The Colors are Golden

FUCK. I just lost the three paragraphs I typed. WordPress!!! Ugh. Moving on…

I’ve been walking 50 minutes a day to alleviate the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder AKA seasonal depression. AND to give my dog exercise. Anyway, I don’t think walking has helped much so far. I’m not really depressed. Thank god. But I can tell I have the winter blues. I will probably keep walking as long as it is over 30 degrees because my dog really likes it. However, he is a corgi mix, and they are known to have arthritis. 😦 So I don’t want that to flare up due to the cold weather. I have to be careful. There’s no way I’m walking by myself. I would feel SO guilty for not taking my dog.

I would buy one of those lamps that bring in fake sunlight. I do have a $15 promotion from Amazon, but the item must cost at least $30, and the lamp I want is only $28. So ugh. Not sure. If I feel horrible, I might just buy a lamp. But most days, I’m okay. It’s just a few days that suck. I know February is going to be tough because February always sucks. It’s so cold and blah. I will probably take off a few days during that month.

I just got back from the bank. I deposited $15.90 in the bank. Woohoo! 2.90 of that was in change (including 10 pennies). I was slightly embarrassed to have all that change. But if I found all my change it could have been worse. I can’t wait until I’m financially doing better which should be February or March. I just don’t want to have to count pennies for groceries. And I don’t want to have a negative bank balance ever again. That would be nice.

Election 2020: I’m sad that Kamala Harris dropped out even though I wasn’t going to vote for her in the primary. I’m really bummed that Julian Castro won’t be at the debate next week. There’s not much going on that I care about. I just hope Biden is not the nominee. Please! I’m begging America. He’s not mentally up to it. So nothing’s really changed. I’m still rooting for Elizabeth Warren. Oh, I’m surprised Yang made the debate, but Booker didn’t.

This week I…

Music of the week: Rachel Platten, Maggie Rogers, Ariana Grande, Mariah Carey, Carly Rae Jepsen, Bishop Briggs, Jussie Smollett, Pistol Annies

TV of the week:  Survivor, RHoP

Podcasts of the week:  So You Wanna Be a Witch, Crimelines, Cold, Dateline, True Crime Garage, Pod Save America, Tarot for the Wild Soul, Generation why,

Books of the week: I need to read new books! Anyway, currently reading:

Yes, I’m working on creating a Saturn Return workshop. It’s going to be released in January. It will cost $15 for just the workshop (and eBook). For all that plus a personalized written report, it will cost $30.

Weekend Plans: Working at my day job (for free) and on my workshop. What else? It’s been raining a lot, so probably not a lot of walking. I’m buying food for the next two weeks tomorrow. I’m going to be frugal.

Right now, I’m going to restart my computer because it’s running really slow. Thanks for reading. Have a nice week! 🙂


Can anyone explain to me why women are still putting up with periods? It’s BS. Okay, if I knew I wanted kids, I wouldn’t get on birth control to stop my period. I just wouldn’t. I’m not a doctor, but infertility is such an issue these days. I wouldn’t risk it by being on birth control for years. But I’m 100% sure I’m never having kids, so this isn’t an issue for me.

I’ve been on this BC for about two years, and now I haven’t had a period in TWO months. That’s a huge win!! I hate having a period. So I’m like, finally! I tried Depo Provera to stop my period. It didn’t work. It might be suitable for birth control, but ugh, it didn’t work for stopping my period. It made it worse.

So my point is, for a lot of women, having a period is voluntary. Why do they choose to have one? Have they been brainwashed? I have no idea. Anyway, I’m sure my period will probably eventually come back for a month or so. 😦 As long as it goes away again, I’m fine. This is the first time I’ve skipped two months in a row. It’s been every other month these past 6 months.

I’m not filing bankruptcy…as long as my bank account doesn’t go negative again. Unless something unexpected comes up, December should be fine. In January, some asshole is going to try to get $420 from me. I’ve already talked to him once. (Hence calling him an asshole – ha). So I have to ask the bank to stop the transaction, OR I’m going to be negative about $300 if my budget is right. I have to stop it.

