I’m feeling 22

I just want to thank all the Californians who voted down the three strikes law. You all are amazing!!! SCORE! On election day I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all the people who stood in line (before I knew the results) and voted. I voted at 6:20AM. Well I stood outside in the freezing cold for 30 minutes and then waited more inside, then I voted. I can’t imagine standing in the cold for longer than that. I was pissed. LOL. I hate the cold. HATE. Anyway, thanks to everyone for giving a damn to actually vote. I never say good things about people -haha- but this just makes me so proud and full of love.

Okay, now that gooey shit is all over. Election day is over and I am soooooo glad. I never want to hear the word “poll” again. No more commercials!! 🙂 🙂  I was a nervous wreck. Guess what I did? Project Life. lol. I had to do something besides switch between MSNBC and Fox News. I went to bed before the winner was announced  (10:45) because I knew people in Virginia were going to vote until 11PM and I figured the president wouldn’t be announced until at least 3AM. But who knew Ohio was going to be announced at 11:15PM. I would have stayed up. Anyway, I woke up at 2AM and saw Obama giving a speech. Then I read the screen and found out he won. Of course I had to get on the internet to find out how the swing states voted. I eventually went back to bed at 3AM.

It’s over! Hallelujah!

Now it is all about me and my life. It is a stress fest. A mess. I’m about to maybe make another HUGE mistake by giving my house up. Sigh. I don’t know what to do. No I don’t want to rent my house out. I want it out of my life. So I guess since no one will buy it in the middle of November, I’m screwed. fuck me.

I just want to start over and get a townhouse or garden apartment. To be 22 again. 😦  I think I’m going to visit one apartment complex on Friday. I wish I could fill out my application now while I have good credit. That would be awesome. I don’t know if I’m going into the rental office. I wouldn’t know what to say. “Uh, I’m about to give up my house on December 1, can I move in here on January 1?” That would be awesome but truthfully I want to move NOW. January 1 seems so far away. Can I take two more months of this madness?

The real question is: Can I work effectively for two months where I am living now? Work is why I want to move NOW. That is the only bad thing about working at home if your home life sucks for some reason it may affect your work. I can’t afford for anything to affect my work.  I don’t know…I may be daring and try to fill out an application. Then they find out I have a house and it goes down hill from there.


Oh dear. I just applied for a townhouse!!! I have never been there before. lol. I need help. see? They will like my credit score (for now) but wait until they see that I’m paying a mortgage. They will probably contact me tomorrow.

To be continued…

Forever changed

I’m so sad to hear about Junior Seau. 😦


I don’t think I’m going to see President Obama this weekend. I wouldn’t go to a concert that is that disorganized so what are the chances that I will wait hours for the President? I’m glad D seems to be on the same page. I was going to be her ride. She is a real supporter. Unlike me who will probably vote for him…just because. I’m an independent. I’m not supposed to like the Republican or Democrat! 😉

If I don’t vote for Obama in November, I probably won’t vote at all. Sigh. I could totally see that. I never thought I would not vote for Prez….I follow politics very closely. And while I know he inherited a ton of problems from the previous administration I still find some things he does VERY questionable. As in, WTF? So whatever.

In previous elections I would always say, “I’m so glad I don’t live in a place where my vote actually matters”. Most people live in a blue or red state. (Don’t get me started on the electoral college). So they they don’t have to deal with those stupid, nasty campaign commercials. Well now I live in one of those states. Unfortunately it has already started. Someone save me.

Oh yeah, I’m a little pissed that they got me to give money to their campaign. It was only $5.00 but still. Ugh. I’ve only supported one politician with money. Well, now two people. (Thanks a lot, Obama).


It’s May. This is usually my favorite time of year. But now I’m battling depression and life is so blah. This isn’t the depression for no reason that com from nowhere. I have quite a few reasons for my depression. LOL. So I’m trying to figure out where to go from here. In 12 days I will be at the beach. I am determined to have a good time. No matter what is going on in my life, I can usually relax at the beach. I really wished it was for 3 nights instead of 2. I could use all the time in the world.

I just want to go away.