Senses Lost and Found by Rebecca Alexander.

Article of the week: The True Destructive Force of Your Anxiety – from Scientific American via Salon.

…. This further supports the idea that anxiety, more so than anger or disgust, blinds people to others’ experiences.

Planner update and maybe a movie update later this weekend.

Because of you

Before the murder of my coworker, I was so concerned about what a business thought of me. They didn’t/don’t treat me like the other customers. They are/were being snarky bitches. I was so consumed with that. I thought if they only knew that the reason I couldn’t look up was due to my social anxiety maybe they would react differently. All the while she and her family were dead. DEAD.

Now, I rarely think about it…but I have to deal with them again this week and for the first time all of this came back. I’m just going to be me. TRY to smile (very hard with my social anxiety) and just don’t sweat it. It doesn’t matter. If they want to act like 4 year olds, then let them. They are the judgmental, clueless, witches. It’s on them, not me.


I know I said ‘no more estate’ sales. ROFL. 🙂 I love when rich people have estate sales…especially if they wear my size in clothing. I’m going on Wednesday to check out this women’s clothes, shoes and purses. I’m trying not to be a label whore but it might be hard. Of course I plan on selling most of it. What I usually do is if there are 10 pairs of shoes I can wear, I pick one pair to keep for myself and sell the others. I think I’ll pass on her purses but I’m currently #1 on a Dooney & Burke purse. If no else wants it…I’ll take it.

This cannot and will not be a new hobby. This plus Nutrisystem is too expensive. Plus I might be going to Busch Gardens??! $$$$ Another reason I don’t want to go to Busch Gardens: TOO HOT. It is 93 degrees today! I like doing outdoor things in May. It may be a little warm but not this humid.

And I have to mow my lawn in this heat. Woe is me. I only have to work 4 days this week. RALLY!

That is my best pep talk. heh.


Back to cleaning off my bookshelves. First, I will try to sell the books then I’m going to donate the ones that don’t sell. I usually donate to the library but I’ll see who else wants books in pretty good condition. Unfortunately I’m just putting “new” to be read books back in the old books spot. I love books…but I prefer them on my Kindle. Less clutter that way.

My mind can’t get no rest


12 days until my first real trip to North Carolina (just a day trip)

17 days until my cabin vacation (with my dog???)

Just thinking about those two things puts me into overwhelm. WHY did I commit to North Carolina? It was an impulsive decision. I may or may not regret it. There is still a very small chance I won’t have to go. Very small.

I picked  up some more stuff from another estate sale today. I’m bummed because I didn’t get one of my boxes. 😦 It was a box of ink pens and other office supplies. I didn’t notice it until too late. Oh well. But the stuff I did get is in good shape. I have started putting prices on items. I’m stuck on some things. How much should I sell the baskets for? One time I went to a flea market and the guy was asking 7.00 for a basket. LOL. Maybe that is a fair price. I don’t know… I just excused myself. I’m sure some people will look at my prices and think “WTF is she thinking?”

I even got a planner from the sale. haha. But I am not keeping it. I think I have it priced at $5.00. I’m selling in June and I have more than enough. Now I have to see about the business license. I was supposed to do it in April but that is so not happening. I will go in the beginning of May. I still don’t have a proper name. blah.

I’m still thinking about trying Nutrisystem for a month. I want to lose 10 pounds and I think that would jump start it. But I’m going on a short vacation soon. Do I want to do Nutrisystem while there? (Why not?) I definitely can’t afford to do it every month. That won’t be happening. It costs so much. ugh, don’t wanna pay.  :/

This Week I…

Music for the week  Lissie, Alabama Shakes, Beth Hart, Madonna, Laura Marling, Nick Jonas, Imagine Dragons, Jillette Johnson

TV for the week: NBA playoffs, Parks and Rec, American Idol

The Wizards are working it!

Book of the week: Reconciliation by Thich Nhat Hanh

Walked: most steps so far Wednesday with 6,346 steps

Planner update:

week so far
week so far

I don’t know what happened to April. I was juggling too many things I guess. I need to focus more in May…of course I have the cabin trip and I’m also going to North Carolina. So…who knows what will happen? I don’t even know if I will have May goals. I’ll probably just move over the ones I didn’t accomplish in April.