Speaking of unexpected things, I should probably file bankruptcy for that reason. But I’m going to try not to. I just hope nothing surprising happens.

I’m working on a project for my biz. Unfortunately, it won’t be ready until February or March. It’s a 12 part series. I have to record 12 videos! So yeah, it’s a big project. I’m currently working on the sales page and getting excited. But I won’t feel like it’s really real until I finish recording the first video. After the first video, the other 11 will be a breeze.

I should have done this instead of working on an astrology course. I’m not rereleasing the astrology course until October 2020. I have to recover from this last release. Creating a course is HARD. No one really said that. They said, “A course is hard to sell.” Well, 6 people bought the course from me. So selling wasn’t the problem. It was the actual creating and teaching. ARGH. I want to say never again. But I kind of promised these 6 people, I would redo the course, so I will. And I’ll have a good time doing it. I just need a break from that.

Anyway, I’m really excited about the series. I just feel a bit anxious because I haven’t started creating the videos. Like I said, if I don’t make $3600 (in revenue)  next year, I will probably hang it up. I might try something different. Or I might take a year off and then come back to astrology or go into something else. I know other modalities. So I don’t have to stick with astrology. I just really like it.

Election 2020: Still bummed Julian Castro wasn’t at the debate. How dare Gabbard and Steyer be there, but not Castro? I loved the moderators. I feel like Kamala stood out the most (in a good way). Yang didn’t get much time. Booker was funny and made two good points (not that I was counting). Biden wasn’t good, but who cares? He could shoot someone on 5th avenue and still… 

I really enjoyed it overall. I watch the news too much to find it informative. I’m glad they didn’t spend too much time debating healthcare.

I don’t care about Trump, so whatever. I did watch about 50-60% of the impeachment hearings. I found that informative because usually when Trump is mentioned, I tune out.

This week I…

Music of the week: James Arthur, Tanya Tucker, Lana Del Rey, Ariana Grande, Sara Bareilles, Carly Rae Jepsen, India.Arie, Jessie Ware

I’ve been listening to Sirius/XM radio, so these results aren’t exactly accurate. (I can’t track what I listen to on there).  I have a FREE 3 month trial to Sirius. I plan to enjoy every second before I cancel.

TV of the week:  This Is Us, RHoP

Podcasts of the week: Don’t Talk to Strangers, Polyvagal Podcast, So You Wanna Be a Witch, Crimelines,

Books of the week: 

  • Her One Mistake by Heidi Parks – Liking this more than I thought. Well written
  • The Good Guy by Dean Koontz  – not sure I’m going to finish this. But his books do sometimes start slow. I just don’t have the patience for slow starts right now.
  • Letting Go by David Hawkins

Weekend Plans: – I worked for free at my day time. Then I worked on my biz. So basically working. I have astrology class tomorrow, so I will get some knitting done. 😉 I love that I can knit and pay attention. I’m just thankful that I may not have to get a part-time job. I need time to see if I can make revenue.

Thanks for reading! Have an awesome week. 🙂

They always say I don’t fit in

Ha! The letter to the landlord worked. Kind of. He still wants me to pay $1500, and then I’m done!! At first, he wanted me to pay $14,000. LOL. What happened to that amount? He knew he was wrong. He knew that wasn’t legal. I didn’t even mention I had a lawyer in my letter to him even though people told me to. I didn’t say that because I didn’t want to be dishonest. Anyhow, I “only” have to pay him $400 a month until I pay off the $1500. Some people would tell me not to pay that, but I will. It’s not worth hiring a lawyer to fight $1500.

Woohoo! I was so scared he was going to take me to court and then I would have to hire a lawyer. I would have tried to settle versus going to court. But I still would have to had to pay the lawyer. I’m so grateful to the people who told me to fight this. Sometimes people are awesome. 😉 Too bad I was paying to talk to both of those people. I don’t have friends, so I get nothing for free.

18 people ended up signing up for my free astrology email course. Not bad. I just wish I knew if they liked it. I can’t control that, but what’s the point if everyone hated it? I know I like to teach astrology, but that doesn’t make me a good teacher. I’m doing another free course at the end of this month. This time it will be a free VIDEO course. I hope I can get more than 18 people to sign up for it since the topic is better and it’s video. I’m supposed to be working on that now. And my big NOT FREE course will start around October 14th. I still don’t know the price. I think I’m going to price it at $47. Not sure. Asking people to spend money makes me uncomfortable. I’m fine with charging under $20. But there’s no way, I’m going to sell an astrology 101 course with five modules for $20. People won’t buy it because it is priced too low.

Election 2020: Anyone who supports Joe at this point is hmmm, what’s a nice word? Uninformed? He is clearly suffering from dementia. It’s sad. I wonder what would happen if he were president. I think the chances of that happening are low, but what if? I think we would rarely see him. He would have to resign and let his VP step in. When Biden was going on about record players, almost everyone was looking down uncomfortably. Kamala looked embarrassed. Warren looked like she just wanted it to be over.

Sigh. At least Booker said something later on CNN about how Biden might not be the best candidate if he can’t speak coherently. He wasn’t that blunt, of course. I think it is irresponsible of the media to let this go on. Thank god for Twitter where a few brave souls called what Biden said racist (it was) and said he had a meltdown. I hate to say calling it racist is a distraction, BUT the point is, he isn’t mentally healthy. Most people (black, white, brown) aren’t going to believe Biden is a racist. I knew he wouldn’t last 3 hours. Someone with mental decline can’t stand up for 3 hours in that situation. He needed a long break. He’s probably fine in the mornings after sleep.

As far as Biden on race, he has always been bad on race. He’s been saying racist things for at least 40 years. Look at his policies too. It’s not just what he says.

Oh, and Joe was wrong when he said the Obama administration didn’t keep children in cages. But who cares? JOE FOR AMERICA!!!11!!!1!!

About Castro, it was a low blow because he kept going on and on and spoke over Biden. If he had just made a comment about “what you said 2 minutes ago” and stopped, I probably wouldn’t call it a low blow.  I still support Castro for VP. 🙂 Too bad this will probably hurt him. He has made the October debate, so maybe he can redeem himself. Anyhow, I don’t think what he said was mean because this is politics. Anything goes (unfortunately). Trump would kill Biden. I don’t even want to think about it. The Republicans probably want Biden to be the nominee so bad because they know they’ll win against him.

This week I…

Music of the week: Ma Muse, Ayla Nereo, Aretha Franklin, Beyonce, Rising Appalachia, Ariana Grande, Lykke Li, Missy Higgins

An article just came out about how people are listening to less music. I hope this doesn’t affect people from releasing music. I’ve been listening to less music because I’ve been concentrating on listening to astrology business-related stuff. I still listen to music about 5 days a week, but I used to listen to music every single day.

TV of the week: Big Brother, Mindhunter

Podcasts of the week: True Crime Garage, Hell and Gone, Pod Save America, So You Wanna Be a Witch, The Astrology Podcast, The Jim Fortin Podcast

Books of the week: 

Weekend Plans: I was off Friday. I’ve been sleeping until 9AM!! I never do that. It is 100% due to the new meds I’m taking. I have stuff to do. I can’t sleep until 9. That’s not okay. I’m working on creating astrology content. That’s my number 1 priority. I have to go create Instagram content now. Fun times.

Have a great weekend. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

All you had to do was stay

So much going on. Some of this overwhelm is my fault. My free email course starts tomorrow. I have four out of five lessons done. Do I have to finish lesson five today? Nope. But I’m putting all this pressure on myself to get it done today. Sigh. And then what if it sucks? There’s always that fear. Btw, 16 people signed up for my email course. That’s not bad considering I’m not known. I rarely post videos on social media which is what sells these days. So I’m okay with that number.

Then someone -the first person ever- signed up for my Patreon! She signed up for the $11  level. That would normally be great news, but I was about to stop my Patreon or revamp it. I still haven’t fulfilled her request. I did email her, and she gave me her info, but I haven’t even started her stuff. Double sigh. I’m going to do one of her things today.

I’m looking forward to the 3-hour live astrology class because I won’t have to think about anything else. I’ll be on camera (via zoom), and I have to look like I’m paying attention. 😉

Then the worse thing. I had to set a boundary, and I feel like CRAP about it. But I had to. If only she would have stopped what she was doing and tell the truth about it. I hate when people lie. That’s been established. However, in this case, the biggest issue is that she wouldn’t stop what she was doing. I feel bad. 😦 I hate setting boundaries. Hate it. Oh well.

For all these reasons, my stomach hurts, and I feel sick. I don’t even want to eat breakfast. But I’m going to stop blogging and eat.

My ex-landlord hasn’t contacted me. I did contact a lawyer. Guess what? She only does divorce and child custody. Bummer. Supposedly she was affordable for a lawyer. I’m sick of searching for lawyers, so I’m just going to wait and see if the landlord contacts me again.

Election 2020: The debate is Thursday. Wow. I had no idea it was so soon until two days ago. I expect it to be interesting, so I’ll watch the whole thing even though that means missing Big Brother on Thursday. Ack! I think Elizabeth Warren can win the primary. I don’t know. The Dems are so scared. They might equate her with Hillary because she’s a female. Sad, but true. No one is Hilary because no one has her background. She was the First Lady. She’s been well known since the 90s, and a lot of people didn’t like her. She never opened up, and she wasn’t open to the media.

Needless to say, Warren isn’t Clinton, but don’t tell Americans that. I still think if Kamala were herself, she’d be doing so much better.

CORRECTION: The stat I said last week about black transgender women living until 35 might not be accurate. No one is keeping stats on all the transgender women. So it’s impossible to know.

This week I…

Music of the week: Lana Del Rey, Tori Kelly, The Highwomen, Taylor Swift, Lauren Daigle, MaMuse, Coldplay, Keyshia Cole

TV of the week: Big Brother, 13 Reasons Why

Podcasts of the week: Crime Junkie, All In with Chris Hayes, Hardball, Hell and Gone, Online Marketing Made Easy, Pod Save America, The Jim Fortin Podcast, The Kate & Mike Show, True Crime Garage

Books of the week: Currently reading –

Weekend Plans: The weekend is almost over. I mostly worked on creating my email course. I’m off on Friday the 13th. Now I wish I had this Monday off. I went to two museums yesterday. Beautiful grounds. Dogs are allowed on the outside. I might take my dog there before it gets cold. I will probably share pics from the museum on this blog one day. Anyhow, I have tons to do today. Gotta go.

Thanks so much for reading! Have an excellent weekend. 🙂

I’m indifferent

FUCK. I was having a good day, then shit hit the fan. However, I pulled an oracle card, and it told me to stay calm. So dammit, I’m going to stay calm. 🙂

I might have to see a lawyer one day this week for a free consultation. I’m sure I’ll probably end up giving her money. Whatever it takes. I want it resolved quickly. My ex-landlord is claiming I owe him $14,000+ WTF? ROFL. But I was paying him…until two people told me I was nuts because he has no legal ground to stand on. One of these people was a house insurance adjuster years ago. The other is an astrologer and counselor. So no lawyers.

I would never listen to ONE person. But two people with life experience*, told me I was insane for paying him monthly payments.

*I try not to take advice from my mom because she has no life experience. Hell, I have more life experience than her. When people say, “Mom knows best.” I always say in my head, “You have NO IDEA.” Whatever she tells me, it is pretty safe to do the opposite thing.

Anyhow, the issue is there was water UNDER the house. I had no idea it was there. He told me when I moved out, and he inspected the house. So people feel like I shouldn’t have to pay. Plus, I never signed anything promising to pay him. Here is what I’ve been emailing to lawyers:

I moved out of a house in late 2018. I have been paying my ex-landlord $500 a month for water damage to the home since 2019. I didn’t know the water damage was there. The water damage happened under the house, so there was no way for me to know. He inspected the home after I moved out. I did not cause water damage. However, I did know that something was strange because the water would keep going off and on for days at a time. I would like to see if I have to continue paying him. We have a verbal agreement. I did not sign anything stating I would pay him. He says I owe him about $14,000 in damages.

If anyone would like to give me advice in the comments (bad or good), feel free. I already contacted a lawyer, but I have to call on Tuesday to make an appointment to see her in person. I hope I can see her ASAP. The ex-landlord called me today, but my voicemail was full. So I’m thinking about leaving it full until I talk to a lawyer…but what if the lawyer calls? I can try to be with my phone 24/7 to screen calls. That is what I’ll probably try to do. But realistically that is impossible.

So that’s that. I borrowed from my 401k, but I don’t currently have enough to pay a lawyer. Plus, I need brake pads for my car. I might have to borrow again IF I have to pay for a lawyer. 😦  So much money coming out of my paycheck. I don’t know how I’m going to pay for anything. But this is Labor day weekend. Stay calm. There’s nothing I can do until Tuesday.

I’m still working on creating the astrology course. I have a free email course (to get people to subscribe to my email list) starting next Monday. So far, I have zero signups. I only have been advertising since Friday night, though. No paid advertising for anything at all. Unfortunately, it costs at least $250 to effectively advertise so fuck that. I don’t have that. (see above).

People with money succeed because they can pay for advertising. Notice how hard it is for someone without money. How can you pull yourself up by your bootstrap if you have NO bootstraps? But I’m 100% calm right now.

Election 2020: I’m done with these Biden idiots. Go ahead and vote for him in the primary, and he will lose in the general election. He couldn’t even remember Obama’s name.  He tried to remember it, stumbled a bit and then said, “my old boss” Hello?? Geez.

Some say Trump won’t run in 2020. I believe he hates being president (accept having the title), but I think he will run. I don’t trust any Republican politician to run the country…even a moderate. But I would rather have a moderate Republican than Trump. Joe Walsh is very conservative. He’s another Trump, but maybe less brash. He probably has feelings. That’s another difference. I’m not sure about the other people running or thinking about running.

The debate is going to be 3 hours on ABC. Yay…not! I was happy at first, but then I found out they will only get 75 seconds to answer a question. Bummer. May as well give them the 60 seconds. Sigh. Fun times.

This week I…

Music of the week: Taylor Swift, Ellie Goulding, Kesha, Lindsay Lohan, Tanya Tucker, Mariah Carey, Coldplay, Lizzo

TV of the week: Big Brother, 13 Reasons Why

Podcasts of the week: All in With Chris Hayes, 30 for 30, Tarot for the Wild Soul

30 for 30 – The Donald Sterling Story is the best podcast ever. I was listening to it one night while trying to fall asleep. Big mistake. I was so anxious, and I couldn’t stop listening. Good stuff.

Books of the week: 

I finished reading A False Report: A True Story of Rape in America by T. Christian Miller and Ken Armstrong. Coming to Netflix soon. Good book, but as you can tell by the title, there are disturbing scenes.

Weekend Plans: I worked all day today. At my day job (without pay) and astrology stuff. I didn’t even get a nap in. Nothing too exciting is going on. I have Labor Day off. Last year I worked overtime. I will probably still work for 2 hours just to be sure things start off well for September. I have to fit some reading in. Most of the books listed above are library books.

Thanks for reading this long entry. Have a nice weekend! 🙂

Feeling good as hell

I’m off from work Monday and Tuesday. YAY. I wish I were staying home both days. But on Monday, I have to see my OB/GYN to continue getting birth control. No pap smear for me. 🙂 Not having sex has many, many benefits. I mean not EVER having sex. Then on Tuesday, I’m taking my dog to have his nails trimmed. After that, we are going to the park for at least an hour. I’m so glad I get to get up late. Late for me used to be 6:30 or 7. With the new meds I’m on, I could probably sleep until 8. I will try not to because I have other work I would like to get done in the morning.

People hitting on me on Twitter and Instagram (my professional accounts) is so lame. #1. How do you know I don’t have a partner? #2. How do you know my sexual orientation? For those reasons alone, I would never respond to most people saying I’m pretty or whatever. I just got a DM calling me a “pretty lady.” Let’s say I’m gay. Would he still say that? People suck. I would never respond to that. That might be okay on a dating app. But anywhere else? And if he followed me (before today) and read my stories, he would know I consider myself queer and asexual!

Do I really consider myself queer? Nah, I wouldn’t compare myself to anyone in the LGBTQ community because they have different issues. I don’t have to deal with the crap they have to deal with. Not to compare…but transgender people have it worse. Black transgender people have a life expectancy of 35! That’s sick. Our society is to blame. Just recently a transgender person was harassed at McDonald’s for going into the “wrong” bathroom. McDonald’s sent her two value meals when they found out what happened. I kid you not. Anyway, I’m not comparing DEATH with being harassed. Obviously.

I can’t imagine what’s it’s like to have no idea what bathroom is safe to go into. Plus, getting killed sucks. Something else happened recently also. A male was dating a transgender person. A bunch of people (strangers?) harassed the guy on video. He stood up for his partner on the video. A few days later, the male that stood up to those adult bullies killed himself. Ugh. 😦 I couldn’t read everything about that. I hate hearing about suicide. How must she feel now? Being transgender and now her man is gone.

Election 2020: I just found out Super Tuesday is on March 3, 2020. I will take that day off along with that Monday if possible. Staying home is a vote for Joe Biden. ROFL. I can’t deal with the Biden people anymore. Ignorance is bliss. I guess. I’m so glad Castro made the debate. He’s the tenth one in. However, others could still qualify. The cut-off date is in a few days. Hmmm, if others get in that might be useful. If 12 people qualified, they would do 6 on one night and 6 on the other. That’s fine with me. I would love less than 10 people on the stage. Policy can’t be discussed with 10 people trying to get one-liners in. Sigh.

This week I…

Music of the week: Taylor Swift, Tanya Tucker, Lizzo, Maggie Rogers, Rachael Sage, Ariana Grande, India.Arie, Rachel Platten

TV of the week: Big Brother, 13 Reasons Why

Podcasts of the week: True Crime Garage, Pod Save America, 1619, Fresh Air, The Astrology Podcast

Books of the week: 

Weekend Plans: I’m working on creating my astrology course. I have to get some recording done tonight through Tuesday. Wouldn’t it be great if I could finish my course on Tuesday? I’m working on it. I’m a Taurus. I’m slow. 😉 Now I have to continue ignoring these presumptuous guys on Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend. 🙂

My therapist hates elephants

I read the El Paso’s shooter’s supposed manifesto. It was kind of short. And he doesn’t seem more mentally ill than the average murderer. But I will withhold judgement until we get a background on the shooter.  Um, I agree with some of what he said. Okay, only 5%. Most jobs will be automated. That’s a fact unless some magic law occurs (it will not). Sad, but true. My current job won’t exist in 10 years. I’m surprised it still exists now. It sucks. The answer seems to become an entrepreneur. These people seem to not realize that not everyone is made for that. Plus, some businesses need capital, and if you don’t have a trust fund, how do you get started?

I started something online because that was the only option for me.  I’ve made about $50 in 2019. But I’m not giving up, but if I had a brick and mortar store, I would have to give up due to costs. Anyway, some of his manifesto I don’t understand. It seems to be a racist thing.

I don’t understand what automated jobs and being anti-pollution have to do with killing immigrants, though. I’m clueless. I guess he just put that in there to explain his frustration. And I’m sure he didn’t only kill/injure immigrants. What a waste of life. He’ll probably be killed by Texas. He is also anti-war. I think. I refuse to try to figure out everything he said. But I’m anti-war too. Then he calls Americans hypocrites. Um…… yes, Americans are extremely hypocritical when it comes to many things, but you just killed 20+ people so???? Yeah, I’m anti-war, but I’ll kill a bunch of innocent people for no reason. Pathetic.

Kind of hard to move on from that…

My therapist hates elephants, so I don’t know if I should see her again. Okay, she didn’t say she hated elephants, but she told me she didn’t think it was a good idea to adopt one. LOL. It’s not going to live with me in my 95-degree room. I have a dog! Whatever. I will probably wait until September/October to adopt the elephant IF I’m good and don’t waste money on crap. It’ll be a reward. I’ve always hated the idea of rewarding myself by buying stuff. But since I’ve been off Abilify, I’ve been good with not buying stuff. Am I cured? Probably not.

A lot of stuff going on with therapy and doctors right now. It’s so much to unpack. I don’t feel like getting into now. I still can’t eat when I first wake up. I now get up later around 5:30 AM and then I eat at 7:30 only because I can’t drink coffee on an empty stomach. I’m so tired due to the meds. SO Tired. I can barely work. But I have to. The quickest work is there between 6 AM and 7:30. If you come in at 8, good luck making the goal. So I work in 30-minute spurts and then sleep while sitting up for about 3 minutes at a time. I’m not kidding.

I’m drinking a lot of caffeine these days. I still weigh 132, so I’m not losing any more weight. I lost 4 pounds when I first got off Abilify. Now I’m stable…for now.

Election 2020: The next debate in September will only have 10 people. One night. Good for the public. But it’s the same for the candidates. They will still only have one minute to respond. That’s frustrating. Like most people, I hate the constant cutting off the candidates.

Kamala was exposed for the liar she is. Finally. She won’t be the nominee. Okay, I felt bad for her at times during the debate. But her debate performance is how she is during town halls. She can’t answer 50% of the questions with a straight forward answer because she has to lie. EXPOSED.

I want a Warren/Castro ticket, but that will never happen. Castro isn’t polling high enough to be taken seriously. HOWEVER, he is from Texas. Could he help the Dem candidate win Texas?? Probably not. I just really like Castro’s policies, so I want him on the ticket.

I could say more. I live-tweeted some of the debate, so my thoughts are on the sidebar.  I have to get back to working on creating my astrology course. I’m working on module 4 out of 5 modules.

This week I…

Music of the week: Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Camila Cabello, Ariana Grande, Rachael Sage, Carly Rae Jepsen, Tori Kelly, Alessia Cara

TV of the week: Big Brother, Grey’s Anatomy

I’m thinking about watching The Bachelorette now that it is over. But it would take forever. I think each episode is 2 hours??! I watch TV in spurts so that would take me at least 6 weeks to watch. Not sure it’s worth the time, but nothing is on besides Big Brother.

Podcasts of the week: True Crime Garage, Generation Why, White Lies, A Course in Miracles Radio, Pod Save America, Crime Junkie, Tarot for the Wild Soul, The 11th Hour, AM Joy

Books of the week: Now reading:

I’m working on my course, so I’m knee-deep in about 5 astrology books right now.

Weekend Plans: No overtime this weekend. 😦 But I still worked a little, so I wouldn’t be behind next week. I hope I get to work overtime next week, but my manager is on vacation so I who knows? Right now I’m installing Windows 10 on my work computer. I’m so nervous that it won’t work by Monday and I’ll have to go to work in the office. It is taking more than the 4 hours I was quoted. I’m really nervous I will lose documents I need to do my work. Oh well.

My astrology class was canceled. So no sitting in front of a computer for 3 hours tomorrow. I will work on creating my course. In fact, I must get back to that now.

Thanks for reading. Have an excellent weekend! 🙂